I have shared this experience with, I believe, two people involved with The Unique Healing Program besides my husband. One is Donna Pessin. Maybe others will relate, or find some inspiration.

About 6 months into being on UHP I was out for a walk with our dogs. I do not remember how that day started, but I can say mornings are the most difficult time of the day for me, and have been most of my life. This day I had an experience of such joy it was truly remarkable. I wish I could tell you that I took some Colloidal Silver or specific dose of some other elixir that made this happen. Believe me, I would share it in a flash. Something that would regularly clear the cobwebs. and stop me feeling as though I was living in another dimension. Slightly veiled. Twilight Zone-ish. On the edges of depression. Being constantly busy and immersed in the lives of others, while seeking an solution through alternative health avenues is what saved me from taking medications, and distracted me most of my life.

What was different that day? Well, what was above me and all around me, blue sky, bright sun, lots of trees and flowers were my focus and their beauty was undeniable. All that was wrong was not the focus or in the picture. I really felt something that I can say I have never truly felt as an adult. Specifically, I remember thinking that if I never lived another day, that sensorial experience would be enough. I really mean that. May sound crazy, but that is what I remember feeling. I remember thinking of the small children who die early of a rare illness and still have so much joy to give. They must experience that feeling at some point? I don’t know.

I also remember recognizing that what was outside of me was not determining how I felt. I live in the Palm Springs area of California. Sun, blue sky, flowers are an everyday event. It was something within me. This is what I believed to be true, but had not experienced quite like that.

Anyway,since that day I have had snippets of that feeling, but not as profound and as long in span. It was such an overwhelming experience. I am not that sure of how long it lasted. It was wonderfully weird. It lasted for at least as long as the walk, about 45 minutes.I know it is a sign of something I can achieve on a more regular basis. The experience helped me recognize how the world is so deeply colored by my inner terrain. If I had not done all the other things I have over the past 30 and more years, I know I would be so much worse off. I am grateful for the tools I used in the past, however, they did not produce long term healing of my gut, immunes system and entire body.

One year into The Unique Healing Program, my days are still up and down. As I have written before, the downs are less strong and don’t last as long. My mornings, especially this spring, has been pretty overwhelming at times. The big difference is that I tend to come out of it more quickly and more highly functional. I am seeing a pattern of clearing the farther into spring things go.

I really hope this post is of help to others on The Unique Healing Program and inspires people to explore UHP and other ways to heal outside the Traditional Medical / Psychopharmacology world of treatment.


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Most people I am in touch with on The Unique Healing Program experience more frequent bathroom visits than having what is commonly defined as constipation. It is all bowel disfunction. From the beginning I have not had that pattern of daily frequent bowels. I have had a few days of that pattern on occasion, but mostly not. If you are prone to being more constipated, sluggish, feeling sort of blocked and some bloating, maybe what I write here will help.

Sounds like a no brainer, but more water really helps. Duh, right?  Helps for whatever your circumstances are on UHP and should not be discounted. I easily forget to drink more water. I was going to start my “Compared to others” dialogue. How does that help? Doesn’t.  I am not getting enough for me and that is all that matters. The truth is that I was trying to get in my quota of clay and was not mixing it with enough water. I tend toward dehydration in the first place. Not normally at all thirsty, I was mixing 3- 4 tbs of clay per 36 ounces of water. This  is not enough water to hydrate me. The clay without enough water creates a sluggishness. You get the idea. Also, I felt that between taking the supplements, clay, blended salads, tea, and the three or four glasses I was forcing myself to drink that should be enough. Hello, it wasn’t. Okay, so more water is important.

During this UHP have gotten up to 18 tbs of clay. I started with 3 tbs and after talking to Donna Pessin went up to 8 or 9 and then 12 on a steady basis. I did this for 9 months. In January of this year I started to feel more nauseated by the idea of the clay and went to 9 tbs of clay as my regular dose. I was experiencing lack of appetite and very mild nausea. All symptoms of bacterial – fungal overgrowth.

Bacterial – Fungal-  Candida collection by clay and build up is the real cause of my feeling bloated. The binding of the crud with the clay with not enough water and the need for more Colloidal Silver, Bowel Strength or other anti fungal was really an equation for great frustration, often referred to as going crazy.

