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Get ready for what worked for a awhile  not working so well anymore as a major part of  The Unique Healing Program. What do I mean? Well, learning to be flexible and patient at a time when those qualities run thin can be very hard. Definitely very hard for me.

Some examples:

I have had to learn to take supplements at different times, in lesser or greater quantities, have  a dose of clay immediately upon rising, not have it because I feel nauseous and consciously sip it, take the Bowel Strength in smaller doses several times per day, figure out the right amount of GABA, eat less carbs after being able to eat more for awhile, go to sleep earlier, take naps, learn how to relax, accept what is happening when it does not match the picture in my head of how things should be.

Realizing that I have not as much control over how I physically feel while healing creates tremendous frustration for me. I’ve had this issue most of my life. BTW, I did not feel well before this program. Why else would I be doing it?

Wanting things to  be different then they are has probably been the greatest form of suffering I have inflicted on myself. It has also been a great catalyst for change in my life. Blending the two has been a life long lesson that I am always learning. Yeah, this is a hard thing to look at and feel.

Next thing is that I want a daily pattern that I can diverge from, but count on. At certain points in my life I was able to force myself to do things that did not feel right without paying an immediate price. Exercise to feel energized when I  I really needed to rest, eating late at night, working when my body said rest, staying up late and getting up very early for long periods of time, dancing in point shoes, wearing heels to walk fairly long distances while living in NYC. That is a thumbnail sketch. So, just not being able to always make myself  do when I need to rest has been forced upon me in order to get well.


The bottom line is that our bodies cleanse on The Unique Healing Program in a way that is hard or impossible to understand. It may be as random as all the chemicals we are constantly exposed to and do not know about. No, not maybe, that is probably a whole lot of it. So, like most everyone, especially myself, that I have had any contact with doing The Unique Healing Program, you will probably pitch a fit at times during the program. Then, hopefully not long after, come to the conclusion that, as of now, this is probably the best way out of long term misery. You may have to remind yourself of this more than once. Understatement!

Get ready to learn to be tolerant and flexible, or like me, learn how intolerant and inflexible you can feel. What is crazy is that I need to remind myself of how grateful I was to find Donna Pessin and The Unique Healing Program. I still am. I just want to feel better-er, faster-er. Here I go again…

While on The Unique Healing Program, if things are not working the way they were last week, or for the few weeks before, it may be time to reassess what and how you doing the program. That Clay and all the other players in The Unique Healing Program are undoubtably healing us all. How and when these components are taken is something that even Donna Pessin may not be able to fine tune for each person. Even though her long time wisdom and knowledge is truly invaluable, she still can not get inside each person’s body. No matter what kind of healthcare a person is receiving, real healing comes from getting to know our own needs. That can be a real bitch at first, which eventually can become empowering.

When I am really frustrated about wanting more progress faster, I have to remind myself of how I was living before finding The Unique Healing Program. Sounds a bit corny, but so very, very true.