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Summer heat, internal and external, can trigger some hyperactivity in cleansing symptoms for people in general. Those who are on The Unique Healing Program will most usually have a more heightened awareness of this pattern.  These symptoms usually begin a few weeks before the official start of Summer, which is June 21st. So, here are some symptoms that I am experiencing, have experienced and hear about from others. But first one thing…


The assigned element for Summer is Fire and the two organs directly effected are the Heart and Small Intestines. The Fire element effects everything in the body, but especially the assigned element of Wood and the Liver and Gallbladder. Wood is the assigned element in the Spring. Okay, so fire burns wood and the heat can cause a combustive type of reaction. Short tempers, inflammations, skin rashes, blisters. Things suddenly appearing, like a fire erupting “seemingly” out of nowhere. This is one description of summer tendencies.


Skin rashes: I have a skin rash that repeatedly shows up on my hand. It is located where some refer to as the lobster claw area, right between the thumb and the index finger. It gets very leathery feeling and looks inflamed. This has come and gone over the past year and few months. The area corresponds with the Lung and Large Intestines. Lungs and Heart – Large Intestines and Small Intestines. So, the heart and lungs work very tightly together and so do the Small and Large Intestines.

The assigned element for Lung and Large Intestines is metal and the active season is Fall. My facial skin flare ups are not cystic acne, and rather mild. The location of my breakouts harken back to my twenties. I tend to get some clogged pores in my nose and chin. Lately my nose is peeling. Not related to sun exposure. Had this last year when starting UHP and in years past. The nose is related to the heart. Especially the tip, and the sides of the nose are related to the lungs. Many people have an enlarged heart through over consumption of sweets, cheap fats, alcohol, prescription, over the counter and recreational drugs. The nose can be swollen, red or purple with broken capillaries. It is not a healthy look and NOT always indicative of alcohol and drug addiction.


I have had some tiny bumps I can feel all on a few parts of the surface of my head. Sort of small pimples. More noticeable has been the feeling of  my scalp being sensitive. I have to touch it to notice this. A bruised feeling. More on the top left side. This is somewhat related to hair loss.

Hair falling out has had a repeat performance for some at this seasonal change. Lessening carbs of all kinds MAY help. Taking in more mineral rich foods can help. Seaweeds such as Dulce, Kelp, Nori, Arame, Wakame are the major ones. Ask Donna Pessin if more Calcium may help this issue? This is a tough one that I do not have a whole lot of personal experience with. My hair loss was pretty minimal last year at this time.


Recent sleep disruption has been a mild throw back to when I started The Unique Healing Program in March of 2013. I still sleep better than I did last year and for years previous to starting The UHP. I have noticed that the heat of summer, we  do have air conditioning, has helped bump up theses feelings of agitation. Again, the temperature here  in the desert can be in the triple digits for two months during the summer. Also, interrupted sleep is linked to brewing or full fledged cardiovascular problems. Insomnia of all kinds is prevalent among all age groups today. It once was connected to people over 65. Maybe 50? Not sure about that one.

Today sleep meds are advertised everywhere targeting people of all ages. Not a good sign. Some of the ads, I have specifically noticed, are targeted at people in their 20’s to 30’s. The TV commercials before the Insomnia ones are for Starbuck’s or some other kind of coffee – soda stimulant. Now that is a set up if I ever saw one. A Harvard Medical website has something.  Here is a medical link if you are interested.


The Heart and Small Intestines are most active between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm. Often when heart attacks occur. I have repeatedly noticed that with the intensified heat of the summer, I feel a bit tired at some point during this time. This is also magnified by getting less sleep and getting up super early during the heat here in the So Cal Desert. I observed this same pattern last year to a much greater extent. Taking a short nap during this 11am to 3pm time for as little as 20 to 30 minutes can really give me a big lift. Harder for those to do in an office setting. I hear from friends they are finding ways. Ten minutes of a closed eye meditation will help.


