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I saw an interview with Ina Garten / The Barefoot Contessa this past summer on PBS  NewsHour here in the USA. I was surprised to hear her say that she has no professional training as a chef, and she still finds cooking very difficult. With all that going on, Ina Garten took a chance that there was an audience of people like her. Her story made sense to me on the subject of inflammation. In my case, there must be more than just a few people like me out there. People who have been cleansing the bejesus out of themselves and not fully recovering their health. Many others who hear the word inflammation and do not fully understand it is a red flag of developing chronic illness.

As obvious as it may be for a few, the majority of people do not understand that long term toxicity, due to a toxic bowel, can lead to inflammation in other parts of the body.


In order too feel better and keep our weight in check we often end up eating less variety, less fat and less starches of all kinds. Drinking coffee for a quick pick me up and wine, alcohol or weed to relax. Restricting or stopping the daily intake of foods like sugar and other refined carbohydrates makes sense. We would all be healthier without refined foods, but we need unrefined fats and unrefined carbs to live. Also, eating the same restricted diet long term does not heal poor health conditions. Eating in an imbalanced way eventually makes poor digestion and a weakened immune system worse, or not much better. Cleansing the body by absorbing toxins with clay, charcoal and other similar substances without replacing the natural nutrients and  buffers of fat and minerals leads to more inflammation and pain down the line. It is important to not that an unintentional depletion of body fat and bone due to the cleansing out of an over abundance of candida, heavy metals and other toxic substances is what often ends up happening.


Not that lone I ago did not understand how to balance being too lean with cleansing the body. Most of my life I was not a person who anyone would call thin or frail looking.  I was more athletic in appearance with a moderate amount of body fat. My biggest health complaint was poor digestion and a sluggish gut. I understood how the build up of toxic waste in the body hammered my immune system. I did not specifically connect inflammation with toxicity.  INFLAMMATION was a word I became desensitized to due to  constant use in commercials for products such as Tylenol and Advil. I did not directly connect a sluggish digestive system with inflammation in other parts of my body because I had yet to experience chronic joint pain. I have come to feel that inflammation is a term used with limited understanding that keeps people on the road to buffering pain away with over the counter and prescribed medications. Not a long term plan. It is a plan that leads to chronic illness and, in many cases, surgical intervention.


Inflammation has many faces: allergies, menstrual cramps. headaches, migraines, tooth ache, sinus infections, joint pain, acne, water retention, inability to loose weight, indigestion, psoriasis, acid reflux, jock itch, long term constipation / diarrhea,  vaginal itch, mood swings, insomnia, worrying, etcetera. The list is long. Inflammation gone unchecked builds the fertile ground for developing chronic illness and substance addictions of all kinds. Thus begins the prescribed and non-prescribed intake of all different kinds of medications and recreational drugs.

I don’t think of non-prescription drugs like heroine and crystal meth as recreational drugs. They are often used to do the job of prescribed opioids. People using these “recreational’ drugs are self medicating and have to be in serious physical and emotional pain.


It is important to have a plan to cleanse and rebuild. Traditional Western Medicine does not have a workable plan to heal chronic pain without drug dependency. It is accepted by Traditional Western Medicine that the body is in a constant state of agitation with no long term resolution. Pain Management is the medically accepted term used today for an alternative plan. I do believe that Chronic Pain can be eradicated. It takes time, and every situation is different, but cellular  healing is possible.


On a another level of observation, one that I do believe can not go unspoken, this wide spread agitated and inflamed state of  health is reflected in our personal, social and  political relationships around the world.

I have found a path to healing chronic inflammation with Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD. 


As a postscript: I wanted to say that Dr. Daniels has many strategies to help her patients manage pain while in the healing process.



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This blog post is based on my personal and self observations. It is not, in any way, a generalization about phobias or fears.


In 1997 I was on a British Airways flight returning home from London to New York City. About an hour or more into the flight one of the engines blew out and we returned to London to land, and later board another plane. I was told by other passengers, who flew much more regularly than I, not to be afraid. They all had been through this before and it was not a life threatening situation. I was definitely unnerved by it and so were others on the flight. We landed safely, and the thing I remember most was the inconvenience of having my travel plans delayed, etcetera.

Okay, so I was not affected by the incident in terms of future flights, as there were several after that one. It was not until I had stronger symptoms of gut and joint inflammation that certain fearful thoughts about flying started to enter my mind. One being the idea of being suspended in mid – air in a plane and how the risks involved. I never gave that any thought or worry before. These fears began about 8 years later. These fears came up while taking off and being on the plane. Very inconvenient, but did not keep me from flying.


As I continued to pursue cleansing and rebuilding my body, with not much improvement with my gut or hip joints, I became more fearful about driving. I still drove in and out of New York City on very busy thoroughfares, but I founded it quite stressful. I rode my bike to the bike paths on on side streets to get to clients and my office down in the area of Chelsea. All this was done with feelings and fears that I faced by breathing, being aware and cautious, EFT tapping, Qi Gong.

Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine understands how trauma and fear impact our kidneys and adrenals, and how the weakness of these organs can contribute to feeling more fearful. Here is a short blog post that I think addresses this in a highly relatable way.

Over the years I have noticed peaks and valleys with these fears. In fact most recently, during my most challenging times, I was able to drive for 9 hours, with a few pit stops, when we moved from the desert of California up to an ocean community on the Central Coast. I was nervous, but able to do it despite the physical discomfort, the high speed I needed to maintain, concerns with other drivers, huge trucks. I hope I am painting a picture that people can relate to.

There is more I could say, but for now I hope this may help someone who is experiencing phobias and fears. I know there are severe traumas that effect people that are far, far greater than what I shared. Being in the armed forces, emotional abuse, physical abuse, the list is long and highly personal. I lived in NYC on 9/11/2001. After that, I had fears of using the subway and people leaving for the day and not returning home. What I am trying to relay here is that traumas of all kinds can chip away at our immune systems and vice versa.

For those reading who can relate, please keep up the good fight and know you are not alone. If you are trying to heal without the use of anti-anxiety medications I am confident it is possible, even though that was not my particular experience. I can understand the fears and worries of giving medications up. Weaning off of meds  most often needs the help of an experienced healer. One who is not answering to a pharmaceutical rep and their network of colleagues. These pressures on physicians keep many doctors on a tight leash, worried about the backlash that comes with going rogue.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD is one of those healers that has taken the risk of stepping outside the professional medical boundaries that I described above. If you have found someone similar, please let me know. I would be glad to investigate and share that information here. The person does not need to be a medical doctor.



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After my father died, about 6 years ago, I knew I needed to confront my sadness. I was fortunate to have my husband, but I needed to sort through and unload my feelings often, and in a more therapeutic way.  I wanted to unburden myself out loud and have a listener. With friends the glitch was that I did not want to hear the words that gave me zero solace. Sorry for your loss, and I am so sorry to hear that, rang hollow to me and provided no resolution. These were phrases that left me feeling more alone. Yes, I do understand that death is uncomfortable for people, and certain routine expressions fill a need. Words that are  easily accessed. They can be used without feeling the heart wrenching pain that accompanies death. So, I decided to talk to myself.


I was living in a new part of the US and did not want to start a relationship with a psychotherapist, a rebirther, shaman, etcetera. I also did not find traditional psychotherapy direct enough. Been there, done that. I also needed more relief than one session a week could provide.  I needed to help myself. So, after a number years of using Emotional Freedom Technique I knew I had enough tools to heal, and this time on my own terms. I had this clear sense that I could give myself the support and daily venting I needed. I had a few years of ezperiencing Emotional Freedom Technique in private sessions with a couple of practitioners. Also, some good information from listening to  The World Tapping Summit produced by The Tapping Solution.


We were renting a house in Palm Springs, California with two large walk in closets, one of which we were not using. I would go into that one, very large, empty closet with a chair and a box of tissues and begin to talk to my dad and cry. I used the Tapping Points from Emotional Freedom Technique while I talked either out loud or silently. It was one of the most cathartic and healing experiences of my life up to that point. EFT was there for me when I needed it, it was free, and it did not have to end in the usual 55 minutes of most traditional therapy sessions. Those tapping / venting sessions were very revealing. I learned more about myself and my feelings concerning my father, family, and life than I ever thought possible. Soon I brought in another chair and sat it across from me. I would imagine that my father, mother, or whomever else I wanted to talk to was sitting across from me. The results were highly unburdening. They were filled with many emotions, primarily the sad relief of letting go of all that sadness. Forgiveness and deeper understanding of myself and others was my gift each day. Those sessions helped me move on.


For people who are willing to try to access feelings of sadness, loss, confusion, etcetera that arise when healing from illness, Emotional Freedom Technique and Faster EFT can be extremely helpful. From my own recent experience, EFT can be made more effective by using The 5 Second Rule that Mel Robbins has created. Her audiobook is available, as of right now, on Youtube. If you like audiobooks, I think it is worth the investment, or purchasing the book itself.


When we release toxic matter that has been stored in the body for decades there are emotions that are connected with those toxins. We often self medicate with food, sugar, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, television, video games, shopping, etcetera to avoid confronting uncomfortable feelings. As children we learn from adults how to shove our pain away with these behaviors and substances. This is a very short handed explanation  as to why people suffer so much when they “clean house”. We crave the things that shielded us from the emotional pain, and those cravings return with a vengeance when we remove them. It is called withdrawal, and it can bite.




