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I personally do not know of any one practitioner or protocol of any persuasion that can absolve ALL of the distress that people face when healing. This statement stems from my personal and clinical experience. I generally do not like to make generalizations. They often feel good at the time, in the most self righteous sort of way. In this situation, however, I can stand by what I said above.

Realizing that health advisors, family and friends can not be there for us in ways they are not able, due to the fact that they can not feel what we are feeling, can be emancipating. No one can fill all our needs. Maybe pleading this case will help someone reading this post who is ailing, healing, and feeling alone. For some of us, these words could be a wake up call to take care of our health while we are more able bodied. It can make us stronger when we realize people, even people that love us, can only do so much. The rest is up to the one who is on the road to recovery. If that sounds cold, it is not meant to.


Well, you may not have ever said this, but I know I have, just ask my husband. Maybe you can not allow yourself to admit to how lousy you feel, or you just don’t know how you feel. This may be because you are surrounded by people that you are sure are way worse off than you are. Maybe you are the caregiver. Be careful, comparison can prove deadly.  What I am attempting to say here is that what matters greatly is  recognizing that none of us are truly alone. The next step is actually feeling what that feels like. You are not alone in feeling alone! Masking symptoms with drugs does not solve this alone feeling in the experience of many people today. People taking antidepressants. People using other kinds of recreational and non-recreational, over the counter and prescription meds. So, getting through to the point of feeling better while unearthing the sludge inside is no joy ride. Yes, I do know about The UHP Crutches. There are medical ones, too. You may also need the medical ones to get through a healing – cleansing crisis. Donna Pessin talks about this in her books. Reading this can help you feel okay about what YOU may need to do to heal.

If you are reading this post you are probably on the road to looking at a healing program, considering The Unique Healing Program, or at some stage of doing The UHP, or something else. If you are experiencing a healing crisis, you may be saying to yourself – how can I close this Pandora’s Box of feeling sick that I opened up? Well, if you opened it then you [the box], were probably seeping at the seams. It was either go to the “make it all go away” doctor – practitioner, or do something different. This can feel like quite a mess! BTW, YOU and I are not a mess, but the perception that life is a mess, that you or I are an unhealable mess is a symptom of being sick. Everything is wrong and a bloody disaster. Everything from feeling alienated, unloved, and highly overwhelmed. Oh yeah, and the planet is finished. Drama!


Well, part is to let other people seeking some answers know that there is, in my experience, no one person who can make it all go away. I want my Mommy! That there IS help, as far as help can be found, all over the place. Donna Pessin is no great writer, she does not need to be. However, her books can be of great assistance. The effort is there and Donna Pessin’s most helpful self greatly comes through in her books and videos. Her videos, I have found, are informative and can also be very comforting. If you want to knit pick you could say the information in the videos and books are sometimes confusing. Sometimes they seem to be saying one thing and then disputing it in another part of the books, or other videos. However, they are there and do provide guidance from her experience. Keep reading her books and watching her videos. Continue to entertain the idea that you are NOT alone. I won’t go as far as to call that feeling of aloneness a myth, because when you are in it it can feel very real.

I have learned from Yoga [yoke or union] that looking for what joins us is the way to being at peace. Not looking for what sets us apart. Sometimes what seems to makes us different is what connects us, it is just harder to see. Why? Because most of us learn to look for what is wrong and how we are different. Often people get comfortable in our misconceptions and build a life around it. For most, change feels uncomfortable, but the other side of that is true healing. I have been working on implementing that Yoga philosophy in my daily life for decades. It has challenged the fabric of my beliefs. Living with a positive, Yoga focus is way easier. Perceiving life this way makes healing easier, too.

Don’t give up on your recovering your health. Do it at the pace you are able. Please know others are questioning this healing process and feeling as alone as you are. Now that is ironic!

There is support for The Unique Healing Program on Facebook. Check it out. The UHPSG.



