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Since I wrote this post in 2011 I have discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. If your bowels are at all stressful, if your digestion is sluggish then click here. I am personally following this program and find it the most comprehensive way to heal the body that I have yet to come across. I have been seeking a solution  for my own digestive woes for over 30 years. I still think what I wrote below is valid, worth investigating and would work well, or be helpful, with  or without The Unique Healing Program.

Assuming that your diet is 50 to 90 percent raw and hydration is not a new concept to you, here are some observations of things to do that may help restore gut health. It may take a few weeks or longer to see a consistent change. Be patient. Here we go!

Start the day with a dark green juice. Celery, parsley, cucumber, green apple, a little kale, lemon and ginger is one example. Do this for two to three weeks and see what happens. This could be the one things that may really help, if done regularly. Small amounts of kale, cause it can be gassy. Don’t eat anything for 15 to 30 minutes after you drink the juice. To insure easy absorption strain the juice through a nut milk bag [link here]  from the Pure Joy Planet website.

Increase the amount of Probiotics you are taking until you see some changes. Take them on an empty stomach. You may need a medicinal dose for awhile. What does that mean? Many times more than the bottle recommends. Explore and experiment.  Again, what is on the label is not a therapeutic dose. I am talking about the 30 billion per capsule doses. In my experience, one of these  daily is not enough for people with long term digestive irregularities.

Make your last meal the lightest of the day and 3-5 hours before you go to sleep. If you feel really hungry, have a green juice.

Proper Food Combining [link here] at meals really helps. If that is not what you want or can do, make sure the portion of carbs or protein is much smaller than the other is much smaller than the other. Chew it all really well. Notice what your inner dialogue is about when and what are eating. Enjoy your food cooked or raw.

If you eat a RAW FOOD DIET do not assume that it is okay to eat sweet fruits, or desserts after a meal that is savory. BURP. Most likely, not always, people eating a raw food diet have some digestive disturbances they are looking to heal.

Dependence on colonics and enemas may mean that you are eliminating more toxins than your body can absorb and discharge. For sure look at the Unique Healing Program link at the beginning of this post.

Try learning some basic Qi Gong or other martial art that helps to strengthen the general flow of bodily fluids and much, much more. Peter Ragnar [link here] has some courses offered on his website. The one entitled Moonlight Does Not Wet the Water [book and dvd] are really good for a start. Peter is an example of what is possible to achieve for people of any age. His strength surpasses most people half his age [70’s] and younger. Check him out.

Cascara Sagrada can be helpful to move things out, but taken often it is not as effective. When constipation has been an ongoing issue this can happen. If this is the case, you need to find an answer and not keep band-aiding with holistic and non-holistic laxatives, etcetera.

Triphala is NOT A LAXATIVE. It can be  taken regularly and has a toning effect on the entire Alimentary Canal. The powder is best. When you taste it you will understand the astringent quality and effect of this Ayurvedic Herbal Combo on the tissues of the body.

Bowel weakness and parasites need to be investigated by everyone. This is especially importatn In situations where irregular bowels, IBS, constipation, etcetera is the everyday. Many people have parasites and seem to have “normal bowels”. The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin addresses what constitutes a healthy bowel and what to do about it.

Patience and persistence, are traits that are often lacking in people who have poor health. The desire for a quick fix is confirmation of that observation.  I think the most important words to question, when used by traditional medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies today, are normal and healthy. Think about it.


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Probably the most important question that can be asked. I heard recently that when you  realize that you do not know the answer  you begin to live or be conscious. In other words, you realize your life has been on automatic much of the time. Is it possible that being agitated  all the time is one indication that this is the case? Is being agitated anger at a low simmer? Yeah, I think so.

One day I realized that the way I talked about my relationships with other people said more about me than them. This was in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, but my  habitual programming from family, school and the  media helped me to continue with my addiction to criticism of myself and others. I avoided looking at myself by nodding my head in disbelief at the behavior of other people. On a personal and much larger scale this gave me a sense of comfort, familiarity and satisfaction. In retrospect,this sounds really depressing, but I was  addicted to the feeling of disappointment in others. This is how I grew up . It was one thing I could count on, that helped me feel connected to the people who I had bonded with in my life at that time, or at least that is what I told myself. I am still dealing with these feelings. The difference now is that being critical no longer feels comforting, it feels just plain wrong.

On many levels I know this  is not how my life has to be, and I have genuinely begun to realize that this kind of thinking is a choice. Becoming aware of my thoughts and not going to the past and future is the only way to be at peace.  Dare I say, be happy. This is a minute by minute decision I make. It seems to become easier with the simple practice of noticing how I feel or being present. Criticizing others has a negative side effect. I can feel it.

After years of being made to feel bad about feeling angry I wonder why no one ever informed me that anger was trying to tell me something. My anger was not  an evil emotional indulgence!  Anger is a loud messenger and a really important emotion. It is screaming at us to make changes in our lives. Anger is not the end. It can be the beginning of  learning to find some kind of peace. Anger is now my inner compass. Not an emotion to fester, revel in, or feel bad about.

