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I am finding that writing a blog can be a very confrontational process. It is causing me to observe how my thought process works in a much deeper way. Who am I and what is important to me? Why can’t I say something that does not make sense to everyone who reads it. So what if I piss people off?

One of issues that comes up for me around writing this blog:

Why would anyone listen to me?  These thoughts have me question how I feel about others who step out and own their voice and power. EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique] teachers Jessica Ortner  and Carol Tuttle brought this idea to mind during the 2011 Tapping Summit [link here]. Much of that Summit  made it clear how our thoughts about others effect us very personally. An example is disliking wealthy people and the subconscious fear that keeps us from attaining wealth due to not wanting others to feel that disdain for us. BTW, the definition for wealth is relative.

When I was 14 I asked my ballet teacher at the time, Irene Fokine [link here], a really tough talking, cigarette smoking, task master kind of  individual,  if she thought I had the talent to be a professional dancer. Her answer is one that I have never forgotten: ” If you have to ask, don’t bother trying”. Not the kindest words to speak to an impressionable adolescent, but over the years has helped me cut to the chase in making decisions.

Recognizing that I do not completely know who I am is one of the scariest and best thing that has ever happened to me.



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Punching pillows is a one way to move energy in the body. I have used this method many times in my life and can think of a zillion excuses not to do it. Most recently, I have gotten out bed, not feeling angry, just feeling a sense of carrying unwanted emotional weight. This simple method of hitting pillows often leads to crying, screaming, yelling getting to the heart of what is really bothering me. I am always amazed at how much resistance I have to doing something that makes me feel so much more alive and unburdened.[link here].


There is so much time spent on avoiding  feelings or finding out what those feelings are. Anything can be used as an escape. It is easy to use food and work, since they are the most socially condoned and acceptable things to overindulge in. These are “fit in” behaviors. You can be a workaholic and a food addict as long as you are not obese or in the mob. And even then…


In Traditional Asian Medicine all the organs in body have a emotional attribute connected to them. When our organs are not in a healthy state imbalance is created. The Liver when out of balance is connected to the emotion of anger. Their is a regenerative and  expansive quality to the Liver and when we feel pent up, its natural flow is impinged upon. The Liver is has extra pressure on it in the Spring. Spring is the season that highly represents  growth [a spreading energy]. Workaholism and eating to bury our emotions is hurtful to the liver and contributes to Cirrhosis in Non- Alcoholic individuals. My late father, not an alcoholic, was one of these people who had cirrhosis at the end of his life.


Really sick of it, but not  until recently did I return to the one thing that, at times, brought me relief: a good cry and scream into some pillows.  BTW, I do not feel that this is the cure for every emotional woe, but it could break the ceiling for many people in terms of recognizing how much energy they are using to keep what is inside all bottled up!


Having recently JUICE FEASTED [link here] for over 50 days, I am a proponent for cleansing the body, but for many people the Western Medical treatment of illness with drugs has been replaced on the Holistic side with Cleansing Regimes, Raw Food Diets, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, and the list goes on.  I have been exploring many modalities of healing for decades and am constantly being brought back to the importance of Emotional Release and Breathwork. These are two of the most crucial partners for our health along with what, why and how we eat and drink.


Screaming and crying into pillows may seem extreme for some people, and there are many alternatives. Laughing Yoga [link here], Gabrielle Roth Dance Therapy [link here],Rebirthing Therapy [link here], are all amazing ways of moving that stuck feeling and when learned can be done at home by yourself. Buying a drum and beating the hell out of it is another idea!

Osho Kundalini and Dynamic Meditations are something else to check out. They can be done alone, but often are most strong done in groups.[].

Releasing pent up frustration by doing something instead of taking something is so very needed. EXERCISE as a way of emotional release did not really work for me. Long term it contributed to my becoming injured. Exercising when angry and not knowing anger is driving the activity is what I am talking about.

Since writing this post in 2011 I discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. I believe that this is the most comprehensive program designed to reinstate health in a simple and direct way. Please take the time to check it out [link here].

I wish I had known about Unique Healing while I was doing  Juice Feasting, Gallbladder Flushes, etc. all these years. The sodium bentonite would have helped sop up all the toxins that were being released from my cells and organs. Live and learn.


