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Our basset hound, Lester J. Smith, is ten years old and thriving. Once in awhile he develops a strong, pungent odor that seemed to be coming from the inside of his ears. Perplexing was that his ears appear very clean on the  inside. We wash the outside of them when he comes in from his walks. His diet is comprised of raw meat, raw and cooked vegetables, sea vegetables and green superfood powder supplements. He gets brushed very regularly, is very active and in good shape. With all this we could not figure out why he would be emitting such a strong stench that seemed to appear and disappear. No obvious cause or pattern.


I finally broke down and did some research on the web and some personal soul searching. What was  really going on with Lester?  I realized that there was a pattern, despite his quality diet, etcetera. The pattern was with his ear odor and his bowels. There was  issue  with irregularity at times and his feces were inconsistent in form. I then remembered two things that we had stopped giving him was Diatomaceous Earth and a regular dose of probiotic. When I resumed the DE he had a day of one or two very loose and mucus filled poops. It took a few days for things to regulate themselves, but they finally did. Before that happened there were three to four days of softer more frequent stools. As the DE did its job his bowels  balanced out to  at least two, sometimes three movements a day, and firm.


When giving Lester DE, we make sure there is enough water along with it. Adding filtered, distilled or spring water to the food is helpful. We also have a chihuahua that does not like to drink water. A dog not wanting water means you got to be deviously creative. We add a bit of food to her water along with the water in her food. It works. I give her the DE, but in much smaller doses [she is 10 pounds] about 3-4 times a week.


We are still figuring this one out. I have done some research on the internet and it looks like  a dog of 50 lbs and more can use up to 40 billion dose per day. There are probiotics for animals, but  I have read that strains for humans can be given to dogs. We also give Lester small amounts of home made fermented vegetables that we make for ourselves. Just started this. I have been giving him the Probiotic most days at about 20 billion per serving.


One day after Lester had the big evacuation of mucus like waste we noticed that the ear smell was gone. At that point the only thing we had added was the DE. The smell has stayed away. It was strong and bathing did not really help. Cleaning his ears on the inside did not help. Ear drops with herbs and essential oils did not do the trick, but the DE did! It has been about two weeks and the odor is consistently gone.


Donna Pessin Unique Healing Program has been the best solution for our basset hound and his general health, ears and overall odor. Please check her website out. This is a postscript since I originally wrote this post.

His coat always looks good, but since the DE it looks even better!

For more information on Diatomaceous Earth and what it exactly does click here. At this website you can read about all the uses of DE, which includes human consumption.

The use and dosage of human probiotics for dogs click here. This is one website on pet health that  I came across with advice on the subject.


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On a recent PBS Newshour [1/8/13] journalist Joe Klein said something that really hit me as a simple truth. Fellow journalist and author Richard Ben Cramer had just died. His career was being discussed and praised. Part of the dialogue was about a  lack of true insight and respect by journalists today. Most pointedly disrespect toward those who choose to put themselves on the line by becoming involved in government. It is hard to admit, but even the most distasteful policticians deserve the respect that they do not often give others. Ben Cramer respected those who put themselves on the line to serve in government, even if he did not agree with their politics.

This quote has applications to people, in every walk of life and profession. It encompasses  all aspects of the media, not just print journalism. Here is the quote from Mr. Klein:

“Well, one of the things I have learned  is that cynicism is what passes for insight among the mediocre.”

Click here to see the entire interview and learn more about Richard Ben Cramer.

Thank you to Joe Klein for his many insights that reach beyond politics.  Thanks also to Chris Cillizza, the other journalist interviewed about Richard  Ben Cramer.

As a postscript: I recently saw the HBO documentary [2009] on baseball great Ted Williams. Interviews with Ben Cramer are part of the film.  Cramer is memorable character with great knowledge about Williams, which is sort of an understatement. [click here]. Cramer has a distinct sense of humor and twinkle in his eyes. After seeing this documentary I have a better idea of why Joe Klein and Chris Cillizza spoke so warmly of  Richard Ben Cramer.