I took my first day off from taking any clay yesterday to reset my system. I was nervous to do this, but knew I had to do something different. I was feeling very bloated with great pressure  in my gut at the end of the day. Hard to think straight. This had been getting more so since February – Pre- Springtime.  Some things that helped were doing some pressure point massage on my gut, using a hot water bottle and not eating after 4 in the afternoon. I think one major cause of these symptoms  is my lifelong stint with not enough water. The few days before stopping the clay for the one day, I went to 4-6 tbs.

It has been more than one year on this program 3/2013 is when I began.  I started taking 3 tbs of clay in January of 2013 of Edible Earth and using Parasite Herbs I had bottles of from Health Force. One day off, for me a person with the tendency toward constipation on or off this program, may be something I probably need to do on occasion. Just lessening the amount of clay every few days. More water!!!!

We all have different needs on The Unique Healing Program at different times. If the bacterial infection, toxic condition that is experienced can be put in check with enough anti fungal ingredients the clay can do what it is supposed to do much more effectively. The clay still works, but the symptoms from having a fungal or bacterial infection are way more obvious.

Will write something about the effects of the clay on my liver and the feeling of sluggishness soon. As I said before, if a fungal infection is out of whack then the clay, still works, but uncomfortable symptoms will persist. A constant search to find balance. More water, low carb diet and staying on top of  ingesting an anti fungal consistently is, I have found, really necessary to not feel agitated while healing.

Any input would be great!



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If you are having diarrhea, loose stools or other discomfort that is triggered by eating raw or cooked vegetables, here is an idea for a relatively low fiber salad. The blender breaks the fiber down making it easier to digest and less time consuming than chewing each mouthful until it is liquid. I also make this with steamed vegetables [hot soup] and will post a recipe for that when I have a chance. Not hard to figure out what to do, but glad to spell it out.

Combine in a high powered blender or whatever you have on hand:

Romaine lettuce 4-5 large leaves or less to scope out what you can tolerate, a bit of scallion, tiny bit of garlic, a bit of cilantro [herbs] for some extra flavor, salt, maybe some black pepper, olive oil, a bit of something acid – lemon or apple cider vinegar. I put in a few drops of stevia to taste. To thicken add one quarter to one half of an avocado. Add in 1/4 cup of purified water. Blend and taste to add more seasoning or water. You can add tomato and other things if you can eat them now without having a reaction. Blended salads and smoothies can be way more adventuress, but this is a simple recipe.

The idea is that blending predigests roughage and  some other foods. Still chew each mouthful a few times to mix the ingredients with the chyme in your mouth. DO NOT CHUG THIS. Had to say it. Sure you are probably past that if you are on UHP.

I use a digestive enzyme before eating. I ran that by Donna Pessin when starting the program and she concurred I should continue. I have to say, if she had disagreed I would have continued anyway. I have tried many enzymes over the years. Here are two I am currently using:

Doctor’s Best and HCL by Solaray. These two are relatively inexpensive and they work for me. I have purchased many brands of Systemic and all other kinds of enzymes before finding UHP. If you have suggestions I would be glad to hear and share.


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Around mid January of this year I started feeling an ambivalence toward eating that,from past experience on UHP, told me mild nausea may be in my future. I knew Spring might be tough for me and things were starting to come to the surface for spring. Spring Cleaning Post here.

So, I have a pretty unpredictable time since mid- January. I am not presently using UHP Colloidal Silver. I did in the beginning and have written about that in other posts.UHP CS is more potent in smaller doses than the home brewed CS.  I had some idea that if I was not using UHP CS, the stuff we made was a waste of time and I began to use MMS. I have some past posts on MMS and CS.  We do make our own Colloidal Silver and I am sorry I did not start drinking it sooner. But who knows? I feel like a 24 / 7 personal health detective most days. This has been going on for many, many years. Anyway, MMS is effective, but sometimes hard to tolerate.

To get to the point, I am finding some repeat of  symptoms from last spring[other springs] at this time, with many improvements. What is hard is that I so want to feel better. I want to have some kind of  daily pattern of feeling well that I can count on. What I have to remind myself is that before Donna Pessin and The Unique Healing Program I was searching for this pattern, for most of my life, and my gut was worse than it is now. Hard to believe and remember.

