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I am not sure anything specific “went” wrong.  A Major Red Flag was zero testimonials from people whom have finished The Unique Healing Program. A big Red Flag that I brushed aside. As far as I know there is no one who has completed The Unique Healing Program. At the time of finding UHP I did not care enough to pursue a search for anyone. Some others have and came up with zippo. All I knew was that the basic elements of UHP made sense to me on many levels. Both clinically and personally. The premise was not unfamiliar and very similar to other cleansing programs I had done. The amount of clay and herbs on UHP were much larger. I was willing to give it a gamble, especially since I had done similar things and had experienced positive results. It made sense to me that maybe the amounts of sodium bentonite clay and herbs were not strong enough in these other programs. These other programs were for  much shorter lengths of time.


So where are the people who have finished UHP? Well, Donna Pessin avoids answering questions about any of that. Another ignored Red Flag. A few other people got the same run around. More raised doubts of the long term value of The UHP. So, the bottom line question is this: Was The UHP worth doing for the two years I invested? For me the answer is yes. First off, I had immediate relief from constipation. Second, through my constipation relief I was able to be more stable in all aspects of my life. Thirdly, if I had not found UHP I would not have recognized the value of Kerri Rivera’s Program. I would not personally understand the value of clay. Would I suggest that anyone do The UHP? I would have to say NO at this point. A large part is because Donna Pessin does not have a staff to do what she is unable to.  What is that? Answer basic questions, help with product questions. Donna Pessin needs to be self reflective about what The Unique Healing Program is missing and fix it! BTW, last time I checked she is not receptive to feed back or suggestions. From what I can glean from her mass emails and limited past personal correspondences with me, correspondence with others relayed to me is this: Donna Pessin is NOT interested in being aware of the limitations of her program as it presently exists.


The videos concerning The Unique Healing Program have made a great deal of sense to some people. These videos fuel UHP product sales. They feature Donna Pessin marching out in front of her video recorder and delivering her message. Very bare bones and straight forward. So what happened? How could something seemingly so simple and direct go so wrong? Primarily, it is a big mistake to tell people to ingest large amounts of Sodium Bentonite Clay when their livers are sluggish. People do UHP because their livers are biting back anyway. Some do okay with it, for awhile anyway. Others do not and feel nauseated from the get go, or very early on. My solution to the liver sluggishness was doing colonics while on The UHP. I had a few other tricks, too. Donna Pessin insisted that colonics were not necessary. Okay, they were for me. My bowels were moving without the colonics. However, I needed help in  dealing with cleansing symptoms that all her “Crutches” could not alleviate. Colonics saved me. More clay is not an answer long term, although on paper it seems to make sense in absorbing toxins. Obviously, it makes sense to Donna Pessin. More clay adds up to large clay sales. I am hesitant to think that money is her main motivation. Through my dealings with her I do not think it is a consciously motivated money making decision. This is harder and harder for some to believe. I may be joining them.


I started writing about The Unique Healing Program because it initially helped me. Where UHP was failing me, I met others, through this blog and FB Support Group, that UHP seemed to be working for. Because of all I just mentioned I continued to write about The Unique Healing Program. I understood that decades of exposure to toxins could take a few years to see a complete healing. All this made sense until I had a solid block of time where I felt my immunes system was constantly under siege with no improvement in sight. I began using Chlorine Dioxide / MMS while on The UHP. Chlorine Dioxide – MMS immediately helped with my symptoms. What was lacking in The Unique Healing Program, besides a leader, and taker of her own advise? Yes, I am talking about Donna Pessin. One thing is a strong enough Anti-Fungal agent. Colloidal Silver just does not cut it. I have covered this subject in other blog posts. There is a search box above where you can find them.