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I recently received the book, Unique Healing, by Donna Pessin of which I wrote about in a previous blog post. The book is  packed with practical and educational information concerning the impact of the health of our gut on our entire well being. It is presented in a straight forward way. The book has a generous amount of detailed information on how to heal the gut and regain overall health.

This is not a quick fix recipe for health, but it is a long term remedy and solution. Even if the person reading it does not choose to do the Unique Healing protocol, their time will not be a wasted. The advice is highly doable and the steps involved can be approached at different levels of commitment. The author helpfully walks the reader through all the possible ways to approach healing through the protocol she has developed.

Unique Healing is for people of all levels of health. Even if you are still smoking, drinking, using narcotics, prescriptive medications, and fast food-ing there is a doorway open to you from the author, Donna Pessin. The book is also for the person who has tried it all and is still struggling with gut problems. When I say it all, I mean from  glycerine to EDTA suppositories, colonics and coffee enemas, seeing a GI MD, herbs, Macro and Raw Food, Juice Feasting, Juice fasts, wheat grass implants and anything else.

One major attribute of the book is the use and explanation of the word  crutch. Many people do not think of  using health supplements [example ] as crutches to have bowel regularity. This book will challenge and maybe reinvent how people define the word crutch. A crutch can take the form of herbs, diet, and colonics to prescriptive and over the counter medications, massage, acupuncture, chiropractics, etcetera.

Having a healthy abundance of intestinal flora is of major importance to our overall health. It may be the everything to heal and be well. Read The Unique Healing Program and decide for yourself. For me most of what she says makes complete sense and continues to increase.

Negating the importance and need for most other alternative therapies, if and when our gut becomes highly functioning, is not something I am complete agreement with the author about. However, a really healthy gut could and would change the reason for receiving these therapies. The effects of these other treatment will be more powerful. Quite interestingly, a fundamental theory of acupuncture totally compliments The Unique Healing Theory. Inserting needles in the most distal points of the body [feet, hands, legs arms and head] directly and deeply effect our organs. Quite simply, our appendages are a direct reflection of the health of our gut and our entire solar plexus.

The Unique Healing Program is about self reliance at the most basic level of  bodily function. For the open minded person, The Unique Healing Program redefines what the phrase “being regular” truly means and how it can be achieved. For more information click here.


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Recently I have become more conscious of the use of superlatives in advertising within my own different areas of interest.  From healing spiritually, emotionally, physically to healing politically. One presentaion that really screamed of misguidance was  from an owner of the largest raw online food store, Matt Monarch. He entitled his video,”The Truth About Awakening”. I did listen to what he had to say. It came in two separate segments. He obviously was very inspired about what he said. This was made clear by his emphatic delivery, and time spent delivering his presentation.

I am not going to critique what he said, but I am here to comment on the title, The Truth About Awakening. Without getting all snarky and such, I just have to say that it is his truth and not thee truth. I am not sure if this is complete misguided arrogance or just what happens with some people. Some people meaning those that have constructed their own platform through business success.

Obviously, Mr. Monarch can say what he pleases, but calling his experience “the truth” needs to be questioned. It is similar to saying there is only one spiritual path, way to eat, live, marry, have children,etcetera. Looking back on other videos and information from Mr. Monarch, there is a thread of this kind of thinking throughout all his videos, articles and blogs.

With personal  experience, education, money and business success does not always come wisdom. I wish I could say that comes with time, but I have observed that is not true either. It can come with humility at an age. That is my truth.




A friend, and long time colon therapist, sent me a link to some videos created by Donna Pessin about The Unique Healing Program. I did a little research after watching a few, found her website and read the first online chapter of her book. Thirty years of experimentation with colon therapy,acupuncture, macro diet, raw foods, Truth Calkins, Gallbladder -Liver flushes, David Jubb, Andreas Moritz, Body Ecology Diet, etcetera, I can confidently recommend checking out this program. Ms. Pessin has two books detailing her program. I ordered her first one after reading the chapter  that is posted online. It is free for the public to read

Click here to learn more about Donna Pessin. She has many informative videos online that can be accessed through her website and youtube.

As a postscript 12/2013: I have been part of The Unique Healing Program for 9 months under the guidance of Donna Pessin. The Unique Healing Program is not a quick fix, but it does work. It takes commitment, focus, trust and understanding all the material Donna Pessin has to offer. Check her out for free at the provided link above.


