It is easy to understand why very few individuals want to face an epidemic that is effecting every aspect of  life and health in what most aptly can be described as destructive. So deeply rooted that most choose to ignore something that is happening right inside their own bodies. A topic that is considered grossly unspeakable. It is rarely mentioned in conjunction with the pervasive sickness and poor health that is the norm here in the USA. What is it? Parasites. Parasites that are procreating and defecating inside their hosts. Hosts meaning you and me!  That will sound disgusting, ridiculous and simplistic to many as the cause of illness. What also makes it even more sadly repugnant is all the profits made, money spent, jobs created, lifestyle built around not facing the basic cause of poor immunity and inflammation. Really.

How wide spread is this parasite issue? Well, if the opinion of a Medical Doctor impresses you click here. Dr. Peter Wina, Head of Patho – Biology at Walter Read Medical Research Institute in Washington, DC.


One reason that people remain uninformed is because, as I mentioned above, so many jobs are based on proliferating sickness by not facing the base cause. The cause being something so unsavory to most people. The same people that are their hosts. What a crazy irony. Studies, foundations, corporations are built around researching how to “solve” disease, illness,  psychological misery, and plagues that besiege humans. It is important to mention all the plagues humans dump on nature, and in turn themselves. All of this happens by avoiding some very inconvenient truths about personal and environmental health.


What I have noticed is that the mindset that does all this  complex medical and scientific research is being dictated to and manipulated  by the same “problem” science clains they are trying to solve. So what am I saying? The medical community is not healthy. These people are us. Parasites, fungal infections overgrowth of bacteria, pass through all of us. They only take up residence and dominate when the host is weak. So, sick infected people doing the research is like asking the police commissioner to investigate a crime that he or she has committed themselves. That crime is not getting solved any time soon. Asking Traditional Medicine to solve what keeps their employment rolls high, Big Pharma in the black, stockholders and board of directors happy?  Sounds like a conspiracy born out of addiction. Rationalizing and defending sick behavior is the trademark of any addict. A conscious conspiracy by those involved, in research, in the medical field? In my view not likely the case.

Addiction to food, medications, alcohol is so inbred and wide spread in our societies. Everyday, people choose substance over the people they are in relationship with. Sadly, this includes parents with their children. Crazy as it is, this behavior is passed down generation to generation. In many families, the only thing that holds everyone together is the eating and drinking of food and beverages on holidays. When the main focus is on food so much else never gets addressed. It is all about addiction. Food is the acceptable addiction. Who does not eat, over eat and just plain pig out? Not many.


Parasites, bacteria, viruses live inside us procreating and thriving at the hosts expense. They burrow deeper and deeper into our tissues, and organs. Brains included. Using words such as infection and bacteria help to sanitize things and keep the ugly truth from being faced. Something that looks like it belongs on the end of a fishing pole is living inside people. NEWS FLASH: You can pay someone to tell you that is not true. They wear white coats and have years of medical training. They have long relationships with Pharmaceutical Companies who are invested in keeping people using their products. These products are called drugs, also known as medications.


Wall Street in deeply invested in Big Pharma and other industries that contribute to some extremely destructive lifestyle choices of society. Many people say they want change. One way change can begin is by individuals looking at their investment portfolio and that of their employer. The findings and knowledge are often very surprising to most. It can easily cause people to turn a blind eye to their contribution to keeping life status quo.

As I mentioned before, getting to the heart of what causes illness through Traditional Western Medicine is similar to the chief of detectives being the mastermind to the crimes they are personally investigating. In a similar way investors are feeding and placating their addictions until they decide to face them, or not. The deeper each person is invested financially in carrying on this charade, the longer it will continue.

In the meantime, check out what Kerri Rivera and Kimberly McDaniel have to offer with research by Dr. Andreas Kalcker. Their program is centered around information that, I am sure, we all need to be aware of. I have written many posts about The Unique Healing Program. Please read more recent posts for an update on where I stand on The UHP. Take a look at The UHP videos and website to educate yourself if you are knew to Donna Pessin and her program. Whether you agree with the protocol of Donna Pessin, her videos are instructive. They express a way of thinking about healing that has merit.





Maybe you have just found the Unique Healing Program, are a short or long term participant. Maybe you are someone who has completely, or partially bailed from The UHP ship. Whomever and wherever you are on your road to healing, this is a time of opportunity and growth. Growth can happen no matter what we are involved in. Whether it is starting Unique Healing, Traditional Medicine, or another “Alternative” Healing Program. Growth from any situation will happen by the way we make decisions, and not always by the decisions we make.


People make decisions from different mindsets. Confidence and pressure. Sometimes fear and desperation. When we do not take action life seems to make decisions for us. Relationships are one example. Did you leave or were you left? Sometimes one can be “dumped” and  go onto rock the world. There are a number of people that feel they got dumped by Donna Pessin. She closed down communication with her clients for an unknown period of time. Some of these people have come to realize they are actually better off. They feel that way even though the feeling of betrayal lingers. It is hard to be “left” by someone you wanted to leave in the first place. Someone who did not treat you so well. Life is 20/20 in hindsight.


I found The Unique Healing Program at a time where I had, for decades, diligently applied so many other forms of healing. All that and I was still functionally constipated. That irregularity was effecting my general health and showing up specifically in right hip joint pain. There was a list of other things, but that hip pain was screaming at me. Pain can save your life if you listen to it. Anyway, at a time when I was really fed up with what I was doing, I found Donna Pessin.

Ms. Pessin presents her program as a  One Stop – Last Stop solution to achieving a healed gut and body. I was pretty sure The Unique Healing Program would NOT be my last stop, but I believed it would elevate my stomach, intestines and other organs to a way better place. For me The UHP became a tool toward healing and not the blueprint. Donna Pessin sells her program as “the” blueprint. The Unique Healing Program, as it presently stands, did not work for me. I am talking two years down the line. I have met tens of people who tell me this is their experience, as well.


In order to work, every healing program needs to be tweaked and adjusted to the individual and their specific needs. As we all go along on our mission to heal we need to learn how to make these adjustments ourselves. That ability has to happen to succeed in healing. The idea that The Doctor, or anyone else, will heal us every step of the way has never really worked. People are released from the hospital after being cut and sewed up. Usually, if not always, given strong medications with a long list of side effects. A question: Is it then reasonable to expect more from Donna Pessin, or any other Alternative Health Professional when the bar is so low for Medical Doctors? Many of us want much more, but are often disappointment. This is a tough situation that only improves as we learn through trial and error what to do on our own. This can be rough going, or darn near impossible if you are very ill, with little energy and don’t know the ropes.


Donna Pessin is not presently [and for quite some time] available for one on one consults. This has set a number of her clients/followers free. Is it her intention to unload people? Actions speak louder than words. Ms. Pessin’s decisions and the way they were made, were truly unprofessional. As unsavory as her exit, she has helped her followers way beyond what they could have imagined. This is if they are able and willing to see it that way. Being abandoned does not feel good, in any relationship.

The one thing that a healthy gut can lead to is hearing and trusting the inner voice. Sometimes known as trusting our gut. Knowing the difference between the fear / addiction voice [proliferated by poor gut health] and intuition, based on better gut and overall health, is a goal to consider.


For a possible next step in healing infection, better gut health and digestion check this out. The work of Kerri Rivera may be something to mull over.