The Unique Healing Program may “fail” or not work for some people who try it. I do not like the word fail. It is a word that many use and sadly feel. I also know that The Unique Healing Program is not something to try, but something that needs a commitment. What might cause this program to not work or “fail”? Here are some thoughts and observations.

Having no patience and expecting instant results. Read The UHP books, watch the videos and read the notyourrawmama blog posts dating back to January of 2013. All the posts on this blog site have been updated from when they began in 2011 to mention The Unique Healing Program when appropriate. I found The Unique Healing Program in 12/2012.

The primary reason for “failure” is not reading The Unique Healing Books more than once, especially Unique Healing 1.This is a must. If you do not understand how this program works you will be frustrated. You will be frustrated anyway. Why? Because this program is a deep healing and deep healing does not happen fast. The Unique Healing Program is thorough and intense. The Unique Healing Program is something you understand more and more as you go along. You have to experience it to understand what it is doing and how it works.

If your diet is too high in acid forming foods your progress with be slowed down. Understanding the importance of  a more PH balanced diet for better hearlth is essential. In simple language,  accompany all you meals with greens. This is very helpful. I think romaine lettuce may be the most simple and easy to digest if you currently have a fiber intolerance. Also, here is a link to a blended salad recipe that is simple in ingredients and easy to make and digest. You can also use super food powders like Amazing Grass to bump up your greens intake. Start with small amounts. Some people with fiver intolerances use Wheatgrass powder [ maybe a bit too sweet for some] or Liquid Chlorophyll until they are better.

More about diet: Read The UHP books and watch the videos [especially this one]. Understand that the quality of what you eat is very important. Eating farm factory meats and non organic or GMO foods is to be avoided whenever possible.  Chewing well and eating more slowly helps immensely.

Vanity can really get in the way of healing. It is important to look our best for many reasons. Understanding that the inside is reflected on the outside for many is a revelation. Taking toxic medications to conceal rashes and acne is only adding to our toxic load. Talk to Donna Pessin about this. Better yet, do some research and understand what these topical and ingested substance do to all of us, and the earth’s environment. What we take in we poop and pee out and that all goes into our ecosystem. I think this is something many people do not understand.

Drink enough filtered, distilled or fresh spring water and make sure it is room temperature. Ice cold – cold water shocks the stomach and does not encourage the digestive enzymes to be secreted easily. Drinking water or liquids with meals dilutes digestive juices. If you do have a beverage with meals sip it slowly.

Do not tell anyone or everyone you know you are doing a program that you do not really understand yourself. Trying to get others you know to do The Unique Healing Program when you do not understand it well yourself has the potential to cause you more stress. Unless you are reaching out to your immediate family, don’t take this one on.

To stay on The Unique Healing Program it helps to acknowledge how long it took to become unwell. Recognize how you felt that caused you to seek out help. Help that involves ingesting Sodium Bentonite Clay, herbs and the other “crutches” involved in The Unique Healing Program. Gratitude is hard when not feeling well.

Most importantly, The Unique Healing Program is not Western Medicine. Western Medicine is mostly based on quick fix, make symptoms go away now pill taking, surgery and other band-aid treatments.

Be willing to change the time of day you eat your last meal. Eating no later than 5:00 is very helpful. Earlier is better, but what is realistic for your situation. Make your last meal low in carbohydrates and as simple as possible. If you do eat later make it very, very light.

Alcohol and coffee are not helpful to healing. Lessen them and work toward giving them up until you feel better. If you go out, order some water, a non alcoholic or alcoholic drink that is not sweet and not grain based. Then sip it.

Give up needing a Medical Doctor or other practitioner that is not familiar with The Unique Healing Program to give you permission to do it. People with a medical diagnosis need to get the advice of Donna Pessin. Trust your intuition and if you are fed up with past treatments go with this one. The Unique Healing Program IS NOT A QUCK FIX, BUT THERE IS A HUGE CHANCE THAT YOU WILL  START TO HAVE FORMED BOWEL MOVEMENTS IMMEDIATELY. FOR MANY PEOPLE THAT IS  A LIFESTYLE – LIFE EVERYTHING  TRANSFORMATION.

Forget about doing more cleansing – fasting, juicing, etcetera to make things go faster. You will probably feel worse. Read The UHP books and watch the videos. Why this is true is all in there.

Stay focused on your goal to heal. Consider that  it is better to have some discomfort for awhile then for a lifetime. The insights you can and will gain on The UHP can and will transform your life. In order for that to happen you have to do The Unique Healing Program and be willing to find your own pattern of Sodium Bentonite Clay, Crutches,  diet and more that works for you. Patience is the key. I am earning it and learning it while doing this program.

