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My most recent introduction to Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD  [] came through a person I met on my search for some answers to achieving a healthier Digestive –  Immune System. I then began to listen to some interviews  of Dr. Daniels on youtube. With my interest piqued, I was motivated to explore her website further. It is true that about one year ago I had a reader of this blog contact me about Dr. Daniels. The reader mentioned Dr. Daniels use of Turpentine to heal Candida. At that time I was just beginning The Kalcker Parasite Protocol, and my information load felt extremely full. On top of that, the word Turpentine got an eye roll out of me. Turpentine? Paint thinner?  Quite honestly, I felt totally consumed with all that the Kalcker Parasite Protocol entails. If you are familiar with the Kalcker PP, you will know what I mean. So, with a overloaded and skeptical mind I took a  very quick glance at the Vitality Capsules Website, and that was that..

Before writing anymore about Dr. Daniels, I have to say that I did find the Kalcker  Parasite Protocol / Kerri Rivera Book [where the Kalcker PP is spelled out] very helpful in lessening my pathogen load. Thank you to Kerri Rivera for helping others while endoring a whole lot of criticism and mean spirited, highly immature behavior from others.


Dr. Daniels offers a write in question and answer session every month [Officer Hours]. I decided to experience this one time before having my Discovery Session with her. My experience helped me decide to have my Discovery Session. I had also begun Dr. Daniels Candida Cleaner Protocol approximately 2 1/2 months before having my appointment. Of course, this may not be the order of steps for others to take before making some decisions about what to do next. Next might be one of a few things: To have a Discovery Session with Dr. Daniels, or go further with her extended program called Spontaneous Healing. To choose to do either of these things is a commitment on many levels.

My experience with Dr. Daniels was very helpful to me. How? Well, mostly  due to her ability to listen and cut to the chase. I made our time more productive by being prepared for the session, and knowing what I wanted to focus on. Dr. Daniels directed me do this even further. One most important point that Dr. Daniels raised with me was to not overwhelm my body by trying to address too many health issues at one time. Keep things simple while addressing lowering the  inflammation in my body. How did she do that? By streamlining a strategy of healing steps. More specific ways for me to Hydrate, Remineralize, and Absorb the nutrients needed to heal while Detoxifying. Didn’t I know how to do this already? With all the information I have collected over the past number of decades?Apparently not.Old habits can die hard. Which leads to….


I am going to write more about my session with Dr. Daniels and how the advice she has given me, along with my own study is impacting my healing. I can say that brutal self honesty and patience are two important qualities that I am learning to  hone even further. These two things will only help my healing process. On a practical level practicing honesty and patience has already saved me time and money with Dr. Daniels. The other quality is self compassion. It is not so easy to be honest, patient  and compassionate with myself, or anyone else, 24 / 7. What an understatement! But as I feel better, it is becoming a more natural and easy response. A response that comes with being less inflamed and agitated biologically.



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Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD has a  on going, highly informative radio show based on her research, professional – clinical, and personal healing experience. On one  particular Truth Files Segment [which can be found by doing a search here] she explains the  deceptive verbiage used in the Animal Farm Industry. The part of the Industry that sounds more wholesome, than it often is. It is clear that the part of the Meat Industry that uses the words Organic, Grass Fed, or Ethically Farmed / Raised needs to be questioned.

Some  things Dr. Daniels says on this broadcast may be hard to hear. Why? Well, most of us consume, or have consumed  animal products that are not what we thought they were. This is because we did not have the information to ask the right questions. Thank you Internet! This information applies to the meat industry all over the world. One example is that people living all over the world do buy [one example] Kobe Beef from Japan. The point being that it is vital to know about the standards in Japan, and all over the world. It is essential to ask informed questions. This talk by Dr. Daniels relays information that will increase the confidence of any person buying Animal Products / Meat. This is done through educating us – ourselves as to what to ask the provider at any level. So, these inquiries can be addressed to the rancher, butcher, farmers market,  grocery store, etcetera.

Grass Fed vs Grass Finished is one of the primary points covered in this information filled radio show – Grass Fed or What? I highly suggest listening to it. It will empower you to understand why these questions are important. It will help you to decide how to get the best quality Animal Protein that is available to you. What an animal is fed up to the day it is slaughtered needs to be recognized as important to our health and  the health of our family. If it is not important now,  it most likely will be after listening to Grass Fed or What? Food Budget and Income play a very important role in these choices. Again, your decisions may change after listening to what Dr. Daniels has to say.