Crazy as it may sound the weakest link in The Unique Healing Program is Donna Pessin. For me, her explanation of her own program, in her videos and book, was the initial selling point. Early on in her program it became clear to me, during private consults, that there was little room for change in her approach to problems I was having. Through correspondence with others I learned I was not alone! Anything that more clay, herbs or CS could not take care of was of no to little interest to her.  This behavior created lots of stress for the Client and the Practitioner. No wonder Donna Pessin finally cracked and had to take a “sabbatical” that seems to have no end. She is presently on another “time out”. This one, as of now, may be permanent. We all have problems to face and solutions to create in life. Sadly, Donna Pessin has hit some major rough spots. How she handled these difficulties, as I have said in other posts, is flat out totally unprofessional. The worst is that  I don’t think she cares, or  is aware of what others think about her behavior. Hard to believe, but seems to be true. The  only thing that will change all this is if she feels it in her wallet. With the internet giving Donna Pessin a constant base of new orders I am not sure when, or if  monetary loss will happen. Maybe by the time you read this things will have improved with her and her handling of matters. If that is the case, read some other of my past posts about The Unique Healing Program, there are many. I am sure these posts could be helpful to you in navigating your way through the process of healing. A process that may or may not involve the approaches of Donna Pessin or Kerri Rivera.


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I find it rather disheartening to hear friends and others, some barely over 50 years of age, express their low expectations concerning their lives as they get older. One major reason is that these people feel pretty lousy. Their joints are inflamed, they are depressed, some can not lose weight, and the list goes on. Because of this mindset, spending time with the average person around my age and older is not inviting. It reminds me that there are not many inspiring role models for people over 50 to look up to.

Through this blog I have met a few people who have told me that they have never met a person over 70 who still willingly goes to the office. Something that doesn’t really surprise me.  I have know quite a few of these people. Several in their 80’s and 90’s. It seems that most people’s expectations of aging are extremely low. Why? Because that is what we see all around us. This is the norm in society, within family and friends. I have had to work at ignoring others unquestioned beliefs about what is possible when conversing with people of all ages. I have learned  to recognize that the person I am listening to has experiences that are not uncommon, but their beliefs and outcomes do not have to be mine.


Believe it or not, it use to be that the wise people were the older people. The elders that younger people could go to for advise. These days this is less and less. Many people, as they get older, are ending up more foolish then when they were younger, or they are highly medicated and drooling on themselves in a nursing home. Of course there are exceptions, but the general expectations of older people, from themselves and others, is extremely low. If you want to get involved in a growing “needed” business go into the Assisted Living, Nursing Home field. A business that, as it stands now, seems rather rather sadly uninspired. A real cash cow.


It is hard to look our best at any age while sharing our bodies with unwanted guests, parasites, viral infections and overgrowth of bacteria. First a person has to be ready to recognize this is the state of things. Parasites = Inflammation. I know this is not a conventional line of thought, or information that is widely discussed or shared. Okay, so through learning how to use Chorine Dioxide therapeutically inflammation can begin to be resolved. To get right to the point, there is a way of taking CD – Chlorine Dioxide that is doable and effective. Link here.


Associating poor health with old age today is understandable, just look around. However, it is more of a reactionary response than a thoughtful deduction. Most everyone uses the word old as a negative. “Throw that out it is old”. The more appropriate word is worn out, or tattered. If treated with care what is “OLD” can increase in value. There are not too many examples of this today, but people are able to increase in value as well. It is called wisdom.

There are ways to make deep improvements in our health. The information is available, but the content is challenging to everything we have all learned and find acceptable by our friends and family. Why? Because it will bring into question all of our beliefs about life, and how we all live it. That is a threat to the very fabric of our economy as we know it. If you haven’t already, think about this economic impact. Change is inevitable and we can all be at the helm of our own ship and not passengers on a ship going down. What our economy is based on is going to have to change. This can be a positive.


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It is easy to understand why very few individuals want to face an epidemic that is effecting every aspect of  life and health in what most aptly can be described as destructive. So deeply rooted that most choose to ignore something that is happening right inside their own bodies. A topic that is considered grossly unspeakable. It is rarely mentioned in conjunction with the pervasive sickness and poor health that is the norm here in the USA. What is it? Parasites. Parasites that are procreating and defecating inside their hosts. Hosts meaning you and me!  That will sound disgusting, ridiculous and simplistic to many as the cause of illness. What also makes it even more sadly repugnant is all the profits made, money spent, jobs created, lifestyle built around not facing the basic cause of poor immunity and inflammation. Really.

