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I had written in a past post that I was using MMS as a replacement for the colloidal silver that Donna Pessin, guru and originator of The Unique Healing Program, recommends. Just to reiterate, I did ask Ms. Pessin about using MMS as a replacement and she did not discourage me. She did acknowledge that it is an anti-fungal agent.


If you are taking any kind of over the counter or prescriptive medications, thoroughly research how MMS reacts with these substances. Just something to consider.


Probably one reason that Donna Pessin does not have MMS in her arsenal for slaying infection is because is tastes like Clorox. MMS becomes Chlorine Dioxide when mixed with an acid substance. It can cause nausea when taken in doses that are larger than the receiver can deal with. You many already know this info. If you are considering taking it really read up and follow the directions. Taking less MMS is more effective as you begin. Why? Because you will be able to stick with the process and get the most benefits in the long run. Who wants to feel nauseous all the time?


I did use MMS a few years ago. I did get up to 11 drops over a period of a couple of weeks or so. This time was / is very different. Why this is so I an not completely sure. This is what happened and is happening taking MMS while on The Unique Healing Program:

I began the day taking it on an empty stomach and started out with 3 drops because I had done it before and got up to 11. Big mistake. Got nauseated about the third day. Also, I waited about two hours after taking the MMS before taking the Bowel Strength Herbs. In my estimation, the MMS acted as a catalyst with the herbs and probably contributed to the nausea. I then reversed the process, taking the herbs first. Felt the nausea, order made it worse, or your guess is as good as mine. I was doing this MMS protocol at a point in The Unique Healing Program where I had just gotten past feeling nausea in the mornings. This was about 5 months into the program. One thing for sure, The Unique Healing Program plays out differently for each person participating. I did not find the Colloidal Silver to be effective in alleviating the nausea after  20 usages of Donna’s brand and strength and other extended protocol use. UHP CS taken in the doses Donna Pessin had recommended was just not cost effective for me / us long term.


I find taking the MMS after eating food is the best time. I did some research about this and I do not think it effects the potency, but not taking it at all is the other non-option / option. Taking it and following it up with something to eat can help. I would not take MMS with anything spicy or the other substance that are known to nullify the strength of MMS.  One needs to  read the MMS literature if using it.

Time of day seems to matter, but who knows. First thing in the morning did not work for me, does not work for me. Late morning, middle of the day or early evening does. Again, this is my experience. It is soooooo different for everyone.

As a Postscript to this post 4/2914: I am able to take MMS first thing in the morning. I have to say my reaction and ongoing protocol is a work in progress.

What else? I struggle with timing all the ingredients of being on The Unique Healing Program. The MMS is not something I always manage to fit in. I have seen some backing off of symptoms using MMS, but I can not attribute that all to the MMS alone. At this point I have been on The Unique Healing Program for 9 months and I think that has much to do with things getting better. Donna Pessin’s Bowel Strength really is the bomb. More on that in a later post. Yes, I do feel the MMS is helping with my gut healing and lessening the residual symptoms.


I am on a four drop a day dose. Going above that has been hard and this process is hard enough, even though I am grateful for it. I would do one drop a day rather than nothing. It is worth trying. MMS. It is way more economical than the Colloidal Silver that Donna Pessin makes available.  Also, I have made my own Colloidal Silver using the Sota System. Link below.


I do give my basset hound MMS in his food. He is 55 lbs. The chihuahua I have to be careful with. She has thrown up, but I am going to try again since she will have nothing to do with the Bowel Strength herbs. I do give the basset the BS herbs a day, but not anywhere near the time I give him the MMS.

Update on the Chihuahua: I have given her the Colloidal Silver that I / we make in her food and give  her as water. I have to add a bit of food to her CS or regular water  to get her to drink it. With only the Sodium Bentonite Clay, no herbs, and the CS her stools are beginning to turn brown more often. I ddi have her on a Probiotic of 30 million a day for several month which I am sure helped. The CS has been consistent for 4 -5 months and within the past two months in everything she ingests. She is 5 years old, looks and acts  like a puppy.

Sota Instruments Silver Pulser for making your own Colloidal Silver. It will not reach the potency of what Donna Pessin The Unique Healing Program sells. We have measured ours up to 325 parts per million in half gallon Ball jar that we use. Cover the jar of CS or keep it in a dark space after making it.

As a Postscript:ñ 4/2014 A more effective Colloidal Silver home model is the SilverGen check it out here. I have heard from people involved in UHP that it is easy to use and the CS is effective. Not nearly as strong as the CS from UHP. The information about SG online will explain the PPM, etcetera.

