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Recently, while doing a search on Donna Gates the first thing that surfaced was: Donna Gates Plastic Surgery. Curious, I read what the bloggers had to say. I then  looked at a video of Donna Gates speaking on her  Body Ecology website.  Yes, I could see that her face looks like many faces seen in the media today: plumped up, frozen-mask like. It was a little disturbing. This possible tweaking would probably not be such an issue if it were not for two things: 1) If Donna Gates did not use her age and appearance as a selling point for her program. 2) That more people had better things to do on the internet.

Check out The Body Ecology Diet. [link here]. Excellent information and program.


Don’t kill the message because of the messenger. Donna Gates is a human being. She is  prone  toward every emotion that make us all works in progress. The Body Ecology Diet asks those who read about it, and ultimately join its ranks, to eat and live in a disciplined way. For some this decision brings great returns. Much more than what they are asked to relinquish. Donna Gates is an easy target for those who do not want to look at some hard facts about food addictions. Those truths are what many need to accept in order to achieve long term, drug free digestive wellness [aka health]. It all starts in the gut, baby.


What I find most disturbing is the faces we are seeing today that have been needled, lifted and pulled to look like a new race of aliens. This is a whole other subject. I don’t think that Donna Gates valuable information should be discounted because of possible “work” she had  done. Consumers need  to stop looking for “gurus” to follow and then tear down. Gurus are mere mortals. They can not match the standards that they are selling 24/7.  Again, the problem is when the guru specifically sells themselves as a role model. Falling off a pedestal that you put yourself on could really hurt.


Donna Gates has never said, to my knowledge, that her program is the fountain of youth. Nor that she is against botox or cosmetic surgery. Sorry to the fault finders. Not really. Ha!


Watch some Louis CK  and laugh. [link here]. Laughing is good for the soul and face. It is also cheap. Laugh at yourself, it’s free!


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  1. Great post, i have to admit that i was a bit disappointed after having realized that Donna’s looks can’t be all that natural.. However, I have never felt better in my life due to the body ecology diet, which is not even so difficult to follow. Her message is valid.

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