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Did you know that the emotion of anger greatly effects the liver? [link here]. Has it ever crossed your mind, that how we carry out  the most simplest tasks can effect the health and function of our liver? Does feeling that anger is wrong and  bad effect our liver in a negative way? I am very sure that the answer is YES!


Anger is seen by some  as  the Pitbull of the emotional world. The reaction to the word anger is, most often, that it is bad. Like the Pitbull anger is greatly misunderstood and misused. The problem with anger is not the emotion itself, but how it is interpreted, unconsciously expressed and repressed. It often gets pushed away and buried down deep.


Stacey Vornbrock, a therapist and EFT practitioner [link here] really opened my eyes to the different ways we see anger and what is really behind it. In summary, what I gleaned from my understanding of Stacey’s work is that behind anger is often unexpressed or unrecognized hurt or fear. It may be seen as weak to admit that we are hurt by someone as opposed to just being pissed off. Something to consider in terms of anger held for a long time toward an ex partner, parent, sibling, etcetera. Behind anger is often a whole lot of tears that go unshed.


In my early life, I saw anger be dealt with in two ways. One was through either some kind of verbal or physical unconscious expression. Two that come to mind are verbal abuse or slamming a door. The other was stuffing it down with food. This could make anger something to be afraid of, ignore or contribute to some very unhealthy eating patterns. The judgements I have had about anger all come from those formative childhood years.


Making anger “the negative emotion” comes from not having a role model for  a healthy expression. Anger, I have come to understand, is the body and mind telling us that something needs to change. It is an indicator that needs to be acknowledged. Thank you Stacey Vornbrock and Margaret Lynch.[link here].

DYSFUNCTIONAL EXPRESSIONS OF ANGER are verbal or physical abuse towards ourselves or others. A HEALTHY EXPRESSION OF ANGER would be to identify the emotion and, depending on the circumstances, take action to create change. Also, to communicate the anger constructively, channeling the anger through exercise, screaming into pillows, creating art, music, etcetera.


In brief, anger has always been something to vent or fume about, but until recently, I did not see it as a helping messenger. It is saying take action and create change. Anger would often eventually bring change, but after long periods of frustration. Many people in my life defined anger as a negative emotion. I have witnessed the burying of anger with food, alcohol, shopping indulgences. Often anger is accepted as something to endure until enough possessions, money, and or power are amassed to justify it. I never knew anger could be used as a positive motivator. It is not something to feel ashamed of and can be channeled in so many positive ways.

Some of the greatest works of art, plays, films and movements for change have been fueled by feelings of anger and frustration.

The Unique Healing Program  Donna Pessin is something to investigate if you feel toxic, angry and have surmised that consistent feelings of  anger and poor health go hand in hand.


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I recently heard a recording of an educator named Rhys Thomas[link here]. The subject was ta energy systems of the body as seen through the Yogic Chakra System. The talk was part of  Margaret Lynch, The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation [link here]. The course came at a perfect time and has helped me tackle some issues that, I am sure, many people can relate to.


How safe do I feel in the world? How much is my safety influenced by how or who I take my  information from. Information as to what is happening in the world around me, both globally and personally ? How does how I perceive the world influence what is going on inside of me? To some this may be too big of a can of philosophical worms to open, but these are issues I have been meditating on, at times worrying about for quite a long time.


The pelvis, hips and spine are our core [link here]. When we feel strong in our bodies we also feel better about being in the world and holding our own. When those areas are injured or weak we  are more apt to feel  vulnerable and questioning of our circumstances. Having issues in these areas can make us stronger spiritually and in many other ways. One does not need to completely  heal these areas on a physical level to feel safe. In fact, maladies can teach us where strength truly is from. It can show us a deeper place and the issues behind the physical symptoms can be resolved on a deeper level.

I just received an email from a person marketing a water purification product . His pitch was based on the recent earthquake that was felt from the southern USA up to Canada. He mentioned the Nuclear Plant in Virginia being effected and how  we are all vulnerable, etc. When I  found myself getting really upset and then angry at his sales tactics, I realized that my anger was a messenger. I needed to look at my response and not his presentation. As I sat down and felt what was happening in my body I could feel a tightening in my most vulnerable areas, which are my hips, pelvis, going up my spine to the base of my skull.