I have previously ordered from NothStar Bison, and just yesterday ordered for the second time. NorthStar is a family owned and operated company. The upside of a family owned business, which is pride, is evident  at NorthStar in the best of all possible ways. When I recently called NorthStar they graciously answered all my  probing questions.  Furthermore, NorthStar has  an inspiring website and attached video. Their prices, I believe, are very reasonable considering the high standard of service, quality of products, and packaging. The first time I ordered from them I was very  beyond pleased with all that I stated previously. This time ordering, their willingness to answer the hard questions completely won me over even more. The hard questions that I learned to ask from listening to Grass Fed or What? with Dr. Daniels.


Yes, you got it, animals are slaughtered. I use to ask myself if I would eat something that I could not kill myself. So, I only ate fish. For years I did not even do that. My health concerns and awareness have changed. I have made some tough decisions due to my own health needs. I often write about them on this blog site. At this point I eat Animal Products for medicinal reasons, in medicinal portions. This is not a daily ritual. Preparing dead animal meat and cooking it is not easy for me, especially Organ Meats.

Thanks for reading. Your feedback is welcome!





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Before reading any further, I invite you to imagine yourself walking. Walking in a way that engages both your upper and lower body. Shoulders, Arms, Hips and Legs. A Gait that has an alternating motion of shoulders and hips. A Gait  that looks easy going, that has a natural, understated swagger. This IS a Gait that is ageless. A Gait that is driven by confidence and  curiosity. A Gait that is NOT driven by fear and pain. Fear, when it is an everyday response to life, not spurred on by any real circumstance, needs to be recognized a a precursor, or outcome of poor health. This kind of behavior is often mistaken as a attribute of old age. It is really an attribute of declining health, and can occur at any age.


Are you a person that has had a dalliance with digestive ills, joint pain, depression – lack of excitement about life, skin rashes, migraines, just feeling tired all the time? The list of symptoms is very long all encompassing. Maybe you would consider that chances are you walk without a whole lot of elegance. Otherwise known as loosing your MOJO. Maybe you never thought about how you and others walk, get up out of a chair, have restrictions in joint range of motion.  A less than fluid Gait often goes undressed because it is masked by youth and lack of awareness. An awkward Gait can eventually evolve into a Limp.

Do some observing and you will notice how many people walk in a stiff and uncomfortable looking way. Also, you do not need to be over 50 to have this issue. However, Posture and Gait do create a vibe of  premature aging. How we walk is a unsolicited and unconscious comment we make about ourselves. A comment that needs no words. Actions, especially in the case of walking, do speak louder.


I  would begin by researching the causes of inflammation and how to deal with pain without the use of numbing drugs, injections and surgery. In my view medications open the door for further inflammation and structural damage to those taking them. Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD has an approach that may work for people who have an open mind. Her use of Turpentine – Pine Oil  and Vitality Capsules, in my opinion, are the lynch pins that make everything else she recommends work. Many of her other recommendations may not be new to some. Her approach does have a deeper impact due to her Candida Cleaner Protocol. Dr. Daniels understanding of the use of Pine Oil / Turpentine joined with her clinical experience is undeniable. All of this accompanied by her own personal healing process, that seems to be constantly evolving, deepens her success with her patients.


Over the past decades I have observed the Walking Movement / Gait of my clients and people in general. Back when living in NYC, I personally worked with a Structural Integration Therapist on my own Gait Retraining. Due to the influence of Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies on Medical Education on all levels, many PT’s have low expectations for most people, especially those over 50. Even lower ones for those with diagnosed “Degenerative” Illnesses. With that information stated, one thing that I can generally recommend is to begin walking in a way that engages the upper and lower body. This means synchronizing the movement of the upper body [shoulders  and arms ]with the hips and legs. This is  an approach to walking that takes conscious effort. The benefits are many

To summarize, the upper body needs to move in opposition to the lower body when walking. When the upper and lower torso are held in a rigid way it does NOT transmit a feeling of confidence. A confidence that is most deeply connected to a strong Immune System. A walking pattern that lacks fluidity puts a great strain on the entire nervous system – spine. It looks robotic. A robotic Gait is not attractive. The age of the person, under these circumstances is almost inconsequential. However, one thing  reasonable people may agree upon is that moving in a rigid way contributes to appearing  less than confident. How we think and move often reflect one another. Are there exceptions? The spirit of an individual is powerful and can override what is lacking physically. This is becoming less and less in this world of exposure to environmental toxins, and other factors that compromise the health of each one of us.

