I originally heard about Donna Pessin in December of 2012 through a friend, who is a colon therapist in NYC. I began looking at the Unique Healing website and  videos on youtube. I read the first chapter of the Unique Healing book, which is free and available online. I was, at first, an unwilling student of this material, but the source who sent it to me is someone I respect. I did  have an immediate interest in the subject matter. I recognized it could potentially fill in a gap for me in my own search for bowel health.


The missing link for me has always been how to harness the toxins that are being loosened up in our bodies.  When eating more raw fruits, vegetables, herbs, superfoods, whole grains, fresh juices, etcetera most people immediately feel better. For however long that goes on, eventually there is  time when the amount of waste that is dredged up can often not exit quickly enough and symptoms result. Symptoms can be skin rashes, weight gain or loss, headaches, acne, joint discomfort, body odor, itching and the list goes on. Past diet, lifestyle, age, ethnicity, sex play a big role in all situations. Making generalizations to answer the how and why of all this truly goes out the window. There is no one answer. It is unique as each of us are.

The other part of this is how to do The Unique Healing Program without  depending on the use of colonics and enemas. I emphasize the use of the word depending since I do feel there is  place for colonics in healing. As a postscript 2/20014: I do think this program can be done without the use of colonics and enemas. The use of higher amounts of clay and magnesium citrate is part of that answer and is featured in The Unique Healing Books.


Bentonite clay is one of the major parts of the Unique Healing program. It is the ingredient that helps to “soak up” the toxins that have collected and are causing the uncomfortable symptoms that can be described in many ways, inflammation is one of them.

My first reaction upon reading about the bentonite clay was not positive. I had used Sonne, Ejuva, Rise and Shine, Health Force cleansing systems and did not have good results. They did not come out easily and I just ended up feeling blocked and bloated. I realize now that this was due to other ingredients, psyllium being one, and not the clay. Even with the aid of colonics, I did not feel they were helpful to me. I have known other people who had good experiences with colon cleanses, my husband being one of the them. However, these programs did not heal his digestive wows long term, even with his sugar – refined food free- 90% raw food-low fruit diet, and colon hydrotherapy. He was pretty diligent.

The Unique Healing System utilizes Sodium Bentonite Clay in a completely different way to heal over a much longer period of time. Combined with other separate ingredients, that do not involve laxatives and psyllium. These ingredients help to improve digestion, encourage the repopulation of healthy bacteria in the colon. The results, for me have been quite different. However, this is not a one, two , three month commitment. The Unique Healing Program can take many months, a year and for some much longer. It is a commitment to health and well being that, I believe, can result in the healing of the GI tract and a lifetime of better digestive and whole body health.

Check out Unique Healing by Donna Pessin here.

For best results this program requires reading the Unique Healing books, watching the videos and most likely having some consultations with Donna Pessin. Her fees are fair and available to check out on her website.


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To begin, I would like to define what I have learned a balanced raw food diet is composed of: greens, other non starchy vegetables, superfoods, seeds, nuts, low sugar fruits, seaweeds. For some raw dairy, some dehydrated foods, fruits higher in sugar in moderation may work. In other circles raw meat and fish has become part of the diet. This seems to be an increasing trend for those who have been eating this way for a longer period of time.

The raw food diet, as I just described can be a viable way to eat. Will it heal digestive woes? No. Healing is different than feeling better because you are avoiding foods you find hard to digest.

To only eat 100%  raw foods 24/7 is not for many people. To make that commitment probably comes from the belief that eating  a 100% raw food diet is the key to better health. That eating 100% raw improves digestion. I am sure that eating 100% raw foods does not improve digestion for people who have digestive ills, in fact it can make things worse for many. The value of many of the benefits of juicing, eating salads, proper food combining, fasting, juice feasting is not something I am dismissing. The Raw Food Philosophy has many versions, but the essence is that cooking kills enzymes needed for better cellular function

Here is an idea; The Raw Food Philosophy has some strong similarities with Louis Pasteur and Western Medicine. Why? Because the Raw Food Diet  says it is not only our digestion that is the problem. It is  what is outside of us [the terrain], in this case food and other substances in food, is the problem. Those bad cooked foods, not just refined foods, are the cause of poor digestion. The reality is that it is the health of each persons GI tract [the host] that is what needs to be addressed for creating superior digestive health. They are saying that eating only raw foods will heal your digestion. Is that really true? If that is what they are saying, it does not work for many.


