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My response to light has become a much less negative reaction during my time on The Unique Healing Program. My eyes feel more relaxed, especially at night and it is easier for me to fall asleep. For years I would often wake up ahead of when I wanted to in the mornings with my eyes feeling very unrelaxed. There has been a tense wired feeling in my eyes that has diminished over the 16 months I have been on The Unique Healing Program. Linking my eye improvement to better sleep, my sleep has greatly improved on The Unique Healing Program, and that took time and patience. Two “crutches” that I can contribute that to are GABA and Calcium Citrate. GABA and Cal Citrate are relaxing buffers for the nervous system that allow sleep to become deeper as the gut heals. This happens in conjunction with a better diet, Sodium Bentonite Clay, Berberine, etcetera. Read the UHP books, watch the videos and check out the blog posts I have written since 1/2013 about The UHP. They will all help you.

I do not wear prescription eyeglasses to see. I do use pinhole glasses. I passed my California driver eye test last year by using low level magnifiers. In other words, my eyesight is not as strong as I would like it to be. I do carry these magnifiers with me and wear them on the bridge of my nose when I drive. I use Pinhole Glasses to read and for the computer.


I have been easily effected by the quality of light wherever I am. This has gone on since childhood. I do not know this information well myself, but I have been told by a few other people on The Unique Healing Program that eyesight is directly linked to a weakness in the Lymphatic System. Makes sense when you see an anatomy chart. I have always directly correlated some eyesight sensitivities to a burdened Liver and Gallbladder.

Since being on The Unique Healing Program I have noticed a gradual lessening of annoyance to light that is too bright or dull. I still have lighting preferences, but I am much more tolerant of all kinds of light. One thing that has set me up for light sensitivity is that I lived in an apartment in NYC for over 20 years that did not have good light exposure. Almost none. I really got use to a more dark space that definitely effected me physically and emotionally. That part of the equation is very small in relation to the other factors contributing to my sensitivity to light, the primary one being my unhealthy gut. Why? Without healthy digestion and elimination all our bodily functions begin to deteriorate. It happens in different ways at different rates to everyone. No generalizations from me.

Burning eyes are a true example of deep tiredness that can be alleviated by rest, if you can rest well. Burning eyes tell of an overburdened Lymphatic System, Liver and Colon. When not working well, these organs impinge and clog up all our organs of excretion. All organs in general. I use eye drops form Dr. Christopher as an eyewash. The drops will tingle and slightly burn a bit in the beginning. These drops leave the eyes refreshed and more awake and relaxed in the deepest sense. These drops are not for  severely inflamed, red, itchy irritated eyes.

For general eye irritations and eye itching, I found this video that is very simple. In my experience this may work. An eye cup, which you can buy at a pharmacy or pharmacy type store, always comes in handy for people of all ages.

Blinking and not staring helps with the eyes. 3D charts are good for keeping eyesight fresh, which relaxes the entire nervous system. The Bates System of Eyesight Improvement is something to investigate. Eye Palming is part of that system. Breathing is as well. Eyesight improves with relaxation. I know that people who are very tense can have good eyesight. If you don’t try these techniques and forget about everyone else.

Floaters can come and go. I have noticed them much less since starting The Unique Healing Program. I do believe they are an indication of infection in the body. Parasites, Candida, bacterial, fungal and other infections entities. Yuck.

Pinhole Glasses are relatively inexpensive and easy to experiment with to help ween off prescriptive lenses for reading. Pinhole glasses are NOT for driving!

I have occasionally had a slit in my eyelid that is extremely small from time to time while on The UHP. It can disappear in a very short period of time. It is not at all visible. It feels like a low immune system indicator that I associate with the level of acids in my body. I have not had one of these eyelid slits in awhile. Slowly these symptoms come around less and less, often not reappearing at all or when going through a cleansing period. This is my hypothesis.

Link to the connection of the eyes and our liver. Some interesting information.

