If you are on The Unique Healing Program you will probably become, if you are not already, your own personal health and body detective. Donna Pessin has amassed a whole lot of information in her books to help guide people through The Unique Healing Program. It can only help people on The UHP to have other tools to better understand what is going on that maybe no one can really explain. If you have ever been to a doctor you know they usually do not have all the answers. What they often have is a way to make the symptoms go away. For awhile. Sometimes.


Depending on our gut health, spring can be a wonderful time or one of great physical stress. For instance, increased allergic reactions are an indication that the Lung and Large Intestines are not in good shape. The organs most strongly associated and active in the  Spring are the Liver and Gallbladder. If the Liver and Gallbladder are burdened with acids they will put more pressure on the Lungs and Large Intestines. Why? Because the Lung and Large Intestines are organs of elimination, if those two organs are already sluggish the spring cleaning effect from the Liver, Gallbladder and other organs can cause symptoms that range from minor discomfort to grave illness.


The skin is the largest organ of respiration and will take a hit for what the Lungs and Large Intestines can not handle. The Lungs are responsible for the exchange of gases and the Large Intestines is also. Everything from itching, cracking skin, acne, psoriasis, ecsema, and anything else is a sign that these two organs are backed up.

Here are some basic guides that may help add some clarity as to what and why things happen seasonally whether you are part of The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin or just checking it out:

I have not read this book in years, but I think it is definitely worth checking out: Staying Healthy With the Seasons, by Dr. Elson Hass. It has remained a strong staple in the Holistic Health Movement. I think it has some timeless information.

The Face Never Lies by Michio Kuchi and Your Body Never Lies by the same author. These two books are usually available at Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, and most definitely online.

Between Heaven and Earth by Beinfield and Korngold may be too much information for some, but it is well written and something to take a closer look at if the description interests you.

I found a website that may give some help to those with skin eruptions to better understand The Lymphatic System from a practical point of view.

I have some other ideas that I can add to this list, but for now this is it. If you have somethings to recommend please email me. There are many good resources out there.



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I knew a New York City based psychotherapist who told me of a story about a couple who showed up at a related conference loaded with personal health apparatus to get them through their stay. The therapist ridiculed what they termed as the couple’s neurotic behavior. The couple, from what was described to me, were definitely highly allergic to environmental toxins. To the conference this couple brought a juicer, Vita Mix, supplements, air cleaner, a cooler with a supply of fruits and vegetables and who knows what else. The story said more about the story teller and me than it did about the couple. The therapist had no empathy, and I had too much.

I could relate to the couple and also felt an identification with the highly critical point of view of the therapist. I did not want to be the person hauling all my stuff with me in order to feel well. These people, maybe neurotic, were definitely not well. They could not be without their items for that one week. Sadly, they probably had enough discomfort to make it feel necessary to bring all their stuff with them. Of course, there are the people who bring enough clothes, shoes, make-up and meds with them for an army, but that  is the accepted norm. That is part of what keeps our economy pumping.

Confidence comes from within. I truly feel that without a healthy gut, and that means immune system, there is no natural way to experience true confidence for many, many people. To travel and have fun is something that we all associate with feeling young, but in actuality it is health and vitality that is the long term determining factor. Yes, of course, there are those that seem impervious to everything at any time and age. Those people are becoming fewer and fewer and are mostly bolstered by medications and will power. Those who take meds inadvertently effect all of us in one way or another. Check out this assessment of  USA tap water. Living in fear is a waste of time and energy, so strengthening our immunes system via our gut is deepest solution.

Start someplace. The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is a great place to learn. Also, The Body Ecology Diet Donna Gates is another resource. I have done both along with lots of other things over the past three decades. The Unique Healing Program is what has worked for me by ending my on and off, mostly on, constipation and indigestion. It is not an easy program. It just isn’t. I wish it was. Take a look, and  if it makes sense to you and you are sick of feeling vulnerable and lousy, give it a try.






3/2014: I originally wrote this post in October of 2013. It may seem out of sync with some other more recent things I have shared.

Here is a incomplete list of some of the other healing therapies I have researched explored, and tried [most] before finding The Unique Healing Program:

Dietary upgrades [the basics], complete dietary turnarounds, whole food supplements, superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, probiotics, herbal elixirs, herbal formulas, digestive enzymes, systemic enzymes, colon cleanses, juice fasts, Juice Feasting, water fasting, urine therapy, enemas, coffee enemas, colonics, EDTA suppositories, raw food diet, macrobiotic diet, being a vegan, grounding technology, zappers, parasite cleanses, DNA telomere therapy, acupuncture, gallbladder flushes, natural hygiene diet. chiropractic adjustment, structural integration therapy, rolfing. Wow, this is a long list of therapies and I hardly made a dent!