I have had a tiny blister appear and disappear at the tip of my tongue a few times since May. Try to find a link somewhere to explain that a bit more. Found it. Traditional Asian Medicine says the Tongue opens to the heart. So, talking all the time and not talking at all are indications of some kind of heart / circulatory disturbance. No, it is not just a personality issue. I have seen this change in people when they get they begin to get their health in balance. There are two extreme cases: People that won’t shut up, and those that need a pulse check to see if someone is in there.

Blisters, blisters everywhere. Blisters that come unexpectedly or that come easily with mild or no  contact with another surface. I had one on my had appear out of nowhere in the area of the Lobster Claw I mentioned before. It really hurt and felt hard. Also, one has appeared next to my tailbone. The tailbone one has come and gone quickly. Does not have to do with floor exercises or anything like that. Internal heat. Definitely a gut – acidity issue. Location, location, location.


I am not having this as much this year, but ear and eye sensitivities can  get pretty riled up with this season of intensified heat and sun. If you feel the sun is annoying, not just the heat but the visual brightness, and your sense of hearing is easily tweaked, you are not alone. The sale of sunglasses is huge. Headphones are not only used for listening, but also to buffer noise and to put off social contact, as well. Connect the dots.


Feet can have extra callus on them and it is not always due to walking in bare feet or sandals. We cleanse through our skin, hence heavy foot callus happens at other times of the year. Gravity alone has something to do with that. Toxins descend toward the legs and feet. With weak circulation being a universal problem, it is easy for toxins to to settle in our lower extremities. Doing some kind of  Yoga Body Inversion is really beneficial for the legs – circulation, anytime of year. Lying down on the floor and putting your lower legs on the seat of a chair, or over the bed. This is a very easy way to do an inversion. An energy refresher that works for tired legs and just feeling plain tired.


I have not had a full blown Cystitis [bladder infection] while on The UHP, but I have noticed that my urine can feel more warm, moving toward hot on many occasions. This is especially true at the end of the day. As a quick aside Cantharsis 3oc has been a great help to me for Cystitis in the past. Good to have on hand and I have taken it as soon as I feel any inkling of sensitivity peeing, etcetera. It really is worth trying if bladder infections are something you are experiencing as you cleanse. It is a crutch of the highest order, but a good one. Here is another Homeopathic page for other remedies for Bladder Infections.


I do want to mention that there can be a peak and lag in appetite during seasonal changes. These can be a heads up for bacterial changes in the gut. It is for me. Last year and this past spring I was having mild nausea along with lack of appetite. This summer,  just a lack of interest in eating. This is all triggered by more than the external heat of the season.


Pain is something that can worsen whenever there is a change of season and more toxins are being released from organs, tissues, etcetera. More Clay : ) and Calcium supplementation is helpful. Again, lowering carb consumption helps me. Especially the more reactive ones, such as sugar, fruit, wheat. If you drink wine and alcohol, these two can be highly problematic. Much of these substances are what we often gravitate towards at this time of year.


Feeling water retention and gut distention is really annoying and may be part of what you are experiencing as things get hotter and more humid, or more dry. A few things that can churn that pot are fermented foods, yeasted breads and baked goods, alcohol – beer, sugar, spicy foods and condiments. You do not want to put something that rises and expands into a gut environment that is already is gassy. Don’t underestimate what you are eating as a major trigger for these symptoms. The foods are not the cause, but these substances are a catalyst. They can pack a powerful punch at this hotter time of year. They may need to be avoided for only a short time. Not eating them until the bloat subsides and then eating them less regularly – not everyday.

Do In belly self massage is one way to cope with bloat as a crutch. This video is pretty good. It says for constipation, but is good for gas and bloating, as well.


