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My hope is that anyone reading this post will approach it with an open mind. I am writing this because I know football is not going away any time soon. I have personally done things that could produce serious injury to the body and completely understand the love of contact sports, dance, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing. The list is long.

It may seem like a stretch to correlate The Unique Healing Program with the PBS Frontline documentary: League of Denial / The NFL Concussion Crisis. As the title says, concussions and related symptoms is what this documentary is primarily about. About half way into the film there is a segment showing the results of a brain specimen cross sectioned. The donated brain shows discovery of  severe inflammation and calcifications throughout the brain tissue. These specimens were donated for a medical study at Boston University. The brains dissected are those of football players of a variety of ages. One is of a high school player, another college age and the others are of NFL pros.

It seems clear to me that calcifications appear in the body for a number of reasons. One reason the body produces calcifications is to protect itself from inflammation. Donna Pessin says something really important in one of her books or videos that nails it. Goes something like, you don’t blame fireman for causing an arson when you find them at the scene of the fire. Calcifications, in many instances, are like fireman, they are there to buffer the acids / inflammation that our bodies are producing for various reasons. They do not cause the problem.

My father had a sub dermal hematoma in his teens while participating in high school boxing. He went on to play hockey, wrestle. Maybe even continued to box. I hope not. I have first hand experience with his seizures and unpredictable behaviors during the full span of my life. I never knew which of his moods / personalities I would be encountering. He had a stroke at 78 and lived until the age of 83. Through helping him after his stroke I came to understand him better. A truly unfortunate blessing for me.

If you are someone in your life has had brain injuries it would benefit you to read The Unique Healing Program books and look at the videos. Videos are free online. To understand this information it is important to recognize that inflammation is inflammation. Ongoing pain in the body means that there is a deeper underlying problem.

One thing that is barely mentioned in the film NFL League of Denial is the underlying part. Poor diet, pain medications, body building supplements, steroids, recreational drugs and alcohol all play a huge role in weakening the immune systems of athletes. This unhealthy acidic condition, I am sure, contributes to the findings of the calcifications and inflammations in the brains of these football players. I am NOT saying that the brutal blows are not a major component in the findings. As ironic as this may sound to many, a healthy body is not what many athletes are working with in this present day. Would we know the state of these athletes brains if it was not for these donated brains being examined? No. Period. End of story.

Click here to view The PBS Frontline League of Denial: The NFL Concussion Crisis online.

Crash Reel is another film to view about head trauma. This is a snow boarding documentary from HBO about Kevin Pearce. A very compelling story about head injury, the sport of snow boarding and an inspiring family. Probably on netflix? I saw it on HBO on Demand. If you have anyone in your family who has Down’s Syndrome, this film will be very inspiring. One of the members of the Pearce family has DS.


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If you are part of The Unique Healing Program or researching and have ear pain, scaling, draining, cracking skin, redness and more, you are not alone. There are many symptoms I have observed with my own ears before starting The Unique Healing Program and during. Good news is that I have experienced progressive improvement while doing The Unique Healing Program. As I have said in other posts, we are all so different. My symptoms and level of healing on The Unique Healing Program are mine alone. Hopefully what I share here will be of some assistance to the reader.

Here is a link that gives a brief summary of the connection between the ears and the lymph system. If your ears drain or are more problematic at night this link will be insightful.

My story is that I had swollen glands as a child, enough times to imprint the memory. I did not have my tonsils removed. I also grew up in a house that felt cold and damp. We definitely had a mold problem. In my adult years I still had some gland sensitivity. This sensitivity remained even after years of cleansing, macro, vegan, low glycemic fruit, no fruit, colonics, blah, blah, and more blah. All of these actions gave me many years of some digestive improvements, but no consistent gut health. What does that mean? I had on and off constipation and indigestion.  There are more things that I feel relate back to and contribute to my adult ear issues and weak lymph system.  Childhood dental work, family health/sickness history, environmental conditions. This is an endless rabbit hole.


During the time I have been part of The Unique Healing Program I have experienced my ear itching, skin splitting, scaling become  progressively less intense. Many of my symptoms get worse around seasonal changes and just prior to the full moon. On the Unique Healing Program for, at this point, 9 months I do experience less symptoms with each month and season. Ear ringing in my left ear has improved. It is something I experienced on and off and mostly at night.