To get to the point, The 1st and 2nd Chakras are all about our basic functioning and safety in the world. Both located below the navel, they represent the functions of  locomotion, stability safety and sexuality. When our safety is threatened those areas show up with all different kinds of dysfunction. These two Chakras, according to Rhys Thomas, deeply effect our Sixth Chakra. The Sixth Chakra is located between our eyes. In essence our 1st and 2nd Chakra issues greatly effect how we perceive our world  within and without. Chakra basic location and some details [link here].

More about the Chakras and how the condition of them effect how we see and feel the world in later posts. This subject is so  pertinent to our daily lives. I truly believe it is at the heart of our survival and ability to flourish in these times we are living in.

To approach healing on a physical level investigate a The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. When our guts and centers are strong we feel more powerful, centered and ready to take on any challenge.


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Most human beings, no matter what their lifestyle, want an easy way to resolve feeling lousy. Insomnia is not just about not being able to sleep. There are deeper issues. This is true for  people of all ages. One of the main misconceptions that people seem to believe is put out by pharmaceutical companies and doctors. This misinformation is that certain ailments and symptoms are “normal” for specific ages. Buying into that idea is, in the short term, an easy excuse. In the long term it is a ticket to  needing serious medical intervention. Television and other forums for advertising have a way of convincing their audience that  a certain progression is “normal”, and there are drugs that will “take care of that”. Fortunately, we are living in times where alternative ideas on how to improve our health are available even in the mainstream media. Dr.  Joel Fuhrman [link here] and Dr. Mehmet Oz are two of the physicians who are questioning these broad sweeping pronouncements about what is normal.


I had to really face some behaviors that were no longer serving me in order to resolve my own sleep disruption pattern. It was hard because I did not want to make some of these changes. They really forced me to look at certain addictions I had and what those addictions were masking. Below are a couple of  examples:

Food has always been my “GO TO” substance. It was hard to undo unhealthy eating patterns, even though they no longer served me. This is all subjective. For me, I was worried about an ill parent and even though my diet is clean and simple my emotions were effecting my digestion. The pattern of eating, when I was upset, needed to be addressed. So, Proper Food Combining [link here] really helped. It can be easier to eat more widely when you are not eating to soothe some emotional ills, although I suggest PFC as a guideline for many. Most people find it unquestionable to celebrate with food, soothe their nerves with food, express love by feeding someone else, eat when they are frustrated, bored and depressed.It is clear that  emotional eating, for the most part, is a behavior that goes unquestioned and often really pisses people off when defied.


Do not expect to go from the television, computer, phone video games to a sound sleep . If you are not sleeping well this is a must . And if you feel anxious at the idea of relinquishing these habits, then I feel very safe in saying that, as I observed in myself, it is covering up something else and you are addicted to these electronic diversions. BTW, you can find many people to back up not changing this behavior. Many others that will  verify that this is” MODERN LIFE”  and that  disrupted sleep or INSOMNIA is the new norm. These addictions to media can be a very hard habit to break. In my case involved some looking within and not just white knuckling it. It is a reoccurring issue for me. Getting better. Still love my Louie [C. K.] on FX [link here]. Thank you DVR.


What is  EFT? A simple technique that you can perform on yourself that involves tapping on acupuncture points and verbalizing the issue that needs to be resolved. Give EFT a chance. It is a marvelous gift that Cary Craig developed [link here] to resolve problems such as insomnia and the underlying issues that may be at the root of these more and more common LIFESTYLE DISTURBANCES that are now considered “NORMAL”. At this point in history it is normal that cancer is increasing within the general population, however, in my mind this is not an excuse to sit back and do nothing, waiting to see if I end up as another statistic in an ever growing citizenry.

Recently, THE TAPPING INSIDER’S CLUB, an EFT based website [link here] made available an interview with a therapist that successfully resolved her own insomnia issue with the use of EFT. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT INTERVIEW! The link above will connect you to it.


There are solutions and it is up to all of us to take action. Otherwise, we are going to end up like our parents, and for most people that is not good news, especially  in terms of our health.


Postscript 8/2013. Since writing this, 2 years ago, I have discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. This is a comprehensive program to reestablish gut health and address all the nagging symptoms that most everyone connects with “normal aging”. Great program.[link here].

Another postscript some weeks later 10/2013: The Unique Healing Program is really healing my insomnia. Everything I have written above I stand by. Tackling insomnia on a physical level is about addressing all health concerns. If you are not sleeping well there are some other, more serious problems lurking – developing.


