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I often do not feel as focused as I would like to be. I am a recovering multi- tasker. I actually like multi tasking. I have come to realized that multi tasking is probably creating more stress for me than it is saving time. I am pretty sure, much to my chagrin, that multi-tasking gives me a false sense of accomplishment and the expense of my not getting more down time. I am more and more aware of my inclination toward this behavior. That is a big one for me.

The following list of suggestions may seem obvious,but may help save you some time and money:

1) Have a written list of things you want to cover in front of you during your appointment. Try to sit down 15 minutes before the appointment to go over what you have written down.

2) Hone the list to the symptoms and issues that you feel are the most important.

3) Make you appointment at a time when you are the most clear minded and feel the most centered.

4) Try to stay on topic as much as possible. It is easy to go off topic.

5) In between appointments keep a pad handy to write down things that come up that need answers.

6) Unless it is really necessary, analyzing you past health history beyond the first phone visit is sort of a waste of time. Of course, there are times when this is important. However, over analyzing can go down an endless road. I completely understand wanting to  have those conversations, but if they keep happening they may become fruitless. There are things we all have been exposed to that we will never be able to account for. It is that simple and complex.

After first time I spoke with Donna Pessin I felt this huge sense of support that I had never experienced before concerning my health. The major reason I felt this way is because she actually understood what I had been through and had some real solutions. My experience of her on the phone was matched by her books and videos. However, I had to keep reminding myself, as time went on, that Donna Pessin was NOT my new friend.

Hope this makes sense and is of some help.



Author: notyourrawmama

At the age of ten I distinctly remember questioning the premise that illness just happens to us. The idea that every action has a reaction became a clear reason to doubt that I could not personally impact my own health. In my very early twenties I was introduced to the Macrobiotic Philosophy of Life and assisted a Macrobiotic Counselor in NYC over a period of ten years or more. My life took many twists and turns and I evolved from a trained dancer and performer to a Shiatsu Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Colon Therapist and student of different Spiritually oriented Mind Body Therapies at the Esalen Institute and other healing centers. My associations are as follows: Member of the AOBTA for over 20 Years Member of the NCCAOM for approximately 12 years Member of the Yoga Teachers Alliance 500 hours for approximately 12 years Colon Therapist [ Wood's Institute ] Since 1998 Along with studying REIKI [ 2nd degree ] I was part of a School based on the work of Railey Macey, Dr. Robert Jaffe and Hands of Light. Railey Macey was my teacher. Thank you for your interest in my blog. notyourrawmoma "Wherever you are be the soul of that place". Rumi

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