How wide spread is this parasite issue? Well, if the opinion of a Medical Doctor impresses you click here. Dr. Peter Wina, Head of Patho – Biology at Walter Read Medical Research Institute in Washington, DC.


One reason that people remain uninformed is because, as I mentioned above, so many jobs are based on proliferating sickness by not facing the base cause. The cause being something so unsavory to most people. The same people that are their hosts. What a crazy irony. Studies, foundations, corporations are built around researching how to “solve” disease, illness,  psychological misery, and plagues that besiege humans. It is important to mention all the plagues humans dump on nature, and in turn themselves. All of this happens by avoiding some very inconvenient truths about personal and environmental health.


What I have noticed is that the mindset that does all this  complex medical and scientific research is being dictated to and manipulated  by the same “problem” science clains they are trying to solve. So what am I saying? The medical community is not healthy. These people are us. Parasites, fungal infections overgrowth of bacteria, pass through all of us. They only take up residence and dominate when the host is weak. So, sick infected people doing the research is like asking the police commissioner to investigate a crime that he or she has committed themselves. That crime is not getting solved any time soon. Asking Traditional Medicine to solve what keeps their employment rolls high, Big Pharma in the black, stockholders and board of directors happy?  Sounds like a conspiracy born out of addiction. Rationalizing and defending sick behavior is the trademark of any addict. A conscious conspiracy by those involved, in research, in the medical field? In my view not likely the case.

Addiction to food, medications, alcohol is so inbred and wide spread in our societies. Everyday, people choose substance over the people they are in relationship with. Sadly, this includes parents with their children. Crazy as it is, this behavior is passed down generation to generation. In many families, the only thing that holds everyone together is the eating and drinking of food and beverages on holidays. When the main focus is on food so much else never gets addressed. It is all about addiction. Food is the acceptable addiction. Who does not eat, over eat and just plain pig out? Not many.


Parasites, bacteria, viruses live inside us procreating and thriving at the hosts expense. They burrow deeper and deeper into our tissues, and organs. Brains included. Using words such as infection and bacteria help to sanitize things and keep the ugly truth from being faced. Something that looks like it belongs on the end of a fishing pole is living inside people. NEWS FLASH: You can pay someone to tell you that is not true. They wear white coats and have years of medical training. They have long relationships with Pharmaceutical Companies who are invested in keeping people using their products. These products are called drugs, also known as medications.


Wall Street in deeply invested in Big Pharma and other industries that contribute to some extremely destructive lifestyle choices of society. Many people say they want change. One way change can begin is by individuals looking at their investment portfolio and that of their employer. The findings and knowledge are often very surprising to most. It can easily cause people to turn a blind eye to their contribution to keeping life status quo.

As I mentioned before, getting to the heart of what causes illness through Traditional Western Medicine is similar to the chief of detectives being the mastermind to the crimes they are personally investigating. In a similar way investors are feeding and placating their addictions until they decide to face them, or not. The deeper each person is invested financially in carrying on this charade, the longer it will continue.

In the meantime, check out what Kerri Rivera and Kimberly McDaniel have to offer with research by Dr. Andreas Klacker. Their program is centered around information that, I am sure, we all need to be aware of. I have written many posts about The Unique Healing Program. Please read more recent posts for an update on where I stand on The UHP. Take a look at The UHP videos and website to educate yourself if you are knew to Donna Pessin and her program. Whether you agree with the protocol of Donna Pessin, her videos are instructive. They express a way of thinking about healing that has merit.