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Summer has just arrived here in this part of the globe and the desire for something sweet and more carbohydrates intensifies for me and most everyone I know. I also feel the desire for eating lighter, as well. Where I am living, the temperatures are already in the triple digits. This has put a big stress on me and my husband. In order to get somethings done outdoors we need to get up by at least 5 am. I am already an early riser, but because it is light as late as 8 – 9 pm it is harder to wind down and get to bet early. At 7 pm it can feel like it is 4 in the afternoon.


Okay, so I have heard from around six different people since February about their eating Think Thin Bars to quell their sweet tooth. Donna Pessin sometimes recommends TT Bars as a replacement for energy bars that are made with sugar, dates, agave, honey, etcetera. I decided to try Think Think Bars even though they are sweetened with the artificial sweetner Mannitol. Aside from Mannitol, all of the other ingredients in Think Thin Bars are also not on my top ten list of  things to eat. Anyway, to get to the point, they did not agree with me. Of course, against my better judgement,  I ate more than one in a period of two days.  Gas, bloating and some indigestion ensued. Did a search on Mannitol and found a whole lot of other people that had the same experience. Looks like Mannitol is the culprit. Not everyone has this sensitivity to this artificial sweetener that is high is sugar alcohol. Also, all the people on UHP, who contacted me, eating these bars ended up having indigestion and gut bomb type of reactions to Think Thin Bars, as well.


When I looked at the ingredients I thought- Hmm, that doesn’t look like a good idea. Then I thought, well, Donna recommended them to these other people. Enough of a justification for me!!! Just as a treat to get me through this period. I will never know if I don’t try them. How are those as rationalizations? Don’t tell me you have never eaten anything you knew on some level might not be such a good idea? I have to admit gas and bloating was not what I expected as a result from eating Think Thin Bars. Yes, bars – plural. I ate several, thank you very much.

Think Thin bars did not taste really good to me, except for one that was super rich in chocolate flavor. Brownie Crunch?  I kept hoping the next flavor would be better. Anyway, inexpensive – processed chocolate can be very agitating due to its acidity. Also, Think Thin bars are not organic and there are a whole lot other ingredients on the label that you will NOT find in a garden.These non food – food ingredients can lead to heartburn and worse. There are many people who eat all kinds of stuff, which they have indigestion from and don’t even “know” it. Popping a Tums or Rolaids does not equal indigestion to many. Indigestion is just what you have after you eat, right? Consequently, Tums or Rolaids is what you take to deal with it. Yeah, that is the way things roll for a large part of the US population. The healthier version of Tums and Rolaids are digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes are not a good idea when it keeps the more “nutritionally conscious” in denial about how bad their gut really is. I have been one of those people. Enzymes taken until digestion is better or to augment digestion can be a really, really good thing. For the most part they have helped me over the years.

Why would Donna Pessin recommend Think Thin Bars? I don’t know, but here is a guess: Think Think Bars are a transitional food- snack option for those with sugar cravings on The Unique Healing Program. The amount of crap in Think Think Bars does not in any way shape or form outweigh the amount of toxic substances that are stored in the organs and tissues of western people today. People on The Unique Healing Program using Sodium Bentonite Clay, Bowel Strength, etcetera are doing deep cleansing of old waste matter daily. If they need to eat a Think Thin Bar to stay on track, so be it. The damage from TT Bars is negligible in relation to the profound cumulative healing from The UHP. I think it is that simple. Also, it is damn hard to find a bar that is sweetened with stevia. Some other bars have wheat or other triggering ingredients in them. Is Mannitol any better? It may be for some. Think Thin Bars eaten as a dessert on occasion or as a treat, could be okay. Then burping, farting, etcetera would not be the results. I don’t know. Maybe.


An example of a bar that is sweetened with Stevia is The Quest Bar. This, for some, is also a digestive disturber of the highest order. Why? Whey Protein Isolate is one ingredient that could be a problem, the high fiber – main source of carbs is another. It seems, on the surface, Quest Bars would be a better choice than The Think Think Bars. They well may be for you. The ingredients, on paper, are way better. I saw an interview with the developer of  The Quest Bar , and her intentions are good ones.