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My first hand experience is that most of us do not fully understand the great significance of a healthy, or unhealthy bowel. How it effects our all over health is not something we are guided to question. Also, there is a deep lack of understanding of the depths of what our bodies need to eliminate in order to avoid chronic illness. My personal understanding of my own body, in this very specific way, has impacted my life greatly. Lessons learned that have left me changed both physically and emotionally. Just to be clear, I am not only talking about the relief most every person feels after a “good dump”. DUMP, another grubby sounding word that has four letters. Just the sound of it says it all.


One evening, several years ago, I was watching a late night television show that was followed by repeats of a USA sitcom called Two and a Half Men. I had never seen the show before and was surprised at how it got me to laugh out loud. Laughing is something I love to do and I don’t do enough of it. I was surprised how funny a major  network show could be. I just connect most mainstream / network TV with laugh tracks. Anyway, when something makes me laugh I don’t care what the source is. Finding Two and a Half Men was a good thing on many levels. Over the next few months, I recorded and watched the series. At that point the show had been on the air for about 9 years. it ran for 12.


During my obsession with Two and a Half Men I saw a segment where the child on the show (Jake), who is usually an energetic spitfire, becomes sluggish and aloof. The adults can not figure out what is wrong. Why is Jake so down? Is it a school problem, neglect of his divorced mom and dad, his naughty Uncle Charlie’s influence? His mom and dad take him to a shrink. and the shrink seems to need more help than Jake does. Here is an excerpt.


In the end the wise and dry witted housekeeper slips the kid a good dose of prune juice before bedtime. The next morning Jake’s spirits are lifted and the kid is propelling himself around the house like a rocket ship. The prune juice worked wonders. Just one good dump, maybe two, and the kid had a new lease on life.


Well, I have needed more than prune juice to feel better, but I resonated with the  shows message. I have found such deep and high lows with the removal of some nasty, old things coming out of my body over the past decades. It has become more profound while following the directions of  Jennifer Daniels, MD. Dr. Daniels approach is a unique construct of her personal experience and with patients. Her knowledge has most definitely furthered my understanding of cleansing and rebuilding my body. It is truly a balancing act. Her knowledge has helped me get to necrotic material that I was not able  to with decades of intermittent fasting, liver/gallbladder flushes, cleansing programs, colonics, etcetera. Working with Dr. Daniels has been a deep education. As I have learned from her, I also am learning from my own self observation. The emotional highs and lows, that occur as waste is dredged up and escorted out of my body. has become less and less, and shorter lived.  I can most definitely correlate emotional ups and downs with what comes out in “the bowl”, or what doesn’t.

Prune juice may be a rather simplistic solution to depression and constipation, but there is truth in the message. Of major importance is that laughing is important medicine. Laughter is an extremely necessary and valuable companion to have when healing the body, mind and soul. The good news is that things do get easier. Stay the course.





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Healing can be messy. Toxins leave our bodies through our bowels, urine, breath and skin. If this does not happen health is disrupted and illnesses arise. It is really that simple. I have come to realize that many people will do just about anything to not confront their shit, both physically and emotionally. When that is the case, Pharmaceutical Companies to the rescue. Why people choose drugs is something I can understand. Healing my own long term gut problem is, and has been, a great opportunity to develop empathy for others, and myself. To feel the reasons why people turn to pharmaceuticals for help. It takes conscious effort and sometimes sacrifice to heal without pharmaceuticals. Healing without meds has also taught me the depth of gut problems. Also, I have come to more fully understand why masking symptoms with drugs,  especially long term, only leads to much more serious health issues down the line.


Have you ever specifically noticed that “dirty” words such as shit and fuck are about body parts and actions below the waist? Functions we all learn to feel ashamed of, or uncomfortable with. I have known people who have told me they  never look in the toilet to see what comes out of themselves. That alone says volumes about the person, our society, and how confused and unhealthy people can be both physically and emotionally.

Today, here in the USA, there are numerous ads and commercials online and on television for meds like Humira. Humira  is a doctor prescribed pharmaceutical designed  to treat gut, skin and joint inflammation. Television commercials and ads online for Pharmaceuticals are abundant.  Commercial time on US networks is not cheap. There is obviously a deep need for these products. If these Anti-Inflammatory  products were not sought after the manufacturers would not be making them.

People spend most of their lives uncomfortable physically and emotionally around their waste matter. In our later years many of us end up wearing diapers, needing someone to help us to the toilet, or change a diaper. Taking charge of our digestive health before things get to that point is imperative. If this issue is not addressed the problems worsen as we age. Some of the lowest paid workers, aids in nursing homes and hospitals, deal with the bodily waste that other members of a patient’s family do not want to deal with. Digestive and bowel issues that, most often, the patient themselves did not deal with. These are daily issues that did not begin in the bathroom. Issues that began with food and lifestyle choices. There are environmental exposures to toxins and other situations that are sometimes out of our control, as in Flint, Michigan

If any of this resonates with you, as it has with me, there are actions you can take. Our choices in life are all very different, but with the internet there are many ways to find answers to how to improve our gut health and be independent throughout our entire lives.

