I have been following the Unique Healing Program for about four months. It has been helpful doing this  under the guidance of Donna Pessin, the originator of the program, however, it is not necessary. My experience with my health on UHP been rocky at times with continuous improvements. In the beginning there were set backs that were frustrating. Symptoms that I came to the program to resolve at times felt a bit worse. I can say that if you read the Unique Healing books and watch the videos most all of your questions can be answered. It does really help to have some sessions with Donna Pessin while doing the program. I have found her rates to be reasonable and accessible on her website.

As a postscript 3/2014:I have not had a session with Donna Pessin for about 5 months. I had about five between 3/2013 and 11/2013. Feeling pretty stable.

Recently I have seen signs of things really improving. The major one being that I can eat more carbohydrates without my symptoms worsening and many continuing to improve. It is a huge relief for me not to have to plan a day trip around my food restrictions. The ingestion of clay and herbs  has really helped to bring into control food craving. I really feel confident that this program is all that I have been looking for to achieve health freedom.

As a postscript, at the one year mark 3/2014: I have had to cut back on carbs considerably at times to feel better, but am able to add them back intermittently without a symptoms flaring up.

Whatever your age there is definitely hope for better health, humor and connection with the world. Feeling lousy clouds my vision of what is possible. I truly mean this. I deeply feel, through my own experience, that all people who are exposed to the media are seeing the world through the eyes of poor health. A paranoid, negative hopelessness that is pervasive. And I am talking about both the right and the left sides of the media.

I see the world I am, not as it is. This statement [Judy Byrne] really has more meaning to me now than ever before. When people are in love they see the world really differently.  It does not matter what their age may be. This is the most universal example I can think of.

Donna Pessin Unique Healing Program click here. Two books 70 +  videos on youtube.

Judy Byrne, UK based EFT practitioner click here.