My last word on bars is not to depend on them as a meal unless in a pinch. I think these bars are better off eaten late morning early afternoon and not in the early AM or late in the day – PM. Why? The body seems to be in the highest cleansing mode at these times. It is better to eat something that is easier on the digestion early and later in the day. The general feedback is that early and late were the most problematic times. Eating them as a breakfast, and using them as a late night treat caused the worst symptoms. At least three people just found them a complete bloat maker no matter when they were ingested.

Here is a link to a book by Paul Nisson about the best times to eat. You might find some of the information surprising.


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So, the vein issue seems to be a universal one. Spider veins may seem superficial, but they are strongly indicative of a less than healthy blood quality and the deoxygenation of  blood. The way most vein problems are commented upon and treated  here in the USA is on a very superficial level. Unbelievable to me, most vein issues are talked about as a cosmetic problem. This non-approach -approach defines the dumbed down view of health by the media, doctors, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. That is how it is handled here in the States. And there are enough people who, on some level, want it dumbed down. I know that sounds arrogant, but I feel it is true. Why? In the moment these quick fix non-solution-solutins seem easier.

Connecting spider veins to poor circulation and other personally resolvable health problems is an inconvenient truth. When something deeper is going awry there is always some kind of red flag that shows itself on the surface. Spider Veins are one of those red flags surfacing. Varicose veins are more often associated with heart disease. Still the treatment is often surgical and does not get to the root cause. The core source of vascular dysfunction is usually NOT connected to an unhealthy digestive and eliminative system. The only mainstream connection I have heard with Varicose Veins is to stop straining on the toilet, aka constipation. Why poor bowel health is happening and what to do about it is not mentioned.  That says volumes right there.

The primary cause of poor circulation is poor gut health. This weakness in digestion and gut health compounded and due to exposure to toxins, especially heavy metal poisons. The most commonly discussed reason for poor circulation – cardiovascular illness- is a diet high in poor quality fat and sugar. These are some main contributors toward reasons that go unaddressed. One reason is that these foods are primary carriers of toxins that the body can not eliminate and protect itself from without help. So, poor quality fats and sugar are not the primary culprits of cardiovascular disease.


Ingesting clay is NOT a new approach to healing unhealthy vein issues of all kinds. Michele Abeshera, author of The Healing Power of Clay has been advocating the ingestion and the external application of clay for, at least, a couple of decades. The use of clay to heal goes way beyond that.

For a website that give more information on the uses of Sodium and Calcium Bentonite Clay treatments for spider, varicose and other veins problems click here. For more clarity as to why some recommend Calcium over Sodium Bentonite Clay read up. As far as I know, I would not sweat it and SBC is just fine for this purpose. Don’t take my word for it if you have some haunting doubts,

LL’s Magnetic Clay. This company has something powerful going on with their clay for external application. I instinctively know that the way to go primarily  is consuming SB Clay internally. External use is a great adjunct. I  can personally endorse LL’s Clay, but go easy with it. It is strong stuff. LL’s has different kinds for all types of heavy metal and toxicity poisoning. I would start with the plain clay. Of course, I did not do that, extremist that I can tend to be.  Looking back it was not such a good idea. The external application can start a big cleansing reaction and it cause strong symptoms. Anyway, LL’s has lots of info on their site about recommended use. One thing I found helpful is to take Cal Cit in larger  amounts than usual when using the LL’s Clay for packs or baths. The LL’s website recommends more Calcium when using their products. I am sure the reason is to balance the amount of acidic – toxic material being drawn out of the organs and tissues into the blood from the use of the clay.


I usually feel great right after the bath or pack, but by late afternoon or evening I am having some of the symptoms I described above. I have not had a good experience taking these baths or packs at night. What I experience is some stiffness in my extremities, feeling a bit wired, hard to sleep, etc. I can also feel foggy headed  and quite tired switching to the opposite end that I just described. The Cal Cit really worked to resolve this. I make sure that if I take Mag Cit I do not take Cal Cit at the same time in the evening. I wait an hour or so. My experience.