If you have anything to add here, please let me know!




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My response to light has become a much less negative reaction during my time on The Unique Healing Program. My eyes feel more relaxed, especially at night and it is easier for me to fall asleep. For years I would often wake up ahead of when I wanted to in the mornings with my eyes feeling very unrelaxed. There has been a tense wired feeling in my eyes that has diminished over the 16 months I have been on The Unique Healing Program. Linking my eye improvement to better sleep, my sleep has greatly improved on The Unique Healing Program, and that took time and patience. Two “crutches” that I can contribute that to are GABA and Calcium Citrate. GABA and Cal Citrate are relaxing buffers for the nervous system that allow sleep to become deeper as the gut heals. This happens in conjunction with a better diet, Sodium Bentonite Clay, Berberine, etcetera. Read the UHP books, watch the videos and check out the blog posts I have written since 1/2013 about The UHP. They will all help you.

I do not wear prescription eyeglasses to see. I do use pinhole glasses. I passed my California driver eye test last year by using low level magnifiers. In other words, my eyesight is not as strong as I would like it to be. I do carry these magnifiers with me and wear them on the bridge of my nose when I drive. I use Pinhole Glasses to read and for the computer.


I have been easily effected by the quality of light wherever I am. This has gone on since childhood. I do not know this information well myself, but I have been told by a few other people on The Unique Healing Program that eyesight is directly linked to a weakness in the Lymphatic System. Makes sense when you see an anatomy chart. I have always directly correlated some eyesight sensitivities to a burdened Liver and Gallbladder.

Since being on The Unique Healing Program I have noticed a gradual lessening of annoyance to light that is too bright or dull. I still have lighting preferences, but I am much more tolerant of all kinds of light. One thing that has set me up for light sensitivity is that I lived in an apartment in NYC for over 20 years that did not have good light exposure. Almost none. I really got use to a more dark space that definitely effected me physically and emotionally. That part of the equation is very small in relation to the other factors contributing to my sensitivity to light, the primary one being my unhealthy gut. Why? Without healthy digestion and elimination all our bodily functions begin to deteriorate. It happens in different ways at different rates to everyone. No generalizations from me.

Burning eyes are a true example of deep tiredness that can be alleviated by rest, if you can rest well. Burning eyes tell of an overburdened Lymphatic System, Liver and Colon. When not working well, these organs impinge and clog up all our organs of excretion. All organs in general. I use eye drops form Dr. Christopher as an eyewash. The drops will tingle and slightly burn a bit in the beginning. These drops leave the eyes refreshed and more awake and relaxed in the deepest sense. These drops are not for  severely inflamed, red, itchy irritated eyes.

For general eye irritations and eye itching, I found this video that is very simple. In my experience this may work. An eye cup, which you can buy at a pharmacy or pharmacy type store, always comes in handy for people of all ages.

Blinking and not staring helps with the eyes. 3D charts are good for keeping eyesight fresh, which relaxes the entire nervous system. The Bates System of Eyesight Improvement is something to investigate. Eye Palming is part of that system. Breathing is as well. Eyesight improves with relaxation. I know that people who are very tense can have good eyesight. If you don’t try these techniques and forget about everyone else.

Floaters can come and go. I have noticed them much less since starting The Unique Healing Program. I do believe they are an indication of infection in the body. Parasites, Candida, bacterial, fungal and other infections entities. Yuck.

Pinhole Glasses are relatively inexpensive and easy to experiment with to help ween off prescriptive lenses for reading. Pinhole glasses are NOT for driving!

I have occasionally had a slit in my eyelid that is extremely small from time to time while on The UHP. It can disappear in a very short period of time. It is not at all visible. It feels like a low immune system indicator that I associate with the level of acids in my body. I have not had one of these eyelid slits in awhile. Slowly these symptoms come around less and less, often not reappearing at all or when going through a cleansing period. This is my hypothesis.

Link to the connection of the eyes and our liver. Some interesting information.

If you are on The Unique Healing Program, or any healing program, things are getting better, even if it does not always feel that way while healing up.




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One thing that I truly marvel at while on The Unique Healing Program is how I can watch my mood and frame of mind change within moments of evacuating by bowels. I also have the distinct experience of being a third party in observing thoughts and watching them intensify and dissipate as necrotic- sick material is, this is my interpretation of what is happening, being escorted out of my system. I do not know this for sure, but Donna Pessin might suggest more clay to alleviate that experience. I have to say that there are some things on this program that no “crutch” [UHP supplement] can completely buffer. What does that mean? You are going to have some tough days that the crutches can not completely eliminate.