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Maybe you have just found the Unique Healing Program, are a short or long term participant. Maybe you are someone who has completely, or partially bailed from The UHP ship. Whomever and wherever you are on your road to healing, this is a time of opportunity and growth. Growth can happen no matter what we are involved in. Whether it is starting Unique Healing, Traditional Medicine, or another “Alternative” Healing Program. Growth from any situation will happen by the way we make decisions, and not always by the decisions we make.


People make decisions from different mindsets. Confidence and pressure. Sometimes fear and desperation. When we do not take action life seems to make decisions for us. Relationships are one example. Did you leave or were you left? Sometimes one can be “dumped” and  go onto rock the world. There are a number of people that feel they got dumped by Donna Pessin. She closed down communication with her clients for an unknown period of time. Some of these people have come to realize they are actually better off. They feel that way even though the feeling of betrayal lingers. It is hard to be “left” by someone you wanted to leave in the first place. Someone who did not treat you so well. Life is 20/20 in hindsight.


I found The Unique Healing Program at a time where I had, for decades, diligently applied so many other forms of healing. All that and I was still functionally constipated. That irregularity was effecting my general health and showing up specifically in right hip joint pain. There was a list of other things, but that hip pain was screaming at me. Pain can save your life if you listen to it. Anyway, at a time when I was really fed up with what I was doing, I found Donna Pessin.

Ms. Pessin presents her program as a  One Stop – Last Stop solution to achieving a healed gut and body. I was pretty sure The Unique Healing Program would NOT be my last stop, but I believed it would elevate my stomach, intestines and other organs to a way better place. For me The UHP became a tool toward healing and not the blueprint. Donna Pessin sells her program as “the” blueprint. The Unique Healing Program, as it presently stands, did not work for me. I am talking two years down the line. I have met tens of people who tell me this is their experience, as well.


In order to work, every healing program needs to be tweaked and adjusted to the individual and their specific needs. As we all go along on our mission to heal we need to learn how to make these adjustments ourselves. That ability has to happen to succeed in healing. The idea that The Doctor, or anyone else, will heal us every step of the way has never really worked. People are released from the hospital after being cut and sewed up. Usually, if not always, given strong medications with a long list of side effects. A question: Is it then reasonable to expect more from Donna Pessin, or any other Alternative Health Professional when the bar is so low for Medical Doctors? Many of us want much more, but are often disappointment. This is a tough situation that only improves as we learn through trial and error what to do on our own. This can be rough going, or darn near impossible if you are very ill, with little energy and don’t know the ropes.


Donna Pessin is not presently [and for quite some time] available for one on one consults. This has set a number of her clients/followers free. Is it her intention to unload people? Actions speak louder than words. Ms. Pessin’s decisions and the way they were made, were truly unprofessional. As unsavory as her exit, she has helped her followers way beyond what they could have imagined. This is if they are able and willing to see it that way. Being abandoned does not feel good, in any relationship.

The one thing that a healthy gut can lead to is hearing and trusting the inner voice. Sometimes known as trusting our gut. Knowing the difference between the fear / addiction voice [proliferated by poor gut health] and intuition, based on better gut and overall health, is a goal to consider.


For a possible next step in healing infection, better gut health and digestion check this out. The work of Kerri Rivera may be something to mull over.


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Begin by watching Donna Pessin’s videos and reading her books. I did this over two years ago. The answer from doing those two things, for me, was a NO. A no for many others I have corresponded with doing The UHP. On occasion I have heard from some who say they have watched “all” her videos and read her books [ doubt they did]. From that they got a “crazy” vibe from her. I know any person can find, or project crazy onto anyone whose message they do not want to hear.  I am not completely discrediting what her critics are saying. Hold on, and keep reading. This post is not written by the President of the Donna Pessin Fan Club. I would be lying if I told you that nothing about Donna Pessin’s presence in her videos was a trigger for me. I was looking at content, and  her message made sense and had me questioning things I thought were true. Her composure and down to earth delivery was refreshing to me.