Along with The Unique Healing Program, I have steamed my head with  ginger water, used different herbal ointments to lubricate my ears. Using a netti pot [nose] and baby ear bulb syringe[ears] to alleviate symptoms has helped. Also, I have an Infrared Dome that I use to bake my head under. Feels really good, sort of like lying in the morning sun on a beach. I have also found that packing my neck with Aztec Healing Clay [bentonite not for ingestion] or LL’ Magnetic Clay [the one labeled for sensitive- this stuff is strong] can help as well. I do not leave it on more than 20 minutes. Follow the directions and experiment with the timing.

Ingestion of too many carbs and just whatever is coming down the proverbial pike [look at Donna Pessin’s videos if you do not know what this means] really spike my symptoms. Again, this seems to be especially tweaked around the full moon, seasonal changes. Dental work or exposure to other toxins would cause reactions.

As a Postscript: As of 5/2014 about, 14 months into UHP I have significantly less ear issues. Really remarkable improvement with my ears and sleep. One thing that has greatly helped me is taking GABA. Look at UHP videos on GABA. I take amounts of 3,000 to 6,000 mg at a time and this has helped tremendously. I regret not being more aggressive with GABA. I am not taking any prescriptive meds. Those who are need to talk to Donna Pessin, do thorough research or speak with a Physician or other Healthcare Practitioner who understands the effects of GABA when taking medications, etcetera.


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There is really no comparing The Unique Healing Program with The Body Ecology Diet. They are very different in their approach. For me it is quite simple The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is a complete detox program that heals the entire GI system and body. That may seem like a bold thing to say, but I am sure it is the case for the people who are able to  see the full course of UHP protocol. This is at least a one year commitment. At the least.

The Body Ecology Diet is a program I have personal experience with. I complied with the program for three years. My diet was vegetables raw and steamed, avocado, eggs, some nut butter, a bit of fish, cultured vegetables, fermented coconut kefir, coconut oil and  olive oil,  spirulina and chlorella. I was really determined to do the BED program to the best of my ability and heal my gut. My gut did not heal. My bowels did not become more regular. I kept waiting for this to happen. I also accompanied this program with colonics, green juices, green smoothies, zeolite clay. It was fun : ) . Some of my other blog posts go into more detail about my diet history, etcetera. My log of experience for over 25 years previous to BED ran the gamut of macrobiotics, vegan, raw foods, juice fasting, juice feasting, colon therapy, gallbladder flushes. Long list.

Donna Gates BED is largely based on fermented vegetables, kefir and probiotic eaten to help the gut replenish its healthy bacterial bank account. In her book The Unique Healing Program, Donna Pessin does a brilliant job explaining how that works. This is a subject that is greatly misunderstood. To get to the point, when we take probiotics they do not repopulate the gut with the 1-500 billion that is on the label. It is way more complicated than that. Free videos and the two Unique Healing books explain.

Generally speaking, no one looks for a way to heal their digestion unless they have some digestive problems, have taken medications that made things worse or are concerned about a family history of colon, stomach,other cancers and ills. Again, a generalization. So, if you want to heal and not be chained to a very specific diet for your entire life in order to have healthy digestion, the way to go is The Unique Healing Program. Any doubts, try both. Read the books of both authors. I have done both these things and do understand the draw that The Body Ecology has. It made complete sense to me, but as I said, in my case it did not deliver.


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Some inflammation that I have experienced with my own ears have been positively impacted by The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. Tinnitus is one.

I had some mild tinnitus in my left ear that has come and  left for months, weeks or days. This has gone on for several  years. Normally I was, and  less so now, only aware of the sound when I have had my ear to the pillow and when  there is complete silence. This became somewhat stronger over the years. I have known people that have screamingly loud tinnitus. No matter how bad the ringing, hissing, etcetera is, any form of tinnitus says that something in the body is not in balance. The more prevalent tinnitus becomes among people the more it is the norm. The bar gets lower and lower for what normal health really means. The present bar is extremely low. I think this is a very important concept to understand. This is primary to question when a doctor, nurse practitioner, etcetera tells you your “numbers” are normal for ALL medical test results.

