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I have recently come to recognize that the three major comforts and distractions in my life have been food, television and exercise. All three of these things can enrich life, but in excess are numbing.


I would like to share some of the reasons I have used television as background noise: Stress, avoidance of meditation and breathing fill a void of loneliness, a behavior from childhood used to feel comfort. Last but not least, connecting with people that I think I know because they come into my home each day. Sadly, and, somewhat comically, true.


I have found that since following the Body Ecology Diet, colon cleansing, using probiotic and  herbs for Candida my thinking is clearer. I am more directed. It has been possible for me to stop unconscious television consumption. Putting on television was often a knee jerk reaction.  I would often have the television on while doing other tasks. A constant sound that matched what was going on internally. Sounds crazy, but there it is. The low level stress of the television was a mirror for the agitation of candida in my body. Candida and inflammation go hand in hand.

The flickering of lights and overwhelming sound from the television has been something that I have found hard to look at for sometime. I am highly relieved to have been able to not have television chatter going on any longer. Finally stopping the constant influx of  “information” that someone else [network advertisers] decides is important for me to know.

Even though my television was not on all day, I had on programs such as the Today Show, MSNBC, evening news. Mostly fluff, fear mongering, and  annoying commercials. Giving up these shows was similar to giving up the substances that cause candida overgrowth. All are irritating and addictive.

Like the low grade infection of candida overgrowth. Giving up the foods and media that kept me feeling agitated was something I was avoiding.


The foods that I have needed to exclude or re-proportion within  my diet may be surprising to some. Lots of greens [alkaline] are important to eat in proportion to more acid forming foods: seeds, nuts, avocados, raw dairy, eggs, fats, cacao, cashews, millet quinoa, fish, meat.  If a person has Systemic Candidiasis the understanding of the need for more alkaline forming foods must be made clear. Read The Body Ecology Diet. LInk below.


The idea of not watching television was more difficult than the actual withdrawal  experience. I am here to say I was able to do it. I realize I was  being told by the media what is important, aka brainwashing. These things are hard for me to admit. Hopefully my admissions will help someone else.

Body Ecology Diet click here

Herbal and probiotic program for clearing Candida / Truth Calkins click here. Look Truth up on the Best Day Ever site. It is a membership site. One needs to join to hear the Candida files that are very informative.

As a postscript 2013: First of all I relapsed with the TV a few months after writing this post. I found myself with MSNBC on as background noise. Happy to say I just got sick of the stress it created.I record shows and watch them when I can. The  PBS Newshour is a mainstay. I catch a bit of MSNBC on occasion.

Secondly, and most importantly, I discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin since first writing this post. It is the most comprehensive way, in my experience, to heal the digestive system, eliminate candida overgrowth and deeply detoxify the body. It is not a magic bullet. It takes time and it does work! To learn more link here.



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This is my experience. I hope those with the persistent symptoms of Candida Albicans overgrowth will consider frequent enemas or buying a home colonic unit. Colonics alone are not the solution. They can help to alleviate symptoms that people incur when addressing candida overgrowth with diet, herbs, clays and other healing protocols. What they can do is help keep a person on candidiasis healing program stay on tract more easily. How? Symptom relief by clearing out the colon of excess waste and acids.


This interview with Matt Monarch owner of the Raw Food World gives some highly pragmatic reasons for colon cleansing link here.

Donna Gates recommends colon cleansing for Candidiasis in her book  The Body Ecology Diet link here.

Andreas Moritz highly recommends cleaning the colon in his book about liver and gallbladder flushes link here.

To buy a home colon cleansing unit from Dancing Cells / Illona Kopacz link here. Illona is a highly experienced, long time colon therapist.

The book, Cancer is a Fungus link here. The idea that Candidiasis is indicative of other very serious health issues is not familiar to many people. I have read about this book. The premise alone  tells me it would be worth reading. Something for those looking for another perspective of how cancer overcomes its host.

Cheers everyone! There is hope!

As a postscript 11/2013: Since writing this post I have discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. What makes this program different is explained on her website and 70+ videos. It is a comprehensive protocol for healing the bowel and all organ systems of the body. I am on this program and it is working for me.  link here.


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I read the book Body Ecology Diet.

I recognized I had many of the symptoms linked to candida overgrowth.

I was stubbornly opposed to taking some of the dietary changes the author recommends to get control of the situation. These were changes on the healthier end of the food chain. I am not talking about wheat, milk, high sugar fruits, etcetera. These foods are not bad for you. They are a problem if you can not digest them without having some digestive disturbances, skin rashes, depression, and the list goes on.

After some soul searching and consistent plaguing of Candidiasis symptoms, that really disrupted my ability to live a free and creative life, I knew I had Candida overgrowth.

My diet would be considered exemplary by many people who are well versed in nutrition, but my food consumption was still leaning on the acidic side.  Many foods that are considered healthy are not helpful to a Candidiasis condition and need to be lessened or left out until the candida overgrowth is in check. Do some research. Read the book. More vegetable quality foods and cultured vegetables are needed. Detoxification, which is discussed in the book is very important and will happen with the dietary changes. More deep detox is something to explore for many people. I had done many detox programs, colon cleansing, but my diet needed to be more fine tuned. It is NOT just about eliminating sugars, fruit, refined foods, and flour products, etcetera. The need for more vegetable quality food in relation to protein in the form of seeds, grains, nuts and animal protein is important to understand.

If you are struggling with Candida symptoms you most likely have Candida overgrowth. That just seems to make clear sense, but the craving of the foods that feed Candida are everywhere. Forget about the use of antibiotics, prescriptive medications, chlorine and other contaminants in our water, heavy metals, air pollution The list is lengthy.

I believer that the addiction to food is the most pervasive addiction in the world. It is the most culturally acceptable one and is probably the hardest one to break through. These actions to achieve better health can open the doors to a clearer vision of life.

Body Ecology Diet link here.

Truth Calkins video on Candida link here. I highly recommend watching this video and checking out the Best Day Ever interview on David Wolfe’s Longevity Now website.

The more excuses I found to not make all changes necessary to feel better truly informed me. I had a deep need to take action. The Body Ecology Diet program, at that time, helped me face the emotional and physical addictions I had to food.

Postscript 11/2013: Since writing this post I found The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. This program, now 10 months into it, is changing my life. It is not an instant fix, but it does work. Check it out and the other posts I have written specifically about my experience with UHP.