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My teeth are noticeably whiter at times, as I go along on The Unique Healing Program. You may see your teeth go back and forth in terms of color. For years I saw a direct correlation between my liver and gallbladder function needing improvement and my teeth yellowing. There is something to that. Of course, it is about the gut, and the Peyer Patches in the gut that a huge part of the Lymphatic System – Immune System. Use your instincts, or ask Donna Pessin about the amount of Sodium  Bentonite Clay or other program related healing components to improve dental health.

If you have dental implants, root canals  and crowns, fillings, partials, etcetera, you may go through some odd times with these areas as your body heals. I trust my instincts and consult a dentist if I feel I need to. Often dental work is done to alleviate pain. This pain can become less so as the immune system improves or is temporarily bolstered. It never hurts to get an opinion, but it is hard to change direction when your mouth is numbed up and the work has started. This is a tough position that many people have found themselves in over the years.

There can be some infection that comes to the surface around teeth that have been replaced or had work done to them when our immune system is taxed. It is really, really important to keep theses areas as clean as possible. Ask Donna, but I have found more anti-fungals internally is very helpful.

Here are some ideas that you may have already employed:

For cleaning dental work I have a Hydrofloss. There are others that are similar. WaterPik is a more commonly known name.

I have used Oregano Oil on my gums. It is strong and most Oregano Oils need some dilution with a carrier oil for gum application. It is a helpful crutch.

Brushing teeth with clay can help. The same clay you are ingesting. Sodium Bentonite ore Diatomaceous Earth is good. Why buy DE if you have SBC? Take a look at the link for DE, you never know. Also, I always rinse my mouth with sea salt. Most people know this, but doing it right before bed helps. Also, using some Colloidal Silver topically can help.

Cleaning your tongue with a tongue cleaner or a tooth brush can not hurt. I rinse my mouth with salt water and clean my tongue when I wake up.

Living Libations has some excellent dental cleaning products. They are relatively expensive. If you go to the website you can get an idea of the ingredients they use and make something up yourself. Nadine Artemis is the co-owner of the company and is an innovator in this field. Her site has all sorts of information on the subject of natural dental health.

Not high tech, but you can suck on a dried clove bud. They are anti bacterial and can be good for indigestion. Sometimes I use a clove with a tiny piece of raw ginger to help digestion.

Oil Pulling can be a good crutch type thing to do. Cheap,soothing, anti bacterial and tooth whitening. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil works. If you know another kind, please share. As a PS: non toasted sesame oil is the oil that Ayurvedic practitioners have used over the years for oil pulling. Coconut oil has become very popular due to its anti bacterial properties in recent years.

Using a dental tool – gum stimulator with a rubber tip around the gums, if your gums are not overly sensitive helps remove tartar and improve circulation.

Tea Tree Oil is an old favorite for killing pathogens in the mouth. You can put it on the dental floss as you use it between your teeth. Putting Tea Tree Oil on the dental stimulator is helpful.

Years ago I packed an ailing tooth with Wheat Grass pulp. It was messy, but I think it was helpful. You have to do the research on this one. There are a few sites on the web that mention wheatgrass and teeth. Wigmore Institute is one.

If you wear a flipper or partial, the more PH balanced your saliva becomes the less these apparatuses will irritate your gums. Good news for people on The Unique Healing Program.

I kept thinking that if I got my liver and gallbladder in better condition my teeth would be whiter. I heard this over and over again within the raw food community. I did see some results, but the yellow would return and was there much more often than it is now after the one year mark for me on The Unique Healing Program.

Hal Huggins trained dentists are something you might want to explore. Here is a link to mine, Dr Andrew Zakarian. If you go to his website it will give you some idea of the difference in Holistic and Traditional Dentistry. Just because someone says they are Holistic does not mean they are good at what they do. Do some research. I found my dentist by calling The Huggins Institute. I got a good feeling and went in for a consultation and cleaning. He did the first cleaning to assess my mouth. Not necessary and probably not the norm.

If you are thinking of having mercury removed from your mouth, do it right and know that improving your gut maybe should be your first priority. An infected tooth may need immediate removal. Don’t feel like you have failed if you need to get a tooth removed. Donna Pessin probably has loads of experience with this subject.

There are other things one can do topically. If you have any suggestions, please write.


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I have responded to a few of my blog post comments via the senders email address that were returned by MailDelivery. Please write again. I did respond both via email address, and on the blog.