I did many, many years of alternative healing to clear my tinnitus. Here are some things I can share about my experience:

The ears have a similar shape to the kidneys and are indicative of that organ. The condition of our adrenals, located right above each kidney are major indications of stress and our response to stress. Kidneys- ears- adrenals- stress. Maybe this is making some sense to you or peaking your interest in knowing more. In acupuncture there is a form of treatment called auricular therapy. Really interesting to see all the points in the ears and what parts of the body they correspond with. Auricular chart.

Aside from this kidney-adrenal connection, there are a acupuncture meridians that directly pass around, near and land on the ears. I painstakingly made many efforts to focus on the health of those organs. Most notably the Gallbladder and Liver. I did find improvements in my tinnitus, but it was not long lasting. I feel resolute in saying that my tinnitus, and general health, were remedied by my actions. What were they? Liver – Gallbladder flushes, colon therapy, no coffee,  no cacao, the list goes on. I go into detail about my dietary journey for 25+ years in other blog posts.

Ginger compresses on the kidney area to bring blood to the organ and improve my adrenal function. Relaxing, as well. Acupuncture, shiatsu, reiki, breath work, yoga. A whole lot of things that I do not regret doing, most I still do, but they did not ultimately heal my tinnitus. They did not heal my digestion and gut.

The Unique Healing Program has helped my tinnitus symptoms have a steady improvement. Tinnitus is indicative, as I mentioned before, of a more deep imbalance in the body. I have always felt this. All the studying I did told me this. It is really common sense. Okay, maybe not common sense, but I hope you know what I mean…

In this post I am not going to go into much more detail about my specific situation. I do have many observations and things I am willing to share. If you are someone who is investigating The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin, or currently on the program you can send me a comment and I would be glad to answer you on the blog or via your email address.

With the full moon my tinnitus increases. It can begin a week before. This is something to note. For some, their tinnitus is non stop and very loud. This is crazy making. I would highly suggest looking outside the traditional medical  rabbit hole of ear testing and medications. Having tests can put to rest fears of neurological problems. This may include a CT Scan for those who want their worries quelled. Ultimately, an unhealthy gut and immune system can and will lead to much more serious health problems of all kinds.


EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping can really help all stress related, nervous system imbalances and much more. I do feel that EFT is a crutch. It is a great crutch. For most it is not a long term solution. The same for meditation. These things are of supreme value and are greatly amplified when done in tandem with The Unique Healing Program. I am not saying that EFT and meditation do not help some people eliminate tinnitus, but if it has not do something much deeper 99% of the time. Okay, 100% of the time. Here is an account of someone who found relief from tinnitus with EFT.

If The Unique Healing Program does not speak to you, do something. Like what? Eliminate or greatly cut back on refined foods, coffee, alcohol, fast food, cigarettes, drugs. These may seem like obvious solutions for many.  For some people it is a new consideration.

Dental work is something to reflect upon. What is in the mouth really has a geat effect on the entire body. Don’t panic, this is resolvable. I know The Unique Healing Program can be of more value than removing all the mercury, ectc. in the short and long term. You may choose to remove the fillings, etcetera  in the future. Taking in sodium bentonite clay/ Body Bentonite, a substance that absorbs toxins in the body is a viable solution. Sodium Bentonite Clay filters incoming toxins, heals the gut so it can absorb and escort toxic substance out of the body. This is greatly what The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is all about. It provides a safe transition protocol for the/our body to heal itself.

There are solutions and they can work. You are not alone. There is support.


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Feeling agitated, which is a major symptom of having a bacterial infection in the gut, does not lend to feeling patient. Patience enhances healing. That’s the kicker with healing: when patience is most needed it is just not there. My observation is that  being patient is NOT an adjective most people would use to describe themselves. Patience is often associated with high profile, seemingly enlightened individuals. People like Mother Teresa, Eli Wiesel, T.D. Jakes Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Joel Osteen, and the Dali Llama. I do love to hear the Dali Llama laugh.