If long term consumption and cleansing with raw foods  heals and strengthens digestion, repopulates the gut with trillions of microflora then why would  resumption of  cooked foods cause symptoms such as indigestion, feeling tired, skin irritations, etcetera?  To eat only raw foods should be a choice . To feel afraid of eating any cooked food because they are destructive to health is misinformed.  To say, as Matt Monarch and Dr. Fred Bisci do, that eating a refined- cooked meal could cause them serious harm does not tell me that a 100% raw food diet creates superior digestion. A superior digestive system does not foster cravings for refined foods, but does allow those ingredients to be ingested without our becoming sick or worse! A powerful digestive system would help transmute whatever we eat. This inner confidence gives us peace of mind and that means better health.

Being healthy means to feel safe. Defining what safe means is subjective. However, how we feel begins with the most basic elements of body, mind and spirit. A healthy gut is the most basic element to our physical health and, as many know to be true, psychological well being. When our gut is a peace it is easier to thrive. I am thoroughly convinced that very, very, very few people know what it means to experience healthy digestion and elimination. I deduct this from years of palpating the hara/gut and giving colonics to many people, some of them solely raw food eaters.

To learn more about creating a healthier gut:

Unique Healing with Donna Pessin click here. 70 and counting instructional videos on youtube, two books and her website. If you want to know what a healthy elimination is and how to achieve that this is the information to review.

Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates click here. Website and books.

If you have been eating raw foods  [greens, superfoods, seeds, nuts] for months or years and feel afraid of eating cooked foods this is understandable, but unhealthy. All the raw foods you are eating are not healing your digestion. Are you better off  eating a raw diet vs eating refined foods? Absolutely, but anything done from fear is a bad idea. Upgrading diet, in the short term, will make most people feel better.

I am confident in saying that most everyone wants a long term solution to achieve a healthy digestive tract. I do believe The Unique Healing Program is that answer for those who are willing to give it a try and commit to at least one year of their time.


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Healing your gut by rebuilding its micro flora will. How to do this has been a mystery I have tried to solve for over thirty years. What I have learned may seem obvious: Poor digestion is one of the major indicators that our gut is weak. An obsessive addiction to food, beverages and drugs to comfort  consciously or unconsciously, is what often stands in the way. Food is a great comfort. How and why we eat, and the quality and frequency of what we consume is the real issue.


Some people  stop eating all things that give them indigestion. Sometimes they are told that refraining from these foods and beverages will heal the problem. This is a short term solution. They are often lead to believe their discipline will heal the problem. I do not believe that is the case. What does happen to many, over time, is that their digestion becomes weaker and the choice of what they can eat becomes smaller and smaller. This leads to confusion, anger and social isolation. Many people who think of themselves as healthy are in this category.

Individuals who have indigestion may have one to three foul smelling bowel  movements a day that are not well formed, too hard, have gas are not, from my understanding, in good health. They are “normal” and what some would be content with. Many people do not move their bowels daily or have diarrhea and would be grateful for those one to three unhealthy poops a day. The idea that it is all relative can be a rationalization, especially for gut health.

Talk about rationalizations, another stable trend is to take over the counter and prescriptive medications. This allowspeople to eat all the foods they crave. The same foods that are contributing to these digestive pains. This leads to other more serious illness due to the masking of basic poor digestive symptoms. These people may also become more isolated. How? Well, first you have to acknowledge that poor diet contributes to poor health. That indigestion is the body warning us that we need  to reflect on what we are consuming. Eating fried foods, sugar, alcohol, refined foods everyday will lead to ailments that will eventually limit our activities. What some people call old age is a description of social isolation.


