BUT you can still meet her in her online videos and books. You can get a clearer impression of Donna Pessin and her program if you are able to look for answers concerning your health from a less needy place. You may then be more likely to take in a realistic picture of Donna Pessin and her program. In order to better understand what she is talking about it may be necessary for you to take the plunge and buy her products. How else are you going to fully experience what she is offering? Through a personal consultation? Unfortunately for some, Donna Pessin is not presently doing any consultations. In her mass emails she is indicating she may not return to doing personal consults in the near or distant future. Hey, no problem. Why? Because all you need to know is in her videos and books, right? That is what Donna Pessin is telling everyone now. But wait, all her videos, before her leave of absence, ended in a pitch for having a one on one consult with her, if you got stuck. Stuck is definitely what can happen while on The Unique Healing Program. In all fairness, on any program, but this according to Donna Pessin is not like any other program. This is very true in more ways than one…


Stuck means not moving forward on The Unique Healing Program due to infectious material that is not being “knocked off ” by the Colloidal Silver and Berberine Herbs [Bowel Strength] that Donna Pessin advocates. The UHP Colloidal Silver, that Ms. Pessin says will do the trick. Stuck means not moving out enough of the toxic waste in a timely way with the Sodium Bentonite Clay [Body Bentonite] that she sells. Being stuck seems to be the case for all the people I am in touch with who are participants of The Unique Healing Program for over one year or more. Why is that happening? Well, one reason is that The Unique Healing Colloidal Silver is especially expensive to take in the dosages Donna Pessin currently recommends. The amount Donna Pessins says one needs to keep battling the infection that is stored throughout the body of many people on and off The UHP.


Donna Pessin does not, in her books or videos, recommend the use of MMS / CDH or CDS. This is the substance I have used on and off throughout my two years on The UHP. I also made Colloidal Silver, and continue to. I do this with a Sota Instruments Silver Pulser. I advocate Sota and The SilverGen.


ONE of the other reasons people get stuck is that Donna Pessin does not advocate the use of Colonics and Enemas to help detoxify the body during her detox program. I could feel my body reabsorbing toxins and knew that I had to continue to incorporate Colonics or Enemas into my practice of The Unique Healing Program from the very beginning. Why? I could feel I was reabsorbing toxins that I could not get out quickly enough on my own. I felt rather low grade miserable. I tried not doing colonics and felt more and more bloated. Some other symptoms worsened. I have written other posts recounting my symptoms. Easy to find on this blog site search.


Why does Donna Pessin NOT advocate the use of MMS? I asked her about using MMS and she did not deter me. As I said earlier, MMS is not recommended in any of her videos, books or emails. Why? Probably because she has not used MMS/ CD or CDS and does not understand it firsthand. I think this is a big mistake on her part. It will end up being a problem for her program, an already developing one as we speak, soon down the line. Also, MMS is very inexpensive. Unique Healing Program Colloidal Silver is 15.95  per bottle, last time I checked. Donna Pessin recently made it clear that to have an effective outcome one bottle is a portion for two days. Long term that could be very stressful on many levels.


If you are thinking of starting The Unique Healing Program please be notified: Many of the people I know, and others that write me through this blog, are in need of an anti fungal anti bacterial on an ongoing basis. More help than one receives from taking The UHP Bowel Strength.  It is not affordable for anyone that I know to take as much Unique Healing Colloidal Silver as Ms. Pessin recommends for ongoing infections. Even if money is not an issue it eventually becomes an annoyance. How long is this going to go on for? This is the question I asked myself. Also, is Colloidal Silver effective when being ingested daily on an ongoing basis? One thing David Wolfe makes clear in his 2009 Longevity Now Program [Immune System Bolstering Protocol],  is to keep changing things up. Make sure your ” unwanted guests” do not become immune to your chosen anti fungal / anti bactierial. Could this also be the case with MMS? I don’t know.  MMS may be a much more potent and a specific healing agent for many who are suffering from immune system related illnesses. Isn’t that at the root of all sickness? Me think it is.

