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I find it rather disheartening to hear friends and others, some barely over 50 years of age, express their low expectations concerning their lives as they get older. One major reason is that these people feel pretty lousy. Their joints are inflamed, they are depressed. Also, most of these people can not lose weight, and the list goes on. Because of this mindset, spending time with the average person around my age and older is not inviting. It reminds me that there are not many inspiring role models for people over 50 to look up to.

Through this blog I have met a few people who have told me that they have never met a person over 70 who still willingly goes to the office. Something that doesn’t really surprise me.  I have know quite a few of these people. Several in their 80’s and 90’s. It seems that most people’s expectations of aging are extremely low. Why? Because that is what we see all around us. This is the norm in society, within family and friends. I have had to work at ignoring others unquestioned beliefs about what is possible as we age when conversing with people of all ages. I have learned  to recognize that the person I am listening to has experiences that are not uncommon, but their beliefs and outcomes do not have to be mine.


Believe it or not, it use to be that the wise people were the older people. The elders that younger people could go to for advise. These days this is more rarely the case. Many people, as they get older, end up more foolish then when they were younger, or they are highly medicated and drooling on themselves in a nursing home. Of course, there are exceptions. Mostly the general expectations of older people, from themselves and others, is extremely low. If you want to get involved in a growing “needed” business go into the Assisted Living, Nursing Home field. A business that, as it stands now, seems rather rather sadly uninspired. A real cash cow.


It is hard to look our best at any age while sharing our bodies with unwanted guests, parasites, viral infections and overgrowth of bacteria. First a person has to be ready to recognize this is the state of things. Parasites = Inflammation. I know this is not a conventional line of thought, or information that is widely discussed or shared. Through learning how to use Chorine Dioxide therapeutically, inflammation can begin to be resolved. To get right to the point, there is a way of taking CD – Chlorine Dioxide that is doable and effective. Link here.


Associating poor health with old age today is understandable, just look around. However, it is more of a reactionary response than a thoughtful deduction. Most everyone uses the word old as a negative. “Throw that out it is old”. The more appropriate word is worn out, or tattered. If treated with care what is “OLD” can increase in value. There are not too many examples of this today, but people are able to increase in value as well. It is called wisdom.

There are ways to make deep improvements in our health. The information is available, but the content is challenging to everything we have all learned and find acceptable by our friends and family. Why? Because it will bring into question all of our beliefs about life, and how we all live it. That is a threat to the very fabric of our economy as we know it. If you haven’t already, think about this economic impact. Change is inevitable and we can all be at the helm of our own ship and not passengers on a ship going down. What our economy is based on is going to have to change. This can be a positive.



Author: notyourrawmama

At the age of ten I distinctly remember questioning the premise that illness just happens to us. The idea that every action has a reaction became a clear reason to doubt that I could not personally impact my own health. In my very early twenties I was introduced to the Macrobiotic Philosophy of Life and assisted a Macrobiotic Counselor in NYC over a period of ten years or more. My life took many twists and turns and I evolved from a trained dancer and performer to a Shiatsu Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Colon Therapist and student of different Spiritually oriented Mind Body Therapies at the Esalen Institute and other healing centers. My associations are as follows: Member of the AOBTA for over 20 Years Member of the NCCAOM for approximately 12 years Member of the Yoga Teachers Alliance 500 hours for approximately 12 years Colon Therapist [ Wood's Institute ] Since 1998 Along with studying REIKI [ 2nd degree ] I was part of a School based on the work of Railey Macey, Dr. Robert Jaffe and Hands of Light. Railey Macey was my teacher. Thank you for your interest in my blog. notyourrawmoma "Wherever you are be the soul of that place". Rumi

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