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Punching pillows is a one way to move energy in the body. I have used this method many times in my life and can think of a zillion excuses not to do it. Most recently, I have gotten out bed, not feeling angry, just feeling a sense of carrying unwanted emotional weight. This simple method of hitting pillows often leads to crying, screaming, yelling getting to the heart of what is really bothering me. I am always amazed at how much resistance I have to doing something that makes me feel so much more alive and unburdened.[link here].


There is so much time spent on avoiding  feelings or finding out what those feelings are. Anything can be used as an escape. It is easy to use food and work, since they are the most socially condoned and acceptable things to overindulge in. These are “fit in” behaviors. You can be a workaholic and a food addict as long as you are not obese or in the mob. And even then…


In Traditional Asian Medicine all the organs in body have a emotional attribute connected to them. When our organs are not in a healthy state imbalance is created. The Liver when out of balance is connected to the emotion of anger. Their is a regenerative and  expansive quality to the Liver and when we feel pent up, its natural flow is impinged upon. The Liver is has extra pressure on it in the Spring. Spring is the season that highly represents  growth [a spreading energy]. Workaholism and eating to bury our emotions is hurtful to the liver and contributes to Cirrhosis in Non- Alcoholic individuals. My late father, not an alcoholic, was one of these people who had cirrhosis at the end of his life.


Really sick of it, but not  until recently did I return to the one thing that, at times, brought me relief: a good cry and scream into some pillows.  BTW, I do not feel that this is the cure for every emotional woe, but it could break the ceiling for many people in terms of recognizing how much energy they are using to keep what is inside all bottled up!


Having recently JUICE FEASTED [link here] for over 50 days, I am a proponent for cleansing the body, but for many people the Western Medical treatment of illness with drugs has been replaced on the Holistic side with Cleansing Regimes, Raw Food Diets, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, and the list goes on.  I have been exploring many modalities of healing for decades and am constantly being brought back to the importance of Emotional Release and Breathwork. These are two of the most crucial partners for our health along with what, why and how we eat and drink.


Screaming and crying into pillows may seem extreme for some people, and there are many alternatives. Laughing Yoga [link here], Gabrielle Roth Dance Therapy [link here],Rebirthing Therapy [link here], are all amazing ways of moving that stuck feeling and when learned can be done at home by yourself. Buying a drum and beating the hell out of it is another idea!

Osho Kundalini and Dynamic Meditations are something else to check out. They can be done alone, but often are most strong done in groups.[].

Releasing pent up frustration by doing something instead of taking something is so very needed. EXERCISE as a way of emotional release did not really work for me. Long term it contributed to my becoming injured. Exercising when angry and not knowing anger is driving the activity is what I am talking about.

Since writing this post in 2011 I discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. I believe that this is the most comprehensive program designed to reinstate health in a simple and direct way. Please take the time to check it out [link here].

I wish I had known about Unique Healing while I was doing  Juice Feasting, Gallbladder Flushes, etc. all these years. The sodium bentonite would have helped sop up all the toxins that were being released from my cells and organs. Live and learn.



Author: notyourrawmama

At the age of ten I distinctly remember questioning the premise that illness just happens to us. The idea that every action has a reaction became a clear reason to doubt that I could not personally impact my own health. In my very early twenties I was introduced to the Macrobiotic Philosophy of Life and assisted a Macrobiotic Counselor in NYC over a period of ten years or more. My life took many twists and turns and I evolved from a trained dancer and performer to a Shiatsu Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Colon Therapist and student of different Spiritually oriented Mind Body Therapies at the Esalen Institute and other healing centers. My associations are as follows: Member of the AOBTA for over 20 Years Member of the NCCAOM for approximately 12 years Member of the Yoga Teachers Alliance 500 hours for approximately 12 years Colon Therapist [ Wood's Institute ] Since 1998 Along with studying REIKI [ 2nd degree ] I was part of a School based on the work of Railey Macey, Dr. Robert Jaffe and Hands of Light. Railey Macey was my teacher. Thank you for your interest in my blog. notyourrawmoma "Wherever you are be the soul of that place". Rumi

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