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For any person reading here, how I entitled this post and what I am about to write may be a revelation. It could also be an eye rolling – no s@#t sherlock moment. I write from hearing the words that have come out of my mouth, and the mouths of others. The phrase “I am depressed” needs to be distinguished from ” I feel depressed”. It is easy to identify with how we feel. Super easy. However, these are two very different statements  and one, in my opinion, is a misuse of words. It is also an unmistakeable misunderstanding of depression. Being depressed is a static concept, and feeling depressed is something that can change. If healthy, we feel things and they pass through us eventually. Of course, letting go and healing depends on the intensity of a situation. It is  easy to change if we identify ourselves as a fluid individual. For the most part, when healthy, our  lives flow like the element of water that predominates our biological make up. Water is fluid and we are mostly water. Many people do not seem to understand that our biological composition is mostly water. Feelings of things not flowing, sometimes called frustration, are part of a bladder/ kidney/ liver imbalance. This kidney/bladder/water imbalance deeply impacts and creates feelings of physical unease or disease. What does that feel and look like? Well, I most obviously can not answer that for everyone. Most widely shared complaints are bloating, dehydration, aches, tiredness, feeling frustrated and stuck. These are some of the corner stone symptoms that many people experience, and that add to feeling unwell. Often this contributes to feeling depressed, powerless and angry.  What is going on can be summarized by the amount and types of meds that are being peddled all day long through the media and medical professionals by pharmaceutical companies.


I am hoping to help some people open their minds to the idea that no one needs to be embarrassed about feeling depressed. When it has gone on for what seems similar to forever it is easy to identify with the phrase,” I am depressed”. You may have to do some soul searching to remember the last time you felt elated, or at peace with things. If you can not remember, you have a strong reason for healing your bowel and body. The Unique Healing Program is ONE way to do this. Is it the answer for everyone? No, I am sure it is not.  I have been part of The Unique Healing Program for two years. I know first hand nothing is for everyone. That would be a ridiculous and  presumptuous thing for anyone say. However, The UHP is worth researching and learning from. There is information in The Unique Healing Books on depression. Presently there is more information on the web as to the brain – gut connection than there ever has been before. This information is not linked to The UHP in anyway.


In closing, one idea that helped me understand the gut / brain connection was recognizing that the same blood that flows through the bowel and all other organs and extremities flows through and impacts our brain. Improving the health of all our internal organs, with focus on better bowel health, impacts our limbs. When everything is flowing we feel a part of nature and humanity. We stop feeling the world and those who inhabit it are our enemy. Ultimately, peace begins within us and in a very, very  basic way. Complicatedly basic.


Another source for gut health is The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. I highly recommend this book as a source for information on how and what to eat. The emphasis on fermented foods is greatly helpful, but in my experience, not the answer for healing a bowel that is not functioning well, or at all. The Body Ecology Diet can give a better picture of what true gut health is. Using clay is what The Unique Healing Program centers around, and that is the ingredient that The BED is missing. Besides an informative book, Donna Gates does sell herbs, green powders and other adjuncts to her program. Well worth checking out. I have written other posts as to why The BED did not work for me. Please do a search on this site for more info.


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At this point in time Donna Pessin has announced that she is not taking on any new clients, or doing any one on one consultations. Her advice is to watch her videos and read her books. Is that really enough guidance and support for The Unique Healing Program? If you have a medical diagnosis and feel quite ill, the answer is no. If you are searching for a  way to improve your health, the absence of her personal guidance could be a positive. Why? Because if a person is really determined to get well they will be diligent in doing their research. A person needs to be diligent on The Unique Healing Program, with or without Donna Pessin. One needs to be diligent with any health protocol, whether the treatment is western medical or not. How often does that kind of patient involvement and scrutiny happen? Not very often.


People rely on someone to guide them, or just plain tell them what to do. Sometimes this is laziness, but for most it is that they are just too sick and deeply need that guidance. The crazy part of all this is that many people doing a medical protocol have NO idea what they are being given, what they are taking. This is an everyday, accepted reality. Ever heard the expression – The doctor “put me on” this drug or that treatment. Blindly taking whatever is given them without any real understanding of what is in it, or what the effects are. That is the normal way to behave! In fact,  you are often labeled a trouble maker, by some medical staff, if you do ask too many questions. The irony is that many of these same people give a non- traditional approach, like The Unique Healing Program, the third degree and expect a person, such as Donna Pessin, to be their everything. Everything they never got from a western medical professional, their best friend, mother or shrink. Oh yeah, and the health “guru” needs to be totally sane and predictable. Good Luck! I would settle for acknowledging the crazy side and an apology. Some of you may know what I am talking about.


