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About four weeks ago, at farmers Market in Palm Springs California, I met a farmer who told me about Diatomaceous Earth [link here]. He explained how it had improved his health, that of his girlfriend, pets and working farm animals.

I had also previously read an article by Matt Monarch, on his newsletter, proclaiming the benefits of DE and his intention of using it on himself, his dogs and horses.[link here]. Below are some of the things that I have noticed from using DE  myself, giving it to our dogs and feedback from my husband:

1. More bowel regularity and better formed stools. Taking DE with Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon or lime added to water is one strategy. Some people use honey or stevia to flavor it.  I take mine on an empty stomach and wait about one half  hour or more before ingesting anything else. The ACV, citrus juices, or citric acid seems to help the DE be more effective.

2.There is information online about Dental plaque and the link to heart disease, which is dismissed by some of the medical doctors. I viewed. DE has been shown to break up calcifications in the body.

3. Some report an Increase in energy. When, if and how depends on the individual and their health when they begin the DE.

4. Our dogs have much shinier coats and larger bowel movements since eating DE. Their teeth are in good shape. I have noticed that they look even better with use.

5. Facial scrub. DE really cleans out the pores and can be left on the face as a mask. It is important to keep the  powder away from the eyes. If some does get into the eyes,rinse the eyes out with water. Do not rub the eyes.

6. Tooth Cleaner. Gentle brushing with DE  helps remove calcifications and may help to naturally whiten teeth.

7. Removal of unwanted critters from the gastrointestinal tract. The micro razor like texture of the DE works to break down Calcifications in all areas of the body. Arteries, joints and lymph system. Heavy metals may be one important reason to use DE.

Diatomaceous Earth is highly affordable. Do the research and decide for yourself it works. I have used Zeolite clay [link here] and Adya Clarity [link here] as ways of removing Heavy Metals, etc. from my body. I have reaped benefits from both these products.  The links for both these websites gives concise explanations of why and how they work.

10/3013 Postscript: I still use and support the sale and use of Adya Clarity. I do not sell Adya Clarity, or any other product.

Postscript: Since writing this post I have discovered  Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. The use of sodium bentonite clay as opposed to using DE and zeolites, for creating a healthier gut, has really worked for me.



Author: notyourrawmama

At the age of ten I distinctly remember questioning the premise that illness just happens to us. The idea that every action has a reaction became a clear reason to doubt that I could not personally impact my own health. In my very early twenties I was introduced to the Macrobiotic Philosophy of Life and assisted a Macrobiotic Counselor in NYC over a period of ten years or more. My life took many twists and turns and I evolved from a trained dancer and performer to a Shiatsu Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Colon Therapist and student of different Spiritually oriented Mind Body Therapies at the Esalen Institute and other healing centers. My associations are as follows: Member of the AOBTA for over 20 Years Member of the NCCAOM for approximately 12 years Member of the Yoga Teachers Alliance 500 hours for approximately 12 years Colon Therapist [ Wood's Institute ] Since 1998 Along with studying REIKI [ 2nd degree ] I was part of a School based on the work of Railey Macey, Dr. Robert Jaffe and Hands of Light. Railey Macey was my teacher. Thank you for your interest in my blog. notyourrawmoma "Wherever you are be the soul of that place". Rumi

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