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My advice concerning telling family and friends about The Unique Healing Program, in hopes that they will join in is, DON’T. Like myself, if you realize you need this program, then put your energy into healing, not convincing. Or, tell people without any expectations. Yeah, right.

Many people, mostly women, tend to put others first. Generalizations aside, this is my experience as a female. More importantly, this program is not easy to do. Those who choose to do it need to find supportive influences. With that said, the program has an element of truth to it that anyone who is willing will see. However, The Unique Healing Program can be threatening to the way most people live. It will bring into question some very deep seated food, lifestyle, and behavioral patterns – addictions.  Intimate relationships, other family ties, and friendships will be effected in some way. Change is uncomfortable for most everyone.

I have fallen into this desire of wanting to share The Unique Healing Program with people I care about. Some have health issues that could greatly benefit.  I have done this with a velvet glove and still felt the thorns. Learning to know when not to push things has been part of my journey. Looking back The Unique Healing Program is probably one in 50 or more things I have shared with people over the past 30 years. I have some experience with this subject of sharing.

In summary, if you do feel the desire to share this program with people [one on one]  be aware of your attachment to the outcome. That is, for most individuals. very hard to do. All the power to you, if you can. The other thing is to do the program for one year, go through all four seasons so you know what you are talking about.

I sent links for Donna Pessin’s website to about 5 people over a period of six month. I did this twice during that time frame and never heard back via email or was it mentioned when I spoke to these same people over the phone. I attached a communication with the emails saying how the program has helped me. Fortunately, at this point in my life, I know not to go there again. Did they get the emails? Probably.

PS: These are some of  the same people I had told about The Body Ecology Diet, a much more palatable approach to improving gut health. I was not met with the warmest reception for that one either.

If you do the program and the results will eventually speak for themselves. It is going to take some time and effort to reap the rewards.


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After hearing about The Unique Healing Program, I took in the website, watched the videos and ordered one of two books. I then tried doing my own version of Donna Pessin’s protocol. I had zeolite clay, antiparasitic herbs, grapefruit seed extract, progesterone cream, B12 and some of the other things she recommends. I got some results and instinctively knew, after a couple of weeks, that I would get much more with the Unique Healing Products and Donna Pessin’s personal help. BTW, it is not a must to have personal consultations with Donna, but it does help in the beginning.

As a colon therapist I have treated many people and was at times bewildered. Bewildered by what I heard clients tell me, and  what I saw come out of them. Sometimes I thought I had a theory going and then someone would blow the lid right off of it. A very brief list of what I experienced goes like this:

A person has approximately three bowel movements a day for 35 – 50 years, does not overeat and has a huge gut. They do not drink alcohol and they have a very unhealthy seeming liver. Male and female. You can have cirrhosis without being a heavy drinker, that usually surfaces much later on in life

Rail [social x-ray] thin individual, eats all the time, pretty much whatever they want. Is chronically constipated with a very, very flat stomach. No, they are not eating and purging.  Have known several of these people. Where is it going? Mostly female. Crazy to me at the time that hardly anything came out during the colonic. Dangerous situation and confusing to everyone involved. I am sure parasites were a big player in these situtations. Try telling someone of that description that they have parasites! Would not go over well.

Eats no yellow or orange foods and everything is coming out orange and yellow. I mostly connected that to a pancreatic, liver, gallbladder, bile restraint issue.

Eats no green superfoods, many vegetables. Fecal matter is very dark green or black. M/F.

Eats lots of beets and nothing is red. Mostly females.

Eats a very small amount of beets and when they do everything is red and remains so for a few days after… Not blood.

Eats a raw food – vegan diet, they say low in sugar [probably not]. Their system is so acidic it is hard to insert the speculum. This made more sense to me then the others. Punched some holes in eating a mostly raw food diet. Why? Without absorbing all the acids from this cleansing diet the toxins do not get eliminated and are reabsorbed. Very dangerous and a widespread situation that is not just among raw food eaters, both M / F.

This group eats fish, chicken, eggs, sometimes cheese and or a bit of red meat. Lots and lots of salads and vegetables, no carbs, no junk food. With all that they are very constipated. They take probiotics, exercise, drink water. Okay, so they are just wound up so tight they can not poop. That is a dismissive and sarcastic diagnosis. Most people who eat that way for some very specific reasons. Number one, because if they eat carbs they gain weight. Secondly, they have better energy. Thirdly, they can think clearly. Whatever you feel about people eating animal meat, this diet should not yield constipation, yet it often does.

Tip of the iceberg. The above list is not at all complete. My mind was always full of ideas and question marks as to why these people were so contradictory to me. Why I was so contradictory to me! Candida, dehydration, pancreatic disease / diabetes approaching, obviously poor digestion, hormone imbalances, heavy metal overwhelm, some very sluggish livers, parasite infestation, etcetera. An occasional colonic was not going to solve their problems, nor were dietary adjustments or even a complete dietary overhaul.