Whether you are interested in speaking to Donna Pessin for the first time or ever again, what I am about to say here may or may not make sense to you. Here it is: At some point a person has to go with their gut on what route to take for healing. If your gut is not very healthy and it is effecting your brain in a way that makes it hard for you to trust, then you may have a big dilemma. Recognizing that as a dilemma, and cultivating an instinct that is able to override your inability to trust is all I got for ya. There is so much information on the internet. It is sooooo easy to find a list of reasons not to do any program, such as The UHP, written by the mind of someone who is as unhealthy as many of us are today. Often way worse. And what does that look like? Well, I call it functional paranoia and it can keep you dabbling and never committing to any non-medical healing program that does not have an MD’s name attached to it. Forget the MD part, a program that challenges your beliefs of what is possible, or is not a quick fix. The UHP is NOT a quick fix.


It looks something like this: If you can not resist clicking on  the heading – Donna Pessin is a quack, reading all the things that are wrong with ingesting Sodium Bentonite clay, the possibility of your skin turning blue from Colloidal Silver, and the possible harm from sustained intake of Berberine Sulphate Herbs, you can easily become paralyzed by fear. If your taking action is often nullified by fear and suspicion, you will probably end up in the care of a traditional medical doctor, and that just may be what you need to do. I hope you find a good one. Having a medical diagnosis can make it somewhat understandably harder to trust a program like The Unique Healing Program. This is especially true now with Donna Pessin, not presently at the helm. You may want and need precise directions. Assuming you will get that form a doctor, a doctor is what you may bloody well need. Channeling my British grandmother there.


Is it possible? I do not feel comfortable personally directing people I know to do The Unique Healing Program. I certainly do not feel comfortable directing people with diagnosed, chronic illness. What I am comfortable doing, I do through this blog. I could say take a look at this program to people I know, but even that is more than I am willing to do.  The reasons are not complex. I just don’t have the energy to listen to someone complain to me while I am in the throws of healing myself. Listening to them complain about something they have not given any real time to. I am glad I found The Unique Healing Program and decided to pursue it. I did this partly because of the balls Donna Pessin has had. She has put herself out there and states with confidence that she has found a protocol of healing for a sick body and bowel. Whether this is true for you is something you will only know if you try it by following the instructions she has given in her books and videos. Is that enough to have as guidance for everyone? If that was all that was available to me when I stared The Unique Healing Program, the answer would most probably be a no. Don’t let what I say stop you!

There is presently support on social media for The UHP. Do some research, or write me here.






I started this blog before I found The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. Prior to that the posts I wrote were about aspects of healing programs that inspired and disappointed me, my observation of the hypocracy of other healing programs and their creators. The rest was comprised of other topics that piqued my interests concerning physical, spiritual and emotional healing. After I found The UHP all that changed, as did my life in some very positive ways. I had found the tools that I had been looking for for healing my body. I need to often remind myself of what I found more often.  It is easy to loose track due to the arduous and focused road I have been on the past 21 months called The Unique Healing Program. Focus is the key word here. There is a focus to The Unique Healing Program and the program can be likened to peeling an onion. It can be as unpleasant as peeling an onion, only it takes a whole lot more time and commitment. Not the greatest analogy, but maybe the rest of what I have to say here will make up for it.

I am NOT the president of the Donna Pessin Fan Club – there is none and I am not starting one. I began writing about The Unique Healing Program in this blog because the basic tenants of The UHP made sense to me. Most astoundingly, within a short period of time The UHP got my bowels formed and moving. That was something none of the other programs, diets, body- mind healing that I had done [for decades] ever did. This was a HUGE accomplishment for me. I also understood through the information from Donna Gates [Body Ecology Diet] and Truth Calkins [thanks to both of them] what a healthy bowel is supposed to be. Three years of following The BED, and 25 years plus of other diligent efforts to heal, I did not get those regular bowel results. Never! Please look at past posts to get an idea of my background in colon therapy – as a colon therapist, etcetera. Not necessary, but you will understand better after reading a few of them where I come from.