Are Western Medical Doctors and other Western Medical Practitioners, people who dole out meds and therapies with a laundry list of caveats, ever asked this question about them? Treatments and Meds that have a history of lawsuits attached to them. Has anyone ever asked you if  your Traditional Medical Doctor is a Quack? That is assuming you have a Western Medical Doctor! Quack and popular Prescribed / used Conventional Medicine protocols? In the same sentence? I have rarely to never seen or heard  it. If one does a search on Chemotherapy [one example] as Quackery there is close to zilch from Western Medicine itself that surfaces. The suffering  that many withstand and tolerate from, during and after Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments is accepted as normal. This is the treatment that is prescribed by Doctors and the Pharmaceutical Companies they do business with. Big Pharma has a heavy hand within the Medical Community. As if you did not know.

Both Western Medical Doctors and Big Pharma help to keep patients in the dark about what is really wrong with them. However, many patients want it that way, or it would change. Why? One reason is that they can continue to live as they always  have. The ” Doctor” will take care of it all. Hello, everyone!  There is the internet today and information, both accurate and fear based is abundant. No one, especially those who have access to a computer, need be clueless around the risks of Allopathic / Traditional Western Medial Treatment. I am, for this post, targeting Chemotherapy and Radiation. Listen, if you think Chemo and Radiation saved your life, I am not going to argue with you. It probably did. However, who wants to repeat that? No one I know, so Western Medicine as a long term plan? You can do better.


Dear Traditional Medical Doctor – Practitioner,

Please define cancer, in plain language,  and tell us what the word Cancer really means. Define it in understandable biological terms. Not the terms that you and your friends at the Pharmaceutical Companies have come up with.

Thank you.

PS There are people who deserve and want to know. Some may not want to. Don’t worry, you will always have some takers. More than enough to please your shareholders.


Yes, Cancer and other Western Medical patients need to do their own research. Many are often afraid to do anything other than what “The Doctor” says. It is easy when a person has a medical diagnosis, such as Cancer to give up control in that way. There is usually pressure from friends and family to go the Western Medical Protocol/Big Pharma route. If you have ever felt ill enough to consider going to an emergency room, you may be able to understand their line of thinking and decision making. People who are ill are often very vulnerable.


One way to help decide what to do is watching a video of the surgery or medical procedure that has been recommended for you, such as a  hip replacement operation. Last time I checked is available on youtube. Then allowing that information to help you decide whether to have the surgery or not. Why don’t more people watch a video of a surgery they are considering? Clue: With a hip replacement there is usually a saw involved. When you use a saw on the human body there is lots and lots of blood. Same for any animal carcass. In other words, it is not pretty.

The alternative to an operation, such as a hip replacement, requires some deep self reflection. Then the energy and focus to find another solution.  Then you need the energy and drive to put it into action. This is no easy road for an ill person, for any person. So, if someone is in oodles of pain they are looking for relief. Reducing inflammation for a person in dire pain, the natural way, is a no easy fix. Not by a long shot.


When private consults were possible with Ms. Pessin she was very dogmatic about her protocol. More clay, herbs and colloidal silver were her solutions. This did not work for me after three months. It has not worked for the tens of others I have corresponded with via this blog. It did not work for many I have “met” on the FB UHPSG Forum. If a patient can not talk to their practitioner and problem solve that does not make for a good long term relationship. Is that Quackery? It most definitley is a relationship gone bad. Many of Donna Pessin’s clients have felt left high and dry with a protocol that worked for awhile, sort of worked, was getting some results and stopped. Sound familiar?

Part two: Presently there is a lack of solutions to the problems that numbers of people are having within The Unique Healing Program. Donna Pessin has stopped one on one consults. Okay, so people feel bloated, nauseated and achy. Add to that there is no one to call for help. Hitting a wall, feeling frustrated, alone and just plain sick is not conducive to healing. Is that Quackery? Sounds like many Doctor/ Patient relationships. A relationship many feel they have no other alternative but to put up with it. This is not healing. This is a practitioner / client /  patient  situation gone bad. All this only adds more obstacles to healing.