On The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin, I can personally attest, growing more patient is a real life experience. It is easier to feel patient with myself and others the longer I am on the UH Program. I have come to realize that many things that I thought were annoying were not really worthy of the annoyance I gave them. An example would be having to repeat myself more than two or three times, my husband making slurping sounds, the dog drooling, the remote not working right, the internet connection failing. Things just not going my way. The small stuff. The saying about not sweating the small stuff makes sense, but when I feel lousy that goes out the window. Also, surrounding myself with people who react way over the top, are jacked up on caffeine, etcetera [you get the idea] helped me feel like I was not so edgy.  Comparing myself to others has created many blind spots for me in my life. Maybe you can relate.

Things do get better and the following has helped me:

More sodium bentonite clay/  Unique Healing Body Bentonite helps to absorb acidity from toxins being released from the past [stored in organs and tissues], daily exposure to environmental toxins and any diet missteps. Ask Donna what she thinks or experiment if you are not in direct contact with her. Also, taking a day off from drinking the Sodium Bentonite Clay can be a good thing. More water taken with the clay helps a great deal.

Increasing Calcium Citrate intake has helped me to be less edgy. I come from the past belief that many Raw Food people are pushing about “bad calcium”. If you don’t know what this means, you really don’t need to know. Anyway, check out UHP videos and The Unique Healing books about ways to sop up the acids to help take the edge off.

Less to no carbs at the last meal of the day has helped me. Less carbs, while healing, has created better sleep. I come from thinking that “what I am eating is causing the problem” theory. Healthy carbs in limited intake are not the direct cause, but they can trigger more toxins to be released. To paraphrase Donna Pessin, it is whatever is coming down the pike that particular day is what is being experienced. The videos she has really explain this premise, as well as her two books.

More water can help to lessen the experience of acidity. This is especially true in the winter when the kidneys and bladder are under more stress.

In the end patience is the key and when feeling like you have none it is important to keep the faith and know you will improve. You may have to go through all the four season, one full year, to experience feeling well more steadily. Nine months into The Unique Healing Program, I am feeling better and seeing improvements, but I still have days when I feel crappy. I have to remind myself of how lousy I felt in the beginning. How I felt before I began this program. Last but not least, why I started UHP in the first place.

Patience, if it could be marketed in a pill or serum it would be a virtual goldmine. Not to be confused with the currently available numbing out- anti depressants or anti inflammatory drugs.  Those medicines can help some people with short term relief. The Unique Healing Program is a long term investment in developing that personal patience goldmine. No quick fix. It does work.

As a Postscript 5/2014: I have been on UHP for 14 months. Things are easier. I did have some days this spring where I felt like I would never get better and had little to no patience. This did not last long. You will  probably have days when you want to pack it in. WTF am I doing this? Who does this crazy program? Am I insane?  You are not alone, you are probably not insane : ). Knowing this may help you.


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I have easily felt overwhelmed in the last few years, and that overwhelm is  becoming less and less as I am  on The Unique Healing Program. Often I have struggled with waking up feeling like I do not know where to start. This has gone on for many years. I am sure the feeling of overwhelm is widespread. Today, many people feel it is normal. My observation is that people barrel on until something happens that causes them to have to slow down or just plain stop. Awareness and perception is everything and our health really does determine how we see the world. There are exceptions to this, I have known people who are able to maintain a positive frame of mind despite not feeling well, but I think they are the exceptions. The pressure to save face, and the use of anti depressants can mask things, at least for awhile.


In general, my mornings are becoming easier. I feel more positive and can get out of my own way more easily. I experience more of my life without the feeling of living in a twilight zone, surreal existence. Those feelings are really upsetting and completely hindered my ability to be productive. As a Postscript 5/2014: These patterns at times got worse for shorter periods. One step forward two steps back. Then two steps forward one step back. There is real hope.

Brain fog is progressively improving. I do get hit less hard with the ups and downs, but it is not easy to predict. However, the downs are less down and I feel more balanced.

I get annoyed much less easily and am seeing that even though some things could be perceived as annoying, I do not react to them the same way. Okay, some things and people are just plain annoying. What is clearer than ever, and not just words, my response is everything.

I am getting less and less critical of others and myself. Some days are worse than others, but I can stop the pattern more quickly. It is easier to find some kind of peace. I can more easily take a nap, employ Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT, meditate, and pray [my own version].

Hang in there if you are on The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. If you are thinking about trying it, I can say go for it. Do it at whatever level you are able.