If you have read any of my other blog posts you will understand the many cleansing and healing modalities I am personally familiar with. My experience lead me, toward the end of my time giving colonics, to encourage some clients to buy their own home colonic unit. I really did not know what else to tell them. Eating a very cleansing diet, juicing, juice feasting, fasting on any level was, in my opinion and experience, dredges up way more toxins than their already very overwhelmed organs of elimination could deal with. All their organs.

Donna Pessin The Unique Healing Program. Do the research and see if it resonates with you. The body needs something, lots of something, to sop up the huge amounts of environmental toxins we are all exposed to. Not to mention the other chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides. There are many circulating in our air, water and earth. Sodium Bentonite Clay is that element of absorption and ONE essential part of The Unique Healing Program.

The Unique Healing Program is not a magic bullet. It does take time, effort, patience and a sense of determination. It is not a lifetime program or way of life, but the results can be life changing.


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In my experience, in the past 30 or more years, of researching ways to heal digestive inconsistencies [feeling lousy] I have observed many things. It is not easy for me to generalize, but after these years of clinical and personal experience, I can stand behind my words here.

What I am about to write is my whittling down the choices people with daily digestive complaints make in order to feel well enough to function in the world. What do I mean by digestive complaints? Acid reflux, burping, gas, bloating, constipation, loose bowels, bad smelling feces, IBS, candida overgrowth, out of control appetite to very little. This is the short list.


There are two basic camps: Those who take meds to eat what they like and the people who eliminate one food after another to seek relief. The extreme cases that are becoming more and more common. The latter group most very often ends up having a short list of foods they can ingest without triggering symptoms. They often have many rules about when, where, and how to eat. I am not commenting, in this post, on the “cast iron stomachs of this world” or moderate eaters with or without strong digestive health.

If you are able and willing to recognize that there is a possibility that the body can heal,  you are many steps ahead of most people. Digestive problems are the beginning of way, way bigger health concerns. They are the often ignored red flag that much more serious problems are brewing. The imminent danger of these situations depends on the level of pain and location of the problem in the Alimentary Canal – GI Tract. Colon cancer is usually not diagnosed because the bar is so very, very low when determining gut health.


The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates is one book to research. This program stresses probiotics, kefirs, food choices and offers a perspective that needs to be heard. I did this program for three years and it did not resolve my constipation problem.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is the program that I highly recommend as a complete healing of digestive health. So much free information,videos about her program. She has two books that thoroughly explain how and why it works.

Pharmaceutical medications mask symptoms and allow people to continue to ingest the foods, chemicals and medications that cause these discomforts or what I prefer to call them, warning signs.  This is all done without healing the inflamed tissue in the digestive tract. This “protocol” eventually, without a doubt, creates some very, very, very serious illnesses throughout the body.

Ironically, and most hard to understand for many, dietary supplements, dietary changes and other natural approaches do not result in complete healing. Why? The absorption of acids and toxins and healing of the gut is not fully addressed. Please look at other posts that I have written that address this issue and check out Donna Pessin The Unique Healing Program.

Again, in order to get well a person has to be open to the idea that healing is possible. Healing and masking symptoms are not the same thing.


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Since beginning the Unique Healing Program, which I started under the guidance of Donna Pessin, in March of this year, I have had many realizations. Some of these realizations have been quite painful. To explain what and why is not something I am capable of writing about in one or two blog posts, so I am going to share them when I am able.


I remember dating a couple of people who pointed out that the people eating in Health Food Restaurants looked sick. Many of them were. However, at the time those commnets got me upset. I did not want to be lumped in with sick people. I was seeking a healthier way of eating because my gut did not work efficiently, and I did not feel well after eating. I did not look “sick”. Taking a drug to deal with poor digestion and constipation did not, even then, seem right to me.


In the beginning eating a macro based vegetarian diet was my solution. Chewing each mouthful until the food was liquified was another strategy, and not a bad place to start. Colonics soon came with juicing, juice feasting, a raw food diet, Ejuva Colon Cleanse, wheat grass, Rise and Shine Cleanse, parasite cleanses, Gallbladder and Liver Flushes, Viktor Kulvinskas [remember him?] and the list goes on.  When none of that restored my gut I discovered The Body Ecology Diet. Making kefir, sauerkraut and other cultured foods was a part of my life for a few years. My gut did not completely heal. Translation: I was still constipated.

Emotional work, EFT, TAT, traditional therapy was part of my journey all along the way, as well. I often felt that this was all helpful, but other people were way “crazier” than me and their digestion did not seem to suffer. Well, it probably did, but that is a whole other discussion. Anyway, this problem with my gut was greatly physical. Emotional issues beginning at prenatal time and throughout my life contributed to my problems, no doubt. Deep down I knew that the answer was something that needed to be addressed primarily on a biological level.

Doing the Unique Healing Program has driven home to me that diet does not always or ever completely heal illness.  It can help make people feel better, but most who seek a diet that is severe in restrictions are probably consciously or unconsciously aware that some underlying malady is lurking.

If you are someone who has changed their diet for the better, then all the more power to you. If you are someone who has changed their diet and has hit a wall with healing digestive, skin, sleep, dental or other “non life threatening” issues  or some that are, then you need to do something different.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is something to research and seriously consider. This program has been NO cakewalk for me. Just look at the videos, site and books. Her program is about regaining health through healing the gut.