In the past few years I have shared my experience with The Unique Healing Program / Donna Pessin and The Kalcker Parasite Protocol, and a long history before that.  Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD is a practitioner who has provided a great deal of information that is well worth checking out. I have found further help from her Vitality Capsules Site after hitting a wall with the long time use of CD / MMS. Maybe you  will, too.


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Not my usual kind of post, but I had to share something I found that works to remove Castor Oil stains from cotton fabric. Does it work on blended fabrics? I think it might, but one might have to apply this stain remover immediately.

Anyway, I have used Castor Oil Packs for over 15 years  and recently started rubbing Castor Oil all over my skin. This advice came my way through [Vitality Capsules] Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD  monthly question and answer hour, and two friends who are patients of hers. I have used Castor Oil as a massage oil in small amounts, not slathering it on, and then leaving it on to seep it. Applying a thick coat and leaving it on for 45 minutes, in some cases maybe more, is what Dr. Daniels recommends. I was very, very reluctant to do this  because Castor Oil, if you did not already know, is almost impossible to get out of fabrics. This is especially true if not addressed immediately. Sometimes even if  it is caught right away.


A product that I found while shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond called Whip – it is a non-chemical based stain remover. I never liked using Shout or some of the other stain removers available here in the US. I was conscious of not getting them on my skin. Anything that gets on the skin adds more pressure on the liver to detoxify.

I did have luck with Whip-it on new and not so new Castor Oil stains. One stain was on a cotton fabric that had been through a  washer and dryer cycle. The dryer cycle usually will help lock in the Castor Oil. The heat from the dryer usually spells the end of any possibility for getting a Castor Oil stain out. Whip – it was able to remove this  tough type of stain. Pretty amazing. The fabric was cotton. Again, not sure if Whip-it would remove a similar type Castor Oil stain on a blended fabric. Definitely worth trying.

I suggest buying the Whip-It  that is specifically for Laundry. I can see that he other  Whip-It, in the spray bottle, is also good. When it comes to Castor Oil I would go with something more viscous and hardcore. The Laundry Whip-It comes in the blue bottle with a dispenser at the tip. Again, it is the Whip-It that is specifically designed  to target laundry stains. This  would be my first choice.

Castor Oil is an amazing tool for healing and Whip-It makes it less of a problem if you get it on something other than where you want it to be. All you Castor Oil users know it happens.  As careful as one can be, **it  does happen : )




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Over the past 15 years, for numerous reasons,  I have done hundreds of Liver/ Gallbladder Flushes. The top of the list reason is that I knew my sluggish gut was greatly impacted by my Liver and Gallbladder being bogged down. I could feel that sluggishness impacting how I felt everyday. Of course, I did many other  Holistic therapies to heal my body, and get to the crux of the problem. I chronicle them in many of the 250 posts I have written since 2011. Unfortunately, I was not able to improve the condition of my bowel to any level that I had hoped through the Liver / Gallbladder Flushes, fasting, Colon Cleanses, Colonics, etcetera. Being a colon therapist helped educate me as to the level of digestive dysfunction that so many people deal with on a daily basis. The level of dysfunction that is widely accepted as normal.


Within the past two weeks I have begun using Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD Vitality Capsules. I can honestly say that her capsules aid in emulsifying Liver and Gallstones. Vitality Capsules definitely stimulate the bile flow that is absolutely necessary in improving our overall health. I was NOT  happily onboard to buy these capsules. This is primarily because I have invested so much money, energy and time using other products that did not give me the results I needed. Also, as I read the ingredients of the Vitality Capsules, the combination seemed more laxative in nature. In using Dr. Daniels herbs  I have personally experienced this is not the case. The gut becomes more active, but not MOSTLY due to the herbs that have laxative properties, but due to the activation of the production of bile.