The point and heart of this post is in line with the beginning. As far as I know there is no miracle cure and The Unique Healing Program is not sold as one. The books and videos are somewhat confusing and I will address that in a future post, but Donna Pessin does state that her program can take 1 – to 5 years to complete. I think each year can tell a person how much we all do not know about the environment we live in, and our own inner terrain. It is mega complex, all that we are exposed to in this Industrialized World that human beings have created.

I remind myself each day that it is not this program that is the “problem”, but what is inside of me that is responding to the Sodium Bentonite Clay, Bowel Strength Herbs – Berberine based herbs, and whatever else I am taking, eating and leaving out! Yes, how and when we all take things, the amounts, the timeline of eating and sleeping or not sleeping. All of it has an impact. Please consider what I am saying. It is what is in us that is the real issue.

Finally, I tell myself that when there is a fire or a flood  a renovation takes place.  That means a tear down that occurs first and then rebuilding can happen. What does that mean in terms of this subject? In my case I have had to clean house internally in order to rebuild. It is not been comfortable. Paining over fire damage and water damage is not going to solve anything in your “home redo”. Taking more supplements and juicing without drawing out the contaminants that got us all to feel lousy is not a solution for most anyone. If you have sought out The Unique Healing Program you probably have more than a runny nose after eating wheat or sugar, and some sore muscles after taking a Zumba class. I am not trying to be sarcastic here, but just drive home my point. Okay, maybe a little sarcastic…

The Unique Healing Program may not be for you, but some aspects of it can be important to most anyone looking for answers concerning their health. Do some reading and research on The UHP site and check out past blog posts here to further understand my experience and a smattering of what others have told me who are also on this UHP journey.


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Solutions work best, not problem finding and complaining, but honest talk with good intentions is my aim in this post. The Unique Healing Program has way more positives than negatives. However, one weakness of The Unique Healing Program is the long term need and cost of a strong Anti fungal agent such as The UHP Colloidal Silver. A strong Anti fungal seems, and most often is, a must have for many people who embark on The UHP. Also, the information that is in  The UHP books and videos greatly imply that one can eliminate a fungal, bacterial infection quickly by “bombing” it with The Unique Healing Program Colloidal Silver. My information disagrees with that as a colon therapist and body worker, person who is on The UHP for 21 months, speaks with others on The UHP. My information says that Colloidal Silver needs long term usage in often large doses. Why? Due to the need to clear up FUNGAL OVERLOAD as it is released from organs and tissues incrementally while healing.This seems to be the case, for many, long and short term. So,”bombing” as a long or moderate term action is most usually NOT a slam dunk solution. A very long term usage of Colloidal Silver is the reality for most.

Donna Pessin, in my one on one phone and skype sessions with her, encouraged the use of her Colloidal Silver for me, my husband and two dogs. The amounts were large and could cost up to 1,000 dollars a month for all four of us. This could be a low estimate for many. How long we would need to do this was not determined. The dogs? Yes, they needed to be treated, or we would be reinfected by them. I know, you have a bridge in Brooklyn you would like to sell me. Made sense to me at the time, but in retrospect – Don’t leave the house was as equally practical. BTW, I do have my two dogs taking Sodium Bentonite Clay, Probiotic and Colloidal Silver [homemade]. All good for them and us.

Anyway, if you do a search on this blog site , or click here you will come across some posts I have written that talk about making your own Colloidal Silver, and using MMS. The potency of The Unique Healing Program Colloidal Silver is not what it was two years ago, but it is strong and seems to help people get some relief. How much and how often you will need it is trial and error, even if you are in touch with Donna Pessin, which is not so easy to be these days.

I have learned, that for me, The UHP Bowel Strength Herbs are one very long term solution for healing the gut. body and mind. They are Anti fungal, Antibacterial, but are not for emergency situations. Emergency situations need Colloidal Silver, MMS, and some other solutions I am not aware of, other than Antibiotics. If you know of anything else, please let me know.