Western Medical Practices often lack a supportive and nurturing staff. Office situations that do not have creative solutions to the problems of their patients. Is this the experience for everyone? No, but enough people feel this way. That is why people seek out alternative protocols like The Unique Healing Program. They want to find some answers. They need someone with experience to talk to about their progress, or lack there of.  Doctors are usually the ones that tell the public that this is THE way “we” do things. What goes unsaid is that if you decide not to go along with the protocol you can hit the road. By the way, that road is usually scary and lonely. You NEED us more than we need you is what they are inferring.”Us” are Western Medical Practitioners and their Prescription Pads.  Point being is that it is unnecessary to be a doctor, or play one on TV to behave like a Western Medical Doctor or Practitioner. And what does that behavior look like? Meet Donna Pessin. BTW, she would angrily scoff at that notion or completely not acknowledge it, giving my premise even more credibility.


So, I have written many posts saying that I found something called The Unique Healing Program, and  that it helped me. I did say that, and also stated, from the beginning,  that there were always caveats attached to doing UHP. I made it clear that I needed Colon Therapy during my time on UHP to deal with lessening my symptoms. I mentioned that I had to, on my own, tweak The UHP to make it work for me. I pointed out that Ms. Pessin’s advocating the use of Sodium Bentonite Clay to absorb toxins was her strong point. Sadly, the major weak point is that Donna Pessin boldly promotes her program as One Stop shopping. Does she really believe that? I do not know. However, when speaking to Donna Pessin, any inference that UHP does not work creates a whole lot of defensiveness on her part. That or a complete shut down of communication.  Now that is mature! Her video that states Die Off does not exist on The Unique Healing Program, is a prime example. You can feel better on her program while cleansing by using her “Crutches”. Okay, the big problemo is that this is not true for anyone I know doing The Unique Healing Program some of the time, most of the time, or after awhile.


Why? One major reason is that her program is lacking a strong enough anti viral and anti bacterial agent. Her recommendations of more clay, CS and Bowel Strength are not a long term solution. Long term? Well, she makes it clear her program can go on for 1 – 5 years. That is a whole lot of clay to drink. Remember some are drinking up to 24 tablespoons a day. For how many years? How long can one take Berberine and Colloidal Silver and it still be effective. When do you transfer to lesser amounts, Probiotics, etcetera. Well, if it is not in her books, and she swears it is, you are screwed. Is that Quackery? You tell me. It is disappointing and just plain unprofessional.


If you are looking for another step in the healing of Constipation, Bloating, Diarrhea and any other indicators of the underpinnings of poor health, then  I suggest you read a book by Kerri Rivera that has some challenging and very helpful information about healing the bowel, body and brain. Also, David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Program. Dr. Fred Bisci, PHD has a website, book and 80 some odd years of educating people to heal themselves. There is Donna Gates, creator of the Body Ecology Diet. Of course, there are others, but those I just mentioned are ones I am most familiar with. These authors and practitioners place creating Bowel Health at the top of their list for creating better health. Each of their methods are in several ways different. What they have in common is that they can help you, in some way, with or without The Unique Healing Program. On the other hand, they may help you appreciate what Donna Pessin has to say in her books and videos. Her use of Sodium Bentonite Clay and Berberine Herbs. Do your research, comparing, and intuition. If you do try The Unique Healing Program, keep in mind what I have written here, in more recent post, and those beginning in late 2012.

Thanks for taking the time to read.





I have been on The Unique Healing Program for two years. During that time I have had  personal one on one directions from Donna Pessin via phone sessions [for my first several months]. I have consulted her Unique Healing books and videos regularly. With all that and more, I feel her program is critically incomplete. So, for me and the numbers of people I am in touch with, UHP  has become more of a concept than a complete program. Why? One MAJOR reason is that UHP protocol is lacking a potent, and affordable anti viral/ anti fungal substance. This becomes increasingly true, over time, for the dozens of people I have met on UHP. People that I have come in contact through this blog site and the popular social media site where a [The] UHP Support Group lives. Also, presently there is no one at the helm of this program to give advice. Books, videos and emails are not enough for people who are looking for answers and solutions to serious health concerns. A good number of people who are on or interested in UHP are often a hair away from giving into medical intervention, or fleeing from those kinds of drug based therapies and protocols. Many of these people, as in the beginning myself, need personal guidance from the creator of The Unique Healing Program. Some of us need it throughout the program, and rightfully so.


