This is going to be one of several posts concerning my experience with The Unique Healing Program. For this one, I want to  share a brief history of why I sought it out this program devised by Donna Pessin. I want to share some of my gut woes that brought me to my 30 some odd year search for better digestive health.

For this post I want to stress one point, and that is my quest to understand how my parental and ancestral health has directly effected me and what to do about it. I am most directly addressing my digestive woes from a really early age, specifically constipation. Here are just a few things I had found to be major parts of the puzzle that contributed to this health issue:

The house I grew up in had mold stemming from a damp crawl space. The detrimental effects on heath was not understood or just ignored by my parents. Not understanding the ramifications of mold is part of it. Not wanting to know is the other….

A long history of family with constipation issues. Both my parents had childhood medical intervention which definitely exposed them to antibiotics and other very strong medications. My mother, in her mid thirties, had a large dose of  terramycin for a long period of time.

My own exposure to some antibiotics, chlorinated water, refined foods, second hand smoke in public, restaurants. As crazy as it sounds, many of my ballet teachers smoked while teaching class. From Irene Fokine to Melissa Hayden. All the dancers that smoked during rehearsals. Later on my involvement in theater, it was the same thing: Coffee and Cigarettes. I think Jim Jarmusch made a film by that title. An aside, the lungs and large intestines have a very specific  effect on each other. This is a chinese medical diagnostic concept. A link to more info about their relationship at the end of this post.

Both my grandparents on my dad’s side had colon cancer in their late 70’s. Both recovered from wearing a colostomy bag. They could have had amazing health. One lived into their late eighties, the other into their early 90’s.

I grew up in a house with one bathroom and was often not able to use it when I needed. I was sent to a Catholic school that did not allow the students to use the lavatory when necessary. Just wait… Many feelings of embarrassment and unpleasant odors around using the bathroom in public and at home.

I was a trained classical dancer, ran track and participated in other sports where a bathroom was not always easily accessible. Dehydration and poor diet choices was more of the norm back in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s and early 90’s in all levels of society.  Pull in your gut was the advise, not breathe.

I grew up in New York City and New Jersey and was exposed to a whole lot of pollutants. Maybe a more concentrated amount than other parts of the country. Similar to many and just as bad, if not worse than others.

I have distinct memories of feelings of being bloated and uncomfortable at a very young age. I remember taking Swiss Kriss herbal tea in my early teens. Not a good sign.

On an energetic level, a whole lot of emotional holding in my gut. Feelings of a  knot in my stomach very often. As a performer and athlete this is not unusual. Stress was a normal and everyday occurrence. This is a whole other subject…

There are so many other factors, but I tried to list some that  people might relate to. I have a habit of wanting these posts to be perfect, whatever that means. More to come and I hope what I shared is of help.

More information on the lung and large intestine relationship click here.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin click here. I think this program has the capacity, if followed consistently at ones own pace, to heal the digestive system and create better overall health. It is not a quick process and will most likely take the kind of patience that people, these days especially, often do not have. I hope more and more people rise to the occasion and prove me wrong.



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I am following the Unique Healing Program and am finding it  highly transformative. How? Well, it is incrementally  healing my digestion and bowel function. I have spent most of my life dealing with my gut being uncomfortable, constipation, gas, etcetera. Unique Healing it is not an instant cure. As far as I know there is none. Instant cure for chronic conditions is a fantasy that does not exist. Some may think it exists because most people do not know what real bowel- digestive health is. The standard expectation for bowel health, health in general, is pretty low. Poor bowel health that has gone on for years or decades can not be healed during a weekend, week or month of colon cleansing or diet upgrades. One may find temporary relief, not complete healing.

Each of us are very different and the reason are endless. Much is due to what we inherited  from our parents, ancestral line. Those and many other factors determine how we heal and how we define health. What our nervous systems and general health  are able and willing to tolerate is completely subjective. I think we are all brainwashed into viewing our bodies like machines and comparing ourselves to others in the same way.


Is healthy the same as normal? Absolutely not. All answers depend on whom you speak with. When it comes to health that is very much the case. In the eyes of  allopathic physicians and drug companies the definition of health is tainted by expectations of sickness. I had one prominent GI doctor  [NYC] tell me that having one bowel movement every four days is normal for some people. Okay, so here are some other things that are “normal”:

1) Fecal matter smells and that is a nice word for stinks, and that  is normal. Is it healthy? No. Even according to the mainstream medical establishment it is normal because it is what most people experience.

2) It is healthy if your bowels are loose, as long as your bowels are moving. This is not true. Lack of form indicates the  lack of amount of healthy bacteria in your gut. If normal is loose it is not a good sign.

3) The color of your  bowels has to do with the color of the food you eat. Green food = green poop. If you eat beets they are red, etcetera. No, that just indicates that your digestion is weak and that you may have a bacterial infection.

4) Your diet will heal your bowels. This is something I believed to be true and it only brought me  many, many years of frustration and feelings of failure. For most, if not all people this is not the case. Better diet will suppress symptoms, but it will not help the GI tract  repopulate the microflora it needs. It will not heal leaky guts. I am still grappling with this, but I have experienced that it is true.

5) Colonics and bowel cleansing can heal your digestive woes. While they are helpful in eliminating toxins, they do not get to the heart of the problem. Again, diet does not either. If your digestion is wrecked by eating one “bad” food, then something is wrong on a deeper level. You will most definitely have to eat carefully [ specific for each person ] to not have symptoms triggered, until you do heal, while on The Unique Healing Program.

6) It is normal to always feel addicted to food and have to fight cravings. This is not true. It is also not healthy to stand on a soapbox  making others wrong for what they do. I feel health is  living life and not making food the problem. To constantly be on a vigilant look out for what is wrong is a big drain on having fun and creating a better world.

7) Farting is normal and should be expected, depending on what you eat. Yes, for the “normal” average person this may be true, but it is not a healthy normal. Most people would not agree with me on this. The level of gut health that most people experience is pretty low and  so deeply uninspired.

I could go on and on about all of this. Some of the conclusions I have come to are still  very painful for me to face. If any of this peaks your interest please read:

Unique Healing by Donna Pessin click here. Also, look at the 70+ videos that she has on youtube. You can read the first chapter of her first book online at her website.

Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates click here. A different approach, but one that is worth checking out. I did not find this approach to heal my digestive issues, but the information in the book is very informative and may work for you.

Books by Bernard Jensen click here  are worth looking into. I can not recommend one first hand. It has been years since I have read his materials. Good information.

These people  are not saying diet will  ultimately heal you, but that healing your GI tract allowing it to repopulate itself with healthy bacterial will. Dietary changes will assist in that happening. Eating better will be an easy choice. Things that were normally not edible without repercussions will, eventually, not upset your digestive terrain. This is a long term goal and one that is worth aspiring to. Take action!