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Why would someone have an Inguinal Hernia? Below I get into more detail of the location of the Inguinal Hernia. Also, bodily fluids and waste that gather there because of a complex maze these substances have to rise up [on the right side] and exit [on the left]. So, depending on the family health history and individuals health history, the body may not be that inherently strong. Then repetitive movement done under stress in sports, work outs, lifting for work, an activity done to release anger [exercise and sports are often used to vent, and this is not always done consciously] adds to creating a Hernia in this particular area. Sometimes when people love to do something they overdo it. Many sports today often stress one side. Dance is very often that way. Often dancers and choreographers have a stronger side and favor it. Using one leg over and over again in fencing, soccer, kicking in football, stance in baseball, high jump, skateboarding, and dance are some easily identifiable examples. I hope this makes sense in explaining how an Inguinal Hernia can begin.


When the PH of our blood, urine, lymph, and other bodily fluids and waste measures highly acidic for years it is easier for health problems to become more frequent. Why? Because that acidic fluid that all our tissues are bathing in aids in breaking down the body and putting it in a position of defensiveness. We are always irritated. Our Immune System is then always in a defensive mode. This will also be reflected in our personality. It will influence how we see the world. We can feel attacked, paranoid and easily angered. Depending on how frequently a person sees a doctor, blood tests are taken, fear about being sick pervades. This knowingly or unknowingly determines the future of our health. One Physician  treating my father, after my dad had a stroke, took me aside and gave me advice I will never forget. He told me to keep my dad away from doctors that always want to run tests. Some people would cringe at this advice, but I knew exactly what he was saying. I do have to interject here that many doctors do run tests to protect themselves from lawsuits and create a paper trail that shows they were on top of things in case of a malpractice suit.


A hernia is a weakening of the facial and deep layers of body tissue. I know first hand that strain or overuse is not the primary reason hernias form in the groin area. An Inguinal Hernia is located in the lower quadrant of the loins. It is an area on men and women where there are strong physiological and functional demands, not just structural. A gathering point for waste matter and other bodily fluids. On the right there is the Cecum and Appendix. Waste matter has to move up against gravity and when it does not, becomes impacted, the PH of the entire body, eventually takes a big hit. That right corner tissue becomes a weak spot. The Appendix has a similar reason for becoming stuck and sluggish. The rest of the GI Tract, Cecum and Appendix greatly effect one another due to location and function. When things are not moving, often beginning in childhood, a person is more inclined to have a hernia. I have treated two males under the age of 18 who were developing an Inguinal Hernia. They were both Olympic Trial Fencers, lunging on one leg repetitively. Their diet was poor and their stress level was great. Their coach was not interested in addressing the enormous difference in thigh circumference that was beyond apparent on the overworked lunging leg. It was criminal in my mind. All these kids wanted to do was please their coach and get to the  US Fencing Team Trials. In doing that they were creating some serious imbalances in their tissue.


The left side of the loins is where the exit point of waste is located and it is a complex maze. If a person is aware of  problems with Digestion or Elimination  it will often be experienced in this lower left area. From Chronic Constipation to Loose Stools, all will show a build up of toxic waste that weakens the tissue. How can it be any other way? The waste sitting there, unable to exit, creates acidity that weakens the tissue. Also, the location of the Bladder puts an added pressure on the whole pelvic – groin area of the body in terms of Uric Acid building. If the rest of the body can not let go of waste in a timely way, the Bladder will be a highly stressed organ for helping to create some kind of Homeostasis. Not forgetting the involvement of the Kidneys here, but any means.


If you have an Inguinal Hernia and want to heal it without a surgical procedure, have had a surgery or are planning to have a surgery it will only help to balance out your body’s PH. The time to start is now. It will not happen overnight. You can begin to do this by eating a diet that is more alkaline while taking something that absorbs old waste throughout the entire body. Yes, I am talking about Sodium Bentonite Clay and or Zeolite Clay. There are other clays that may help and here is one source to do some research. However, is is imperative to come up with a long term plan to absorb acidy body fluids and waste. Again, they have accumulated due to sitting around stagnating and  are very irritating and weakening to the entire organism.

Our body has an internal  protection plan to buffer an overly acidic PH. One part of that is taking minerals from our bones [Calcium is one] to buffer and balance out the building acids. This is not a long term plan for buffering for obvious reasons. Without intervention deep sickness occurs. An Inguinal Hernia is a cry for help. Things are just too acidic. irritated and breaking down.