Also, one year and change into UHP, the LL’s Magnetic Clay works much better for me. The symptoms are less, but still there. More easily quieted. Really benefit more from the LL’s at this point on UHP.

Donna Pessin told me that the last part of the body to heal are the legs. I remember her saying this when I asked her about healing my leg injury and some minor spider veins. Also, I have noticed very clearly while on The Unique Healing Program that there is a distinct ebb and flow to my healing. I can see and feel great progress and then feel like I have gone backwards a bit. Don’t be discouraged with veins looking better, a bit worse. The same 2 steps forward one step back pattern seems to exist within all facets of any healing process. All these facets are deeply connected to the health of our gut. Sorry to sound like a broken record on that one. If you are on The Unique Healing Program you already know this or will be convinced of it at some point.



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Years ago I went to lectures at the Macrobiotic Center In New York City. There were some excellent speakers during that time. Their information went way beyond what people now consider Macrobiotics. For many the word Macrobiotics often means rice, beans and vegetables. Anyway, the lectures were largely about understanding how health and  sickness occurs through studying seasonal changes, the details of nature as seen in the human body, the development of health and sickness from prenatal times into adulthood throughout the generations and historically. Whew! I think that was a run on sentence, but so what.


To get to the point here, from a Traditional Asian Medical perspective, when someone is not well they need all their cellular energy to heal. Procreation is not important for the survival of the individual in recovery mode. All their energy is needed simply hang in there and heal. This could be a very long debate and discussion that is not going to happen here. I realize there are people living on the streets, barely surviving, who conceive. There are people living in much more civilized situations that can not get pregnant. The reasons are complex and sometimes simple. People who do not have much may not have been exposed to long term medical intervention, and non-medical related chemicals that have ultimately weakened their immune systems. That is one scenario. Someone with less means probably has not had antibiotics and other non-emergency type medical intervention at every turn [one of many possibilities], and may have stronger immunity. This could be a huge rabbit hole kind of discussion that is not going to be resolved here. Supposition is the basis for all debates.

Okay, so why do some people  who are not well have an over abundance of sexual energy? Over abundance meaning they need to have sex often to feel calm, be able to sleep, feel they have worth, etcetera. Not going into the complexities of sexual addiction here. Well, we mostly hear about this in men. Men have issues with no sexual energy [Viagra], as well. There are women that have seemingly higher sexual drives, but less so due to the complex nature of women’s sexual organs, hormonal make-up due to menses and childbearing. Wow, this all sounds all very clinical.

What I am trying to say here is that any extreme is not healthy and ends up reaching the same dead end. Here are some universal poor health scenarios: Procreation is not easy, does not come to full term, or impossible. Sex is uncomfortable or painful, mostly for women. For men it is more about performance difficulty, some pain. Men can have an extremely unhealthy PH balance that leads to low sperm count. Not a reason for low sperm count that we hear spelled out so simply by physicians and pharmaceutical companies. The unbalanced PH is also at the route of poor female sexual health.


If you are healing you probably do not have much sexual energy. Maybe that is a gross understatement. You can be unhealthy and have a sex drive, but no one wants to have sex with you because you are grumpy, moody and downright annoying. Okay, I am kidding here. Sort of.

As people heal their personal physical situations they will have more energy for a part of life that is sometimes frowned upon due to a myriad of misunderstandings. Some are  social, some family and others are religiously misguided. The good news is that sexual energy will improve as healing occurs. This can take time.  These ebbs and flows will show up  and disappear sporadically. When the body is less bogged down with acidic material and has a healthy gut to process it all, sex should not be painful, burning, or  physically burdensome. An uncomfortable situation, as people feel better, can be remedied easily, and not be a deal breaker. The male side of things is something I can NOT directly speak for, but I think I have covered some of it here.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is a very comprehensive, long term solution to healing the entire body and that includes everything, above and below the waste. Whew!