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I recently came to the realization that how I see others is how I see myself.  A phrase that I heard, read or dreamt up. More directly is that what I say about others says more about me than it does about the person I am commenting on. At first a rather difficult concept to embrace. For me this has become a tool for recognizing how I see others, myself and the world. Could  this be the essence of  Yoga? Could it be that our greatest teacher is really hearing what comes out of our own mouths? Noticing what I think about others is hilarious, horrifying and sometimes just plain dumb. That I am willing to question my beliefs feels self redeeming. Hey, It doesn’t cost a dime and I like myself and others a whole lot more. Maybe there is hope for humanity.

One woman who has created an entire process based on questioning thoughts is Byron Katie. link here. Her material has great merit. Keep an open mind. You don’t have to become a disciple.


Eckart Tolle [link here] has made some comments on loving ourselves, and the irony of there being two of us. How can you love yourself if their is only one you? Who is it that is  watching and commenting within us?


Insomnia is a real window into seeing how divided the mind can be. One reason for not being able to sleep is that at the end of the day, in bed, lights out, there is the possibility of  no outer distractions. Hence, an openly discussed, medically diagnosed type of ” torture” [insomnia] could be a doorway to freedom. Consciously observing our thoughts and letting them go is a form of Meditation. Staying up all night unable to sleep because we are can not escape our thoughts is one face of  Insomnia.


There is no one size fits all solution for anything. If you are someone who is not sleeping soundly [aka insomnia], it is best to not focus on the people who seem to break all the rules and sleep like a log. There aren’t that many of them according to medical statistics. Television commercials alone tell us that many people can not sleep, have problems having an erection, can’t loose weight and are, not surprisingly, very depressed! It is possible to resolve INSOMNIA, but a LONG TERM solution is not in a bottle of herbal, homeopathic, or pharmaceutical medication.

Some steps to take to resolve insomnia in the next post. In the meantime, I wonder how parents  explain erectile dysfunction commercials to their children! Does anyone else hear that elevator muzak that is  played while saying that the side effects from taking the drug could be deadly, or that the effected body part might fall off? No, not the hand.


Postscript: As a long term solution to insomnia please check out The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. I have found this to be a long term resolution for my insomnia and other health problems. This program is not a quick fix.


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My study of the Macrobiotic Diet eventually evolved into understanding a different way of perceiving life. It was not simply about what to eat and what not to eat. I have observed that dietary fueled movements, such as the Raw Food Movement, often lead people to a deeper understanding of themselves and life. The Macrobiotic approach to living, when studied and not just assumed to be a brown rice, beans and vegetables “diet”, can be very insightful for people who may be struggling with maintaining a completely raw food plan. This deeper understanding would include the use of medicinal style food dishes that are created to balance and heal the body. The preparation of vegetables, such as lotus root, daikon, and other foods, cooked or raw, can be used for reasons that go beyond satisfying the palate.

The way that the Raw Food Movement feels about cooking is similar to how the Macrobiotic Community often feels about using blenders and chaotic food processing machines. The premise being that they effect the energy of the food when processed in these mechanically chaotic ways. Both philosophies are often  interpreted in a very rigid way by their followers.

I am sure that labeling, often applied from a place of fear, usually leads to more separation, pain and confusion. One simple strategy is to question what we think, and then  choose to come from a place of understanding rather than fear. What does that mean? It is not necessary to make others wrong in order to justify our own actions. I choose to imagine more people moving toward this center point.

My experience is that, for the majority of us, what we eat will not ultimately heal us. This is an alien concept for many people involved in macro, raw food, etc. ways of eating. This does not negate the power of  eating organic, good quality food. Food alone can not heal years of exposure to heavy metals, pollutants, chemicals, junk food and the damage it does to our bodies. Depending on your level of health, eating a more simple diet that emphasizes vegetables will help people feel better in the short term. To feel better long term, many need other kinds of help.


For a deeper understanding of how to heal beyond relying on diet, look at  Donna Pessin Unique Healing Program. The use of sodium bentonite clay, herbs and other substances are the backbone of her program. It  is designed to heal digestion, assimilation and so very, very much more.

To learn more about a Macrobiotic Way of Life  and the expertise of  Macrobiotic Counselor William Spear[click here]. Ultimately, Macrobiotics is one approach to understanding life. One of the  many ways Macrobiotics does this is through a deeper study of the the seasonal effects on our physical body, seasonal eating and food preparation.