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Last week I paid $7.00 to be part of a monthly telecast with EFT practitioner Rue Hass, M.A. The title of the class was Standing Up For Yourself. Within the first 15 minutes or so of the class an email was read by Ms. Hass from a participant that really struck me. The person wrote that for years they  thought  they were attracted to light and spaciousness, but felt trapped in darkness. However, after inner exploration through EFT, they realized that was not completely true. This person came to realize they felt safe in a cocoon of emotional darkness. An insightful and liberating epiphany that left me feeling a bit sad about my own time spent in the dark.

After observing the judgement and surrounding emotions that arose, the email author said they began to feel emotionally homeless. No longer comfortable in the dark, cozy cocoon that they new as home. Nor were they ready to be in the light filled space they had pined for. Through this awareness peace was found and moving forward has begun to take place.

I have been having similar experiences for many years. Not completely clear as to what was happening, I did have insights. I was aware of  always being at odds with my own living environment. When I was living in a dark apartment in NYC I complained of not enough light. Now living in the California desert I feel often agitated by the predominance of sunshine. On some level I knew there was a deeper truth.

I have distinct memories of my childhood and the ambivalence if felt toward sunlight in our home. The brightness would show up all the things that I did not want to see and feel. The darkness felt safe. This was mostly because the critical eye was so strong in my upbringing. The darkness provided a buffer where I could hide.

For more information about Rue Hass  link here. Her voice is nurturing. Her search for answers is kindly relentless.

As a postscript: If you look at my other blog posts you will understand why I am recommending The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin at the end of this post.  Often, emotional issues do not clear easily. Inner work, such as EFT, mediation are great tools. If you want to tackle these patterns on a physiological level click here. Great program.


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This is an interview worth watching. The segment, which is under 8 minutes, has very rich content.

One bit of information that I learned from this video is  that there are 100 trillion microbes in the human body. When that terrain is compromised, it seems to me and many others, that is the beginning of possible illness. To begin to lessen the odds of illness from occurring, the gastrointestinal tract needs to be repopulated with healthy bacteria.

Secondly, it is stated by Dr. Green, we would not be able to digest our food if it was not for the microbes in our GI tract. That may seem like common knowledge to some, but to most it is not known. When charitable organizations provide food for malnourished people they often give them foods they can not digest. One solution introduced in this study is the introduction of microbes into their guts.

One solution is introduced during this concise segment on the PBS Newshour. An interview with  Dr. Eric Green 6/14/2012  link here. Repopulating the GI tract of those suffering from malnutrition and other diseases with microbes – healthy bacteria.

Postscript 11/2013: How to heal the gut: The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin link here. I found this information after writing this post and I am currently on this program. The information here may challenge all that you think about health and healing. Great program.

Acid Alkaline by Herman Aihara link here.

Cultured Vegetables link here. An excerpt from Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates.


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On a recent PBS Newshour, reporter Sam Eaton reported on the crossroads that Japan and its farmers are facing. The pivotal decision concerns small farmers and the government of Japan. Small family owned Japanese farms are looking at near extinction. This is happening as the off spring of these farmers leave the countryside to work outside of agriculture. One government official, interviewed by Eaton, raises the point that Japan can not afford to count on other countries for it produce, and needs to be self reliant. This is all about  the uncertainty of trade agreements between different nations and Japan being left high and dry.


As I watched this segment I thought how unnatural it is for each person to totally rely on others for their complete sustenance. Today, for most people, growing food is not the norm. Counting on others for all our food is.  This is something that should concern all of us and not only governments. Action can be taken by each of us now.


How did so many of us become disconnected from growing our own food? One answer is Industrialization – city life. However, sprouting, hydroponic gardening, growing gardens in crates is possible for most  people with access to the necessary materials. The grower does not have to have a plot of land. Growing ones own food can only build a stronger respect for life. A respect that would flourish within every individual that takes part in the process.

For those who are new to all this and want to try something that does not involve a huge investment try sprouting. The use of sprouting bags and jars can be simple and fun.

Food for 9 billion click here.

Hydroponic information click here.

Sproutman is  a great website for sprouting bags, jars and more complex sprouting equipment click here.

Seeds of Change. Resource for organic seeds click here.

Postscript 11/2013: As I read this post I was reminded as to what got me to comment on growing our own food. Fear. I think it is a great idea, but it has to be done from a place of abundance. Fear of not having enough is destructive and disempowering.