Visit a nursing home, a few times if necessary, and then ask yourself if  this is how you want to spend your life? It is where many, many people are headed. Either there or a hospital. Sadly, for many, this is an accepted reality. Think about it.


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I have so much information for healing and healthier living. Some of it I share with extended family, friends, long term acquaintances, and people that I meet. Most I do not.  That is my one major interest for having a blog. My reluctance for sharing my ideas and findings outside the blog are not imagined. They do come from  my experiences professionally and socially.


If people allow themselves to find out that their non- medical and medical health choices may have been unnecessary or ineffective it can be very, very upsetting. A primary example is the removal of an organ or other body part, the taking of a drug protocol that did not produce results and other ramifications. I also need to include long time dietary practices and some alternative therapies that promise results which go unrealized. To entertain the idea that these decisions were not the only way to go and, maybe, were not physically necessary is often devastating. Many families and friends have deep connections that revolve around sharing illness and treatment. A form of bonding. The backlash to even writing something like this can be very unpleasant. It is the equivalent of turning oneself into a verbal punching bag, or just being shunned by others.

There are many ways to heal and the word healing is different for everyone. I believe there is a program that can be an answer for many. For those who are willing to invest  energy and research and patience the gifts can be great. The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. 70+ videos, two books and a website to investigate. Take your time, it has been highly worthwhile for me. No quick fix, but great rewards. Doing the program is usually a commitment of at least one year, most likely more.

As a Postscript 3/2014: I have been on The Unique Healing Program for over one year and am reaping the benefits. It is a program that takes patience and belief that deep healing can occur. I have written other posts since this one last October. They are designed to be helpful to those who are thinking about making this jump.


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In order to get well it is helpful, maybe necessary, to have an open mind. For people who are currently under the care of a physician, but want other support, there are options that can be of great help. The first step is to be willing to consider – believe the idea that real help exists outside the medical paradigm. The second is to be confident in your choice by doing thorough research. Did you do that kind of research with your current western medical treatment? That may be something you did or did not do. Often people feel they have no choices. Getting a second opinion within the medical world is part of that equation. Something to seriously reflect upon.

Western medicine can be supported by treatment that exists outside of their everyday experience. A doctor that is not willing to do any research on supplemental help, I believe, should be considered suspect. Do not be afraid of authority. This is a hard one for most people.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is something to THOROUGHLY research if you are looking for healing while under the care of a physician. Having an appointment with Donna Pessin is an absolute necessity in this situation. Taking sodium bentonite clay with allopathic drugs and treatments is something that people do. It needs to be specifically addressed, in this case, by Donna Pessin.

If you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired The Unique Healing Program can be a great healing force. It renews the GI tract and draws out long time toxic elements that reside within our cells and tissues. IT IS NOT A QUICK FIX. The Unique Healing Program, when broken down and and analyzed, is just plain common sense.

Healing involves soul searching. For me it has brought up sadness for all the years that  I “wasted”. Of course that is not really true, but it is  how I feel at times. I do know there is hope and healing is possible.

There are people who are part of The Unique Healing Program that take prescribed medications. It is really imperative to consult with Donna Pessin if you want to begin The Unique Healing Program and are under the care of a physician. She has vast experience with people of all ages and health concerns.


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Exposure to environmental toxins is a major contributing factor in the decline of mental acuity. That is a dressed up way of saying that what people are eating, drinking and breathing are the major contributors to their being unfocused. Long term lack of focus, senility, dementia, mental illnesses and serious neurological dysfunctions need to be seen as preventable and not inevitable. I believe this viewpoint needs to be applied to all illnesses. So, where to start?

The following protocols provide great insight into how environmental toxins effect us. Even more important they tell us what to do at most any stage of illness.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is a complete detoxification and digestive healing program. The use of sodium bentonite clay is one of the main components of this protocol. Check it out and understand why it is truly unique.

Postscript 3/2014: I have been on The UHP for one year and have a definite improvement in my mental capabilities. This is a huge part of why I decided to do The UHP, and I continue to see results. The UHP is NOT a quick fix and needs a commitment of AT LEAST one year.

The Body Ecology Diet I feel I have to mention this program because it does educate many people. The books and products are first rate. My caveat is that the people that this program would most help to completely heal would not know they truly have a problem. What does that mean? Many people assume that indigestion, gas, one or more regular stinky poops a day, burping, rashes, occasional constipation and loose stools, vaginal infections, rectal itching, mild depression are NORMAL. BTW, this list is abbreviated.

Bottom line: Unless your digestive woes get in the way of your functioning [aka medical diagnosis sick] there is nothing wrong with you. And even then, if drugs or antibiotics can clear it up you are good to go.

LL’s Magnetic Clay for products and information about detoxification with clay in the form of baths and packs.

Do the research yourself. If you like, read other blog posts I have written. Then make a decision for yourself.  If you are able, open your mind to the idea that what is defined as normal today, by mainstream health professionals and pharmaceutical companies, is not a model for true health. The bar is very, very low.