Taking a substances such as Sodium Bentonite Clay and Calcium Citrate along with dietary changes keeps all our cells in a less acidic environment. A more Acid Bath is what eventually leads to Auto Immune Illnesses and all Diagnosed and Undiagnosed Illness and Discomfort. A balanced PH is the only way to heal. Adhesions that form throughout the body, especially in the Groin, deeply involve the Psoas. These are areas where Inguinal Hernia Surgery has placed screening material and often needs serious help. Adhesions can be made more flexible with Rolfing or other Structural Integration work, but it does hurt. The released acids [ Lactic and others] will just be reabsorbed if there is nothing to sop them up with. Also, these Adhesions will reform without the absorption of these acids and change in diet and lifestyle. Adhesions are a way for the body to protect itself and try to shore up the area, but in the end it causes more pain and stiffness. A kind of  mending that is not a long term plan.

I have been in contact with a few people who are grappling with an Inguinal Hernia. A Hernia in the groin area can be painful due to the pressure of waste build up, and the pressure that is put on this core area to stand, walk and bend. Annoying and painful, it is an undeniable wake up call. There is not much more medicine can do years after an Inguinal Hernia surgery to ease the pain, stiffness and inflexibility. More of the same mounts as waste builds. It is amazing what people are willing to accept from a Physician that would get an Alternative Practitioner the boot or worse. Lawsuit….


The Body Ecology Diet. A book worth reading and a diet with MANY aspects worth exploring. The downside of The BED is that it is high in fermented foods and liquids that are very cleansing and tend to add to the acid load. No Sodium Bentonite Clay in this Protocol. Accompanied by SBC or some other clay, The BED could be the missing link and better vehicle for healing.

Ejuva Cleanse is one more balanced colon and whole body cleanse that can help absorb acids and create healing in the body. It can be done at a slow pace. The quality when I used it was very high. Worth checking out. Do not discount this product because of David Wolfe, spokesperson for the faulty Nutribullet, endorses it.

Dr. Fred Bisci PHD  has some very well earned wisdom during his 82 + years on the planet. His focus on creating whole body health by healing the GI Tract is solid.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. No, I do not get a dime for recommending The UHP. I have been on The Unique Healing Program for almost two years. Decades of searching brought me to try this program and it is most definitely, for me, been the missing link to healing my digestion and elimination woes. Lots of videos and free info on The UHP site.

Will add more as I think of it.






What I am writing here may seem ludicrous to certain readers, for some it will be a no brainer, and for others it will be a bit of an epiphany, or at least something they will be willing to consider. So, here it is: How can anyone with a colon that looks droopy and sad not be depressed? Okay, let me tell you how I came to this observation besides why this seems so very obvious to me. First off, I admit that not all people with a prolapsed colon feel depressed, allow themselves to feel depressed or know they are depressed. Honestly covering the bases here.

Here is a link to a site that has some drawings of a Prolapsed Transverse Colon. I am not endorsing this site, the information on the site, or any products they sell. I found it hard to find a simple drawing or photo of a Prolapsed Transverse Colon by itself.

As a person who studied abdominal diagnosis [aka palpating the Hara in the world of Shiatsu] and  discovered colonics in their very early twenties, I have lots of personal observations about the gut. The one I want to share here comes from being a receiver of colonics and later becoming a colon therapist. So, to get right to it, as water would reach my Transverse Colon or the person I was giving a colonic to a similar thing would happen. They would often put their hand on their forehead, specifically across their eyebrows. They would report feelings of pressure in the head, a mild headache, etcetera. Water crossing the Transverse Colon, or tying to, was very uncomfortable for many people, especially if their colon was sluggish, untoned or, in more medical terms, or they had a Prolapsed Transverse Colon. A Prolapsed Transverse Colon may often be atrophied and have Diverticulitis [basic definition]. These are situations that I know many people, who are chronically constipated, have. A Transverse Colon that is prolapsed is a  wide spread situation. Many people who feel depressed, have headaches, migraines, eye problems, allergies, etcetera have this condition. It is a situation that western medicine does not address. It is a big problem that impacts many health issues that Western Physicians label as “unrelated” and a “minor” health concern. These minor abnormalities are all the beginnings and signs of much more serious sickness.