If you are on The Unique Healing Program, or any healing program, things are getting better, even if it does not always feel that way while healing up.




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One thing that I truly marvel at while on The Unique Healing Program is how I can watch my mood and frame of mind change within moments of evacuating by bowels. I also have the distinct experience of being a third party in observing thoughts and watching them intensify and dissipate as necrotic- sick material is, this is my interpretation of what is happening, being escorted out of my system. I do not know this for sure, but Donna Pessin might suggest more clay to alleviate that experience. I have to say that there are some things on this program that no “crutch” [UHP supplement] can completely buffer. What does that mean? You are going to have some tough days that the crutches can not completely eliminate.

To get back to the depression lifting experience, this lifting of foggy thinking, a scrim of dissolution, confusion, indescribable mild to somewhat disabling sadness can sometimes happen without my bowels moving, but something is being dislodged and redirected in my body. Sometimes it feels like it is moving from across the Transverse Colon, past the two fissures [Hepatic and Spleen] and there is some mental relief as it moves out of those areas. After moving from those areas,waste is on its way out going toward the left side. I have experienced head and sinus pressure when having constipation or stagnation in the Transverse Colon. A known and experiential fact for most Colon Therapist. Much more complex things are happening with organs, blood and tissue that I can not explain here, or explain at all. I can tell you the Liver and Gallbladder are very involved with most all of these experiences.

I am writing this to say that if you are on The Unique Healing Program you may have these experiences on and off throughout the program. Sometimes there will be no obvious pattern involved.  Just hang in there. I have seen my entire perspective change in moments and feel very disengaged from the Worry Wart – Armageddon type approach to life that rules the media today. I think we are all impacted by this in some way, from a mildly troubled feeling to full blown paranoia. To feel hope is an amazing experience, and this program can bring you there. You can bring yourself there by doing The Unique Healing Program on whatever level you are capable of and employing patience.

The bones of The Unique Healing Program do work. It does take some personal tweaking of the program, diet and lifestyle. This all happens in stages. Self compassion and some discipline are helpful and develop along the way.This is all “stuff” I have learned. From time to time you can break the rules of UHP as you go along and still come out on top. Look at The UHP videos, reread the UHP books, read some of the blog posts here about UHP. These are all helpful reminders of what those rules are. Mostly, observe how easy it is to feel fed up with The Unique Healing Program. A program that is ultimately, in my case, giving me my life back. A confusing experience at at time when other people, of all ages, are watching themselves decline with no alternative plan. This is especially true for someone who is over 50, or for people of any age who have had a life threatening or debilitating illness.

Just some encouragement, I know we can all use some most days.


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Gut massage can and often does help people to feel better. This video is very popular and you can do it on yourself. Here is one other. Check out youtube for others.

Old school, but a hot water bottle is a lifesaver for many. Just ask people of all ages that live in the UK. For flu like symptoms, stomach cramps, upset “tummy”, constipation and gas. It is comforting and will help ease that bloated feeling and move gases along, helps relax tissue and organs that reside there. Works on the lower back if you are a stomach sleeper and have minor sleep disruption your can put it on your lower back. Depending on the condition of your back it can help with backaches. You can buy mini hot water bottles and stick them in your waist band while sitting down or even walking around.

Colloidal Silver or other anti fungal substances [ MMS, Can Sol] can help reduce the viral load that is usually some part, if not a large part of the  cause, of bloat and a distended belly. I / we make our own and I drink it daily for helping ease fungal symptoms such as bloating, foggy thinking and insomnia. SiverGen and Sota Instruments are two good companies to buy from.

Deep breathing. Why? Most primary to this program is the overlooked fact that our body detoxifies mostly through the breath. No, I am not making it up. Extremely important,breathing is relaxing, tells our brain and entire nervous system we are not in fight or flight mode. Gets our upper diaphragm to move and that massages your transverse colon, organs and entire gut. How do I know that? Lots of years of working on breathing and being resistant to it myself. Start with 10 deep breaths a day and go from there. May not sound like much but those 10 breaths make a big difference. Will build a muscle memory and make your entire nervous system way more healthy.