I am not good with feeling blocked up. I am learning as I go through this process that many people are just better at dealing with feeling bloated, stuck and trudging on.I am talking mostly about people not on UHP. Prior to UHP I had to eat a very simple diet and rely on other tricks to feel able to be in the world. I knew I just could not cope any longer with the way things were. This was an epiphany I came to  way more than a decade ago, but never found anything that healed my gut. I do write about The Body Ecology Diet in many other posts. BED was one of my hopes to work before finding The UHP. I did BED for three years and it did not heal my gut. Still some good info on The BED site.

It is easy to feel fed up doing The Unique Healing Program. I feel that way and have to give myself a reality check. I felt fed up before The UHP. Why else would I be doing it?  I moved from NYC and stopped at the town of Patagonia, Az.- Tree of Life Center thinking that would be a real helpful jumpstart for my health. I hoped to find a health balance that I could not reach living in NYC my entire life. My path is very, very long and circuitous [decades]. It lead me to The Unique Healing Program and Donna Pessin. I just have to learn to be more patient and that is truly not my strong point.

I have thought I feel really worse at times, but I have to ask myself since when? I did not feel well before UHP. Complaining is not hard to do and I think as the bacteria, fungi, parasites, Candida get pushed out of their homes there is a whole lot of kicking and screaming going on. So, more complaining on my end due to the nasty symptoms. Just a supposition. Sure it is true.

Sick of hearing myself bitch, but understanding why I do. Looking to feel  more grateful. Not easy when I am in the middle of some icky symptoms. If you are reading this post you probably know what I am talking about, whether you are on The UHP or just scoping it out.




FYI, I have been a part of The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin for approximately one year. Began it 3/2014.

Hers are a list of various symptoms that I keep meaning to write about: Some of these things I have mentioned before and others I have not:

Splitting of the skin. Similar to paper cuts that appear and heal up when I have been more acidic, overwhelmed by toxins, sometimes come out more just prior and around the full moon. The have been mostly on my hands. Small, annoying and painful. I am getting these less and less. The worst I had was on my ears. I will try to include a link to my post that was just about ears.

Dry skin in the web of my left hand. Gets red and can be very irritating. The area corresponds with the Lungs and Large Intestines [acupuncture]. This did hurt and was much more noticeable. Now it no longer hurts and is a bit sandpapery at times. Nothing painful or obvious. I guess this would be considered psoriasis or eczema.

Nails growing in a bit thinner on hands and feet. This is improving. I had some toenails that grew in a bit curled under or up on the small toes. Charming. Could be way worse. Nails on the feet would splinter in the corners, especially the big and little toes. One little toe nail still has vertical ridges. Nails tell a big story about Parasite infections.

Itching that would get worse at night. Sometimes as I would just get into bed. Really annoying. Would not last long, but it would impair my entry into sleep. I am still in the process of completely healing my insomnia. Way better. The itching came and went for several months. Was not consistent. It was in my mid section and legs. This is not to mention the itching in my ears that I still have, but it is very, very much improved.

Tiny little bits of dry skin that feel like they may be pimples, but are not. Dry up and come off in the shower or brush off. On my back and stomach and chest.

My ear itching and tinnitus was profound and can be read about here. Really worsens before and around the full moon.

Dark circles under my eyes got a bit worse during UHP and has greatly improved. Does return when acids accumulate.  Kidney and liver related. I never had profoundly dark eye circles, but I have looked tired while cleansing. Much better now.

My hair felt more lifeless at times and I would have that in the past when doing other cleanses. I had a bit of hair coming out toward the back of my head, but nothing earth shaking. Several people have had much more profound hair loss that has improved within the first 6 months on the program. Again, different for everyone. I ended up cutting my hair to a few inches below my ears, which helped to make it feel more healthy. Hair is way better now. Still have a weird day where it has less body, but I had that on and off as far back as I can remember. Pretty common thing? I think so. Hormonal issue.

Pretty serous gas pains that I have gotten right before needing to move my bowels. Sharp, short lasting and a few times hard to stand up. This, in the beginning of UHP, could be  a daily occurrence.Maybe lasted for a few months. Often the urge to go went form 0 to 100. The result of what I am sure is my fungal and bacterial infection.  Has gone away and returned for short periods.