From the beginning of The UHP I needed to use “other means” to avoid becoming impacted or just plain looney while using Body Bentonite and Bowel Strength. The use of Colloidal Silver to prevent the growth of pathogens, or reliably keep them in check while healing, did not work for me. The use of The Unique Healing Program’s Bowel Strength as a long term alternative may have validity for some, but in terms of making an emergency momentary impact? No. I eventually turned to making Colloidal Silver, which was not strong enough for slowing down some of the agitating symptoms that go with bacterial and fungal infections. I began and now use Chlorine Dioxide, also known as MMS. More on that later.


First off, by letting those of us with these “irritating” symptoms know that the “majority” of her clients, have toxicity issues and are not fungal. Her clients who do not have fungal infections, etc. do not have these annoying [to her] problems. She thinks she is annoyed!  And I am sure it is annoying to her. Annoying to have someone complain all the time about something Donna Pessin says does not exist on her program. And what is that? Die Off. Basically, if you have a problem that does not have a “by the book” UHP solution you are in trouble. Why? Becauase there is no resolution according to Donna Pessin. Why? Because your problem with DIE OFF DOES NOT EXIST while on her program. That alone is plain crazy making. Adding further to the craziness, Donna Pessin is no longer doing any consults. In my observation from direct and indirect experience, Donna Pessin does not have an answer in her present war chest of products, books or videos to make a big enough dent in the parasite, viral or bacterial population of her clients. More clay is not the answer for solving a deep seated fungal / parasite infection for anyone I have heard from, or myself!

P.S. All the people I have met on The UHP have symptoms of fungal and bacterial infections. They are very confused as to why they are having the symptoms that Donna Pessin firmly states do not exist while doing her program. They often can not afford her expensive “solution” of a bottle or  [ often a day or every two] of Colloidal Silver that are recommended. Sometimes more. Quite a frustrating conundrum.


So, with all this said the next step is to find the next step. Well, that is what has slowly been happening for many of us on The UHP.  I have been making additions and subtraction to The UHP {link above} from very early on. As I have said in other posts, the bones of UHP have some potent validity. It certainly helped me to have a more functioning bowel. What has been sorely lacking from Unique Healing comes directly from Donna Pessin. It sounds something like this: What some of us are experiencing does not happen on The Unique Healing Program. Hello, it is happening. An insult from Donna Pessin to those who are suffering while paying for her time [back when that was an option] and products.

I have recently found, through others on The Unique Healing Program, a book by Kerrie Rivera about the use of MMS / Chlorine Dioxide. Her book involves a user friendly way of introducing Chorine Dioxide into the body. I am long familiar with Chlorine Dioxide, but my knowledge of different uses and ways of dosing is still rather limited. I highly suggest looking at the Kerrie Rivera book and focusing on the Chapter about CD. I would focus on the oral baby bottle method, baths and enemas using CD.

Well, that’s my experience and what I have heard from some others.  What is yours?






BUT you can still meet her in her online videos and books. You can get a clearer impression of Donna Pessin and her program if you are able to look for answers concerning your health from a less needy place. You may then be more likely to take in a realistic picture of Donna Pessin and her program. In order to better understand what she is talking about it may be necessary for you to take the plunge and buy her products. How else are you going to fully experience what she is offering? Through a personal consultation? Unfortunately for some, Donna Pessin is not presently doing any consultations. In her mass emails she is indicating she may not return to doing personal consults in the near or distant future. Hey, no problem. Why? Because all you need to know is in her videos and books, right? That is what Donna Pessin is telling everyone now. But wait, all her videos, before her leave of absence, ended in a pitch for having a one on one consult with her, if you got stuck. Stuck is definitely what can happen while on The Unique Healing Program. In all fairness, on any program, but this according to Donna Pessin is not like any other program. This is very true in more ways than one…


