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I keep receiving, completely understandable, email questions concerning how Donna Pessin died. Just for now, I want to say two things that may or may not help people who regularly read, or come upon this blog looking for some clarity:

First off, Donna Pessin, in her book generously admitted to her bouts with, and healing from, food (eating disorder), alcohol, and drug addiction. All three of these are big drains on health and weaken – clog up all body functions. Today, everyone’s Liver  is under constant pressure. This is mostly due to environmental toxins that most of us are exposed to. Cleansing the liver and all organs regularly,  even after one has overcome great odds is very necessary. Even more so for those who have had their dance with food, drug and alcohol abuse. Which leads me to….

Secondly, Donna Pessin is very clear in her book that after completing her program one never has to take supplements again. This was something I was not in agreement with, but thought a lessening of supplements might be a possibility. So, if this is what Donna preached it is clear to me that she did not do, what I am sure needs to be done, with  her own health as years went by. Donna did flat out tell me that she did not need her own products. She said this because she had healed herself years ago. I think it is highly understandable that she would feel this way. I also was told by other clients Donna on The Unique Healing Program, through my contact with them via email, texts, and phone calls.


Lastly, just for now, if you look at the later videos of Donna Pessin, she was not looking her best. Drained was more how I saw it. Drained is the open door, or buddy for illness.  Donna’s family has not, as far as I know, made a statement as to how Donna died. She could have had a car accident, or something of that nature. Being highly stressed compromises our instincts and reactions to what is going on around us.

It is a sad and shocking loss. Donna helped many people. I did her program for two years with the help of MMS/CD, and colonics. Donna did not subscribe to colonics. She felt they do not heal. Alone colonics do not heal, but can be a great adjunct to healing. For some colonics are very necessary. Also MMS/CD enemas are of great help to many. They may be necessary for many. I highly recommend looking into them.  Dr. Andreas Kalcker and Kerri Rivera talk about this in length in the book by Kerri Rivera. A link to the free PDF is available click here.

You are brave if you are looking for alternative answers outside Western Medical box. There is not a whole lot of visible support in the mainstream. Why? A myriad of reasons, but mostly because the alternative to Western Medicine challenges the food, alcohol, drug misuse that is so common today. The new normal. Please know one thing, there are other people like you. They are flawed like everyone else, just trying to find their way. Donna Pessin was one of those flawed people. Thank you, Donna.

I will write more about this. Just wanted to get this out there – please excuse any typos. The Holidays can be a challenge for all of us.





FYI, I began writing this post two months ago. Way before the death of Donna Pessin. Thank you.

Are you one of the many people looking for the perfect healing program? The one that is easy, that makes our lives all that we ever wanted them to be. The program that fills all of our expectations without any fuss or muss? Well, as far as I know it does not exist. Why do I say that? Because being ill, feeling lousy, aching  a bit, detoxing, cleansing are all part of healing [also known as a “healing crisis”]. When feeling crappy while detoxing it is hard to convince people all their suffering will lead to a better state of health. A “Healing Crisis” presents opportunities to fully experience this present moment. How? Well, deep healing brings up discomforts that often have to be faced. It is like peeling an onion to get to the core. Medicating symptoms away, long term, only causes more pain. A Health Crisis can be an opportunity to be in this moment. To fully experience the now. To simply be with the way things are. Sometimes that sucks. Is this a convincing argument for Western Medicine, or what? Doc, Just give me something to make it all better. And make that yesterday.


This is what Western Medicine – Big Pharma – The Doctor – The Hospital is selling: Feel better fast by expunging sickness and discomfort through taking drugs, having pain blocking injections, etcetera. If that does not work surgery is next. That is pretty much what Western Medicine defines as treatment. Well, you may argue that at least a person can feel better now, get out of pain and live life. I honestly understand how that could be very appealing. Unfortunately, for many Allopathic Medicine patients, this is not how things pan out. More often a positive outcome, for Western Medical patients, is not something to count on. This is especially true as the health of each generation declines. When there is a reprieve in symptoms from Western Medical Treatment it often does not last long. Western Medical Treatment, more and more often, is punctuated by a some major health crisis. That crisis may or may not seem connected to the previous one. It is connected in some way, of this I am sure.