Eye floaters getting a bit worse, especially around the full moon. My sight has gotten a bit better at times. Sometimes it is as though a thin veil is between me and everyone else. Sort of a trippy feeling. My sight is slightly out of focus. Odd. I had this before starting UHP. I had all of these symptoms at times before UHP.

Heartburn, hours after eating or in the morning after only drinking clay. This has come and gone, lasting for shorter and shorter periods of time. I thought at times I had found a pattern, only to have it be disproved by my own observations. Sometimes I have had indigestion, slight burning in my stomach hours after eating. Usually I eat my last meal in the mid to late afternoon. I would have the indigestion at 9 at night. Having little to no carbs in the later meal is what helped put an end to this, for the most part.  Would come and go. Eating a small piece of fresh ginger while drinking a glass of boiled water can help. Ginger tea works.

Joint pain is something I have not written much about in conjunction with The Unique Healing Program. A whole post or more about this subject is really needed. For me, it is crystal clear that my hip injury will not completely heal until some more progress is made with my digestion. I have known this for ten years. In summary, the stiffness is worse in the morning and at night. It has definitely, looking back, gotten better during UHP. This spring I have had some really difficult days with my injured hip. That is where most of my discomfort is, but I do have some general stiffness that has highs and lows. The areas where the Lymph System is dense, can stiffen up easily. Inner thighs and underarms are two examples.

Neck and spine stiffness at the computer has gotten way, way better. This was about 7 months into UHP that I really noticed a big change. I often do not sit with enough support. Not a good idea and often happens because I think I will just be doing something that will take a minute and 45 minutes later I am still sitting here.

Upper lip dryness that would come and go for short periods of time when under physical or emotional stress. If you know the odd feeling that takes place before a Herpes outbreak on your lip, that is what it feels like. Have not had a Herpes blister while on UHP, but definitely felt like it was coming.

Okay, I hate bringing this one up, but rectal itching. I have not had a great deal of this, but when I have it has been fleeting. Lucky me, I am currently experiencing this, and it has not been so fleeting. A day or two. Drinking more Colloidal Silver is helping. Increasing Bowel Strength. I am experimenting with another Berberine Sulfur herb called Bitter Oleander / Kutaj. I take 1-2 tsp. everyday, but am increasing it with the itching. A UHP person told me about Kutaj. It is a good herb to have on hand. Relatively inexpensive. It does taste very, very bitter.

Gum bleeding has been something that has come and gone. I know about it because I use a gum stimulator around all my teeth. I see  the bleeding especially around the three crowns I have. I have a post on dental / teeth and The UHP. Has improved and is completely linked to my Lymphatic System.

Facial broken capillaries are much better. I needed a 5X magnifying mirror to see mine. They would get more easily red under my eyes in the sun before UHP. I tan easily and was aware of this redness change the past few years. Much better now. The capillaries overall have diminished. They can flare up, but not as they were when I started UHP.

Yes, things can get better on UHP and seem to get worse-er for periods of time and then another breakthrough happens. There are so many different patterns. Don’t be discouraged if your experience does not match mine at this point in this program.

Clogged pores. This got worse for awhile and then got much better. The first 5 months I steamed my face and did some face masks. I had this issue on and off my entire life. Magnifying mirrors are a great invention and a huge pain in the ass. Many people do not go near them, and I understand why. Really helpful for tweezing eyebrows and applying some make – up.

Will write a post on spider veins and some of the other things I did not get to here in the near future and connect some links tomorrow.









What I am about to write is not a disclaimer, but an observation after being in touch with other people on The Unique Healing Program. So, my experience on The Unique Healing Program is very much my own. I have a personal and family health history that is different from anyone else. There may be many similarities and there may be very few. I think this is extremely important to keep in mind. Also, I do not think age is as much a determining factor in terms of determining progress. Being younger does not necessarily equal healing faster.