To get back to the depression lifting experience, this lifting of foggy thinking, a scrim of dissolution, confusion, indescribable mild to somewhat disabling sadness can sometimes happen without my bowels moving, but something is being dislodged and redirected in my body. Sometimes it feels like it is moving from across the Transverse Colon, past the two fissures [Hepatic and Spleen] and there is some mental relief as it moves out of those areas. After moving from those areas,waste is on its way out going toward the left side. I have experienced head and sinus pressure when having constipation or stagnation in the Transverse Colon. A known and experiential fact for most Colon Therapist. Much more complex things are happening with organs, blood and tissue that I can not explain here, or explain at all. I can tell you the Liver and Gallbladder are very involved with most all of these experiences.

I am writing this to say that if you are on The Unique Healing Program you may have these experiences on and off throughout the program. Sometimes there will be no obvious pattern involved.  Just hang in there. I have seen my entire perspective change in moments and feel very disengaged from the Worry Wart – Armageddon type approach to life that rules the media today. I think we are all impacted by this in some way, from a mildly troubled feeling to full blown paranoia. To feel hope is an amazing experience, and this program can bring you there. You can bring yourself there by doing The Unique Healing Program on whatever level you are capable of and employing patience.

The bones of The Unique Healing Program do work. It does take some personal tweaking of the program, diet and lifestyle. This all happens in stages. Self compassion and some discipline are helpful and develop along the way.This is all “stuff” I have learned. From time to time you can break the rules of UHP as you go along and still come out on top. Look at The UHP videos, reread the UHP books, read some of the blog posts here about UHP. These are all helpful reminders of what those rules are. Mostly, observe how easy it is to feel fed up with The Unique Healing Program. A program that is ultimately, in my case, giving me my life back. A confusing experience at at time when other people, of all ages, are watching themselves decline with no alternative plan. This is especially true for someone who is over 50, or for people of any age who have had a life threatening or debilitating illness.

Just some encouragement, I know we can all use some most days.


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Gut massage can and often does help people to feel better. This video is very popular and you can do it on yourself. Here is one other. Check out youtube for others.

Old school, but a hot water bottle is a lifesaver for many. Just ask people of all ages that live in the UK. For flu like symptoms, stomach cramps, upset “tummy”, constipation and gas. It is comforting and will help ease that bloated feeling and move gases along, helps relax tissue and organs that reside there. Works on the lower back if you are a stomach sleeper and have minor sleep disruption your can put it on your lower back. Depending on the condition of your back it can help with backaches. You can buy mini hot water bottles and stick them in your waist band while sitting down or even walking around.

Colloidal Silver or other anti fungal substances [ MMS, Can Sol] can help reduce the viral load that is usually some part, if not a large part of the  cause, of bloat and a distended belly. I / we make our own and I drink it daily for helping ease fungal symptoms such as bloating, foggy thinking and insomnia. SiverGen and Sota Instruments are two good companies to buy from.

Deep breathing. Why? Most primary to this program is the overlooked fact that our body detoxifies mostly through the breath. No, I am not making it up. Extremely important,breathing is relaxing, tells our brain and entire nervous system we are not in fight or flight mode. Gets our upper diaphragm to move and that massages your transverse colon, organs and entire gut. How do I know that? Lots of years of working on breathing and being resistant to it myself. Start with 10 deep breaths a day and go from there. May not sound like much but those 10 breaths make a big difference. Will build a muscle memory and make your entire nervous system way more healthy.

GABA in the right amounts has helped me with bloat. I find this especially true when the bloating comes along with the condition of constipation or just feeling sluggish. Donna Pessin says to not stress about being constipated. I get what she is saying, but being constipated is not relaxing. In my world constipation feels stressful and if that is your experience GABA can be your friend. The right amount and when to take GABA is the key. I take it throughout the day and more intense amounts in the evening and in the morning. The amount is highly individual and somewhat tricky. Took trial and error for me to figure this one out and I still do not have it completely down pat. Probably will keep changing as things get better, a little less better and “more better” … If you are on The Unique Healing Program for at least 6 months you probably know what that last sentence means.

Breathing deeply and getting the Diaphragm Muscle to massage the gut and all the organs is, I have to repeat, very important. This is beneficial and necessary for  physical and mental health. There really is no separation of the two. Also, the heart is attached to Diaphragm and  benefits from breathing deeply and creating fundamental relaxation. A healthier heart is a big payoff.

Det plays a role in alleviating bloat and much of that information is in The Unique Healing Program Book 1. Knowing something about Proper Food Combining can help alleviate bloat and ease indigestion in general. These  non – dietary suggestions that I have listed are just reminders of some simple things we can all do each day, that are inexpensive or free. Hope this is a helpful reminder, or somewhat “enlightening” for some of us. Writing this post is a good reminder for me.