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This is a good place to share a meal with friends and family, or eat alone. The imaginative menu is a wide variety that will definitely please vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian diners. They will soon include a Raw Food Cuisine Menu. I can recommend this restaurant in good conscience. They do use Organic, and when available, local fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. They provides dependable quality food that will  satisfy a myriad of cravings.

High ratings to the entire staff that helps create  an extremely relaxed and friendly atmosphere with professional service. The hours will soon be extended serving dinner on Friday and Saturday nights beginning November 4th. Wine and beer are available.

Find out more by clicking on the provided  link above or calling 760-864-9900.

Update: Palm Greens now serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Please verify by calling. We were really so happy to find an organic restaurant in the desert.


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A few personal observations about the Chakras.  I have come to better understand their significance through Margaret M. Lynch and Rhys Thomas. Here are a couple of standout points and thoughts:

Since being a part of the Margaret M. Lynch course on the Chakras, I am more able to feel my response to the cable, network and internet news. I am able to not get sucked into it or just turn it off. Not intellectually dismissing what I am hearing, I am able to feel a sense of stability and protection within my body. Feeling the chakras locations, understanding their deeper meanings key. This is  an ongoing process, some situations, news stories, etcetera are easier to process than others

We see the world through our own experiences. Okay, that may seem like a no brainer, but it is not that simple. First off, our beliefs are so deeply rooted.  We then often surround ourselves with people who see and feel the world the same way we do. This is often not done consciously. One example is that we can have people in our lives that drive us crazy, and we do not  recognize that they may be showing us our unconscious thoughts and limiting deep seated beliefs. Another example are often having involvements with people that remind us of a parent that we have unresolved emotions with. Our cravings for these feelings turn us into junkies needing our negative emotional fix. Surrounding ourselves with people who fuel our combative relationship addictions. Hence, we see the world as we are not as  it is.

Decisions made as a small child, or whenever there was a hurtful experience in our lives, can  keep us stuck and emotionally immature. We may promise to ourselves to never feel that childhood hurt again. However, an intellectualized inner dialogue of insights into the pain of our lives is different than honing the tools to live differently. To change is to be able to stay present enough to objectively observe our thoughts, words and actions and implement change. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a great resource for this information in his lectures on DVD [link here].

The way we see the world usually has many blind spots. When convenient, all that “we are one” stuff  goes out the window when it threatens the way we make our way in the world. I think I have heard it called  matched patterning, which happens in our brains and is framed in early childhood. We see what we know. The film What the Bleep is a great reference for this information [link here].

I can feel how I connect to  criticism and fault finding. It is something I observe about myself and have gotten much better at quelling. I notice, in certain situations, my inclination to chime in when criticizing begins and how easy it is to rationalize fault finding.

When we believe in something all that we choose to find around us is the proof that it is real. We can be completely blind to what is right in front of us is because we do not believe it exists. The words “anything is possible,” for many, is used only when it does not challenge what we are invested. To deeply mourn what could have been is the beginning of change. Otherwise,we keep on making the same choices to prove to ourselves that our pain was not for naught.

The first three Chakras are primarily about how we experience the world, what we are able to receive and how we present ourselves in the world. This is a simplification of these Chakras. For more detailed information take a look at the websites of Margaret M. Lynch and Rhys Thomas [link here].


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I have been very fortunate to know some exceptional practitioners over the years. These people know their craft well, and I learned a great deal from many of them. However, the ability to honor what the client or patient needs at the time they are being assessed with compassion, and without  judgement, is a great gift. I am not saying that the practitioner has to have achieved sainthood in order to be effective. To recognize the difference between what is best for that individual during an assessment, without our personal opinions tainting it, is either inherent or honed. I can say with all confidence that Homeopathic Practitioner Peter Cronin is one of the very few people, that I have known, who has this ability.

If you do not know what Homeopathy is please click onto the link here. This will give some basic information.

I met Peter about 10 years ago and have been treated by him, referred him to my own clients, and had him treat my father after a highly disabling stroke. Peter has a deep and sensitive understanding of Homeopathy which he couples with a past career in the Pharmaceutical Industry. This is a great asset in treating people of all ages who are in the care of Western Medical Doctors, or have been in the past, which are most people.

Impressive homeopathic coupled with experience involving some of the medical elite in New York City. Peter also has a wide understanding of Flower Essences, vitamin / mineral therapies, herbs and much more.

Children and pets are something that Peter has great experience with. A father and husband, he has had many years of observation and care for his daughters and a number of pet companions. Combining Western and  Alternative Medical Care have increased his understanding of how to offset and combine these two worlds. Honoring peoples choices and patience are two characteristics that Peter possesses which, in my view, equals someone  I can trust.

To reach Peter Cronin via email ( or by phone at 212-426-5059 for homeopathic consultations. To read a summary of Peter’s work at the Homeopathic Community website click here.