Anger makes many people uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable when people are unaware that they are angry and just keep fuming about something. Often denying they are angry. It is sad that so much money and effort is placed on either drugging people to suppress their anger or exploiting others anger so the general population does not have to look at their own. Reality TV is based on this premise. Guilty pleasure 101.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique is a great way help ourselves. Rue Hass [click here] is a therapist and EFT practitioner that has wonderful online/teleclasses that I can highly recommend. These classes creatively explore a wide range of emotions. Anger is one of them.


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Some observations on Urinary Tract Infections:

Look into The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. Sodium bentonite clay, colloidal silver [2000 parts per million], the Bowel Strength Formula are some of what creates this highly effective program [link here]. Donna has thirty years of success treating people, 70 + videos on youtube, two books and a website to help those interested in learning more. I am currently doing her program.

With or without The Unique Healing Program: Here are some other resources to research:

Keep the colon clean by doing enemas or colonics to remove toxins. If there is a problem in the bladder the body most likely is burdened by an excess of bacteria and waste. The immune system  of your body is under siege. If you are in NYC, I recommend  Janice Zwail at 212-727-0102. Janice has 20 years of experience as a CT. She is also a  Shamanic Healer and teacher [link here].

The overabundance of acids, toxins and  kidney stones putting pressure on the bladder are some of the root causes of Urinary Tract Infections. A healthy bacterial environment in the colon will help prevent UTI’s. Why? Well, 70% of the human immune system is located in the gut. If the GI tract is in good shape other organs of excretion will function better. The skin and lungs are two examples.

When embarking on a Juice Fast or Juice Feasting Program [link here] it may be a good idea to not use vegetables that are really super spicy and hot. Ginger has never been a problem for me, it has a more cooling effect in the body. Mustard greens, hot peppers, and even garlic can be too irritating and a UTI may ensue.

Dissolving acids, calcifications and other waste in the body need to be eliminated through the excretory organs of the body. One of them being the bladder, needs special care and could be the cause of an UTI. The body unloading an overwhelming amount of toxins could show up as a urinary infection or UTI.

If the Unique Healing Program is not for you then you can research some of these products that are often used successfully for UTI’s:

Sovereign Silver [link here] a natural way to handle infection and eliminate heat in the body.

Goldenseal Herb [link here].

MMS [Chloride Dioxide] not to be confused with MSM. Please do some research about this very valuable product.[link here]. It is a very powerful and has a very distinct taste. It does have immense value.

Celery, cucumber, parsley and, for some, seeded watermelon can be important juices to drink during a UTI and in general. The fruit sugar of the watermelon may be a problem for some. This is where the colloidal silver, MMS, goldenseal can help. Anyway, the juices help keep the bladder clean. Look at The Unique Healing website for a more long term overall health solution. Link at the beginning of this post.

Homeopathy is an amazing way to help the emotional and physical aspects of a UTI. It is best to consult a trained homeopathy. I can personally recommend Peter Cronin [link here]. Based in NYC, Peter does phone consults all over the world and has a great deal of knowledge concerning  Whole Foods Diet, Supplements, Pharmaceuticals, Allopathic and Naturopathic Medicine styles.

Take a look at  the Homeopathic Remedy Cantharsis  [link here] as something to have at the first sign of a UTI. This shared link has some other remedies for UTI’s that may be of help.




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I once heard, nutrition adviser and entrepreneur, David Wolfe say that dentistry had failed people more than any other sector of medicine. It is definitely up there. Dentistry, I heard one dentist call” DRILL AND FILL”, has not been big on preventive care.  Two reasons: It is not profitable, and it takes more effort on the part of the patient and dentist.


There are two major things that do not seem to be understood by most people. One is that  teeth are living structures.  Secondly, that teeth and gums are a reflections of our overall health. Not really understanding these two points makes it hard to have a healthy dental situation. Universally, going to the dentist is painful. Avoiding visits can contribute to decay and infections festering. Who wants to go when the outcome is so Draconian?


Until recently, the information on dental self care has been sketchy. I am not talking about using many of the flouride products advertised on TV. Better home care could free many people from painful dental surgeries. Some professional cleaning techniques often cause more problems than they may help remedy. What can you do? Well, enacting a daily cleaning program that involves daily repetition and products that are not made by Colgate, etcetera. Educating ourselves about better nutrition is really primary. Some of it is just plain common sense.


I would like to guide whomever finds this post to Nadine Artemis at LIVING LIBATIONS [link here], to get some ideas about keeping any teeth that you may still have. Also, to keep the bones in our body and mouths in good shape. The health of our gums and underlying tissue is primary here.

