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Most people giving health advice do not understand how to deeply heal the digestive system.  In my experience, that is an understatement.  Much of the advice that is given is very simplistic. Drinking green juices, taking herbs and proper food combining is on the high end of information. This is not going to give the vast majority of people, seeking better health, what they need for a complete healing. Complete healing, as I have come to understand it, could take 1 to 5 years. It is possible. For most, it is not an easy path, but one well worth the walk.

During my time as a colon therapist in NYC some of my clients were part of the Raw Food Community. Most of them had inflammation that made it uncomfortable to insert the speculum. After awhile, I began to think that these raw food eaters could not be adhering to the raw food diet and have such symptoms. If their diets were not made up of acid forming foods, why would they be having this problem? Inflammation was something I would see with people eating high carb, refined food diets. Eating a raw food diet without any fruit in it is usually very difficult for people. A raw diet that does not encourage candida [yeast] overgrowth is very challenging. I know, I did this for years.

Looking back, I realize I was not making a truly informed assessment of these raw food clients. I knew that any diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, which is highly cleansing, is going to help unload a huge amount of acidic waste and toxins. Toxins that are stored in the lymph system, organs and every cell of our bodies.  These people were not taking in enough, or anything, to absorb the amount of toxins [aka acids] that were being released into their bowels from their organs,etcetera. Substances like zeolite clay, sodium bentonite and maybe some other kind of clay, that I am not familiar with, is what I am referring to as agents of absorption. Something to capture the toxic matter and escort it out of the body.


If you are a person who has been eating a largely to completely organic raw food, vegan, vegetarian or macro diet and your digestion is still below par, you may want to consider the following:

If gas, bloating and fowl smelling bowels are something you are constantly experiencing you need something to help you absorb these toxins. Colonics and enemas are helpful, but do not get to the upper GI tract. Herbs, probiotics and other ways to manage infectious situations are something else to consider.

Cleansing symptoms that do not clear up are not a good sign. They can come and go and there are so many different reasons why people have these body reactions. Just putting up with them for years, in hopes that they will clear, is not the answer. Bad digestion because of consuming a “cleansing”  organic raw food, vegan, vegetarian, macro diet, is not a sufficient long term plan. Cleansing can happen and not be an obvious distraction. It may take time to get to that place. A healthy digestive system operates without constant monitoring and futzing with.

Our diets will not heal us. Often people feel much better after including more simple -cleanly prepared foods, but long term results are more limited. “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food” was written  before the Industrial Revolution. BTW, I am not saying that has no merit. However, diet alone will not heal  deep seated illnesses for the majority of people in this present world.

The toxins, pollutants, heavy metals in our water, air and earth, ancestral health, drugs given in childhood, where we lived growing up and SO  many more factors determine our health. How long symptoms of poor digestion linger is a red flag. Diet can help alleviate these symptoms, but for many it will not cure and heal their inner terrain.


Donna Pessin Unique Healing  [click here]. This is a very comprehensive plan for healing the gut. 70+ videos on youtube and an informative website. You do not have to spend a dime to get the gist of what she is saying. I am currently on this program.

Donna Gates Body Ecology Diet [click here] has valuable information about gut health and healing. She is specifically known for her understanding of Candida overgrowth.  Her protocol  is based on diet, kefirs, and fermented vegetables. Important information. I complied with this program for three years and it did not heal my gut. It may heal yours.





I purchased EDTA suppositories from Remedy Link a number of months ago. After two months of  use I discovered it was missing an essential component. The missing component is one that would escort out of the body the collected toxins out through the colon. Colonics, enemas and salt water flushes are what one of the wholesale distributors suggested [to me over the phone] to deal with this issue. That is telling me right there that these EDTA suppositories are lacking the absorption factor, that sodium bentonite clay would address. Zeolites may also be helpful. This was a big stumbling block for me in using these products.

Advising people to drink lots of water is inadequate advise for removing toxic substances from the body. An understatement. This is especially true for elimination of the  serious toxins these suppositories are said to unearth, and I believe they do. Individuals who need these suppositories already have problems, whether they realize it or not, with elimination. Drinking more water for people with weak guts places more pressure on their bladder and kidneys. Two organs that are already stressed from the intestines being weak. Think about it.