As a Postscript 5/2014: Really do The Unique Healing Program at whatever level you can. I truly believe one to two tablespoons of clay, a few Bowel Strength and what ever other parts of UHP you can do will help you. Colonics, enemas, etcetera can be really, really helpful when doing UHP on this level. On any level.


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1/2014: I have been on The Unique Healing Program for 9 months and my experience is that my gut is healing and my digestion is improving. I have confidence in my future health and ability to travel and go to social events with more ease. Many people have the digestive woes I have, the difference is they choose substance like Rolaids, Metamucil, Nexium, Senakot, Milk of Magnesia [to name a few] to deal with their discomfort. My awareness of the outcome of  long term usage of  these product helped me make a different choice.Those choices, made decades ago, most definitely were good, but did not ultimately heal my gut.


I have been on a roller coaster of an emotional ride prior to being on UHP and during it. Good news, it gets better! And, you will most probably backslide and feel lousy intermittently. Just being honest.

I have not taken anti depressants during my lifetime. I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE DO!  While on The Unique Healing Program I am experiencing feelings of more gradual emotional stability. The first few months of the program were not easy. Depression from exposure to heavy metals, pollutants, etcetera and the circumstances of daily life can get really muddled. The Unique Healing Program can help people see where that line begins and ends. This takes time. It can be confusing, but that confusion leads to clarity as you go along and notice certain patterns.


I have felt nauseous and then grossed out by the idea of drinking the sodium bentonite/ Body Bentonite clay. There would be days that I did not feel as disgusted. Again, the days where I felt slightly nauseous in the mornings were the hardest. The nausea has become less to zero. Then there is just feelings of frustration. Reflection about money and time spent on diets and supplements that did not work. I think this is pretty normal for people. Looking back can go way deeper than what I just mentioned. This can be a good thing. The UHP begins a healing process on many levels. For me it has been a highly unpredictable trip down memory lane. That trip is definitely not over. I have woken up thinking about some event that happened eons ago. Trippy feeling.

Admitting feeling depressed is not a sign of strength in any  community that I know of  here in the USA. I have visited other countries, but I have not lived in them, so I can only speak from my own personal experience. I have known many people from other cultures. The sense of shame and weakness around depression seems to be universal. Depression is managed here in the USA in a myriad of ways that many people accept as normal. Overindulging in food, alcohol, shopping, work, caffeine, are some of the major players.


To raise the discussion of letting go of the daily consumption of  foods and substances that temporarily mask depression does not win popularity contests in mainstream society. The Unique Healing Program will bring all this to the surface. Dealing with family and friends can be hard. Don’t try to convince them. Okay, so you probably will anyway. After no to few takers, I finally just stopped.


What is different about The Unique Healing Program is that it actually  helps people who feel isolated for a number of reasons be able to rejoin the world. Healing digestion and eliminative processes heals the mind and body. This is not a commonly accepted idea in our world today. It is pretty much unacknowledged.

Sessions with Donna Pessin, creator of The Unique Healing Program, greatly help, but if that is not possible watching the videos many times and reading – rereading the books can work. Many of my questions have been answered in her books and videos. People taking medications, diagnosed illness, drug addictions, etcetera really need to have at least one session with her. It is totally worth it.

There is a light at the end of this, sometimes seemingly endless, tunnel. Donna Pessin has told me that the one year mark really is crucial to get through. This may be different for everyone, but I have a feeling it is a good bench mark for most.

I am writing these posts to let those out there who are on the program, considering it, or wanting to jump ship that it is worth the effort. Do The Unique Healing Program  Donna Pessin at whatever level you can afford, are able and willing to. The handful of people who I have been in touch with through this blog confirm one thing: Although it is not always easy, it is well worth the time and effort.

As a Postscript 5/2014: You will probably want to ditch UHP many times along the way. Do the best you can, and if you need to reduce the clay or stop for a day a week, then do it. Donna Pessin is very pro more clay. This may or may not be good for each person 24/7. Consider giving yourself a break by lessening the amount. See if your bowels stay formed. That is the key. You will know what to do from that result alone, but I would not ditch the clay completely. If you are sick of this whole bloody thing, and who isn’t at times, at least do one or two tablespoons a day for a time.