Why am I sweating and looking to find a diplomatic way to end this post? No, I am not having a hot flash. Hope you are laughing.




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One of the most confusing aspects of The Unique Healing Program, for many participants, is whether the Body Bentonite Clay and Bowel Strength are causing symptoms. The answer from me, and others I am in contact on The Unique Healing Program, is an ambiguous no. And you know what Donna Pessin says, “NO!!!!!!!”  And put a clap of thunder behind it.


I really do not  “know – know” an answer to appease everyone here. What I can tell you is that the Body Bentonite [Sodium Bentonite Clay] and Bowel Strength act on what is already going on inside our bodies and what comes to the surface is not their fault. How is that one? The clay and herbs are our allies and here to help.

Next, no one loves feeling uncomfortable, but many, many people do. Hello, drugs to the rescue. Some of those uncomfortable people seek out or stumble upon The Unique Healing Program. No one I know wakes up feeling great and then decides to get on board to drink 3 to 24 tablespoons of clay a day, take herbs, and the whole other nine yards of this protocol for a year or more. Emphasis on the “or more” part. If a year seems long, how about feeling sick the rest of your life? Okay, it helps if you believe that The Unique Healing Program works. If people are willing to believe that the poisons of Chemo and Radiation heal… I hope you get my  point here.


Here is another ambiguous answer. Yes and no. For some people it really does work to take large doses. Maybe especially for those who tend to be on the loose stool side. For those who are more blocked and tend toward constipation, I think finding the right dose is the key. If you have a medical diagnosis it is really, really important to seek the guidance of Donna Pessin. Often what definitively works on The Unique Healing Program is counter intuitive to what we already know. More clay can create more regular bowels for the constipated, more clay can help end constipation. More clay is often the answer. If you have any doubts about that while on The Unique Healing Program, don’t be afraid to lessen the amount or stop for a day or two to see what happens. How else are we going to learn?


Some people read about Berberine and some of the other ingredients in Bowel Strength and get worried that taking it for long periods is dangerous. I think people need to have concern about are all the toxic substances embedded in organs, tissues, and bone that are festering. A quantum amount of those toxic substances festering in our bodies can lead to a fearful mindset that keeps many from taking action. I have seen this over and over again, people  paralyzed in a state of “managed sickness’. Not doing anything except focusing on what is wrong with the air, water , soil, food, government, western medical world, health – sickness insurance. This is a dead end that leads directly to  the place where all that lives, the hospital. Next stop assisted living and the dreaded  nursing home. You know I was going to mention the nursing home.


No, what we just ate is probably acting as a catalyst to trigger all the existing acidic build up from the past festering inside us. One more straw on the camel’s back. All that matter just recycling due to not being absorbed and escorted out in a timely with  Sodium Bentonite Clay . Like me, you may probably continue to ask yourself this same question over and over again. So, don’t eat crappy on The Unique Healing Program if you want to feel your best, whatever that means. Eating high carb, refined foods, etcetera will, especially in the first year, not be such a good idea for most everyone. Understatement. We each have our levels of tolerance and those levels are different for each one of us.


Do I, you, we really feel worse than we did before starting The UHP? Or is it all just coming to a head as “it” exits? The difference here is between managed sickness and facing what is going on and taking action on The Unique Healing Program. This build up and feeling unwell occurs because over our lifetimes we have not had a healthy enough gut to process the amount of toxins we have been exposed to. Read The Unique Healing Books and watch the videos. It really is all there.


The latest video Donna Pessin released uses the word effortless in her presentation. If you listen closely she is saying that when you are well things will be effortless. Seriously, watch it once again, even if you have already seen it.