GABA in the right amounts has helped me with bloat. I find this especially true when the bloating comes along with the condition of constipation or just feeling sluggish. Donna Pessin says to not stress about being constipated. I get what she is saying, but being constipated is not relaxing. In my world constipation feels stressful and if that is your experience GABA can be your friend. The right amount and when to take GABA is the key. I take it throughout the day and more intense amounts in the evening and in the morning. The amount is highly individual and somewhat tricky. Took trial and error for me to figure this one out and I still do not have it completely down pat. Probably will keep changing as things get better, a little less better and “more better” … If you are on The Unique Healing Program for at least 6 months you probably know what that last sentence means.

Breathing deeply and getting the Diaphragm Muscle to massage the gut and all the organs is, I have to repeat, very important. This is beneficial and necessary for  physical and mental health. There really is no separation of the two. Also, the heart is attached to Diaphragm and  benefits from breathing deeply and creating fundamental relaxation. A healthier heart is a big payoff.

Det plays a role in alleviating bloat and much of that information is in The Unique Healing Program Book 1. Knowing something about Proper Food Combining can help alleviate bloat and ease indigestion in general. These  non – dietary suggestions that I have listed are just reminders of some simple things we can all do each day, that are inexpensive or free. Hope this is a helpful reminder, or somewhat “enlightening” for some of us. Writing this post is a good reminder for me.


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One of the ways my health took a big hit was by putting others needs first. Also, comparing myself to to those who, I thought, put more of the needs of others first! Compounding that by comparing myself to others who were less well and more everything else. It is very easy to find people who are less well in appearance. Obesity, people with debilitating musculoskeletal problems of different ages, the aging population increasing, I think you get the idea. Also, as a bodyworker, yoga teacher, colon therapist, nutritional coach I always had people around me that I believed were in less better shape than I. Or that is how I saw them! On the surface this is how it often appeared. I also was a caregiver along with my husband for my father after he had a stroke. When his stroke occurred I was already in pretty dire pain with a repeated hip injury that involved the partial tears and damage to the surrounding area. My dad’s problems, and those surrounding the situation, seemed much worse than my own at the time. I did get help for my injury on many different levels while helping my dad, however, I was truly operating form a place of fear and the idea of stopping all together was not even a consideration in my mind.


Facing how we deal with stress is relevant for everyone whether they realize it or not. Those who receive newsletters from Donna Pessin about The Unique Healing Program during the month of  July 2014,  may understand this post more specifically. The bottom line is that it is easy not to see our own needs when we are operating from a place of extreme pressure both internally and externally – stress. One thing that I still grapple with is wanting to control the outcome of those around me. I am much, much better at not doing this, but I still find it hard at times. It is very easy to loose touch with what our own needs are when there is the pressure pattern of believing that  we need to control others for us to be safe. Also, meeting the standards of what we feel others think we are supposed to do and resenting that often creates big anger. I am speaking as someone who is far from having this resolved, but more and more often questioning my motives for what I do.

I learned something from a Oprah Deepak meditation series that asked the participants to begin to question all actions with this one thought -” What is my INTENTION?” Asking this question has helped me stop and think before I take action. It has helped change interactions with people in many realms of my life. I hope this makes sense to some others reading this post. Getting the approval of others, calling someone who you know will  verify that [ as an example : )] the The Unique Healing Program is crazy, etcetera. The list can get pretty long. It has nothing and everything to do with The UHP!

I have found recently – the past few days- that upping the Calcium I take until I feel a real difference helps me tremendously. This is true of any of the crutches that are part of The Unique Healing Program. One of the issues with communicating with others, on or off UHP, is comparing what I am doing with them. Comparing myself, grading myself. It is crazy making.

