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The Raw Food Community,for the most part, has not figured out the importance of absorbing the toxins – sludge that gets stirred by this cleansing diet. The main talking heads often do not know the back side of cleansing. No pun intended.  Why or how juicing, Juice Feasting, eating raw vegetables, fruit,  herbal supplements, fasting, etecetea deeply taxes the body, is not truly understood by the majority of these people. I am talking about their direct experience. If this was the case, advocating the consumption of an 80% raw diet would not be so often heard from by these “experts”. Here are some thoughts and suggestions…


Many people feel really great when they first start eating raw foods. Somewhere down the line, things often change. Sometimes people start to feel sick because their bodies have so much to discharge. This comes from stored waste and acids in their organs and tissues. People often are inspired to start this kind of diet due to an already sluggish upper and lower GI tract. The deep cleansing of the raw diet can cause a great deal of bloating and other really uncomfortable symptoms. Use your imagination.


Well, age usually plays a huge role in all of this. The older a person is the more exposure they have had to environmental toxins that exist in our air, water, food and more. One real problem with many leaders in the Raw Food Community is that they have often come to it at a young age and are giving advice to people much older. Many of these people are men and know very little, if anything, about the physiology of w0men of all ages.


It is not practical or feasible for most people to have colonics from a colon therapist. Enemas are one possibility, but they do not clear the acids and waste that build up on the upper GI Tract. The amount of waste that is stirred up by raw fruits, vegetables, seaweeds, etcetera is pretty overwhelming to most any human living in the industrialized world. Yes, even children. BTW, I have had many colonics and am a colon therapist. I am not against colonics, but I am realistic about how many are needed to keep up with the decades of waste most people carry. Unless you have actually experienced it, it is pretty unimaginable.


I highly suggest that people look at Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin wgebsite. Open your mind to what Donna Pessin has to say about the use of clay for the absorption of toxins, to heal the digestion and bowel. There are a few other substances involved in this program to rid the body of parasites, infectious bacteria, etcetera.


I deeply feel that most people want to eat more widely and not live in a paranoid bubble. How can we live in this world, make choices not based on addiction and sill feel well? Choosing to eat a cleansing – healing diet and be able to occasionally eat foods outside that realm should not create mental and emotional and physical stress. A healed and healthy bowel and digestive system can assimilate a cooked meal, wheat, dairy, etcetera. When this happens, those foods will be a choice to eat , it  will be easy to stop eating them, the portion will be sensible, and there will not be an addictive longing for them afterwards.

Link to Donna Pessin and The Unique Healing Website. It is NOT  a quick fix. I repeat, this is not a quick fix. It is a very worthwhile road to explore that may cause you to question and redefine what cleansing really means.





I have just ordered Unique Healing 2 by Donna Pessin after reading Unique Healing 1. I looked at many of her online videos  and strongly  feel that her information is really worthwhile and unusual. With that information under my belt, it does  makes sense  for most individuals to have, at least, a one on one sessions with her. One reason I say this is because of the time and money it could save by having her experience, tailored to the individual, as a guide. This would lead to a smoother healing experience for all involved. Her session prices are reasonably priced. Judge for yourself.

Secondly, her Unique Healing Formula, from what I can deduct, is a very strong anti- parasitic / bacterial combination could need some guidance because of its powerful ingredients. This is not a fearful warning, but a deduction made from experience with myself and others. I  especially think this of people who experience very loose bowels, one form of IBS. Knowing whether to proceed with her  Probiotics or the Unique Healing Bowel Strength  Formula, the dosage, etcetera could be a real time and money saver.

Read and reread her books and watch the videos. Ms. Pessin encourages her audience to do these things. Her pragmatic and down to earth approach in videos and books help make her information user friendly.

What stands in the way  of understanding her approach is all the miseducation that we have all had concerning digestive health.

Click here  for Unique Healing Program D0nna Pessin.


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Do we really know much, if anything, about our gut, bowel, intestines or whatever other word we use to refer to that  most deeply visceral part of our body? I know for a fact most people absolutely do not. Well, here is a book, The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin, that is written to educate its readers. The Unique Healing Program is  written from a place of personal knowledge and blatant honesty. The contents is not only her own experience, but her clinical experience with many, many clients over the past 18 years.

What is said in this book is not something that I would argue with or doubt for one very profound reason: it just made sense to me.  I completely relate to the confusion of how to create a healthy bowel. And I am not alone! Just look at all the products sold  and advertised that are touted to cure indigestion, constipation and diarrhea. I am talking about products sold in Health Food Stores as well as pharmacies. The author, Donna Pessin, has a really confident handle on this subject and can back it up with her own success and that of many of her clients. That is impressive.

The author defines so much of what is sold to help people feel better as crutches. Substance that mask and give quick relief to situations that plague most people. These substances and practices are often unknowingly used by people as crutches. This is  partially due to the skewed definition of  the word normal is as it applies to health in general.

What seems to many as healthy are explained as being crutches when they do not ultimately lead to no longer needing these substances and tools. Building intestinal fortitude, in the physical sense, is what is needed to experience true stamina and health freedom.

Order the book. It will answer many questions in deep detail. There is a sequel that I did not order, but I probably will after  I finish reading the first one. The book most definitely educates  the reader about how to build true health. It will also challenge many of the archaic ideas about health that are constantly reinforced by all sectors of mainstream and alternative health providers. Don’t be surprised if what she says, at first, gets under your skin a bit. Why? She puts into question all the time and money spent on things that really do not work, but on the surface, do no harm.

For more information about The  Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin click here.