Colonics and enemas are not comprehensive enough.  They address the lower GI tract. Colonics and enemas DO take some pressure off the bodies ecosystem, but this is not resolved within the EDTA product itself. These suppositories are very strong. EDTA is designed to draw out and capture toxic matter. Drinking lots of water is not a realistic solution for getting the toxins out.  If I had not had a colonic unit available to me I would not have been able to use the products with the same beneficial results. Again, this is my experience.

One thing to make clear is that the suppositories are recommended to be used with two herbal products that Remedy Link sells. One is anti- bacterial /microbial  and the other is for stimulating the lymph system. EDTA is sold as an efficient way to capture heavy metals and other toxins and deliver them out of the body. I did not find the delivery part to be the case. The exit was not that simple. My experience is that detox symptoms did occur and were not addressed within the products themselves. This does not make the product a bust, however, something vitally important is missing.


If these suppositories were  accompanied by something to absorb what they loosen up, from all the systems of the body, the answer would be a thumbs up. Age can play a decisive factor in how these products work. How long a person has been exposed to heavy metals and more is very important. The sensitivity of the individual and how chronic their symptoms is a huge factor. Again, I have to stress the importance of revving up the absorption component. This was the major weakness with these products for my body, health history, and constitution.

In summary, I did find these product to dredge up lots of toxins. Missing was an adequate way of escorting  them out of the body. This would help alleviate many of the cleansing symptoms. This is why I got involved with Unique Healing Donna Pessin. These EDTA suppositories are cleansing. Cleansing is not healing.  The cleansing part is very important, but must be part of a more comprehensive way to help rebuild the gut. Our microflora is one of our very primary health protectors. Removing heavy metals is important for better health, but what is the next step? Cleansing is great if it is joined with healing and rebuilding.  I do feel that if products are necessary, with no end in sight, then real healing has not occurred. Rebuilding the gut is the answer.

More information about  how to rebuild gut health and the immune system: Donna Pessin  The Unique Healing is comprehensive and exacting. Also, Donna Gates The Body Ecology Diet. Important information on Candida and other bacterial infections, and how to begin to address them through dietary and lifestyle changes.

To learn more about Remedy Link. Despite any criticism I have expressed here, theses products are not to be discounted. It is important to understand their possible limitations.

One last thing: the stronger a persons digestion, health and constitution is the better theses EDTA suppositories may work for them. Ironically, people who seek out a way to absorb heavy metals, yeast, parasites are doing so because their digestion, etcetera is way below par.

As a Postscript 7/2014: I began The Unique Healing Program in March 2013. I find The Unique Healing Program to be the most comprehensive method to heal the bowel and body, remove heavy metals, bacterial – fungal infections and other pathogens from the body. The UHP is NOT a quick fix protocol. It takes time and dedication to do this program. Check it out and the many posts I have written about my experiences on The UHP here on my blog site.


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One of the things that I found really wonderful about talking with Donna Pessin is her ability to understand and solve chronic constipation. She really knows that people who are chronically constipated have a better chance of ending up doing her program. Why?  Because they/we really feel uncomfortable. People who have two or three unformed stools a day very often do not realize they have a problem. As I have said in some past posts, people who have regular bowel movements do not usually question the form, odor, gas, etcetera that they have. It is the norm. What is normal? These days having annoying skin conditions, cellulite, cramps, jock itch, allergies, cystic breasts, low sex drive, inability to gain or loose weight, urinary track infections, etcetera, is normal. Do  I want to be normal? Not if it means that. Do you?

I started writing this post because the word normal has haunted me for much of my life. Especially around health. In a world where having body parts removed as a preventive measure to avoid the possibility of having cancer is normal, I know normal needs to be redefined. I respect the choice of others, but I still believe that many of our decisions are based on fear and that, sad to say, is understandable.

So, in terms of this Unique Healing Program, staying healthy, aging well,we are as young as we feel, I am not sure what exactly is possible for the body. I have only been on this program for a couple of months. I do feel that the basic premise is one of healing and not patch working. What does that mean? Well, besides The Body Ecology Diet, I do not know of anyone that specifically addresses healing the gut in such straight forward way. In doing that the word normal is truly in question. For most people, in the USA, vegetables as a mainstay of the diet is not normal. So, ingesting sodium bentonite clay is really not in the realm of normal.

What is normal? Everyday television, magazines, films and the internet help define what we determine as normal. To question what is in the press concerning health and illness is really important. Facelifts,other plastic surgeries, removal of breasts, breast augmentations, lap band surgery, etcetera are reported upon regularly. These surgeries are linked to celebrities. Celebrities sell products. Normal is being redefined for us. Beware.