Is all the info you need about Donna Pessin  in her videos and books?  I think the answer is yes. Listen to your instincts. I listened to mine and am very glad I started The Unique Healing Program.  Have been at it, my way, for two years. As I have said in other posts, I have had to tweak The Unique Healing Program repeatedly. It will take you as far as you can go with it.  Is there enough information in The UHP books and videos to set you on a path to healing without directly consulting with Donna Pessin? Maybe, and maybe not.

The UHP is not for everyone, but what is? Zippo. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and presently on The Unique Healing Program? Then it is time for some reassessing. N’est ce pas? Me think so.



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I personally do not know of any one practitioner or protocol of any persuasion that can absolve ALL of the distress that people face when healing. This statement stems from my personal and clinical experience. I generally do not like to make generalizations. They often feel good at the time, in the most self righteous sort of way. In this situation, however, I can stand by what I said above.

Realizing that health advisors, family and friends can not be there for us in ways they are not able, due to the fact that they can not feel what we are feeling, can be emancipating. No one can fill all our needs. Maybe pleading this case will help someone reading this post who is ailing, healing, and feeling alone. For some of us, these words could be a wake up call to take care of our health while we are more able bodied. It can make us stronger when we realize people, even people that love us, can only do so much. The rest is up to the one who is on the road to recovery. If that sounds cold, it is not meant to.


Well, you may not have ever said this, but I know I have, just ask my husband. Maybe you can not allow yourself to admit to how lousy you feel, or you just don’t know how you feel. This may be because you are surrounded by people that you are sure are way worse off than you are. Maybe you are the caregiver. Be careful, comparison can prove deadly.  What I am attempting to say here is that what matters greatly is  recognizing that none of us are truly alone. The next step is actually feeling what that feels like. You are not alone in feeling alone! Masking symptoms with drugs does not solve this alone feeling in the experience of many people today. People taking antidepressants. People using other kinds of recreational and non-recreational, over the counter and prescription meds. So, getting through to the point of feeling better while unearthing the sludge inside is no joy ride. Yes, I do know about The UHP Crutches. There are medical ones, too. You may also need the medical ones to get through a healing – cleansing crisis. Donna Pessin talks about this in her books. Reading this can help you feel okay about what YOU may need to do to heal.

If you are reading this post you are probably on the road to looking at a healing program, considering The Unique Healing Program, or at some stage of doing The UHP, or something else. If you are experiencing a healing crisis, you may be saying to yourself – how can I close this Pandora’s Box of feeling sick that I opened up? Well, if you opened it then you [the box], were probably seeping at the seams. It was either go to the “make it all go away” doctor – practitioner, or do something different. This can feel like quite a mess! BTW, YOU and I are not a mess, but the perception that life is a mess, that you or I are an unhealable mess is a symptom of being sick. Everything is wrong and a bloody disaster. Everything from feeling alienated, unloved, and highly overwhelmed. Oh yeah, and the planet is finished. Drama!


Well, part is to let other people seeking some answers know that there is, in my experience, no one person who can make it all go away. I want my Mommy! That there IS help, as far as help can be found, all over the place. Donna Pessin is no great writer, she does not need to be. However, her books can be of great assistance. The effort is there and Donna Pessin’s most helpful self greatly comes through in her books and videos. Her videos, I have found, are informative and can also be very comforting. If you want to knit pick you could say the information in the videos and books are sometimes confusing. Sometimes they seem to be saying one thing and then disputing it in another part of the books, or other videos. However, they are there and do provide guidance from her experience. Keep reading her books and watching her videos. Continue to entertain the idea that you are NOT alone. I won’t go as far as to call that feeling of aloneness a myth, because when you are in it it can feel very real.