To measure the strength of Colloidal  I have the Aquapro Water tester. The Aquapro I have can measures up to 5,000 part per million per million. Upon writing this I am not completely clear as to what parts per million measurement exactly means. Is it per teaspoon, tablespoon, or the whole bottle. Will try to clarify this asap. If you know the answer please email me.


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One major reason people do not make deep changes in their lives is because it brings up feelings of remorse, and that is painful. This is my observation. One of the hardest things about doing The Unique Healing Program is facing all the years that have gone by feeling less than well. All the money spent on things that did not work. These products, diets, cleanses, healing sessions kept me, on the short term, from more serious ills. At the least they kept them at bay.

These feelings of remorse are especially hard when going through the healing process.  When feeling crappy it is very upsetting to recognize that what we thought was healing us was sometimes actually doing harm. This is most especially true for those of us who believed our diet, herbs, colonics, cleanses. juice fasts, juice feasts, colon cleanses, clean eating, etcetera were the answer to heal and ultimately avoid serious health issues. Well, what was the alternative? Drugs, surgeries, hormone replacement therapy, etcetera. There was not any offered by doctors, that is for damn sure!

If you thought your diet was going to cure you, give you perfect digestion and it has not, do something different. I do believe that The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is worth one year of a my time to begin to see a difference and live a way healthier life.

If Traditional Medicine is what you have been pursuing, The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin can most definitely work for you, as well. Read the books, watch the videos to learn more. Then reread the books watch the  videos again and again and… Not to sound obnoxious, it will help!

Read my other blog posts for more detailed information about how, why this program has worked for me and why other things have not.


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For anyone reading this blog who is either considering doing The Unique Healing Program, or on the road looking for some support while doing it, you are not alone. The Unique Healing Program can often be a lonely journey, but I know it will have an end point. I can honestly say that I am just beginning to see some consistent improvement. I have  more days when I am feeling better. With that said, the health of my GI tract and body has not been completely restored. With my gut history it would be insane to expect it to be. For me the main step in remaining on this program is believing I will heal when feeling really lousy. Amen!

The changes that are asked to be made by The Unique Healing Program are ones that most always really threaten those around us. Food addiction runs so very, very deep. These addictions are greatly complicated by toxic elements in our food, water and air. Family events, relationships and so much are based on sharing types of food. This is such a complex subject. Changing how and what we eat can cause great turmoil within us and with those around us. It is understandable and, at the same time, sadly ludicrous.

Individuals returning from the armed forces, exposed to so many toxic elements, would really benefit from The Unique Healing Program. The intake of Sodium Bentonite Clay is the primary ingredient that causes me to say this. I am not sure why I felt so compelled to mention this now, but there it is.


Feeling better on The Unique Healing Program is a as complex as each individual who embarks upon it. What I really appreciate about Donna Pessin, and her approach, is that she does not dwell on what has happened in the past with her patients.There is an extensive intake form, so she is aware. However, even with that information, it is impossible for anyone to know specifically what has caused so many of us to be unhealthy,  uncomfortable in our own skin and diseased.

Donna Pessin’s confidence in her protocol is derived from long term experience with clients. That The Unique Healing Program has worked for Ms. Pessin is evident in her ability to interact with so patients daily. Complaining, agitated, sick individuals  annoyed that their healing is not happening  fast enough are the majority of her client base. Day to day she remains politely patient and on point. She is the best advocate for The Unique Healing Program. I am not advocating her  sainthood here.

My days on The Unique Healing Program have been, at times rocky. The more uncomfortable symptoms are lessening in their intensity. This pattern is reflected by whatever toxic elements are being drawn from all of my organs and tissues. This is predicated by the particular time of day, season, cycle of the moon [full – new] and much more. A fascinating process that I am grateful to have found.

If you are on the fence about doing The Unique Healing Program, just take note if what others will think, say and do is causing you to not take action. You are not alone with these concerns. In the end The Unique Healing Program will only make your life easier because you will feel so much better in the most intrinsic way.


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As a Postscript 4/2014: I have come to believe that good health is when how you feel in your physical body only compliments your life and doesn’t distract from it. This is a process and how we interpret what I just wroteis relative. I think that age and looks take a back seat to determining how one feels about themselves. I truly mean this. I am sure that really healthy people see themselves as attractive. They feel good and that is almost the whole thing right there. Without offending anyone, that is all I am going to say about that.


I more regularly have major revelations about my life while doing The Unique Healing Program. It is important that I say I was that kind of person before I began The Unique Healing Program in March of 2013.