I have a very long term insomnia history, about 8 years of interrupted sleep. I am recognizing the one reason for the insomnia is that I have a very large amount of acidity stored in my body. No kidding, right?  When weather, emotional stress, general body cleansing increases I need to not act like a stubborn child and make some changes in the dosage of  the supplements I am taking, and carbs I am eating. This may sound like common sense, and it is. I am glad I am willing to face it. Sort of embarrassing, but maybe some others will read this and have an “Ah Ha” moment.


I think the first paragraph of this post begins a discussion about this topic with some basic answers. I also feel that this world of daily amped up technological bombardment, pollution, the list is long, increases the need for  some kind of constant support both physically, and emotionally. The idea of  there being no need for any of The Unique Healing Programs products or crutches on any level forever seems ludicrous to me. There are so many amazing companies that created products to enhance health. It is inspiring to me what many of these products could do for someone who has done The Unique Healing Program and is healing or healed their gut.

What do I know? Well, what I have observed in others and within myself  for the past decades. These observations tell me that needing help and asking for help are not so easy. That asking for help is very necessary to have a saner, happier and WAY less stressful life. I am working on it. If you are reading this you probably are, too.






Some people think of Spring and Summer as the time to cleanse their bodies by eating lighter, eating more fruit, eating primarily or only raw foods, drinking freshly made juices, juice fasting, juice feasting, taking herbal concoctions. I have done all of these things and more over the past twenty five plus years. It just made sense. I really felt the need. What I did not realize was that the body is already in a stronger cleansing mode during Spring and Summer. I did not realize I was putting more pressure on my body by increasing the consumption of  fruits,  juicing fruits and vegetables and eating raw foods. Eating this way just made sense. I now realize it is more important to simplify and not add more burden to our bodies organs of elimination. What seemed like lightening up was actually creating a cascade of toxin pouring out of organs and tissues into my blood stream and  my already unhealthy gut. This is where the genius of taking the right amounts of Clay and certain types of  herbs is important for long term success in healing.

The Macrobiotic Approach of not eating raw fruits and vegetables daily in significant quantities, because they are  too cleansing and hard to digest, does make sense for many. This is especially true for those who are highly symptomatic. Unfortunately, most people misinterpret the Macro Diet as an invitation to amp up their complex carbs. In transitioning from The Standard American Diet to Macro it is understandable that people over eat better quality carbs to replace the refined ones to deal with their cravings. Hands down, no matter how you go about Macro, it is far healthier than The Standard American Diet, just by what it excludes.


Important point here: At this time in the world diet upgrades alone are not capable of creating deep healing for most anybody. I experience this is as being true for myself as an individual and practitioner. The old time cleansing in Spring and Summer, with the protocols I mentioned before, may have or may not have healed some cases of deep illness in centuries or decades past. In this present time, when our environment is constantly being barraged with toxins, and is barraging us with elements our bodies can not process, it is truly evident that healing with diet, as the primary protocol, does not work. A primary example being that people go on a juice feast, juice fast or smoothie cleanse and end up on antibiotics soon after because they became sick or highly symptomatic. The Macro Approach needs some help in addressing deeper cleansing. Clay, herbs and a natural antibiotic substance [Colloidal Silver is one] are answers that I can personally say yields results. What results? A better functioning gut to assure better assured cellular cleansing.  Healing plays out differently for every single person who partakes on The Unique Healing Program. That is all I got. You have to try The UHP for yourself.


In summary, what seems intuitively correct for many, in my experience with myself and others, is not the way to cure illness and heal the deepest recesses of our cells, organs, tissues and blood. Check out The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. The UHP may challenge your every impression and belief about what healing is and can be. I hope it does. I hope you take the time to give The Unique Healing Program a chance. It is worth it, but you need to trust and have faith in your decision to do it. Through this process you will begin to understand your own instincts and experiences. This program will question all of what you think you know about many things. I can tell you one thing for sure, and that is that  it takes time and experience on The UHP to truly understand how it works. It is not an easy process, but I don’t think anything we learn from is an initial slam dunk.







