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To be conscious and aware of our actions is a worthwhile aspiration. Most human beings develop consciousness through trial and error. Hopefully. Going to church seems to be, for many, similar to an insurance policy for the soul. If they go to church their soul is covered.

So, the soul belongs to the church or other spiritual community.The body to the doctor, insurance company and government. Money to the bank, broker and government. The schools are responsible for children being disciplined  and educated. In many instances none of these institutions encourage building personal responsibility, even if they say they do.

It is very much the same in the Yoga Community. People who teach yoga are very often not as evolved as people might like to imagine. This is true on every level of yoga leadership. Different kinds of yoga practices thumb their nose at others. Kind of crazily antithetical to the meaning of yoga, which is union.

Unfortunately, there is a feeling of superiority that many organizations create among their ranks. There is much good done by many of them, despite their arrogance. Separation is not inclusion and most religions do not seem to be about unity. Maybe on paper, but not in action.

In the end, or what seems like the end, we are all responsible for our own body and spirit. Most religions  give a spoken or unspoken body soul guarantee. Catholic confession is one aspect of that idea.

The Interfaith Ministry in NYC link here is a spiritual and religious door that is  open to creating unity, and open minded change. There are others, but this is one I am somewhat familiar with and grateful to have known.



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Sometimes I have conversations in my mind with people. Often these conversations  are with people that, I am sure, would benefit tremendously by making diet and lifestyle changes. Soon into my imaginary conversation, I realize that there is a major component missing on both our sides. On mine it is the idea that all they have to do is to take these steps and the process will begin, results will be seen. There will be some bumps in the road, but it will all be worth the effort. On their side, they most often do not share my beliefs. Further more, they have put their trust in some other way of thinking that most likely involves allopathic medical protocol, medications. Maybe even having surgery.

The deep beliefs we carry around our own health often do not truly come out until a major health issue occurs. I have been surprised how many people are resolved that traditional medicine is something they will be dependent upon as they get older. I especially an surprised when that sentiment is from  people who are involved in alternative healthcare. To many getting older means becoming weak and sickly. And can I blame them? Just look around. It is easy to understand. What I do not understand is the willingness to accept this very sad scenario that is growing everyday.

In order to heal it is important to question the aging process and what that means to us personally. In younger people, who often feel indestructable, sickness is occurring much more frequently within their age group. The idea that certain illnesses are mostly connected to aging is being brought into question. For older people, questioning if illness is inevitable needs to be seriously entertained. How long do people want to live? Is the way we and those around us are living dictating that decision. It must, for what other point of reference do we have? Well, the people we surround ourselves and converse with which includes friends, family. Also important is the part of the world, country and communitywe choose to live in.

One major dilemma is that all through our lives, and as we age, people around us have noticeably degrading health. This, for most people, is frightening. How long do we want to live? It is a complex question and one that many run from in a variety of ways that, I believe, creates how we live at all stages of our lives. Not a light topic, but a necessary one in my mind.

Dr. Fred Bisci  click here is in his early 80’s and is an inspiring person to know about for folks of any age.

Peter Ragnar   [Roaring Lion Publishing] is another person to know about. An author, teacher and student of many ways of healing, martial arts, alchemy and healthy eating.

As a postscript 1/2013: The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is a program I can highly recommend to research and pursue. I am currently part of The Unique Healing Program. It is not a quick fix, but it does work. Worth checking out.