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Until recently I did not understand the difference between knowing a personal truth and feeling it.  I now understand how different a thought is from a feeling. A feeling seems more visceral. It resonates, for some, in the heart. The difference between the two seems obvious on paper. When a person is their head, most of their waking time, the distinction may go undetected.

I have lived my life, to a great degree, thinking in sentences of comparison. Phrases such as, “At least it is not as bad as” or, “At least I’m not as [ fill in the blank] as.  These ideas were part of my spoken and inner dialogue. This kind of thinking is what has kept me stuck in some ways. On the more obvious side, I have caught myself nodding my head in a disappointed, very critical no motion. A form of self discipline. Ha! Neither of these worked very well.  They did not help me flourish. They kept me in survival mode.


Physical symptoms are, most probably, a message that we have been outright denying, or unaware of our feelings. Ignoring our body and it’s needs creates physical imbalance and pain. The typical scenario is that we do anything at any cost to stay up and running. Even those that feel they are not part of the Machine, often take on that mentality. A Cog in the Wheel work ethic is one phrase to describe it.

The entire body is where feelings reverberate. The brain is the knowing part and unless they work together, the body is not a happy place. If I can not  remember to take a conscious breath, then I am living  in my head. Getting pissed off when reminded to breathe or not being able to remember when the last time I took one are examples of being disconnected from my body. We all could use to think less and breathe more.

At one time I thought that because I taught yoga, studied dance, participated in  athletics that I was aware of my body and its needs. That awareness is a much less subtle form of connection than the one I am speaking of. It is very mechanical and performance oriented. In many situations, it is what keeps people from stopping when injured or in great discomfort. No pain no gain way of thinking and doing.


There are many ways to find the path out this disconnected pattern of living. I have to say that many people in the healing arts are some of the worst offenders.  Because of their knowledge they think they are not in the dark like their clients. It is easy to loose perspective when those around you are, seemingly, in more pain than you are. I know this one personally and am in recovery from repetitive injuries to one of my legs.


We have the answers we need to heal and do not know how to access them. Work with practitioners that empower their clients and do not create unhealthy dependencies with them.

Here are four I can personally recommend:

Rue Hass is an excellent practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique and other modalities that she combines to help people discover their light. [link here].

Rebirthing [ link here] is a very, very valuable tool that can be practiced on our own between sessions with a rebirther. Peace Arnold has great experience and humor.

Shamanic Healing [link here] is a soulful way to take a journey  within to find answers and questions  that we don’t realized we possess. Janice Zwail has a broad range of healing tools that she brings to her practice.

Postscript 11/2013: The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is the most  complete healing program for the physical as well as the emotional body.  I have 30 years of researching within me. 70+ video youtube tutorials, an informative website provides free information. Two books and the first chapter of one is available on the UHP website. This program is not a quick fix.


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I met Peace Arnold [link here] while investigating some questions that I had surrounding my own gestation and birth. My intuition and subsequent research was revealing that some aspects of that time were haunting me. The stressful emotional state my mother was in during her pregnancy,  and her cesarean surgery are two prime examples.

To get to the point, I felt I was constantly battling myself, often feeling unable to move forward. The idea that life as a fetus and birth, a time that most of us know very little about, sets a template  for how we perceive life and live, made complete sense. I wanted to know more. Sessions with Peace, in person and via Skype, jump started a process of loving kindness toward myself and the world around me. Rebirthing, which leads to more daily conscious breathing, is an ongoing process. Each person can eventually practice this healing breath on their own and continue the process.

Peace Arnold has more fully embraced life by her own healing through Rebirthing, and further investigation of  many different types of breath work. A student and colleague of Leonard Orr [the developer of rebirthing], Peace runs regular Rebirthing Training Programs in Virginia and New York City. Through her kindness, sense of humor, and great patience Peace helps many people heal themselves through the Rebirthing process.

If you are sick and tired of talking about what is wrong with your life and want to learn some tools to create grass roots change, then Rebirthing is something to check out.

As a postscript 11/2013: Peace hosts breath workshops with Dan Brule  in New York City. His newsletters are worth checking out. She also has a one year, one day a month Rebirthing Training Program. If I was still in NYC I would be there in a flash.


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“The second we criticize ourselves, the heart chakra closes and we break our own heart.”

Rhys Thomas[link here], quoted by Margaret M. Lynch[link here].

Self criticism and judgement of others, in my opinion, are two behaviors that quickly weaken the immune system and speed up the aging process. It is a very addictive activity, and one that is highly engaged in these days. Hard habit to break, but well worth it. Life has to be better when we are cheering instead of booing ourselves. Yeah.


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“As we own who we are, full of joy and passion, we give everyone permission to do the same. That is a beautiful way to love other people.”  Margaret M. Lynch [link here]. From The Seven Levels of Wealth.

That is such an amazing thought.

The 7 Levels of Wealth is a course that enters the world of self inquiry  to understand why we often obliviously think, say and believe that which is standing in our way of having wealth on every level of our lives.