At some point people have to pay a price for abusing the quick fix. Pay now with a more Holistic Approach, or pay later with the Traditional Western Medicine way. The price is pretty high either way, but with the Holistic Approach discomfort is part of finding the root cause of sickness, and healing it. The Western Approach can be likened to sopping up a leak without finding out what is causing it. Make it go away, I don’t want to deal with this. That is the mentality of a child wanting their Mommy to make it all better. I get it, and so do the Pharmaceutical Companies. Big Pharma knows the psyche of their audience very, very well.


Again, this post was originally written two months before the death of Donna Pessin.

Donna Pessin often, and very confusingly, talks out of both sides of her mouth without realizing it is a problem. Maybe she is just not hearing her own words being expressed that way. The UHP has at least one thing in common with Western Medicine in one very particular way. AT LEAST! What is it? Ms. Pessin tells her audience that her program will take care of it all. More clay, more herbs and more colloidal silver, plus all her “Crutches”. When that fails to give, the people I hear from on her program, the non-suffering experience she promises she says that one may need to see a doctor. Okay, I am fine with that. Medical intervention may be necessary. However, she claims that there is no such thing as a Healing Crisis. This claim creates feelings of frustration and failure among her followers. Especially when they feel downright sick and none of her “Crutches” work. This may sound familiar to many who have walked the halls of Western Medicine their whole lives. Given false promises to be healed by medications while they eat and drink as they want. If you read The Unique Healing 1 Book you will find it has many contradictions. One of those truly ironic contradictions is that Ms. Pessin does have some information and points of view that can be very helpful in understanding the cleansing process of the body. The irony is that there is so much obviously contradictory information right along side of it.


The Kalcker Parasite Protocol is not a quick fix. One needs to ride it out for at least 6 months to understand the process and follow the directions that are provided. The most powerful strength of the Kalcker Parasite Protocol is the understanding it provides, to those who will listen, that infectious organisms living in the body are at the crux of illness. If you do read Kerri Rivera’s Book [where the Kalcker Protocol is laid out] keep an open mind. Do you believe in your ability to heal? It is possible, even if that is not the message we get inundated with by the Western Medical Culture. Improving quality of health is possible, but the path to healing is unpredictable. The path to wellness is ongoing. True healing involves behavior and lifestyle changes, and that most often takes time to put into practice. For sure.







I am sitting in front of a laptop that I use daily. I do not understand how it works, or many of the components, but I rely on it. It helps me in many ways. There is a long list of things we all use that most of us do not technically understand. We can get pretty annoyed when they do not do what we want. So, I am inviting people who are researching GcMaf to do their due diligence in understanding the instructions before using it. One does not need to become an expert on GcMaf. There are ways to make GcMaf work better and they involve, most primarily, dietary restrictions. Read about them and decide if you are willing to use GcMaf as, I believe, it is intended. If you come from the world of Western Medicine you may view it as a drug that is going to fix everything. I think this is a very big mistake. That is not a realistic approach to anything, and will only set people up for disappointment, or worse.

HERE ARE TWO LINKS TO Gc Maf: click here and here for 1st Pro Engineering. I am not associated in any way with either company.


Some participants on different fb Forums complain about their symptoms after a dose of GcMaf. From what they reveal about themselves, many of them have used Western Medicine in their lifetimes. Some seem to have forgotten the suffering that goes with Allopathic Medical Protocols. GcMaf, as well as other Holistic Protocols, have a backside to it, as does all Western Medicine. The backside of GcMaf  will be made worse by not following the directions, not fully understanding what GcMaf does. Again, NOT complying with the dietary guidelines multiplies the immune system response, and complicates or nullifies the effects of GcMaf.


With Western Medical Cancer Treatment, patients often experience immediate suffering with the use of Chemotherapy and Radiation. Usually there are no dietary restrictions. One can comfort themselves with sugar, alcohol, refined carbs, cake, ice cream, wine.These days Medical Mary Jane is sometimes part of the Western Medical Protocol This is not the case with GcMaf.  GcMaf is like a detective that goes in and finds the root of the issue and smokes it out. Living through that can be uncomfortable. Feeling unwell is often referred to as detoxing, or a healing crisis.