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Many years ago I discovered Michio Kushi and the Macrobiotic Movement. Although I was never a “by the book” Macrobiotic follower, I did learn a great deal. My involvement began at  the Macrobiotic Center in NYC, going to lectures, food preparation classes, studying shiatsu, and assisting some of the Macrobiotic counselors during their sessions with patients. I learned a great deal, much of it in retrospect.

Primary point learned was that strengthening the quality of our blood is essential in creating better health. There was not such a focus on gut health in terms of probiotics, but fermented foods were part of the plan. Pickled and pressed salads were recommended with meals. The availability for these macrobiotic  foods, at that time, was most only in health food stores, . Things have come such a long way and I think the Macro Movement does not get enough credit for all they contributed to educating the world. What we eat creates the quality of our blood is one primary lesson of the Macrobiotic Movement.

Sugar, sweets, very sweet fruits do not strengthen the blood and need to be eaten moderately for the healthy, limited for the less well and balanced by mineral rich foods. Seaweeds, fermented raw sauerkrauts, mineral rich non-refined sea salts are some primary ways of strengthening the blood and diminishing cravings for sweets.

Strengthening the bacteria in the intestines and colon are truly the key to better health. There is an unfathomable  amount of  toxic substances in our air and water. Forget about the  caffeine, alcohol, prescriptive and over the counter drugs that most people ingest that greatly put a daily dent in our protective gut flora / healthy bacteria.

So what to do? Well, to begin with ingesting more mineral rich foods, increasing the amount of high quality fermented foods, and taking a high quality probiotic is a start. When the gut is healthy our blood has a more balanced PH and our health improves. It should not be a secret any longer that our immune systems are rooted in our gut. Poor digestion means imminent, and eventual poor health. Why is this not focused on by most doctors? Well, that is the unspoken deal with many medical professionals and their patients. It goes something like this: Invest in us and you can keep doing what you are doing with a minor warning and slap on the wrist. All that until the major artillery is needed. Surgery, Chemo, serious medications,  etcetera.

Every action has a reaction, except in the world of allopathic medicine. Mostly run by large corporations, HMO’s and pharmaceutical companies. Invested in and allowed to run amuck by many of us, society, the powers that be. Many of  these same citizens are burdened with life threatening maladies. They are also recipients of these debilitating treatments and drugs. Sadly crazy.

Postscript 12/2013: Donna Pessin has created The Unique Healing Program to address improving the health of the GI tract and overall health. Excellent program. The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin does work. It takes some patience and the desire to heal.


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I recently purchased EDTA suppositories and began using about two weeks ago. Some reason for trying them involves my exposure to mold in the home I grew up in, past dental work and exposure to amalgam fillings and living in New York City [poor air quality] for many years. All people on this planet are exposed to heavy metals [ lead, cadmium, mercury, etc ] and other toxic materials.

If you know very little about EDTA and want to know more I can recommend a website that will give you some information on an array of products Peak Health Now. This site may be overwhelming to someone new to EDTA. Take it one step at a time. Products can be purchased at this site.

Remedy Link / Balanced Health Today are the distributors of the products and also have very good information on their site. Simpler display of information, articles and audio tapes that they may send to you. You can buy products from them directly.

Since I have just begun using EDTA I do not have that much to say about the products at this time, except that I do feel their effects and it is positive.  It is important to use sodium bentonite clay internally, enemas, colonics to escort out the toxins that the EDTA gathers up and encapsulates. The small intestines and entire body needs to be address with some kind of clay. A salt water flush is another option. Also eating mineral rich foods and supplements is a must. The Peak Health website is very helpful with many of these details.

The first Longevity Now Book, recordings and DVD with David Wolfe has a great deal of information about EDTA and other ways to continuously rid the body of heavy metal toxicity. The entire premise of this material revolves around the importance of improving circulations by breaking  down calcifications and safely removing them from the body.

As a postscript 12/2013: Since writing this post I discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. I can vouch for this program and recommend it highly. It is way more comprehensive, in my experience, than EDTA suppositories. Read her information and learn why.