If ingesting bentonite clay, taking herbs and healing is not normal then I am okay with not  being normal.

Unique Healing by Donna Pessin click here.

Donna Gates and The Body Ecology diet click here.


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Mother Earth is truly remarkable. This may sound, to some, like  tree hugger talk. Not the case. In fact, many of the ingredients in Big Pharma drugs are derived from plants. What I am talking about is sodium bentonite clay. Sodium bentonite clay has the ability to absorb acids and toxins from the body and is very forgiving to the bodies tissues. What do I mean by that? Well, it can absorb things that would normally just fester and create more serious degenerative conditions. I see our planet in a very, very similar way. Our earth responds so positively to the healing efforts of our population and sodium bentonite has a similar response in the body when ingested.

The Unique Healing Program was something I initially rejected. Why? Well, because of the amount of clay that was being recommended by the author, Donna Pessin. As a colon therapist, I could not understand how this clay would move from the system in a timely way. I had used colon cleansing products that included some clay and found them to be constipating. What I have come to experience and understand is that it is the psyllium and other binders, types of clay, and some other ingredients in these cleanses can create back up. Maybe, and quite ironically, not enough of the right type of  clay is the problem.

I am going to wind this one up for now by saying that if the amounts of clay are one reason you are hesitant to do this program I can understand that. I tried using Edible Earth, Zeolites, Calcium Bentonite [Sonne]. For me, they were not effective as the Sodium Bentonite Donna Pessin has found. I did about three months of experimenting before buying the Unique Healing products.  I used one to three tablespoons as opposed to the 10 or more I am using today. These amounts are under the guidance of Donna Pessin.

Link here for more information about The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin.

Open your heart, open your mind and healing will take place.


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Donna Pessin has designed a program that, on the surface, appears to be about healing the body, and my experience is that it can do that. It is crazily sad that we are still living in a world where the mind and body are  being treated as separate entities by traditional medicine. If one listens closely to the warnings during the commercials for prescription drugs, it is very apparent that pharmaceutical companies and doctors know what is really going on. It is the public who chooses not to know. Just give me something to make this go away, so I can go on with my life without making any real changes. I really understand that way of thinking and feeling, BUT there is a big price to pay for it at some point. I am talking about cancer, senility, crippling arthritis and later life in a nursing home facility. It sadly seems that for many people this is considered an unavoidable outcome. Take the  drugs – meds and have a glass of wine, there is nothing you can do about it anyway. I don’t believe that.

What does any of  this have to do with eating sodium bentonite clay, taking herbs, colloidal silver and making dietary changes? Well, I guess you have to try The Unique Healing Program to know. Making the choice to be on this Unique Healing Program has been a real statement in my wanting to live differently. Differently from people within a similar age category of my own. We are talking mid 40’s to mid fifties and older. From what I see people are mostly just band aiding their ills. It has had me asking some very intense soul searching questions. How am I going to deal with people I know, family and friends succumbing to illness and aging painfully? What will I have in common with these people because I am challenging their core beliefs? Many are  currently on the before mentioned wine and prescription medical cruise.

While on The Unique Healing Program I have had reduction in joint pain, better sleep and clearer thinking. I have also had some difficult days as my body unloads toxins, and that part of the program is honestly outlined by Donna Pessin in her books and videos. I have feelings of sadness, confusion, that I have had before starting Unique Healing, be a bit of a roller coaster at times. I do see light at the end of this tunnel. What is a bit hard is to share this information with anyone other than my husband. I am truly fortunate that he has been willing to join me doing this program! A real gift, but not a necessity.

I guess the real question is how do we want to live? What is possible when there are very few role models telling us things can be different. I would like to lend support to others who are challenging the way they see family and friends aging. I have had the experience of knowing many people older than myself. It has been really, really hard to watch them suffer and then die an often obviously painful or seemingly numbed out death. Depressing, but true.

I took a couple of days off from writing any blog entries and came back to this one with a fresh take on what I had written. I know there are other people out there watching those around them not doing well as years go by. I do believe that The Unique Healing program addresses the absorption of toxins and other necrotic materials that stand in the way of feeling and looking better at the most gross level. I do not find this program easy to do, but I do feel supported by the books, videos and website, the expertise of Donna Pessin. I am feeling and seeing consistent results.  It has definitely not been all smooth sailing for me, but it may be easier for you.

To learn more about Donna Pessin and Unique Healing click here. 70 plus videos you can watch on youtube.