Stuck means not moving forward on The Unique Healing Program due to infectious material that is not being “knocked off ” by the Colloidal Silver and Berberine Herbs [Bowel Strength] that Donna Pessin advocates. The UHP Colloidal Silver, that Ms. Pessin says will do the trick. Stuck means not moving out enough of the toxic waste in a timely way with the Sodium Bentonite Clay [Body Bentonite] that she sells. Being stuck seems to be the case for all the people I am in touch with who are participants of The Unique Healing Program for over one year or more. Why is that happening? Well, one reason is that The Unique Healing Colloidal Silver is especially expensive to take in the dosages Donna Pessin currently recommends. The amount Donna Pessins says one needs to keep battling the infection that is stored throughout the body of many people on and off The UHP.


Donna Pessin does not, in her books or videos, recommend the use of MMS / CDH or CDS. This is the substance I have used on and off throughout my two years on The UHP. I also made Colloidal Silver, and continue to. I do this with a Sota Instruments Silver Pulser. I advocate Sota and The SilverGen.


ONE of the other reasons people get stuck is that Donna Pessin does not advocate the use of Colonics and Enemas to help detoxify the body during her detox program. I could feel my body reabsorbing toxins and knew that I had to continue to incorporate Colonics or Enemas into my practice of The Unique Healing Program from the very beginning. Why? I could feel I was reabsorbing toxins that I could not get out quickly enough on my own. I felt rather low grade miserable. I tried not doing colonics and felt more and more bloated. Some other symptoms worsened. I have written other posts recounting my symptoms. Easy to find on this blog site search.


Why does Donna Pessin NOT advocate the use of MMS? I asked her about using MMS and she did not deter me. As I said earlier, MMS is not recommended in any of her videos, books or emails. Why? Probably because she has not used MMS/ CD or CDS and does not understand it firsthand. I think this is a big mistake on her part. It will end up being a problem for her program, an already developing one as we speak, soon down the line. Also, MMS is very inexpensive. Unique Healing Program Colloidal Silver is 15.95  per bottle, last time I checked. Donna Pessin recently made it clear that to have an effective outcome one bottle is a portion for two days. Long term that could be very stressful on many levels.


If you are thinking of starting The Unique Healing Program please be notified: Many of the people I know, and others that write me through this blog, are in need of an anti fungal anti bacterial on an ongoing basis. More help than one receives from taking The UHP Bowel Strength.  It is not affordable for anyone that I know to take as much Unique Healing Colloidal Silver as Ms. Pessin recommends for ongoing infections. Even if money is not an issue it eventually becomes an annoyance. How long is this going to go on for? This is the question I asked myself. Also, is Colloidal Silver effective when being ingested daily on an ongoing basis? One thing David Wolfe makes clear in his 2009 Longevity Now Program [Immune System Bolstering Protocol],  is to keep changing things up. Make sure your ” unwanted guests” do not become immune to your chosen anti fungal / anti bactierial. Could this also be the case with MMS? I don’t know.  MMS may be a much more potent and a specific healing agent for many who are suffering from immune system related illnesses. Isn’t that at the root of all sickness? Me think it is.

Is all the info you need about Donna Pessin  in her videos and books?  I think the answer is yes. Listen to your instincts. I listened to mine and am very glad I started The Unique Healing Program.  Have been at it, my way, for two years. As I have said in other posts, I have had to tweak The Unique Healing Program repeatedly. It will take you as far as you can go with it.  Is there enough information in The UHP books and videos to set you on a path to healing without directly consulting with Donna Pessin? Maybe, and maybe not.

The UHP is not for everyone, but what is? Zippo. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and presently on The Unique Healing Program? Then it is time for some reassessing. N’est ce pas? Me think so.




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