Who wants to feel emotionally and physically stuck, having physical [pain, gas, bloating] or emotional pressure that can not be relieved? No one wants to feel unable to be in control of the most basic function of our body for months, years or decades. This is not an empowering or uplifting way to live. Wanting to leave the house and feeling a prisoner until one has moved their bowels may or may not consciously limit the goals of some people in their careers and personal life. How honest are you willing to be when faced with what I just wrote? If you have this as your life circumstance and are willing to be honest, you will understand. If you don’t and won’t,  you probably are not able to. If you are reading this post you are most likely no stranger to bowel discomfort.

Depression and constipation – all those commercials on TV for anti- depressants nail the feeling of floating in a gray abyss. It is palpable. The dog can feel it. Now that is some pretty good dog training to get a dog to play depressed. They could just hire a blood hound or a basset….


Linking Chronic Constipation with Emotional Depression is equating poor health with depression. As you look at photos of prolapsed colons, just ask yourself how can this be a long term life plan? When there is no plan from Western Medicine to correct a prolapsed colon except for surgery down the line, this is a recipe for further, much more serious health problems sooner or later.

A client once told me, a mother of four, that she did not really love being a mother (she loved her children), but loved being pregnant. Why specifically, and I am not joking, was because it was the only time she had regular bowels, especially as the pregnancy developed. It was the only time she felt, as the pregnancy progressed, rather euphoric. The fetus lifted up her transverse colon that she did tell me was otherwise prolapsed. She had chronic constipation her entire life. Her doctor must not have had any other solution for her prolapsed colon except – keep’em comin’. I truly hope that was not the case.

Just have to say here that if the Transverse Colon is prolapsed the rest of the colon is most likely not in good condition. You can find a myriad of photos of sick colons on an engine search. Try Bernard Jensen Colon Photos or Images, and you will see what I am talking about.


The point of this post is to cover some of the often unthought of possibilities that defines an unhealthy colon, and how that plays out in every day life. Poor digestion and elimination has deep emotional effects. The location  and correlation of the Transverse Colon and the Head is barely acknowledged, yet understood. The Bowel-Brain connection as some refer to it. The Transverse Colon is just below the Thoracic Diaphragm. When the Trans Colon is congested, lacks tone, is prolapsed, or has inflamed pockets (Diverticulitis) it impacts our health deeply. It colors our thinking, can cause headaches, sneezing, sinus congestion, what seems like allergies.  Why this is I can explain in a way that seems most obvious to me: pressure building in the Transverse Colon and gut area eventually effects what is above it. That level is the head – throat diaghram. I have observed first and second hand, over and over again that this correlation is very real. Give it some thought and start palpating your own gut and anyone else in your life who will allow you. No, I am not kidding. It is amazing what can be learned this way. It will change your knowledge about your body and the bodies of others. It will eventually drive home the importance of the breath.

How many diaphragms does the body have? link here, There are four. Cranial, Cervical, Pelvic and Thoracic.

A long term commitment is needed to  heal a GI Tract that is not functioning well. The entire body pays the price for poor digestion and elimination.  You may know this, but many, many people do not. I have found The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin to be the answer for my health recovery. The UHP can help heal a prolapsed colon by absorbing acidity with Sodium Bentonite Clay. This allows the tissues of the entire body to not be bathing in their own waste. These tissues of the entire GI Tract can find PH balance and become toned again. When and while this is  happening the rest of the body will be able to heal due to the lessening of that acidity. The Unique Healing Program takes time, study and a daily routine. To understand how UHP works and how the body heals takes reading The UHP books, watching the videos and doing it. Doing it at whatever level you are able and can afford. It has taken me time on The UHP to start to develop the patience that comes with better health. That patience is what  keeps people on the path to healing. It is a long term commitment to heal on The Unique Healing Program, or any protocol for healing the bowel and body. I would say 1-5 years specifically for The UHP.


A droopy Prolapsed Transverse Colon can be a substantial stumbling block to feeling well, feeling uplifted, and to eliminating waste in a timely way. Something to seriously consider in creating and maintaining a healthy mind and body.



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