The products at Living Libations may be out of budget for some. Do research about using seat salt, bentonite clay, and diatomaceous earth to brush teeth. These are some very, very good options. Tea tree is a natural antibacterial essential oil. Adding a drop or two to water for rinsing the mouth is excellent. Look at the Living Libations product contents and mimic them if they are unaffordable for you at this time.


If you wear a denture or partial, it is really important to eat a diet that is Acid Alkaline balanced, which will help to keep the PH in your digestive tract and  bloodstream balanced. The denture / partial will be less likely to irritate your mouth when chewing because the mouth tissue will be healthier.  Acid Alkaline List [link here]. This is not an overnight change, but one that is worth embarking on.

Please look at The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin [click here] and her 70 + videos on youtube. Her entire program is based around healing the gut and from there all things are possible. This program is a life changer. It is NOT a quick fix, but it does promote healing.

Teeth and gum disease reflect deeper health issues.  Dentures, partials and missing teeth carry the stigma of old age. It is not a only a problem of the elderly. It indicates premature aging, which is another term for deteriorating health.


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After a very brief internal debate, I purchased a course given by Margaret M. Lynch [link here]. The contents is inspired by her work with Rhys Thomas [link here]/ It is a combination of CD’s, DVD’s, a manual, plus 5  Webinars. All have been insightful for both me and my husband on several levels.

The course is based on the Chakra System [link here] and how the Chakras effect, and are effected by, our physical, emotional and spiritual well being and the repercussions on our FINANCES / MONEY.

The links above will more fully explain the contents of the course and its design, but here are some insights that the course has brought to light for me:

How safe we feel in the world has to do with our ability to enjoy what we have. Just gathering material wealth does not make us feel wealthy or safe. What is wealth? How and when do we begin to define wealth?  What it is we deserve and what it will look like? I think these are questions most people do not ask themselves.

How we think about wealthy people effects our feelings about being wealthy. If we think wealthy people are heinous, selfish individuals, how will that effect us,  even considering, joining their ranks?  Carol Tuttle [link here], is another EFT practitioner that covers this line of questioning in her work around money and the Chakras. I really like her approach, as well as Margaret Lynch.

What we think  of others, in the critical sense, is more about us then them. OUCH!

What we think others are thinking about us is PRIMARILY a window into what we  think about ourselves. BINGO!

The SEVEN LEVELS OF WEALTH, because it is  based on the Chakra System,  explains how the condition of the first Chakra indicates the way we perceive the world which is very, very eye opening. How the three  lower Chakras DEEPLY effect the upper Chakras is  something that could make complete sense to those who are newbies to the Chakra System and those who are are more familiar with traditional Yoga Philosophy.

I truly appreciate this course for exposing the everyday blocks that we come upon while living. Helping to make clear the misunderstood beliefs many of us share around money, and how we determine what we ultimately have through our own, often unconscious. beliefs received from our families and society. This course  can help us to develope some very needed compassion toward those we received those beliefs from, so we can move forward with a much lighter heart.


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Here is some follow up observations concerning the use of DIATOMACEOUS EARTH:

DE may need to be used with sodium bentonite clay to efficiently remove what DE stirs up. More info below.

DE is a great product to use to obtain Silica. You can do this by placing some DE at the bottom of a glass or jar and drinking the water after the DE has settled [link here].

Depending on the individual there is a very good chance that your body will need extra help in removing the “matter’ that DE dredges up, therefore it would be a good idea to do one of the following:

Donna Pessin Unique Healing Program emphasizes the use of sodium bentonite clay. I am currently doing this program and highly suggest it for improving gut and overall health.

Drink lots of FILTERED/ SPRING/DISTILLED  water to help move DE and other wastes through. Sipping water all day, drinking 32 ounces after rising can help avoid sluggish bowels. Drink in a relaxed way for best results.

Enemas are  helpful for removing sluggish waste. [Click here] for better quality enema equipment.

Home colonics [click here] are a more thorough way to gently clean out the walls of the colon. Colonics are a much more respectful way to prepare the body for a Colonoscopy than the insipid “drink” given to patients by physicians.

Colonics in NYC call  Janice Zwail at 212-727-1012. A Colon Therapist for over 20 years, she is also a SHAMANIC HEALER, which brings an refreshing perspective to everything she does [link here].


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DIATOMACEOUS EARTH[link here] can be helpful to improve bowel health. Since first writing this post I discovered sodium bentonite clay and The Unique Healing Program click here. Depending on your gut health it may be helpful long or short term. I found it temporarily beneficial. We are all so different, so it may work better for others.

DE is not clay and has qualities that are very different from clay. Specifically absorbing toxins is the strength of clay.DE is more of a parasite slayer. Sodium bentonite clay has the ability to remove what DE slices up.

Here is an informative  article on DE [link here]. An open mind and an open heart are, in my experience, two main characteristics of good health. Over the years I have observed that arrogance is a sign of poor health.  Arrogance is not a desirable personality trait to have for a more peaceful world. It hasn’t worked so far. Just look at the United States Congress.