So, if you find the thought of your fecal matter, poop, shit something you just want to ignore, but can not any longer, you probably have a good reason to feel that way. Sorry, but what we avoid all our lives is often the thing that haunts us until we may not be able to run, walk, limp, or shuffle away from any longer.

Some resources for improving overall, digestive, and gut health:

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD Vitality Capsules

Donna Gates Body Ecology Diet

Dr. Robert Morse, ND I have not done this program, but I have heard some good things about Dr. Morse from more than one person.





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I saw this story on the PBS NewsHour here in the US, and was taken aback by the number of hours people who “pick and pack” at Amazon stand during a day of work. Ten hours was the number quoted in the story. I immediately thought of how hard it is  for all of us to have the time to take care of ourselves and work, especially with these long hours. At 13.00 an hour, before taxes, there is no money for extras, to say the least. The next thing that came to mind was that Faster EFT would be an extremely helpful tool for people being paid Minimum Wage. What is Faster EFT?  I know Faster EFT could be helpful for just about everyone who is willing to apply it. Faster EFT is not a miracle cure. It is a system that can help create unlimited possibilities in the lives of those who are willing to apply it daily.

Doing a job that can be hard on the body for a wage that is not high enough to live comfortably may bring up emotions of frustration, anger, and fear. Faster EFT can be the tool to release the aches, pains and other physical response that may come up for people. Creating a more positive frame of mind will only help create more positive outcomes in the lives of all working people.


Continuously ruminating about people and situations we can not control takes a toll on the Immune System of the thinker. Diet and lifestyle changes are things that take time and effort. These efforts can only be helped by the deep change of mind that a system like Faster EFT can provide.


Faster EFT will not grow back the legs of an amputee, replace missing teeth, or raise  the dead. Faster EFT will help a person make the very best of their situation. When we open our minds, we open your hearts and then anything is possible. Unconsciously thinking the same thoughts over and over again is a road leading to nowhere creative, or alive with possibilities. It is a Dead End.

Here is a link to a blog site written by Grace Jones. Grace is  someone who has a first hand experience with Faster EFT. Her view is objective in its understanding of the strengths and pitfalls of the Faster EFT process and organization.

Here is a link to the FasterEFT website. On the website you can find the FREE Faster EFT 7 DAY COURSE. On Youtube there are over 1,000 Faster EFT videos provided by Robert Gene Smith and his team.



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I recently purchased a product called  Correct Toes for help with straightening out  hammer toes. realigning my feet and minimizing my bunions. I have used  Yamuna Zake’s products for my feet for self foot massage. The Yamuna Foot Walkers are very helpful in a different way. I also wanted something that would help to separate and elongate my toes while doing daily tasks and resting. Correct Toes answers this need.

Soaking my feet in a mixture of epsom salts, bentonite clay, vinegar and honey has been helpful for my feet and my entire body. There are detox foot recipes similar to this online. I  just keep it simple and add all ingredients to a small plastic tub and add hot water. Filtered water is best. Detoxing through the feet is something that is a part of many healing traditions. Drawing out toxins through the feet is a part of Traditional Medicine throughout world. Pedicures are so popular today for many reasons. Removing callouses, fungal and other necrotic material makes people feel better, and not just because of how it looks, or feels to the feet alone. What is on our feet is a reflection of the rest of our body. Link for some photos here.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD has some helpful ideas for detoxing through the feet which I first heard about through her group classes. She probably talks about this in some of her radio shows which can be accessed on her website.

These Toe Separators from Yoga Toes are different in that they can NOT be worn while walking around. Yoga Toes are less expensive than Correct Toes. Depending on your needs they may work for you. One thing Yoga Toes are good for is wearing while soaking our feet. I think you could do the same with Correct Toes but the ingredients in the Foot Soaking Formulas might degrade the materials that the Correct Toes are made of. Correct Toes are made to be flexible so they are most likely not going to last as long if exposed to Epsom Salts, etcetera.

Sitting down to soak our feet is relaxing but challenging for people. Making time for ourselves in our own homes is sometimes problematic. With so much to do soaking our feet seems like a luxury. In the end, Detox Foot Soaks have helped me be more productive and feel more calmly energized. Combined with the Correct Toes, that can be worn while being active, foot soaks have become something I enjoy making regular time for.

FYI, being active wearing Correct Toes is something a person builds up to incrementally. As frustrating as it can be to many of us, healing is a process.

Our feet are important to take care of. Aside from the points covered in Reflexology Theory, our feet are a mirror for what is going on in our entire body. Crusty, callused feet with thick, ridged, brittle nails, etc. are a commentary about the rest of our health. Our feet tell a story that is not to be ignored.