Bottom line: If you feel really crappy at times while on The Unique Healing Program you need to make some adjustments. Lessening or increasing different crutches on The UHP is the answer. That takes time to learn. Also, you may be going through a more difficult period that some people call a healing crisis. Donna Pessin does not like the expression “die off”. Leave that one up to you all, and say that I DO understand her objection to the phrase. Why? Because it can keep some people cleansing forever. I have experienced this first hand with other cleansing protocols. Many other long and short term programs  are missing something to absorb the toxic matter. People end up  basically cellular bathing in their own waste. This is dangerous. Colonics are not the answer, because they do not heal the gut. They DO alleviate the toxic load. Colonics, enemas and colema’s are not the long term solution. They are crutches.

As far as I can see so far, The Unique Healing Program is a solution that leads to better health. Mine is greatly improved and I started about 16 months ago. You need to try it for yourself. Read The Unique Healing books, watch the videos and come to your own conclusions. Oh yeah, and  that thing called patience. You will inadvertently learn patience on this program in order to stay the course. Some hair pulling may come and go in between, and hopefully, it will be your own. : )


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Someone once asked me if I thought if any large population of humans ever had a healthy bowel? My first off the cuff response was – of course. Thinking it over my answer is maybe. At some point in time is a more realistic answer. Thinking more, I really do not know. I think people have historically worked at it because of the foods that have been created to improve bowel health. Fermented foods from many different parts of the world have been created to effect better bowel and overall health. In turn, people think more clearly and function better. I have read that in Russia, some kind of fermented drink has been part of the daily regimen for students upon arriving at school for a very long time. This is one example of many traditional cultures that put 2 + 2 together and recognize the brain – gut connection. How come we don’t? Well, it is growing.

As you can see I am not taking on plagues and other diseases that wipe out whole populations of people due to poor immune – gut health. Way to complex for what I am trying to say here. And way more information than I have in my arsenal of sorts.

Getting back to what I was saying: This is all supposition, but it seems pretty clear to me that the increased environmental pollution [air, water soil], wide use of antibiotics, birth control pills, anti – depressants, medications in general, cesarean births, junk food nation, world poverty, etcetera are  overwhelming challenges for most humans today. Challenges that most everyone is being born with and into. Deep challenges to  creating and maintaining a healthy bowel. What I am trying to say is that it is better not to romanticize how much better things use to be and just do something about it already. I could say that no one knows the answer.But is seems crystal  clear to me that the intrinsic weakness within humans begins in the gut. That gut health has been weakening as a healthy environment for many decades. More and more science is coming to the forefront of this obvious, but inconvenient, truth. Missing Microbes by  Martin J. Blaser, MD. New York Times article.

One other link that another UHP participant sent me, that is very worth reading about the diminishment of the human internal ecosystem. Sounds like a bummer article, but we both saw it as more of this greatly ignored information being up for discussion.

Inconvenient is how I would describe doing the hard work to heal the human gut on The Unique Healing Program. More inconvenient would be having someone remove impacted waste matter from my, your  rectum while in a hospital or nursing home. Here I go again on the nursing home diatribe. I will not apologize.


What may be possible is a longer life expectancy that is not dependent on medical intervention.  Health throughout our lifetimes and having wisdom until the day we leave the earth is something that, looks to me, like it could be redefined by developing a healthier digestive tract and bowel. What did I just say?  Those of us who do whatever it is we find that works to heal our bodies by detoxifying our organs, tissues, blood and rebuilding them have an excellent chance to redefine what aging really can be. I am not talking about looking like a 25 year old for the rest of our lives, but being a conscious, agile person with our wits about us and not just a shell of what  we once were. BTW, there are people out there like that and there have been over the ages. Wisdom was something that came  with age. Not so much now. This is very , very sad to me.

Whether you participate in or complete The Unique Healing Program, incorporate some of it into your own health regimen, or do whatever it is you have found, or find to heal your gut, living can be more fun at any age. Bet you did not expect that punch line. Hope you did.