My sleep was not good for many years before finding The Unique Healing Program. I did not use sleeping aid meds. After all my years of disrupted sleep, I do understand why people use them! While on The UHP my sleep has gotten increasingly better. It  has improved incrementally. Initially, I was pleased to sleep three hours straight, get up once and go back to sleep easily for about three hours, and then sleep two more hours after getting up again. I did and still do have some sleep disruptions, especially around the full moon. This has improved, as well. After about the first 6 months on UHP, this full moon sensitivity has become less intense. I was not using GABA and Calcium Citrate when I began The UHP. Both products could have mitigated much of the sleep problems more quickly. Also, since being on UHP, it is much easier for me to go to bed at 9 or 10 pm. This took about 8 or 9 months. I still resist doing this at times.

It has taken me awhile to feel sleepy on a regular basis. One thing that would happen prior to UHP and in the beginning is that I would feel sleepy and then as I got into bed feel more awake. Really crazy making.

Maybe you are familiar with Homeopathic Remedies? Some of them can be good temporary “crutches” for helping with restlessness and other sleep issues. This link can give some ideas about homeopathic remedies for sleep. If you know nothing about Homeopathic Remedies, they come in tiny sugar pellets that I have never had a problem with, and I am sensitive to sugar. Don’t let the sugar ingredieant that stand in the way of your using them. The sugar content is truly negligible


I did not start taking GABA until about 6 months into The UHP. I was taking Melatonin and that did not seem to be that potent on its own. The GABA is something I need to take all day and concentrate the amount more toward the end of the day and before bed. GABA helps with depression and agitation. I get the powder form. Look at Donna Pessin’s video about taking supplements. If GABA is not working for you, ask DP about taking more or just watch her video. My mistake was thinking that the GABA was not working after awhile. I can’t take more, it is too much, blah, blah. Crazy as it sounds, I think I was so used to feeling wound up,  that not feeling that way was unconsciously uncomfortable to me. My husband concurs with me on this one for himself, as well.


I also take Melatonin and I start in the late afternoon. Not sure if I truly need it everyday, but for now I am taking some. MRM brand has a 3mg dose. I take about 4 -8 3mg a day. Find the amount that works for you. Check with Donna Pessin personally, watch the videos and scan her books.


I find that taking Colloidal Silver or other anti fungal agents before going to sleep can also be very helpful. It seems to be working for me. One person told me they avoid the use of Oregano Oil [anti fungal] right  before bedtime. Experiment with the amount of Bowel Strength you take at night and see how taking it early or late evening effects you. This is truly a personal experience that even Donna Pessin can not always know the answers for. She does know a whole lot. There are certain things we may need to fine tune on our own.


This is another product I did not take in the beginning of UHP. I was taking a New Chapter Bone Strength in two daily recommended doses. What is done is done. It is expensive and probably unnecessary to use this kind of mineral supplement while on The UHP. I did not truly understand what Cal Cit does in the body. There is  a whole paranoia about taking Calcium that is not from food sources, such as seaweed. Through Donna Pessin and The Unique Healing Program I have learned the real reason for taking Cal Cit. The answer is in all  the videos and books. I have to say that the argument against taking it has nothing to do with Cal Cit itself. This is a misunderstanding that stems from many practitioners not knowing what a healthy gut is and how to achieve that goal. Anyway, the Cal Cit reduces the effects of acidity and helps you relax and sleep better. I take a number of  tablespoons of Cal Cit a day. I wish I had not taken so long to do this. Give it some thought.


I have had times when doing this program where I just did not sleep well and it was for all the reasons stated above. If I was taking all the right amounts of the “Crutches” would it have been better? I would say probably more of the time it would have. Live and learn. Not sleeping screws up my perception of the world. Without enough sleep things look really much worse than they actually are.


Yes, I have had a “mild” case of tinnitus. I am not imagining this, it would get really more intense around the full moon. I would usually hear it when I put my ear to the pillow. It could wake me up. My nerves were shot. and still healing. I started taking GABA after mentioning the tinnitus to Donna Pessin. I truly did not understand the deep connection between the gut, brain and nervous system. I thought I did.

I began writing about The Unique Healing Program after I read the first  book and watched the videos. At the time I had Health Force Parasite Herbs, Sonne Clay, Health Force Zeolite Clay, Edible Earth Clay, B12, and some other things that I thought I could use to replicate The UHP. I got some results, but I needed guidance and better products. Anyway, I ended up calling Donna Pessin in March of 2013, bought her products, and am glad I did.