I learn so much from the people who have contacted me and appreciate your feedback. What I learn is information I can share with others.


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Finding Gluten Free Bread that tastes good and has a list of ingredients that are not suspect has alluded me, until recently. I have eaten some sprouted whole grain bread, but it seems to worsen my symptoms by adding to the acidity I am already dealing with. Eventually this will not be the case. I have proof and hope, as I see and feel  less symptoms when I eat wheat and other grains. Moderation is the key for me.

I presently live in the USA – Souther California and have found a bread by Canyon Bakehouse that is tasty and does not have the weight and texture of a brick. In fact the texture of Canyon Bakehouse is as good or better than many other whole grain breads.  I appreciate Food For Life – Ezekiel bread, but their Gluten Free Bhutenese Red Rice bread is dense and sort of gooey when toasted. I have not tried their other Gluten Free Breads. I find The Canyon Bakehouse Deli Rye Style Bread is way better.  The ingredients are simple and few compared to the Udi’s Gluten Free. Have not tasted Udi’s. The ingredients, as they read, are really unappealing to me. It is a looooong list of stuff.

If you are able to eat flour product and have found something you like, I would love to hear about it. The Canyon Bakehouse Deli Rye Style is something I would eat even if I was not sensitive to wheat at this time. Other family members would probably be okay with it. When you taste it you will know why that is. Toasting seems to be the best way to bring out the flavor in gluten free breads. The tell me that at the market here, as well.

I am presently eating very little, if any, gluten free bread. As it gets warmer I have less of a desire for bread. I think limiting flour products makes The Unique Healing Program much easier in terms of tweaking symptoms for many of us. Especially skin rashes, acne, headaches, and most others.

What is tapioca flour [cassava root] and where does it come from? It is in most of the gluten free products. The word tapioca put me off. I guess the manufacturers of gluten free products know, that in the USA at least, people will be familiar with the word tapioca and  confused by an ingredient that has the word “root” connected to it. There is humor in there somewhere.


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I have found a Cheesecake recipe that is delicious and can be made in 9 inch pie pan. You may have to tailor the ingredients a bit. I think the recipe recommends using a spring board pan. If you are willing and able to eat dairy, it is an easy recipe. Ingredients can be modified. I use NOW liquid stevia for sweetness. Green Valley Lactose Free Sour Cream, here in the US, is very thick and rich. It may be better for some people because of less milk sugar while healing. Not sure that the cultured milk in sour cream is as triggering as milk can be. I presently use cream and not milk for dark matte tea. Anyway, this desert can be made crustless as the recipe says or with a nut crust which you can easily find a recipe for online. I did make a whole graham cracker crust once. It was very tasty, but triggered my symptoms. Eventually this will be resoloved.

I have experienced more tolerance toward wheat and other foods during The Unique Healing Program. This did not happen right away, but it may for you. Seasonal changes, and whatever is being eliminated from my organs, tissues, etcetera can be intensified by more acid forming foods such as wheat and some other grains.

Cut The Wheat Ditch the Sugar has a wide range of Gluten Free Recipes. Worth checking out. I have only made the Cheesecake.

Mate Factor sells a rich tasting dark roast. If you know of another I would love to hear about it. For those who like coffee tasting beverages and do not do well with grain based ones, such as Caffix and Perro, it can be satisfying. No, dark roast mate does not taste the same as coffee! You’ll get used to it and maybe even grow to like it. I have.

If you are weaning yourself off of coffee, adding a bit to the dark roast mate can help make the taste transition a little easier. Don’t go overboard with the amount of coffee. The acidity just adds to the load of acids that people on UHP working to absorb and eliminate.




I have to start this post by proudly admitting that I have never, ever been a virtuous eater. What do I mean? Someone who ate a simple, food combining aware, organic diet because I thought it made me better or superior to others. I began questioning what I ate because in my early teens I felt bloated, had water retention and could not drop an extra five or ten pounds easily. My consumption of mostly green juices, steamed greens, blended salads, and other plain foods have been made over the years from feeling crappy when I ate much of anything else.


Choice number one: I could eat and drink what I want. I have indigestion on and off, mostly on, and constipation. Feel bloated, frustrated and angry with all those who do not feel this way. I am being honest. In order to continue this eating pattern I would need to take drugs to deal with my symptoms. I would need to believe that the doctor will save me. Evidence from others tells me this is not the case.The current caveats at the end of every television commercial for drugs, of all kinds, are screaming out “BIG PRICE TO PAY”.