Please take not that there are many ways to find comfort through nourishing foods that work well with taking GcMaf and healing outside the Western Medical Paradigm.

Using Chlorine Dioxide, as written about by Kerri Rivera and Dr. Andreas Kalcker, can be of great help to people using GcMaf and those who are not. Please check out CD:Autism and take advantage of the free download available there of the book outlining this program.

In order to heal it is important to have some support. Whether at home, from friends, and others on the same path. Forums on fb and the internet are ways to get some extra support. Most importantly information. This information must be weighed and measured. Please be aware, if you are not already, that these forums are populated with people that use the internet to gripe, complain and vent their, often hypochondriacal, fears. The combative inner terrain of parasites, viruses, and overgrowth of bacteria are looking for a place to act out. The internet is perfect for this purpose.  This is draining for all of us and does not support healing.



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Since I have been part of the Kalcker Parasite Protocol [as featured in the book, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, by Kerri Rivera] I am often noticing how much easier [and pleasurable] it is for me to breathe. Easier to feel the desire to take some deep breaths throughout the day. It is less and less of an effort, happens much more spontaneously, more frequently.  I am without doubt that Conscious Breathing is an enjoyable and necessary adjunct for any kind of healing. This is true for everyone, on whatever road they are taking to get there. Hope you read the rest.


It is very confusing for some people to hear me admit, especially as a yoga teacher, that I did not find it comfortable, natural, or enjoyable to breathe. Not surprisingly, I found it hard to teach breathing to others. What do you mean you did not like to breathe? Well, it is more of a sense of annoyance when people would bring up the importance of Conscious Breathing in healing. One more thing to remember! What a very telling response. Hello, this one here has spent many days breathing shallowly. The Breath, an amazing gift, is so intrinsic to our existence. Annoyed is just how I felt when Conscious Breathing was reminded to me, recommended, and urged for me to do.  Why annoyance?  Well, it is easy to feel annoyed when nerves are frayed from the exposure to a very unfriendly internal environment. One that is oxygen deprived.


Breathing more deeply is a distraction from what is “really” important, like getting things done. Are you one of those people that feels better for checking one more thing off your “to do list”?  The beauty and release of deep tension from the breath is not understood or felt by most of us who live that way. The Breath is not recognized, or deeply appreciated, as the extremely necessary, invisible life line of energy that it is. We enter the world looking for our breath. We leave the world because it is no longer there, or maybe because it is no longer needed.


It is true that our major way to detoxify, on paper, is through Breathing. Unfortunately, the  condition of our air, indoors and outdoors, does not inspire deep relaxed breathing. Also, the lack of awareness about breathing creates a completely unaware and pretty ignorant population. So much time staring at cell phone, computer, play station and TV screens creates very shallow breathing. The focus is outside of us, not within. Staring at a screen does not connect people to their Breath.  Most importantly, in this world we all live, it is unlikely that deep breathing ALONE can not detoxify an unhealthy body by itself. Is it possible? I would not close my mind to it. What I can say for sure is that Conscious Deep Breathing certainly will expedite the process of any kind of healing. Physical and emotional. Emotional for sure.

I know for damn sure that most people do not know anything about the importance of Conscious Breathing for healing. It is so very important. If you do not consciously breathe you are putting great pressure on all organs and body systems. At a certain point, years of not breathing enough, exposure to  environmental toxin, poor diet, etcetera causes a backlog of toxic waste to accumulate throughout our bodies. At that point breathing is just barely passing as a rudimentary body function. More like sniffing than breathing. A function that is performed unconsciously. Onethat is taken way for granted. Without breathing, quite obviously, we can not survive. To breathe deeply is to flourish. Breathe more often and know you are doing the best you can for yourself  in this present moment.


A Cyclical Detox Program is designed to help the Organs of Elimination work more efficiently. To take pressure off of all Systems of the body. Behavior that once felt normal begins to feel not so normal. The robotic response to do more, think more, buy more, talk more, becomes less helpful. The idea of being in the present moment suddenly makes real sense. It is not only an idea in a book by Eckardt Tolle [ The Power of Now, A New Earth and others]. Breathing is one way of connecting to the present moment that benefits us physically and mentally. Conscious Breathing gives the word “Soul” a meaning you can feel for yourself. Soul is no longer some religious, or spiritual concept. Like Breathing, our soul becomes part of who we are.