Only if healthy digestion is restored. They may work depending on the condition of the person using them. The more depleted the digestion and elimination process in an individual the less likely  any of these other therapies are to contribute to a complete restoration of health. Most do not center around restoring gut health.


Many people who seek healing are ill, sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, have not received healing from traditional medicine, have friends and family that are ill, just have an intuition to look outside the box of allopathic – western medicine. The bar is pretty low for determining what health is today. Normal is not a good guideline. Just look around. Today’s normal is not for me.

Sodium Bentonite Clay ingested is one very specific way to sop up, draw out and revitalize the tissues, organs and blood of our body. Changing diet and some of the before mentioned  therapies will usually temporarily lighted the toxic load, buffer the toxic condition, or unintentionally make it worse for those with really weak digestive health. Why? Because they are cleansing and when digestion is weak the toxins overwhelm the immune system and get reabsorbed. A simplified answer. That is where the Sodium Bentonite Clay is deeply needed.

Many of the listed therapies may, in conjunction with one another, work to reverse illness depending on the individuals exposure to environmental toxins, dietary history, ancestral health history, sexual history and other specifics. Still I think they are lacking the one lynch pin, which is healing the gut.

Healing the gut results in not being afraid of our environment and all that that means. There is so much paranoia in the raw food and other communties. It does not speak well of the communities overall health.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin brilliantly uses Sodium Bentonite Clay with a few other specifically designed products to detoxify the body and restore digestion and dietary health and freedom. Check it out.


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I have always really wanted to get well as soon as possible, and I have to  continuously remind myself to be patient. So, when I found The Unique Healing Program I projected all of that desire and impatience onto monitoring my progress. I did that even after hearing Donna Pessin say that her program was AT LEAST a one year commitment. I AM GOING TO SAY THAT AGAIN, AT LEAST A ONE YEAR COMMITMENT. Not overtly delusional, I really did not understand the depth of the healing my gut needed and needs. I thought all the many years of clean diet, herbs, superfoods, cleanses and colonics would make me a candidate for a faster track on The Unique Healing Program. Having had many improvements, I do have a ways to go and I am not at all sure what that means. One thing that I can say for sure  is that I need an anti fungal / anti bacterial agent in order for me to keep my symptoms at a minimum. What are symptoms? All the lousy physical and emotional yuck that one would have to experience to drink all this clay, etcetera. Some days are easier than others…


The primary role that Colloidal Silver can play while on The Unique Healing Program is something important to understand. Donna Pessin recommends Colloidal Silver as the primary anti fungal anti bacterial agent, along with Bowel Strength. The cost of Unique Healing Colloidal Strength, I am assuming, reflects the strength of PPM per bottle. Depending on the amount and length of time used the cost can really add up.

How often and how long a person may need to take Colloidal Silver is not something that I understand. The different stories I have heard from people on The Unique Healing Program are so varied. This information has helped  me recognize the value of Donna Pessin’s long term experience talking with so many people, observing the patterns she sees in sex, ethnicity, age, medical history, and the list goes on. This is not a Donnna Pessin admiration society that I am conducting here. Between her books, videos, my consultations with her and speaking to others for one year, this is what I am concluding. To put it more simply, Donna Pessin is smart and if she wanted to make a quick buck she could definitely find faster ways with less stress involved. In other words, this ain’t the way.

The next thing is that I am not sure if other anti bacterial agents work as effectively as Unique Healing Colloidal Silver for many of the people on this program. As I have written in other posts, I have used MMS and have made my own Colloidal Silver. I can say that the use of Colloidal Silver[ UHP and the stuff I make] has shown me that CS is probably the most elegant anti bacterial. It does the job with the least side effects. Of course, I have not tried Biotics ADP Oregano Oil or used Unique Healing Colloidal Silver for extensively long periods of time. I have done a few intense doses of UHP Colloidal Silver. I can say that it did help me with putting a dent in my bacterial load. I can not really comment any more on that because I am not sure what the long term use would have done.

If you are looking for a alternative to  Unique Healing Program Colloidal Silver I would suggest, if you can afford it, to at least try The UHP CS and do that with the advice of Donna Pessin. It is possible that a specifically advised dose could be very helpful.