As I said above, I have done many Liver  and Gallbladder Flushes as directed by David Jubb, PHD and Annie Jubb. Also, and most notably, by the late Andreas Moritz. For me Liver / Gallbladder Flushes became more productive while doing the Parasite Protocol of Dr. Andreas Kalcker – Kerri Rivera. Why? I am sure it is because the Liver and Gallbladder are filled with Parasites, Bacterial and Fungal Sludge. Lovely. The understanding of the Parasite life cycle, the New and Full Moon, is the backbone of the Kalcker Protocol. I, and many others I am in touch with, have seen a dramatic release of Parasitic Material be released during The Kalcker/ Rivera Parasite Protocol.

The Liver Gallbladder Flushes can be traumatizing to the body and Psyche. What do I mean? Well, there is a one time consumption of Olive Oil, Grapefruit and Lemon Juice along with some other ingredients that are meant to emulsify stones, trigger the Liver and Gallbladder to relax and release what has most likely been there for a very, very long time. The mention of drinking 4-8  ounces of Olive Oil in a rather short period of time, to most anyone I know, is not inviting. A deal breaker for many. Not everyone finds the Flushes traumatic, but the  cleansing after effects of the Flushes can go on for at least a few days.


My experience is yes. I have personally seen a release of bile, emulsified stones and intact stones leave my body since taking Dr. Daniels Vitality Capsules. I followed the directions and began with one capsule the first day, increasing one more each day. I have seen more bile released since using these capsules than I did when doing full Liver / Gallbladder Flushes. Is this due to the history I have of doing so many Flushes? In sharing notes with two other people using the Vitality Capsules, I am sure that is not the case. Their health history is very different than mine. Most notably neither of them have ever done one Liver / Gallbladder Flush.

So, I have settled on 5 Vitality Capsules per day, for now. I do not feel that Liver / Gallbladder Flushes are a waste of time. I do think these herbs could make them less necessary. The Vitality Capsules would most probably make Liver / GB Flushes more easy going and help in successfully releasing Liver and Gall stones. To learn more about Vitality Capsules and Dr. Jennifer Daniels you can listen to her radio show that is available on Facebook. More important is to read her PDF – The Candida Cleanse .





I am somewhat of a newbie to Pine Oil / Turpentine Gum Spirits. So, my experience with using it is limited. I do feel what I say here  may help someone out there looking for information.

There is a very short video that is understated in championing the power of Pine Oil – Turpentine Gum Spirits. I almost did not watch / listen to it entirely because I thought, at first, it was primarily directed toward the “industrial” use of Turpentine / Pine Oil. link here for Natural Turpentine with Dave  Bardin.

As I said, I am new to Pine Oil and at  the beginning stages of personally experiencing what it does. I did buy Pine Pollen from Danny Vitalis, at Surthrival, over 6 years ago. One of the strengths of  Danny Vitalis is his focus and  understanding of the potential of adaptogenic substances. These plants live all around us in nature, and even in more urban environments. An adaptogen, to my understanding, is an immune system strengthener and booster. In order for that boost to take place some internal housekeeping has to be part of the deal. This housekeeping is a house cleaning process that involves our bodies ridding themselves of toxins. The exit points include the skin, most especially if the organs and pathways of excretion are bogged down with waste.


Recently, I have been exchanging emails with someone who is an advisor of the Kalcker Parasite Program / Kerri Rivera, I was told that Pine Oil – Turpentine is mostly for Candida. The way my question was directly posed, and answered, helped me realize that even those who I consider somewhat knowledgeable do not understand that Turpentine is an Anti-Parasitic substance. The above video link with Dave Bardin helps to drive that point home with information about the uses of Pine Oil / Turpentine Gum Spirits around the home. In other words “Unwated Guests” are in our bodies, as well as in our homes. The same substances can solve both problems. Dealing with these “Unwanted Guests” can occur in a way that does not up end the ecological balance of our bodies, our homes, our planet.

Diamond Forrest, the suggested place to purchase Pine Oil, has other products made from the Pine Tree. The provider of Pine Oil in Canada is the Balsam Fir Tree. The two owners of Diamond Forrest will probably be able to answer how there products work in keeping a home free of ants, other insects and rodents. Pine Bark may be one. Our internal homes have similar issues as do our bodies. Helpful people at Diamond Forrest.

