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In my earnest endeavor to heal a sluggish gut,  I chose many different components based on my education, clinical-hands on, and personal healing experience. So, with the understanding that all organs work together in concert with one another, I recognized that my liver and gallbladder were of primary importance to focus on. In essence, all systems of the body need attention, but in studying Ayurvedic, Macrobiotic, Traditional Asian Medical Theories, and  many others I came to understand the impact that the liver and gallbladder have on every other pair of organs.  Link is to chart of paired organs.

Cleansing the liver and gallbladder [liver gallbladder flushes] was never an obsession with me, but began to feel like a necessity. Why? Well, for many years I did find great relief after doing flushes. Relief from symptoms such as constipation, mild tinnitus – ear ringing, joint stiffness, etcetera. General feelings indicative of different kinds of toxicity and Candida overgrowth. Symptoms that I suspected were linked to / highly indicative of a parasite predominance . I also did numerous parasite cleanses using herbs, castor oil packs and more liver – gallbladder flushes, colonics and enemas of all kinds. Dietary therapy was part of all this. I discuss much of what I have done in many other past posts.

The two people that I originally learned about liver gallbladder flushes from were Dr. David Jubb, PHD and his ex-wife Annie Jubb. Link to more information on flushes.


Years – decades of cleansing only got me so far in terms of my own healing. What happened to me is that I did not have the tools to reach the long time festering home of parasitic life that was deeply ensconced in my blood, all my organ systems, tissues, etcetera. If the right tools are not in place the building blocks of the body will get chipped away at while the  more deeply rooted necrotic parasitic materials remains untouched and  continue to proliferate. However, in retrospect, I would rather do what I did than enter the world of drugs, injections and surgeries. The medical intervention that I did enter into was dentistry. Dentistry reatly impacted my health in a very negative way. This for me created some serious problems that I am still healing from.

The use of Turpentine / Pine Oil, one primary way to get to the deep layers of infections material, has proven to be invaluable to me. Knowing how to use it with other cleansing  and healing components is very necessary for recovering. If you have hit a wall using Pine Oil / Turpentine you need the guidance of someone who understands the complex and die hard life of parasites – infectious material. Through the help of a friend I met through this blog and one person who wrote me about about two years ago, I found a person that meets that description.


I am working with Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD. As I have said in other posts, it is not her formidable educational and medical credentials that attracted me, or  have kept me as a patient. What has, is her years spent experimenting on her own health. All the rest helps immensely with that invaluable component. This kind of self diligence is invaluable. Dr. Daniels has many invaluable skills, but her personal health consciousness is what ties it all together and makes her approach extremely effective.