I have recently found that drinking home made Colloidal Silver is helpful to relieve brain fog, bloating, and other symptoms. Here are two recommended options for making Colloidal Silver:

The SilverGen [Silver Generator]. It turns itself on and off and keeps the solution moving to insure a more absorbable supplement. Sota Instruments Silver Pulser, which is also a zapper. It is not as efficient, has to be stirred, timed and monitored. I had one already and that is why I know about this model. Sota is a really good company with lots of support. Only buy this if  you want a zapper and making Colloidal Silver is not the only goal, or you can purchase it for very little on ebay. There are cheaper ways of making Colloidal Silver that you can do an engine search about. I am personally not familiar with them. Also the quality of that Colloidal Silver may be questionable, but this is what I have read and heard from others.

I have written a couple of other posts about MMS that mention Colloidal Silver that may be worth reading. Sometimes what we think is a reaction to what we have eaten may be a bacterial infection rising up to the level of discomfort that causes symptoms of “sickness”. A nice way of saying that I am certain most everyone is dealing with these poor gut health issues. Some people have a higher tolerance than others. Lucky them? I don’t know.


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This post is something I began in October of 2013, about 8 months into the program. It has now been one year since I began The UHP 3/2014.

The Unique Healing Program is not for everyone. That is for damn sure. There are moments, not days, when I wonder if it is for me. Because of my own extensive experience with other systems of healing, I understand the value of The Unique Healing Program. However, it was and is not an immediate slam dunk, feel better now, skip down the lane with a rainbow at the end. I wish it was! PS 3/2014: I am seeing some light at this point. No rainbow,but I have great hope.

Here were my main stumbling blocks when I first heard about this program:

How much clay? How do you get that out? I never had any luck with colon cleansing programs. I would feel so blocked and more bloated doing them. I had to do colonics with them in order to see any positive effects. Anyway, as someone who had a great deal of experience with colon therapy, I could not understand how taking clay would work with people who are already constipated. Wouldn’t that be dehydrating? And the amounts! Three to six tablespoons! Ha! Now that doesn’t seem like an big deal.

Cheese? Cheese is “known” to be constipating and undigestible. Eating cheese made no sense to me. Now I find cheese to be exactly what Donna Pessin says, easy to digest and a good source of protein. I eat organic cheese and often times it is from raw milk sources. It is not in large quantities, but you eat what you need to while doing this program.

Black tea? Come on! That really did not make sense to me. I already had trouble with caffeine. Loved the smell of coffee, but agitated me and did not drink it. I have come to realize that the acid condition that I was trying to heal with a more alkaline diet was not entirely working for me. The reason being that it was very cleansing and my gut was not healthy enough to transmute those toxins and escort them out of my system. I was taking one to three table spoons of Zeolite Clay a day and eating fermented foods, as recommended by Donna Gates / Body Ecology Diet. That was the tip of the iceberg of things I was using to, I believed, heal my body and restore peristalsis.

Your Diet Will Not Heal You. Yeah, well that was painfully hard to hear, but I was coming to recognize that it was true years before I found Donna Pessin and The Unique Healing Program. I thought “that diet” or “that other diet” would not heal, but there was one out there that would. What we eat heals us, right? What we do not eat heals us, right? For most people a change in diet will give an initial boost, but long term healing of the digestive system and GI tract needs much, much more.

Oh yeah, and not eating will really heal? Long term juice fasting and Juice Feasting did not heal my digestion either. I really thought those would be the tickets out of constipation hell.

The Unique Healing Program initially looked like a weight loss program, or  I thought it was being sold that way. I soon realized that the bloat and blocked up feeling many people have makes them feel fat. Of course, healing inferior digestion is the cornerstone to looking and feeling good. In the end it all made sense why there were many references to loosing weight in The Unique Healing Books and videos. The Biggest Looser is a very popular television show here in the states. Okay, the USA is full of fatties and  being very overweight is frighteningly looking like the new norm.


It is a wild goose chase trying to figure out what substances cause what, when it is “probably” something deep inside that was not recently ingested. The videos Donna Pessin has on her website, her books really help clarify these points. In all honesty, it is an unlearning process for most of us. I am still grappling with this new-ish way of thinking. Needing to watch the videos over and over again does not mean you are  thick headed. You are not alone.

Looking back on this unfinished post I have become, at times, more confused about all my understanding about health and sickness. If you decide to do The Unique Healing Program, I would suggest doing it for a complete year before telling the world. It does work, but it is not for everyone and being on The UHP for one year has helped give me a deeper understanding of what exactly is entailed. Although I am still amazed and confused by some of the process and temporary set backs.

