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Through the ages most human beings have been greatly concerned with their survival. An understatement. I ask myself often, how has that really changed in this high tech modern world?  It seems that most people, and I am just talking about  the  industrialized world, are scrambling to survive. Work is the main deal. There are leisure activities, but for the majority there has been very little spiritual understanding that can lead to a deeper sense of security. I am talking about creating a more evolved relationship with nature and what some call God. I am not including the majority of organized religion at this time in the world.

Many people live in fear of not having enough and ultimately create  hardship and  pain for themselves and others. One example is stockpiling. It is sort of an unspoken agreement that to keep things going the constant consuming of goods must continue. Many of these goods are creating more non- biodegradable stuff and the cycle continues. Surrounding ourselves with people that live the same way helps to rationalize a feeling of hopelessness.  How can we face children as they realize what they are being left with?  There are people asking these questions, and there needs to be more.

I am aware that there is an undercurrent of people that are questioning what  seems to be the mainstream way of investing: what brings the highest return. Concerned about our future and that of future generations, we  need to take action. Investing in Green companies, not those that are  destructive to our planet, is done through research. There are plenty of people that complain about corporations. These are often the same corporations that thier personal retirement portfolio is rapped up with. Many are not even aware of this hypocrisy. Investment comes in many forms and simple daily purchases hold great power in the market place.

It is something to consider. A start would be for more people to take a hard look at how they are voting with their money. We condone with what we purchase. None of us are perfect in this way. It is not completely possible to live in this modern world and not increase the carbon foot print more than many of us would like. However, it is eye opening to actually know what it is that we are invested. We need to question how it is actually effecting us all. Consider that the most recent stock market debacle is not just about Wall Street greed. It is greatly about but the blind trust and ignorance of the general public. Complaining about how bad things are and not doing something about it is a waste of very precious energy. How about divesting from greedy corporations?  Who we buy from and work for shapes our future.

I personally have taken these actions and encourage others to do the same. Some of us realize that the economy is not the main issue, it is environmental. As gross as it may sound, one major way to change the environment on a most basic level can begin with what we all purchase from stocks to simple everyday products.

We have more power than we realize. In some ways the government seems like a real distraction. The media focuses on the mess in Washington to convince people that they have no power. It is clear that many of us choose to believe it. If people would question the media that would change, too. Money really does talk and the marketplace is one way to voice where we all stand and what is important in our lives.

Bottom line is that if we feel powerless there is something we can all do. It begins on a very personal level. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “The buck stops here”.


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Recently I have come to experience the beginnings of self approval. Something that I can describe as a sense of inner peace. I can breathe.

How does that play out?

Feeling the need for approval from people, either living or dead is a heavy, often unconscious, burden to carry. Their voices have lived on in my mind. Their gavel comes down hard. Recently, I feel much less of a need to run things by this panel of judges. Peace comes to each of us in a myriad of ways. There is no one formula.

My goal is to spend time with people of differing view points and find peace within myself. Primarily with people that do not share my views. To replace judgement with curiosity. To not have to voice my opinion, or make it heard while in the presence of others, especially those that I can sense will not be open to hearing me.

I am right, so you are wrong is a tiring platform. Historically it has not worked and easily begets violence.

“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”  {song lyrics} written by:Sy Miller and Jill Jackson, 1955. I found the back story of this song inspirational. click here.