Peace Arnold and Dan Brule. I have worked with Peace when living in NYC and on Skype. Peace is a big proponent of the work of Dan Brule.

From a Yoga point of view: Donna Farhi is an author [The Breathing Book] and Yoga Teacher. There are many others. This is a book I happen to like.

Thank you to Kerri Rivera and all the people involved in getting the word about one kind of deep healing. Check out the CD:Austism site to learn more.

Within the study of Traditional Medicines of different cultures, there is a deep and functional correlation between the Lungs and Large Intestines. Learning more would benefit anyone who is interested. The text,Between Heaven and Earth provides insight into the relationship between these two organs. Authors: Beinfield and Korngold.





The Klinghardt Mercury Detox Protocol, as described in this link, succinctly spells out the steps for Mercury Detox. If you are feeling overwhelmed, reading this protocol can help reduce that feeling. Overwhelm is the feeling associated with one more thing to do, often when a person is not in good health. The lightening of this feeling may not happen the first time you read it. The second on third going over will unveil The Klinghardt simplicity. Also, more and more people are realizing that creating better health is a lifetime process. With that acknowledged, the steps in the Klinghardt Protocol have definitley helped me feel less overwhelmed.  Some of the ingredients involved in this Mercury Detox Protocol may be familiar. It is the quality and amounts of the prescribed ingredients that make a difference. All one can do is experiment. The other option is to confer with a Klinghardt Practitioner. Ultimately, we are pretty much on our own, no matter what kind of healthcare or sick-care we choose. If you trust your intuition you are never really alone in any decision making process. I have to remind myself of this often. Anyway, as of right now I am using the Chlorella, Cilantro and Omega 3 aspects of the Klinghardt Program.


I have been aware of using Chlorella and Cilantro for years. I like Cilantro, but I always disliked the taste of  Chlorella. My experience tells me we often do not like what we need, especially in a therapeutic situation. Other programs that I have been involved with do discuss Heavy Metal Detoxification. The Longevity Now Program by David Wolfe centers around it. Some others are the Body Ecology Diet, Andreas Moritz’s Liver Flushes, Dr. David Jubb and Dr Fred Bisci,  and The Unique Healing Program. The Program I am presently involved in is The Kalcker Parasite Protocol. The Kalcker Protocol is presented by Kerri Rivera in her book CD: Austism. As a current participant in the Kalcker Parasite Protocol Program, I am finding that the Kalcker Program has helped enhance the ingredients used in the Klinghardt Mercury Detox Program. I feel less turned off by the use of Chlorella.  Also, the Liver / Gallbladder flushes have never been as effective for me since doing the Kalcker Parasite Protocol. For me it is about 5 months of doing the Kalcker Program as presented in Kerri Rivera’s book. I have done many Liver – GB Flushes beginning back in 1999.


My deduction is that parasites, bacteria, viruses hang out in the Gallbladder and Liver. How do they end up there? The Liver can be described as #The Buck Stops Here Organ. The Liver is a filter for toxins, and it is a protector for the rest of the body. Until those pathogens exit in a way that does not compromise overall health, the “unwanted guests” will remain congesting the Gallbladder and Liver. These stored Gallbladder / Liver toxins will make it hard for other Detox Programs to  be of any real help. These other cleansing modalities may be effective in the beginning, but then that often wanes or comes to a dead halt. Please read about the Kalcker Protocol [CD : Austism]  to understand what is involved.


Biopure and Health Force, from my experience and research, sell a very clean Chlorella. Biopure Cilantro also looks like it is top notch. I am using Herb Pharm Cilantro Tincture. I would greatly question the Chlorella that Mike Adams gushes over. From his website it looks like he is selling it and that could greatly corrupt his opinion. Judge for yourself.

Directions to apply the Cilantro tincture to the wrists, ankles and groin should NOT be discounted. I think it can have a positive detoxing effect. Applying the Cilantro on these areas is part of the Klinghardt recommendations.