I never regret doing The Unique Healing Program. I am grateful for it, but I do NOT wake up  feeling gleeful about ingesting, clay, herbs, fungal potions, Cal Cit, Gaba and the rest of the cast. Some days are much, much easier. I do have to remind myself how lucky I am to know about this program and be grateful I am able to do it.  I have really come to experience that it is what is in me, and not The UHP product ingredients that are causing my symptoms. It has taken me awhile to really, really get this. It is hard sometimes to accept. There are some situational exceptions to what I just wrote, but for the most part it is true.




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If you are HIV+ or have been diagnosed with AIDS or Cancer,  I am 100% sure that your digestion is not in good shape. Due to the Immune System being largely contained in the gut, doing anything to improve digestive health can only help your situation. Please read on and know that there is hope for you to feel better whatever form of treatment you are doing.The Unique Healing Program could be an amazing adjunct to any health protocol that is either traditional or alternatively driven. Consulting with the creator Donna Pessin would be a must if you are knowingly dealing with a life threatening illness. Cancer, HIV and AIDS are among the major players. Auto immune illnesses are just as problematic and can become life threatening in a short period of time. This also can greatly helped by healing the digestive system.

The other thing is that even if you do not get onboard to do The Unique Healing Program per se, you can learn a great deal from the UHP videos and books. The more you know the more empowered you will be. One thing that is important is to understand what can trigger more cleansing responses in the body and what exactly that means. This is, without question, something that Donna Pessin really understands. Her understanding and explanation is very different from many other practitioners and can be somewhat confusing at first. Give it a chance.


Somewhere around 1989 I was a volunteer at a place called The Manhattan Center for Living in New York City. It was a center that was designed to help support people diagnosed as having HIV+, AIDS, Cancer and other life threatening illnesses. MCFL was also there to educate and help prevent the spread of a disease that was very new and not understood. Marianne Williamson was on the board of MCFL. MCFL did not last long and those that were devoted created Friends in Deed. Friends In Deed is still very much alive. Film director Mike Nichols, and actress Cynthia O’Neil are two of the primary creators of  this center of healing, love and support for those grappling with their diagnosis, loss of family, friends and so much more.

As a person volunteering my skills at both MCFL and FID, mostly as a Shiatsu Therapist, I met and befriended s number of people. I went to  memorial services and watched members of the dance and theatre, fashion communities, to name a few, drop off like flies. It was a very confusing and frightening time.

Prior to and during that time of volunteering at FID and MCFLI was involved in studying the macrobiotic diet, getting some colonics, acupuncture, bodywork and reading whatever I could about healing. Most of  that information was based on strengthening the immunes system. I was interested in what is now known as Alternative or Holistic Healing. It became clear to me in talking with people who were HIV+ that some  had symptoms, many years prior to being diagnosed, that indicated a weak immune system. Why were some people with similar immune deficiency issues exposed to HIV and did not contract the virus? I was honest enough with myself to see that many of my “minor” maladies were stepping stones to greater sickness. I was vulnerable to HIV, AIDS and Cancer. This really woke me up.

Much time have passed and over the years drugs have been developed that have saved and extended the lives of many people. The side effects of theses drugs are not often discussed openly. This concerns me. AIDS and HIV are not welcome news to anyone and there is unnecessary shame around these illnesses. The drugs for AIDS AND HIV are not sold as cures, but how toxic these drugs are is definitely not stressed enough.  There is a huge price to pay for those who take these medications. However, I have known many people who have gone on to make great contributions to this world and that is due to these medications. Many would most likely say that the side effects are worth it.

I am writing this specifically for those with HIV, AIDS, Cancer and other life threatening medical diagnosis who are looking for some other strategies for healing. A strategy that could possibly compliment what they are already doing. When I first got introduced to The Unique Healing Program and Donna Pessin, at first glance, the focus seemed to be weight loss. Look deeper it is way more than that.

If The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin does not appeal to you, check out The Body Ecology Diet Donna Gates. More information about creating a healthier digestive system and way of eating to heal. The Body Ecology Diet Protocol did not work for me, but it may work for you. I did explore the Body Ecology Diet System for three years and it did not resolve my constipation. I chronicle my path over the past number of decades looking for a resolution for my digestive dysfunction in other blog posts.

Email communications on this subject are greatly welcomed.