This is the most problematic of all the aspects of the dietary regime spoken or unspoken  The Unique Healing Program books and videos. Why? I you are already eating a whole lot of carbs it may not be so easy stop while drinking clay and taking the rest of these supplements – “crutches”. It is like giving up the binky for a toddler. If you have eaten a low carb diet previously you may have some improvement in symptoms from taking the clay, etcetera. It is easy, when this happens on the program to add too many carbs. I did this and it was not a disaster, but I had to cut the carbs back. Way back a few times. When feeling better, I was amazed at how I could eat more complex, healthy carbs and not have an increase of symptoms. What carbs? Sprouted whole grain bread, some yogurt, low glycemic fruit like strawberries and blueberries. It was pretty limited, but gave me more variety. Soon I started experimenting with whole grain non-sprotued bread, a croissant, a bit of coffee [organic 1/2 cup with milk] on weekends, salsa and who knows what else. Skin rashes and other symptoms yelled back and I got the message. There was not enough clay I could ingest to sop that all up. There was enough acidity caged up inside my cells already. Wasn’t worth the discomfort. At that point I was ingesting 16- 18 tbs of UHP Body Bentonite Clay.

In summary, don’t expect the clay to do instant miracles. It is doing miracles and that is saving you from future serious illness. I do believe that about clay and so have many other healers throughout the ages. Donna Pessin gives credit to Beranard Jensen and other teachers who helped her through her journey to health and design of The Unique Healing Program. So, remember that vegetables are more alkaline and accompany all your meals with something green and more alkaline forming. I can not stress this enough. Small amounts are fine. Green Powders and Liquid Chlorophyll are all good.

More about Bernard Jensen here.

Watch the video and listen for when Donna Pessin says that it will take 6 to 18 months on her program to introduce more carbs and feel and look good doing so. I swear she says this.


This tip alone deserves a post of its own and I have written one about patience in the past.

Here is one important point that she makes and that is that patience now, will pay off down the line. So, DON’T COMPLETELY BAIL ON THE PROGRAM. Do it at whatever level you can. If you feel like you have had enough already, then take a complete break, use less clay and products for awhile, or eat more widely and do the program on whatever level you can. Our bodies will tell us what to do. Aside from this program I can not suggest anything else that does not need clay and the UHP herbs to be of major assistance. Yes, people taking meds benefit from this program. You do need to know when and how to take clay and herbs when using meds. An appointment with Donna Pessin is what I would recommend.

Also, other programs rely on diet and diet manipulation to produce results short and long term. Why? Because they do not heal serious long term gut dysfunction. That does not mean that eating simple and clean will not help you feel better as you heal. Also, Donna Pessin specifically mentions that food craving will decrease, but this will take time. She stresses this in the video.

Watch the bloody video. You will probably need to watch it again and again. It took decades to get us all into the state we are in. This is a global issue. You are not alone. Somewhere in this journey I am sure you will have more days you are rejoicing you found The Unique Healing Program and less days cursing it. This is my experience.





All of  The Unique Healing Program videos advice are a sure bet for what is true for many, but what  is recommended may not work for you. Either have a consult with Donna Pessin, or get very  organized and keep a journal of what is not working and make some changes. It is important to get the results you are looking for. Dietary recommendations are not universal. Not all leafy greens and other vegetables are created equal. Understanding Oxalates, vegetables high in Oxalic Acid may help you. Vegetables are not the only foods high in Oxalic Acid. For more detailed information and support in understanding Oxalates.

Important thing to note. Many people want to go on a fast track while on The Unique Healing Program. They want to loose or gain weight while healing their gut. I am pretty damn sure that there is no fast track to healing an unhealthy bowel. So, you may have to accept not looking or feeling your best for awhile. How were you looking, and most important feeling, before starting UHP? I am not trying to be obnoxious here, just honest. A little self love and self acceptance goes a long way. I am working on this one, too.