A Zeolite Product is often recommended as an absorber of Heavy Metal toxicity. I am using Health Force Drawing Formula. Health Force has a Zeolite Powder, as well. BioPure does, too.

It is easy to discount the power of Chlorella and Cilantro. I have cut my dosage in half, still three times a day. Sometimes only two depending on the day. I did that because I felt the cleansing reation was picking up. A slight metallic taste in my mouth at times. The Chlorella and Cilantro have added to a slight decrease in appetite. This seems to be improving the longer I use Cilantro Tincture and Chlorella Tablets. As I mentioned before, I am presently using Herb Pharm Cilantro.  Health Force Chlorella Tablets is my present choice.

Environmedica [once LL’s Magnetic Clay] has a Mercury Detox Clay that I use and find helpful. How? I feel lighter, more energy, can think more clearly. Do some research on their site to understand what is involved in using their effective products.

Mercury and other Heavy Metals are substances that we are all constantly coming into contact with through our earth, water, and air. Taking action is imperative for better health, for healing. Is the Klinghardt Program the only way to go? No, but aspects of it are time honored with many testimonials. Do some research and find out for yourself.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no one is going to spoon feed us what to do. It is easy to not fully understand this because if the unhealthy relationship that has been encouraged with “The Doctor”. There is no one to tell us what and when to do things exactly the right way to regain or improve our health. Again, isn’t that what the Western Medical Paradigm claims to do? That was part of the sales pitch for The Unique Healing Program. The UHP had many contradictions. Everything will be just fine if you just follow the instructions was one of them. Even if it takes 5 years of drinking copious amounts of clay.

There are many notyourrawmama posts that discuss The UHP. I have written from my point of view, and from what I have heard from other participants of The UHP.



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Since my starting the Kalcker Parasite Protocol my experience has not been without major ups and downs .  I did not expect it to be smooth sailing all the way. Cleansing symptoms and discomfort were there before, for sure. Since starting the PP I have seen and felt some improvements in symptoms. Symptoms that drew me to doing The Kalcker Parasite Protocol in the first place. Please check out other posts where I discuss all of this. There are many of these posts. Just go to the search box at this blog site and type in what you are looking for.


What I have noticed, as I have mentioned in another recent blog post, is that the Liver / Gallbladder Flushes have yielded better results for me since starting the Kalcker Parasite Protocol. Why? Parasites do make their home in the Liver and Gallbladder. The Kalcker Protocol helps to clear them out. This enables the flushes to have a deeper effect. The Liver and GB are less bogged down with Parasites and their toxic waste. Yuck!  Anyway, I found a Blog of Dr. Mehmet Oz that acknowledges  that the Gallbladder and Liver are often home to Parasites. Dr. Oz Blog link for his blog post on Gallbladder Parasites.


If you are not in the USA, Dr. Oz is a popular television host with a well regarded medical reputation as a surgeon. He has an open and curious mind, especially for a traditionally trained physician. He also has a fun and  creative presentation. His show mostly discusses issues that many people have questions about, but feel uncomfortable asking their doctor. Assuming they have a primary care physician overseeing their care. One who is willing to address “off the grid” types of health questions. A doctor who is able and willing to make the time for a dialogue. Time to educate and empower their patients. The chance of this happening is low, partly due to the huge increase in an unwell population.

Through this blog, I hope to  encourage all people to take charge of their own health. If we do not take action it is much more likely that we could end up in a Medical Emergency situation. A situation where someone else will make decisions for us. Steps that may not ultimately be in our best interest long term. On a more positive note, it could be the wake up call that changes our lives for the better. This is not a gamble worth taking.

Dr. Andreas Kalcker and Kerri Rivera: Parasite Protocol as outlined in her book: Healing The Symptoms Known as Autism.

Andreas Moritz: The Amazing Liver Cleanse. Information outside the Western Medical box about healing the Liver and Gallbladder. Helpful to read whether you decide to do one or not. As you may have guessed his books are available on Amazon. Youtube video of Andreas Moritiz on his Liver / GB Flush here. Just take what you can from what he says and discard what does not resonate with you.