Choice number two: I eat consciously, proper food combining, take digestive enzymes, juicing, some fasting, cleansing, blah- blah. The list is long.  I did this for decades with the belief that my constipation issue would be completely healed. It was not. One more cleanse, not enough greens, probiotics, parasite cleanses, no fruit, only low glycemic fruit occasionally, colonics. Oy!


Many featured television commercials, here in the US,  are about depression,  constipation and other digestive issues. Erectile dysfunction and teeth whitening are major players. There is a joke in there somewhere, but I’m not going for it. I think it is inarguable that drugs are not a long term solution that leads to healing. If drugs are not used to quell digestive ills, fear of ill reactions to food leads to isolation-not being able to eat out-eat food others prepare in their homes, which leads to depression. A person  may choose to eat a select diet, but to feel one has to is not an empowering feeling. Is it? Not for me. I do not want to be connected to people based on a dietary regime. This can go both ways. Some people who eat anything only get together with others as an excuse to eat and drink.  A whole other discussion. Maybe this is most everybody?

Pharmaceutical sales prove that many people depressed. Some people discover this when basic life circumstances change. Being unable to attend social or family events and enjoy food served is a far reaching life changing circumstance. Annoying, it can become socially isolating. It narrows down choices and can cause anxiety and pent up anger toward others. This is one change of circumstance that is resolvable for those who are able and willing to do The Unique Healing Program at any level.

On this program for over 10 months  I have better ability to digest foods that I would not have eaten in the past. This ability comes in waves. I have had times where my symptoms of ear irritation, emotional irritation, bacterial gut infection are triggered by mostly wheat, sugar and spices. Ingredients that seemed okay to eat last month, need to be limited or avoided this month. This is where The Unique Healing books and videos really come in handy. You may need to watch them until nauseated. BTW, it easy to project annoyance onto the messenger. Many of the things Donna Pessins says are so counter to everything from Macro, Natural Hygiene, Raw Food-ism, Juice Feasting, Colonics, Liver Gallbladder Flushes, Atkin’s, South Beach, etcetera. My personal experience has shown me that these just mentioned food – healing movements are not the solutions to complete healing of digestion for most people. They might be helpful in the meantime and may be a choice in the future. However, they do not [ for most people] heal poor bowel and digestive health.

If you want to join the world, travel and enjoy the cuisines of other people and countries The Unique Healing Program is one way to go. It is definitely a protocol to deeply consider if you have not  found healing through other methods. To travel without fear of reactions to food, is a liberating feeling. It is a gift to be free of worry about falling into a daily donut, pastry, chocolate eating addiction that you can not extricate yourself from when you get back home. PS you can indulge and not get addicted. What a concept.  I am sure this is possible on  The Unique Healing Program. The UHP is a long term weight- loss or gain balancing program. It is one way to acquire true digestive health. It is easier to believe this if you have tried a myriad of other things and have experienced them not working.


There is no one, but I can not say how long it will take anyone to completely heal on this program. It will most probably not happen fast. Donna Pessin says at least one year. I can say that I have found myself feeling better, worse and even better-er. Two steps forward, one step back kind of deal. If healing quick is how it goes down for you, please let me know. I will be jealous of you, and happy for you.

I am very sure how one heals on this program has little to do with age, skin color, sex or ethnicity. What does contribute to how one heals is as hard to explain as it would be to target what was in the food you ate everyday in the lunchroom of your grammar school 2o or more  years ago. Just thinking about the likelihood of the 100% aluminum cookware they probably used is a bit scary.

Donna Pessin is the person to have a one on one with if you have trepidations, a medical diagnosis, etcetera. Decades seeing the differences and similarities within her clientele is invaluable. If you have the money to spend it will save you some down the line. No, I am not her agent or manager.

I encourage people to try The Unique Healing Program. Research it. Do aspects of it. It is worth the time and effort. There are days that you may want to jump ship. I have had those days. If you do get on board and jump off, please let me know if you find something that works better for you. Seriously.