Eating too many fats can cause problems and not eating enough can as well. Easing lots of vegetables with fat and lots of vegetables with no fat can also not work. Mostly what you are looking at here is loose stools or constipation. Too many fats can cause, for some, stools to be loose to diarrhea. For others the fats can cause a sluggishness for the liver and constipation.There are more complicated explanations, but that’s the heart of it.  Anyway this is where the correct amounts of Sodium Bentonite Clay, Bowel Strength and other crutches come into play. How do you know what correct amounts for you are? A Donna Pessin personal consult can help, reading her books, videos, and good ole trial and error. What we need changes as does what is coming out of our organs, etcetera. Wish I had a quicker and easier route.

I have heard from some people on The Unique Healing Program that eating many vegetables is not good for them and they use green powders to obtain more greens in their diet. Some use Liquid ChlorophyllHere is a link to a blended salad for easier digestibility.You can dress it up with other ingredients.

If animal proteins are too highly acidic and most carbs are too cleansing then what do we eat to feel our best? Generally, eating animal protein in small amounts is the best way to go.  If I do eat beef,  turkey or chicken  it is usually less than four ounces. I do not eat animal protein every day. I eat cheese, avocado, soft cooked eggs. I use small amounts of nut butter on occasion. Nuts are not so easy for me to digest. I find cheese and butter easy to digest. Whatever I eat I always use HCL Pepsin before meals to help with digestion. I chew really well and always eat something green with every meal, even breakfast. If I have a sandwich I use sprouted grain bread or gluten free bread. Sort of boring, but until my digestion is more improved it is way better than on and off indigestion.


Eating out often, unless it is at a truly organic restaurant has many stumbling blocks. Milk, regular table salt, wine or white vinegar, tomato sauce, hot sauce, FOOD COOKED IN CHEAP OILS, and many other condiments and foods are MORE HIGHLY ACID FORMING. The upshot from that is an increase in symptoms that drove us all to this program in the first place. Watch the video and read the books. Understand what constitutes MORE  HIGHLY ACID FORMING FOODS and beverages. Another thing to do, right? This one will ultimately save you time in the future and help you feel better sooner.

I have found that as I go along on this Unique Healing Program things change with what I feel well eating. An example would be that eggs prepared any other way than soft boiled would not work for awhile. Eating dense protein after 3-4 pm was okay and then not so much for awhile. Indigestion just from drinking the clay in the morning was something that I experienced in the first few months of the program. I have been able to eat more carbs as time has gone on, but if my ear itching or OCD’ish tendencies return I know it is time to cut way back. If something does not work anymore, change. Not so easy sometimes, right?


If all your cellular energy is used for digestion it will slow down your healing process. Which means that the simpler you eat the more energy your body has to heal.

Sleep is when the the body heals and repairs. Increased symptoms will rear their head in the morning. Good reason to eat light and eat foods that are less acid forming. Eating greens at every meal helps. Eating lighter helps. If you are starved in the morning and crave a denser protein meal, eat some greens with your eggs or other protein. Use Spirulina or other green foods to get protein in a smoothie. Eating fruit in the morning can cause more cleansing symptoms at a time when the body is already overwhelmed. Eating fruit or right after a protein rich meal is a poor food combo for people who already have digestive ills.

Chew, chew, chew and breathe. Chewing is the first part of digestion and what human teeth are for. Also, you may find it news that our bodies cleanse mostly through our breath. No, I am not kidding. So, breathing more consciously and often will take pressure off the other organs of excretion. I did not make this up. Also, breathing helps to tone the colon and stimulate peristalsis. So easy to forget to breathe. Staring at the computer or tv screen does not help. I need to write this and reread it to remind myself.


Is an important video for people to watch AT LEAST twice. You probably should go back and watch it whenever you wonder, WHY AM I DOING THIS PROGRAM? Or, when you are trying to explain to someone else why you are doing Then Unique Healing Program, or why they “should”. Maybe reconsider explaining or convincing others. This could get into a really unpleasant “discussion” : ). Just tell them to watch the video, it is way easier.






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