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If you are involved in a Parasite, Viral – Heavy Metal Detox Program you may at times feel mildly to very unhappy. Other adjectives such as agitated, grumpy, frustrated, angry, disgusted, and just plain down in the dumps. If it helps, you are SO not alone. When making big changes in life, through detoxifying, these feelings are normal. They are part of rebalancing your blood and brain chemistry. Using food, alcohol, caffeine, drugs and other addictive ways of dealing with these ups and downs only makes things worse. Often, the only way to find this out is to go down the road of Self Medication. To return to the same substances that have helped cause and added to the problem. It is called being human. I am not recommending you do that, but it happens. In the beginning of this road to health it can happen more than you may like.


As a child my parents would drive the three of us from New York City to visit my grandparents in Chicago. We would navigate through Pittsburgh, Pa. and get a grim glimpse of the steel mills and railroad yards. It is not a happy sight, or memory. It is a sea of Heavy Metal toxicity. Smokes stacks spewing big gray and dark black wafts of toxicity. How people have chosen to turn a blind eye to the effects of all this is disturbing, sad and angering. Al Gore nailed it,  An Inconvenient Truth is one phrase that sums it all up.


The house I grew up in, I can most certainly say, was infested with Mold. Picture Mold. It is not pretty or uplifting. Dank and musty, very often growing and going unseen due to where it is located. Mold is air born and invisible. The spores entering into the lungs, blood, the large intestines, and skin. Everywhere.


Having lived in New York City most of my life I have most definitely been exposed to Heavy Metals. At this point, on this amazing planet, almost every single person is exposed to Heavy Metals to one extent or another. If you are doing research for someone else on either of these subjects, Heavy Metals or Mold, take a look at yourself and your own exposure while you are at it. This is no joke.


I have written other posts making the point that people are not depressed. People feel depressed. That separation is crucial in order to be sane, self forgiving, and understand others. All of us are carrying joyless, toxic, inorganic Heavy Metal substances in our bodies. Our exposure to them, daily and in increasing quantities, determines how we feel and behave. We are not all the same and that very much involves our MENTAL CONDITIONING as children, and throughout our lives. Examples of mental conditioning, other than the family, is school, religion, the military, organized group sports, gymnastics, and disciplined dance studies. A very short list.

With many people, feeling depressed is not acceptable. This is usually due to a heavy social stigma. Not understanding that feeling down is a natural response in life. Getting stuck there is a problem. These individuals are often able to distract themselves from their feelings by focusing on how sick others are and using food and other substances as a buffer. They have not reached a breaking point. If they have children, their children may have reached theirs.

Please do not identify with feelings of hopelessness. At times, this can be very hard to do. Using strategies from the Klinghardt and Kalcker Protocols are ways to start the process physically. Of course, there are other programs out there. Most that I know of have similar ideas and strategies. Improving general health through lessening of Heavy Metals through strengthening Digestion and cleaning up Elimination. This is not a one shot deal. The way things stand today this is a lifetime commitment. Yes, a lifetime.

The Unique Healing Program is one method to investigate, but I can not recommend this program as it presently stands in structure and direction. The videos have some good information. The creator, Donna Pessin? Well, come to your own conclusions.


Enemas with Chlorine Dioxide, as discussed in the Kalcker Parasite Protocol [Kerri Rivera: CD Autism] are helpful for many. I hear from people that their mood lifts after doing them. This is my experience, as well.

The Klinghardt Protocol, along with the daily steps, has products they recommend. I am not talking about supplements. These products as well as the Klinghardt Regime for Cancer, Auto Immune, Lyme Disease, and other Poor Health Issues address removal of Heavy Metals, Parasites, Bacterial Overgrowth, Viruses. The whole gamut.

Environmedica / LL’s Magnetic Clay for Detoxing Heavy Metal through Clay Bath and Pack concoctions that can be very effective. You will only know if you try.


Do something already! Do something to address your health concerns. Otherwise, you may end up in a situation where you have no control. I have seen it happen many times. It is a self fulfilling prophecy that many have in the back of their minds. Sometimes it is something they just won’t shut up about. This happens either through their words or actions. Take action to change, or life will take action for you. I know this one first, second, and third hand.





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