The most recent eye opener for me is the depth of emotional turmoil I put myself in by comparing myself to others. This is not a good idea anyway, but in terms of my health it kept me blinded to how not well I really was. A complicated personal set of facts that are not as important as this one thing I can share: I can always find someone who is worse off than I am to compare myself to. Especially easy for me because I was a colon therapist, bodyworker and yoga teacher living in New York City. So many people and such extreme diversity.

There are many levels of this kind of comparing, but for those who are in the holistic health field it can be a real trap. To also believe that your diet is going to protect you from becoming ill is probably not the case. It can buy you some time and help make you feel better, for awhile.  I say this because of the environmental toxins that we are all exposed to. This is where Sodium Bentonite Clay and the other products that Donna Pessin sells comes into play.

To learn more about The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin and her many videos, books and generous website do the clicking thin



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In Donna Pessin’s books, The Unique Healing Program 1 and 2,  she mentions that the body heals in gradations. When I spoke to her a couple of months ago, she mentioned that the bladder and kidneys are the last to heal. She also mentioned that the circulation in the legs would be examples of the healing of these organs happening farther down the line. This means that varicose, spider veins, swelling of legs, etcetera would take longer for improvement.


Since the kidneys filter the blood and the adrenal glands are located right above them I can understand why this might be one reason K/B is the last to heal. Both these organs, working in tandem, are really taxed by stress of all kinds.


The winter season is when the kidney and bladder imbalances can be most strongly felt. It is when the health or lack of health of these organs may be experienced. Intolerance for the season, feeling really tired, and much more. I know people living in colder climates may experience these imbalances much more obviously. I currently live in the desert of Southern California and have felt the effects of our seasonal change. The temperature and winter weather differences are laughable for those living in the middle of the country, and northeast. With that said, they still are felt. 30 degrees at night is cold for the people living here, and is a shock after 80 to 100 degree night temps not so long ago.

The environmental element for winter is water and the organs that are often most effected, as I mentioned earlier, are kidney/ bladder. This is a very simplistic explanation of this Traditional Asian Theory of Organ / Season relationships.The book Between Heaven and Earth [Beinfield / Korngold] explains Traditional Asian Medical Theory in detail.

My main point is that our inner environment responds to the seasons. We are part of this earth ecosystem. I know from my own body, clients I had over the years, friends and family that the less well we are the more strongly these seasonal changes are felt . They are not looked forward to as challenges and are often really dreaded. This makes living on this realm not as enjoyable as, I firmly believe, it is meant to be. I deeply recognize that the disturbing climate changes we are all experiencing are frightening, especially the recent events in the Philippines, Hurricane Sandy, Irene and the devastation in the Gulf Coast of the USA / Louisiana. The list of frequent catastrophic weather events is getting longer and longer…


The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is giving me back my sense of confidence in this world. This may sound ludicrous to some people. Feeling healthy, vibrant, flexible, determines how I see the world. It also, very much, effects how I feel the world sees me. This program is changing my life. Sometimes I feel  it is happening too slowly, and realize that my lack of patience is an aspect of my less than stellar health. These feelings are completely understandable in myself and others.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is worth the time and effort of any person, and especially for those experiencing being sick of being sick and tired. There are over 70 videos by Ms. Pessin about her program, and a  free excerpt from her book to read on her site. Give it a look. It may and answer for you!




I have been using MMS, aka Chlorine Dioxide, to replace Colloidal Silver as part of the treatment for the infection in my GI tract. I did run this by The Unique Healing Program author Donna Pessin, She acknowledged knowing about the anti fungal properties of MMS. There was no overt encouragement or any discouragement for using MMS from Ms. Pessin.

I have used MMS before and found it helpful. At the time I was not ingesting Sodium Bentonite Clay. Sodium Bentonite Clay has the ability to  absorb the toxins and acids that the body emits daily. I have greatly  benefitted taking Sodium Bentonite Clay while using MMS. A person must meet the criteria for the MMS protocol. Link provided below.

I am also giving MMS to our Basset Hound, Lester J. Smith along with Sodium Bentonite Clay, and Bowel Strength. Information on pets and MMS can be found on the link below.

To learn more about MMS and decide whether it is something you are interested in trying click here. There is a great deal of fear, from some, around making any claims about MMS. This is due to the overwhelming positive feedback from people who are using it, and that one can make it themselves. The FDA has taken notice in a big way.

Donna Pessin The Unique Healing Program click here.

I wish the FDA would crack down on the prescription med’s that are advertised on television. The products that have a laundry list of heinous things that can go wrong from ingesting them. Sadly funny.