Healthier diets do not ultimately heal us. Cleansing does not ultimately heal us. Drugs do not heal us. So what does? Repopulating the digestive tract with enormous amounts of micro flora. Micro flora that has been destroyed through it being exposed to chlorine and other environmental contaminants and medications. The over prescribing of anti-biotic medicine is  such a contributor that it belongs in a category of its own. This is an incomplete list, but I hope you get the idea. If this sounds too simplistic to you please open your mind and investigate the two resources listed below.

It is important to understand that taking probiotics does not feel healthy bacteria to the colon. A healthy body can create healthy bacteria on its own. The probiotics along with other measures help to buffer the acids being released from parasites, poor diet choices, and other toxic elements living in our tissues, blood, etcetera. This is a simplistic explanation of how our body is able to create micro flora and rebuild.


Donna Gates: The Body Ecology Diet click here. This book the authors own brand of information on healing the gut from her experience,  her many clients and years of  work. I personally prefer The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin.

Donna Pessin The Unique Healing Program click here for an extremely comprehensive program to rebuilding digestive health and vitality. This is a program I can personally vouch for and say it does work. Sessions with Donna are necessary for most people. Reasonably priced and well worth the time.

When you hear people in the Raw Food Movement say that they get sick when eating anything other than raw foods ; that they could die from eating a cooked non-vegan meal, please give their words some serious thought. What we eat should make us stronger and more able to live in the world and not in fear of it and food. The micro flora of the intestines should be able to break down and rid the body of toxic substances. Diet alone does not heal, repopulating the intestinal tract. Finding a way to absorb acidity and remove toxins are two ways that do.

Open your mind, open your heart and you will find healing.


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The  longer I do something the more emotionally invested I am, consciously or unconsciously, in defending that behavior. Creating change happens when I repeatedly feel sick and tired of having the same negative outcome from my actions. Giving up something familiar can bring up feelings that I deem as sad. A wistful feeling about letting go of the old habits and begin making changes.

Resistance to relinquishing the crutches I go to when I am afraid of change prolongs not taking action. Why should I when I can temporarily cushion an emotional ouch with these behaviors and substances?  The main reason, in brief, is the mourning of all the time spent doing something that, in retrospect, looks and feels like it has been a big waste of time. Of course, at the time it did not seem like a waste. Feelings are not based on facts. That is why, past or present, my addictive behaviors do not always make sense.

Entering uncharted territory without people for support is one thing that creates addiction to all kinds of behavior and substances, even the ones that seem healthy. No real replacement for love and support, addictions do temporarily numb the ouch. Unfortunately they often create a bigger ouch in the end.

To give up present behavior consciously or unconsciously can bring up feelings of failure and who wants to feel that? To change and do something different feels  like what I have been doing was wrong and then I may feel sad. Uncomfortable feelings I would seek out to numb or hide with the addictive behavior and substances I  need to let go of. A crazy circle of behavior.

It is easy to call another person who I know will tell me what I want to hear depending on my motivation. To socialize with people who feel similarly, who are open or closed to change. Someone who will  defend my inner argument for staying stuck or moving forward. It can be lonely when there is no support system to help begin healthy behaviors.

Having equity invested in businesses of all kinds can create a huge blind spot for change. Proponents of all kinds alternative health businesses can be appreciated for the information they have shared over the years. They are also people to question and be wary of. Many people have created their identity around a way of eating, drinking and living. One example is the proponents of 100% raw food diets. There are many, many others in different genres of health. This not even touching Allopathic – Western Medical physicians and their counterparts.

Entertaining another way of living is a threat to the personal and business identity of  many health gurus. Admitting to eating  foods that they once deemed as poisonous or destructive is, for many, extremely unlikely. They seem to be the most extreme. The solution:  We all need to develop and trust our own intuition one situation at a time.

As a postscript: Check out The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin [link]. This is a protocol that has the potential to heal the digestive tract and entire body. IT IS NOT A MAGIC BULLET.