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-Heel, a manufacturer and distributor of Homeopathic supplements, has a product that I have used with great success for detoxification. I can vouch for the depth of the detox. In my experience, the cleanse is as deep as we can allow it to work. That is not always a conscious decision.

Homeopathy is a very elegant and specific kind of  treatment.  Since I am not a Homeopath, I can only report my experience and leave the rest up to the reader following their own research and intuition.

The Detox Kit comes with three bottle that contain Homeopathic solutions. These eliminate toxins and stimulate the cleansing process in the Lymph System, Kidney and Gallbladder, Gastrointestinal and Liver. A small pamphlet comes in the box that answers many frequently asked questions. There is a phone number and website for the company provided in the kit pamphlet.


Instructions are in the above mentioned pamphlet. The remedies are easily consumed in distilled or purified  water throughout the day. I was advised by a Homeopath to take each remedy separately over a period of 9 weeks. Taking a break, in between remedies was advised if I felt I needed to do that. I started with the Nox Vomica Homoccord [TM]. The next one I took was Berberis-Homoccord [TM], leaving the Lymphomyosot [TM] for last.


My experience is that the remedies communicate on a very specific level to create change. The symptoms can be strong, especially if the person taking them is suffering from a highly acidic blood condition. What does that mean? Headaches, gas, skin dryness or rashes, indigestion, some form of insomnia, etcetera, are all symptoms of an overly acidic body chemistry. The pamphlet in the Detox Kit gives an overview of what symptoms may occur, etcetera. More greens and less processed foods, meat, coffee and alcohol, along with more sleep, will help create a more alkaline / acid PH balance within the body fluids.


-Heel Detox Kit has been a great adjunct to  the other things I do and  I am grateful for it being recommended to me. If you are interested in Homeopathic care I can suggest Peter Cronin [Homeopathic Practitioner] for in person and over the phone consultations. He can be reached at 212-426-5059.

-Heel Products [link here} These products can be purchased in many Health Food Stores and easily found online. The Detox Kit is not presently on the -Heel website, but I did call the company and they are sill producing it.

For more information on how to absorb acidity and create a healthier digestive system on a daily basis check out Unique Healing Donna Pessin. I can personally vouch for her program. [click here]. 70+ videos on youtube, two books and a website are worth your time.

I am not sure how, or if,  these two programs would work together, but it may be worth investigating.



Author: notyourrawmama

At the age of ten I distinctly remember questioning the premise that illness just happens to us. The idea that every action has a reaction became a clear reason to doubt that I could not personally impact my own health. In my very early twenties I was introduced to the Macrobiotic Philosophy of Life and assisted a Macrobiotic Counselor in NYC over a period of ten years or more. My life took many twists and turns and I evolved from a trained dancer and performer to a Shiatsu Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Colon Therapist and student of different Spiritually oriented Mind Body Therapies at the Esalen Institute and other healing centers. My associations are as follows: Member of the AOBTA for over 20 Years Member of the NCCAOM for approximately 12 years Member of the Yoga Teachers Alliance 500 hours for approximately 12 years Colon Therapist [ Wood's Institute ] Since 1998 Along with studying REIKI [ 2nd degree ] I was part of a School based on the work of Railey Macey, Dr. Robert Jaffe and Hands of Light. Railey Macey was my teacher. Thank you for your interest in my blog. notyourrawmoma "Wherever you are be the soul of that place". Rumi

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