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Here is one way to down “that clay”

I place about one liter / quart of  purified water in a blender. I add stevia to taste 5-10 drops and begin the blender on a low setting. I have a Vitamix. Have had the same one for 14 years and highly recommend it. Any blender will do. With the blender running I add the clay one tablespoon at a time. For me four tbs per liter is not too thick. I am using the Unique Healing Body Bentonite Clay. For clays from other distributors I can not say, but I think this would work.

As a postscript 5/2014: I have come to learn three tablespoons is better for me. I have days where I ease up on the amount of clay I take. This is after one year on The Unique Healing Program. This is all so very individual a process. Sounds cliche, but true.

In the beginning of The Unique Healing Program I tried to get as much clay down as possible in one jar. Six tablespoons per liter and it was not good. Not enough water and it can be cause bowels to be sluggish. More water and liquids help during the day to move things along. All this depends on how much clay you are taking.

I do not believe there is a recipe for how to mix the SBC BB in The Unique Healing books, but other questions are answered about clay there and in the videos.

Some days, weeks the clay seems so gross and then it doesn’t and then it does. You may love it all the time. Love, may be a bit strong of a word when it comes to ingesting clay.

As a Postscript 4/2014: I am trying one tablespoon of clay per 16 ounces of water and that seems to be helping me feel less bloated and toxic at the end of the day. Not getting enough water will most likely cause an imbalanced cleansing of the body. Clay may get lodged / stuck due to not enough hydration. There are a few areas in the colon and GI tract where there are twists and turns. Areas where the body has to work against gravity to move waste out. Not enough water can minimize the effects of the clay. This is a waste of time and money. Saving money and time, motivating forces for getting more hydration.





The Unique Healing Program essentially is calling out all other nutritional – healing programs for not addressing the primary reason for poor health, which is a weak gut. That is it pretty much in a nutshell. Here is some more…

Most every healing program that I know of, and there are many, are based around long term dependency on supplements. For me, and many others, these programs are unrealistic commitments leading to nowhere. In my personal and clinical experience most healing programs are not designed specifically to heal the gut. They do not get to the very root of the problem which is to restore the digestion an elimination of our bodies. This is a tall order that The Unique Healing Program, in my opinion, can deliver. It is not a quick process for anyone I have communicated with via this blog. Donna Pessin makes it crystal clear in her materials that The Unique Healing Program is AT LEAST a one year commitment. Today, more than ever before, most people have big problems with focus and commitment.

The protocol that Donna Pessin has created is designed to emancipate the participants from relying on supplements after finishing The Unique Healing Program. You may want and feel the need for some. That is a personal choice, but I have a feeling there will not be that many supplements on that list.

The UHP is a true healing program that is designed to awaken the ability of our own bodies to heal themselves. In order for this to happen there has to be a glimmer of belief from the participant that it is possible. Why? Because this is not a quick fix, there will be peaks and valleys while on The Unique Healing Program. To weather those times reading The Unique Healing books, watching The UHP videos, and a willingness to trust in our own healing is beyond helpful and necessary.

One more primary reason is that many health practitioners are consciously or unconsciously protective of their identity with their present way of treating their patients and clients. Sad to say, that many health practitioners are invested in those they treat continuing to buy products and need services that would be eliminated, in the long term, by the kind of healing that The Unique Healing Program is capable of  awakening in people. Again, this is level of health that one earns on this program. I mean this in the best and most pragmatic sense. For most it does not come easy. Ego can really blind people an many practitioners CAN have over blown, weak egos.

Check out Dr. Mercola, David Wolfe, The Raw Food World, Gary Null, Daniel Vitalis. This is a very, very short list.These people often provide important and enlightening information, but their existence is pretty much completely based on selling products. As far as I can see there is no real end in sight for the taking most of the stuff they are selling. Why would David Wolfe have Donna Pessin on his Longevity Now Conference panel when what she is selling does not support the other participants values and views? I would be MORE than glad to be proven wrong by David Wolfe.

What is very sad to me is that, in essence, many alternative -holistic practitioners are not that much different in how they operate than their western medical doctors – practitioner counterparts. A revolving door that never stops. Very sadly, some people-patients like it that way or it would have changed more by now. Yep, I said it.

I have had  so many people tell me how broken the mainstream medical system is. Well, if people would stop using it like a crutch and take responsibility for their health things would change. I am not talking about the poor and indigent. A hardcore statement that is not completely fair. I admit it.

In rereading what I wrote here I realize that I am reiterating a few thing, but I think they are worth driving home.