I keep receiving, completely understandable, email questions concerning how Donna Pessin died. Just for now, I want to say two things that may or may not help people who regularly read, or come upon this blog looking for some clarity:

First off, Donna Pessin, in her book generously admitted to her bouts with, and healing from, food (eating disorder), alcohol, and drug addiction. All three of these are big drains on health and weaken – clog up all body functions. Today, everyone’s Liver  is under constant pressure. This is mostly due to environmental toxins that most of us are exposed to. Cleansing the liver and all organs regularly,  even after one has overcome great odds is very necessary. Even more so for those who have had their dance with food, drug and alcohol abuse. Which leads me to….

Secondly, Donna Pessin is very clear in her book that after completing her program one never has to take supplements again. This was something I was not in agreement with, but thought a lessening of supplements might be a possibility. So, if this is what Donna preached it is clear to me that she did not do, what I am sure needs to be done, with  her own health as years went by. Donna did flat out tell me that she did not need her own products. She said this because she had healed herself years ago. I think it is highly understandable that she would feel this way. I also was told by other clients Donna on The Unique Healing Program, through my contact with them via email, texts, and phone calls.


Lastly, just for now, if you look at the later videos of Donna Pessin, she was not looking her best. Drained was more how I saw it. Drained is the open door, or buddy for illness.  Donna’s family has not, as far as I know, made a statement as to how Donna died. She could have had a car accident, or something of that nature. Being highly stressed compromises our instincts and reactions to what is going on around us.

It is a sad and shocking loss. Donna helped many people. I did her program for two years with the help of MMS/CD, and colonics. Donna did not subscribe to colonics. She felt they do not heal. Alone colonics do not heal, but can be a great adjunct to healing. For some colonics are very necessary. Also MMS/CD enemas are of great help to many. They may be necessary for many. I highly recommend looking into them.  Dr. Andreas Kalcker and Kerri Rivera talk about this in length in the book by Kerri Rivera. A link to the PDF is available click here. This PDF was free, but it looks like it may not be any longer.

You are brave if you are looking for alternative answers outside Western Medical box. There is not a whole lot of visible support in the mainstream. Why? A myriad of reasons, but mostly because the alternative to Western Medicine challenges the food, alcohol, drug misuse that is so common today. The new normal. Please know one thing, there are other people like you. They are flawed like everyone else, just trying to find their way. Donna Pessin was one of those flawed people. Thank you, Donna.

I will write more about this. Just wanted to get this out there – please excuse any typos. The Holidays can be a challenge for all of us.





FYI, I began writing this post two months ago. Way before the death of Donna Pessin. Thank you.

Are you one of the many people looking for the perfect healing program? The one that is easy, that makes our lives all that we ever wanted them to be. The program that fills all of our expectations without any fuss or muss? Well, as far as I know it does not exist. Why do I say that? Because being ill, feeling lousy, aching  a bit, detoxing, cleansing are all part of healing [also known as a “healing crisis”]. When feeling crappy while detoxing it is hard to convince people all their suffering will lead to a better state of health. A “Healing Crisis” presents opportunities to fully experience this present moment. How? Well, deep healing brings up discomforts that often have to be faced. It is like peeling an onion to get to the core. Medicating symptoms away, long term, only causes more pain. A Health Crisis can be an opportunity to be in this moment. To fully experience the now. To simply be with the way things are. Sometimes that sucks. Is this a convincing argument for Western Medicine, or what? Doc, Just give me something to make it all better. And make that yesterday.


This is what Western Medicine – Big Pharma – The Doctor – The Hospital is selling: Feel better fast by expunging sickness and discomfort through taking drugs, having pain blocking injections, etcetera. If that does not work surgery is next. That is pretty much what Western Medicine defines as treatment. Well, you may argue that at least a person can feel better now, get out of pain and live life. I honestly understand how that could be very appealing. Unfortunately, for many Allopathic Medicine patients, this is not how things pan out. More often a positive outcome, for Western Medical patients, is not something to count on. This is especially true as the health of each generation declines. When there is a reprieve in symptoms from Western Medical Treatment it often does not last long. Western Medical Treatment, more and more often, is punctuated by a some major health crisis. That crisis may or may not seem connected to the previous one. It is connected in some way, of this I am sure.


At some point people have to pay a price for abusing the quick fix. Pay now with a more Holistic Approach, or pay later with the Traditional Western Medicine way. The price is pretty high either way, but with the Holistic Approach discomfort is part of finding the root cause of sickness, and healing it. The Western Approach can be likened to sopping up a leak without finding out what is causing it. Make it go away, I don’t want to deal with this. That is the mentality of a child wanting their Mommy to make it all better. I get it, and so do the Pharmaceutical Companies. Big Pharma knows the psyche of their audience very, very well.


Again, this post was originally written two months before the death of Donna Pessin.

Donna Pessin often, and very confusingly, talks out of both sides of her mouth without realizing it is a problem. Maybe she is just not hearing her own words being expressed that way. The UHP has at least one thing in common with Western Medicine in one very particular way. AT LEAST! What is it? Ms. Pessin tells her audience that her program will take care of it all. More clay, more herbs and more colloidal silver, plus all her “Crutches”. When that fails to give, the people I hear from on her program, the non-suffering experience she promises she says that one may need to see a doctor. Okay, I am fine with that. Medical intervention may be necessary. However, she claims that there is no such thing as a Healing Crisis. This claim creates feelings of frustration and failure among her followers. Especially when they feel downright sick and none of her “Crutches” work. This may sound familiar to many who have walked the halls of Western Medicine their whole lives. Given false promises to be healed by medications while they eat and drink as they want. If you read The Unique Healing 1 Book you will find it has many contradictions. One of those truly ironic contradictions is that Ms. Pessin does have some information and points of view that can be very helpful in understanding the cleansing process of the body. The irony is that there is so much obviously contradictory information right along side of it.


The Kalcker Parasite Protocol is not a quick fix. One needs to ride it out for at least 6 months to understand the process and follow the directions that are provided. The most powerful strength of the Kalcker Parasite Protocol is the understanding it provides, to those who will listen, that infectious organisms living in the body are at the crux of illness. If you do read Kerri Rivera’s Book [where the Kalcker Protocol is laid out] keep an open mind. Do you believe in your ability to heal? It is possible, even if that is not the message we get inundated with by the Western Medical Culture. Improving quality of health is possible, but the path to healing is unpredictable. The path to wellness is ongoing. True healing involves behavior and lifestyle changes, and that most often takes time to put into practice. For sure.