Do your research on Pine Oil / Turpentine Gum Spirits. My short experience with it is showing me it is a powerful healer. Here is one video that gives the basics on how to consume Pine Oil / Turpentine Gum Spirits This video is to the point, and informative. The instruction provider guides the viewer back to Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD. There are a few interviews with Dr. Daniels on Youtube. She also has a free PDF called The Candida Cleanser, that is instructive as to the use of Pine Oil / Medicinal Turpentine Gum Spirits. If you find you do not like her personality, just try to see beyond her veneer. My feeling is most folks find her likable and engaging.


If you want a quick long term fix – there is none. Period. Medicinal Pine Oil is definitely not a quick fix. There is a back to every front. This is true of all kinds of medicine. However, the back side of Alternative – Herbal – Dietary, etc. Therapies are cleansing reactions. Living out these rough times can lead to a life of non- dependency on Pharmaceutical Drugs and weekly doctor visits as one gets older. Long term use of Prescription, or over the counter drugs, does not lead to healing. I know there are people who believe it does, but their definition of health is different than mine. The bar for health is very low today. As people get older, and some not so much older, the level of our peers health rarely improves. Having cancer is a norm for people of all ages. Even children. The Saint Jude Hospital commercials that flood the airwaves during the Xmas – Holiday season, here in the USA, are a testament to that very sad decline.

Do you believe the body can heal without the short or long term use of Drugs / Medications?  I am not talking about emergency and catastrophic care. I am talking about the drugs that ultimately numb our minds and bodies.  There are many obstacles to healing today. Frustratingly, these obstacles are in our air,water, and soil. It is impossible to not encounter them. With that on the table, I still believe it is possible to heal. I am seeing it in my own body. I am experiencing the benefits of Pine Oil / Turpentine Gum Spirits.





While on my quest to finding ways for living a more elegantly healthy, medication- free life, I have discovered a wealth of helpers. One that I first heard about through Paul Nisson is Moringa Powder Superfood. That was a few to several years ago. Last week, while in Whole Foods, I noticed Moringa Powder, read the label and bought a one size trial pack. When I got home I immediately tried it by placing the contents in a few ounces of water and stirring. The taste, a bit bitter, told me the power of this Superfood. Within a few minutes I felt a lift in my energy. I soon returned to WF’s and bought the larger size. Moringa has proven to be one of my best Superfood purchases to date.


About 15 years ago my husband and I visited a PermaCulture Farm (Cascada Verde)  located on the Pacific Coast side of Costa Rica, in the town of Uvita. The owner told us to feel free to eat the leaves off certain trees on the property. He said they had a strong medicinal property that helped with digestion and elimination. To get to the point, they did taste medicinally bitter, and they helped improve my digestion and elimination. It was not just the relaxed environment of the farm that got my gut to work better, of this I am sure.


In one interview with Dr. Daniels, she suggests that people can always get an important part of what they need by eating the weeds in their yards. Wow, I guess she thinks everyone has a yard? No, I am sure she does not! But  a person should consider what is being sprayed on that yard, or on the neighboring one.  I guess if one could, or had to, it would be better than what is often available to many in stores. Anyway, when I heard her speak about the power of weeds I thought of Moringa Powder. It is bitter and has that wild-bitter taste that weeds usually possess. Bitter is an important taste in regaining health by cleansing the blood, strengthening the heart, small intestines, liver, and gallbladder.

There are some links to Dr. Daniels on YouTube and she has has a weekly radio show. From what I have read people find them very informative. I have listened to a few and agree.


So, if you do not  feel comfortable eating weeds from your yard or anyone elses. Or, you do not have access to them.  If you just don’t feel well enough, or have the time to go scavenging for weeds anywhere, Moringa Powder is something to try. Also, Parasites do not like bitter. So, if bitter does not appeal to you, or is completely revolting, then it may be an indication of parasites, candida, etcetera having too much of a say in how you feel. All of these entities greatly influence our decisions. This is true in many categories of our lives, not just food. That is a whole other discussion, and something I invite you to think about. It could change your life for the better.



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