My experience and observation is that most everyone I have known that is a long term practitioner in other fields of healing, that do not include prescribed medications and medical intervention, eventually end up seeking out traditional medical care for ailments they said they could cure without that help. They are obviously doing something that is not working. What is that? For many that I personally know and have treated, they never healed their gut. I am sure of this.

I really applaud David Wolfe questioning this missing element of healing in his  first Longevity Now Course. He definitely covers many aspects of what Donna Pessin says in The Unique Healing Program. He also clearly questions why people who are living a healthier lifestyle [not just raw food people] are not living any longer than the general population. Gut health!  One thing he clearly gets into is absorbing toxins and escorting them out of the body in a timely fashion. The Longevity Now Program is very complex and much less specific than The Unique Healing Program. So much more expensive [no, I am not kidding] and the use of products [ he does not sell them through his program] has no end point.

The more you know the more empowered you may feel in doing The Unique Healing Program, sharing it with others or finding something else.


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If you are the Unique Healing Program or considering it, make sure that you do some research about nuts and their digestibility. Here are some thoughts and suggestions:

Peanuts [legumes, not nuts] and cashews [not traditional nuts], become rancid and develop mold easily. Test them out to see if you are sensitive to them before eating. Nuts, cashews and peanuts sold in bins are highly suspect. Wash them if you do eat them, but I avoid them entirely. Allergic reactions to peanuts is more and more common today. The gut and immune system connection that is not openly discussed or understood is why one major reason for the escalation of these problems.

Peanuts, even the “natural” brands often have some kind of sweetener added to them. Read the label. It is  so very easy to assume that if you buy something in a Health Food Store type of environment a sweetener would not be added to peanut butter or nut butter.

5/2014: I have recently read that Arrowhead Mills has a Valencia Peanut Butter that is less likely to be made from Peanuts that are moldy due to them having been grown in a dry place – the desert of Arizona. Check it out here. The website has some religious content that has nothing to do with my directing you all there.

Through another participant on The Unique Healing Program, I was introduced to a website that discusses Oxalates and their effect on health in general. Many nuts are high in oxalates.

Nuts are high in the amino acid L-Arginine and can cause an imbalance in the amino acid L- Lysene blood levels. This can put more stress on the immune system of those who are already struggling with their health. Link here.

Nuts seem universally hard to digest. When in a shell they take longer to eat. These days most people [ including me] never see the shell of the nuts they are eating. I do not eat nuts very often, but if I do I try NOT to consume them in the later part of the afternoon. I always eat them in a nut butter form.  As an aside, anything that is dense and hard to digest is not a good idea to eat before going to bed. Those late night cravings can be hard to not surrender to for many of us. If that is the case, try to make what you eat on the light side. Even some kind of non-stimulating hot beverage with stevia, cream etcetera can be satisfying. Late night eating habits can be hard to break. When the gut is healthier it does become more easy.There will be some yearnings for the old ways popping up intermittently, and that is to be expected.

One goal is that if you do eat late it is a choice, and you are healthy enough to not be paying for it the next day by feeling lousy. The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is a healing program that outlines a way to create better digestion and overall health. The Unique Healing Program is not, in my experience, a quick and easy path, but the rewards can be great.


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I have had a few parents contact me wanting to know of experiences of other parents and children who are on, tried, or completed The Unique Healing Program. If you are a parent that meets any of that criteria with your child, please send me a comment and I will respond to your email address.

I KNOW it can be hard to break a bacterial infection with a child. It has been very challenging for me and other adults on The Unique Healing Program who have bacterial gut infections. The constant exposure to all surfaces for both bare hands and feet leave us all vulnerable to ring and thread -worms and other infectious substances. It is almost mpossible to avoid. No, I think it is impossible. Playgrounds, homes of others, birthday parties, public bathrooms, any bathroom, door knobs, light switches. It is called living.

Also, having any kind of pet introduces a whole other aspect of exposure to bacterial infection and parasites. Putting pets on some aspects of The Unique Healing Program, cleaning their bowls in a separate area, using tea tree oil in all soaps and even a small amount of clorox. I have some other ideas if anyone wants to contact me.

In NO WAY want to encourage people to give up their pets! I want to make that clear.

Hope someone on The Unique Healing Program  with children or child experience reaches out. Also, if you have done Body Ecology or anything similar with your child and have some feedback this would be great to know about.