I have learned from Yoga [yoke or union] that looking for what joins us is the way to being at peace. Not looking for what sets us apart. Sometimes what seems to makes us different is what connects us, it is just harder to see. Why? Because most of us learn to look for what is wrong and how we are different. Often people get comfortable in our misconceptions and build a life around it. For most, change feels uncomfortable, but the other side of that is true healing. I have been working on implementing that Yoga philosophy in my daily life for decades. It has challenged the fabric of my beliefs. Living with a positive, Yoga focus is way easier. Perceiving life this way makes healing easier, too.

Don’t give up on your recovering your health. Do it at the pace you are able. Please know others are questioning this healing process and feeling as alone as you are. Now that is ironic!

There is support for The Unique Healing Program on Facebook. Check it out. The UHPSG.



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For any person reading here, how I entitled this post and what I am about to write may be a revelation. It could also be an eye rolling – no s@#t sherlock moment. I write from hearing the words that have come out of my mouth, and the mouths of others. The phrase “I am depressed” needs to be distinguished from ” I feel depressed”. It is easy to identify with how we feel. Super easy. However, these are two very different statements  and one, in my opinion, is a misuse of words. It is also an unmistakeable misunderstanding of depression. Being depressed is a static concept, and feeling depressed is something that can change. If healthy, we feel things and they pass through us eventually. Of course, letting go and healing depends on the intensity of a situation. It is  easy to change if we identify ourselves as a fluid individual. For the most part, when healthy, our  lives flow like the element of water that predominates our biological make up. Water is fluid and we are mostly water. Many people do not seem to understand that our biological composition is mostly water. Feelings of things not flowing, sometimes called frustration, are part of a bladder/ kidney/ liver imbalance. This kidney/bladder/water imbalance deeply impacts and creates feelings of physical unease or disease. What does that feel and look like? Well, I most obviously can not answer that for everyone. Most widely shared complaints are bloating, dehydration, aches, tiredness, feeling frustrated and stuck. These are some of the corner stone symptoms that many people experience, and that add to feeling unwell. Often this contributes to feeling depressed, powerless and angry.  What is going on can be summarized by the amount and types of meds that are being peddled all day long through the media and medical professionals by pharmaceutical companies.


I am hoping to help some people open their minds to the idea that no one needs to be embarrassed about feeling depressed. When it has gone on for what seems similar to forever it is easy to identify with the phrase,” I am depressed”. You may have to do some soul searching to remember the last time you felt elated, or at peace with things. If you can not remember, you have a strong reason for healing your bowel and body. The Unique Healing Program is ONE way to do this. Is it the answer for everyone? No, I am sure it is not.  I have been part of The Unique Healing Program for two years. I know first hand nothing is for everyone. That would be a ridiculous and  presumptuous thing for anyone say. However, The UHP is worth researching and learning from. There is information in The Unique Healing Books on depression. Presently there is more information on the web as to the brain – gut connection than there ever has been before. This information is not linked to The UHP in anyway.


In closing, one idea that helped me understand the gut / brain connection was recognizing that the same blood that flows through the bowel and all other organs and extremities flows through and impacts our brain. Improving the health of all our internal organs, with focus on better bowel health, impacts our limbs. When everything is flowing we feel a part of nature and humanity. We stop feeling the world and those who inhabit it are our enemy. Ultimately, peace begins within us and in a very, very  basic way. Complicatedly basic.


Another source for gut health is The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. I highly recommend this book as a source for information on how and what to eat. The emphasis on fermented foods is greatly helpful, but in my experience, not the answer for healing a bowel that is not functioning well, or at all. The Body Ecology Diet can give a better picture of what true gut health is. Using clay is what The Unique Healing Program centers around, and that is the ingredient that The BED is missing. Besides an informative book, Donna Gates does sell herbs, green powders and other adjuncts to her program. Well worth checking out. I have written other posts as to why The BED did not work for me. Please do a search on this site for more info.