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I am writing this because I have been looking for quick and easy clean up for a quick one pot meal other than using my Slow Cooker. I own two Zojirushi Rice Cooker models. medium and small. When I looked online I did not see anything particular to  the Zojirushi  Rice Cooker for cooking stew and soup recipes.I think this is because Zojirushi has a slow cooker appliance that is probably as well crafted as their Rice Cooker. By the way, the Rice Cooker does have a Porridge setting, but I was not sure it would do well with stew – soup type meals. Good news is it does work well for this purpose.

I have found blogs that talk about using other brand Rice Cookers to make things other than grains.

Bottomline is that I have put in ingredients for a stew, some of which (the meat) is precooked. I am not sure if putting in raw meat would work. Maybe something light and shredded. I can report that fresh vegetables, previously cooked  meat, bones, and meat gelatin makes a delicious quick one pot meal. The greens, onions, potatoes, squash, carrots, etcetera all come out tender and the broth is delicious.

I do have an All Clad Slow Cooker and I find it great for cooking meat dishes (or bean)     overnight, or in a few hours. The Zojirushi is a big help for cooking a meal that you do not have to watch. Set on the Porridge Setting, it will be ready in over an hour and stay warm to be ready when you are. Again, I was concerned that the Porridge setting on the Zojirushi would not cook the food well enough. This is not the case. All is superiorly tender and the flavor is really good.

Also, the Zojirushi is much better crafted in every way than the All Clad Slow Cooker. My bet is that the Zojirushi Slow Cooker is a better bet than the All Clad, or any other out there.

Hope it makes your life easier as it has mine.


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I started using clay packs  therapeutically about 10 years ago. I have used LL’s Magnetic (Eoviromedica) Clay special formulas, plain Sodium Bentonite and Calcium Bentonite Clay. Since using Turpentine / Pine Oil Therapeutically I am finding these packs are much more effective. How? I  pack my abdomen with clay. I then cover the pack with plastic wrap that I get from the Health Food Store. The clay becomes very hot after awhile and my symptoms begin to lessen. What really works well  to cover the clay are the thin green bags from Whole Foods. I cut the bottom out of and then slice in half. The bag opens to open large open sheet. These bags adhere well and stay on while I am doing things around the house, sleeping, etcetera. I may use one or two pieces of Scotch Tape to help keep in place.

Clay is messy, but it is worth it. I would rather deal with clay than the mess of Castor Oil, which I also use at different times. Castor Oil is an amazing healing agent but extremely viscous. It is almost impossible to get out of most any fabric, especially anything synthetic. Sometimes Castor Oil packs, or slathering it on for periods of time is extremely helpful for. They have different effects.

I do find that Clay Packs – along with the Turpentine Therapy – has helped me diminish some of my symptoms that are obviously hot in nature. Inflamed conditions stem from the gut and manifest hroughout the body.

Clay alone for me has not been a panacea. Not any one thing is, but it has been an essential component in healing. Jennifer Daniels, MD has been a knowledgeable rock in directing me on the use of clay for absorption of toxins. Again, I have been using clay packs on my head, gut, full body. I have taken foot baths and full baths with LL’s Magnetic Clay (now EnviroMedica) for a good number of years. I am way beyond certain that without the proper use of Turpentine (and other ingredients) I would have had a reduction of inflammation when using clay.  In the past clay has been helpful in the short term. I am certain that without the use of Turpentine-Pine Oil,  the deeper effects of clay would not have been found. For someone else it may not be Turpentine – Pine Oil, but another strong Anti-bacterial / Anti – parasitic agent.

Pasts posts at this blog site document my journey way, way before Unique Healing, Kalcker Protocol and now with Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD. Turpentine – Pine Oil may not be for you, but finding what works is essential. Clay is a time tested absorbent of toxins and worth the time and effort.

Here is a list of some clay sources that I have found of good quality:

Aztec Healing Clay – I and others I know have used  this clay internally, even though they say on the label not to. Easy to find here in the USA.

Best Bentonite – low price and have used externally.

LL’s Magnetic Clay-EnviroMedica– excellent products and very helpful staff.

Eyton’s Earth – Clay Disciples on Facebook – Jason, the owner, sells a trustworthy array of clays that he backs up with great knowledge.



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If I look out a window at a beautiful view and what I first notice is the spots and imperfections on the window, all the yard work that needs to be done, it is cloudy, etcetera that is a basic recipe for unhappiness. Looking out a window at any sight and finding what is beautiful is the answer. I feel the way we see things says so much about how and who we are. I have mentioned this to people over the years and they agree, but often they also  have this trait of looking for what is wrong, and do not realize it. It is an ingrained habit that makes them feel safe. Looking for what is wrong is tiring.


There is a time to take care of things, like a dirty window, a yard that needs tending to, hair that needs to be combed. However, when what is wrong becomes the focus and  brings up a compulsive need to take care of things with unhealthy immediacy, that is not a good sign.  Things on the outside and how we view and deal with them is a good barometer for the condition of our Immunes System. It has been an accurate barometer for my own. When were feel overwhelmed internally (an Immune System that is burdened), the need to control the outside often becomes a mission that has no end to it. The source of inevitable unhappiness and frustration.


Not so long ago, at the home of a friend who had just moved to a new location, they started the tour by showing me everything that they felt was wrong with the place.Things I would never notice. They had to be pointed out. Their behavior made sense to me. Their health is pretty normal for the average person over 40. Aches, pains, infertility issues, poor digestion, dark circles under eyes, overweight, and some crazy meddling habits in the lives of family and others. I had to ask myself what is there here for me to learn? A whole lot! All I could do was offer some compassion and recognize how my own focus on what is wrong was not healthy. Whether it was as strong as theirs did not matter. Anyway, maybe it was as bad or worse. My willingness to address it and not make them the sick one was my saving grace.


The point of my writing this is that in my home as a child it was important to look out for what was wrong as a form of self preservation, in order to stay on top of things, not let them degrade fall apart. It is a protective approach that gets in the way of living and makes life very defensive and not much fun. Especially if a person does not have the means to have things the way they want them. The way they think they need to be. Even if a person has the ways and means to have things as they want they often live in fear of loosing that ability. It is a way of thinking and being that sucks the joy out of living.


Poor health bubbling up inside can take on many faces. A person can be slob, obsessed with perfection, or alternate between the two. The behavior can take on different faces. The point is that balance can  be found by improving our immune systems, but is it the entire solution? I don’t think so. In the long term, I feel certain it is a necessary component to deep change. An Immune System Overhaul will inevitably open to a world of challenging and uncomfortable situations. Not taking the road of Traditional Medicine is very challenging to us, our families, society in general. Challenges that are emotionally, financially, spiritually testing. Questioning our living, relationship, and work situations.


Healing an Auto Immune Illness, a Parasite Infestation always needs help on an emotional – spiritual level. My experience is that they go hand in hand. If not addressed on both counts, physically and emotionally, the pain and suffering will keep coming back and hitting us in the face. Addictions to refined foods, alcohol, drugs, sex, and meddling in the lives of others (just to name a few) will return if not dealt with on an emotional level. This constant reminder that change needs to happen is either a bummer, or an invitation to be healthy in every way. In other words, self reflection – some kind of therapy is needed.

For Auto Immune Health help Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD

One form of emotional healing that can be self applied is Emotional Freedom Technique /  EFT. The Tapping Solution is one resource to investigate to learn more about EFT. Rue Hass has a site that offers her own interpretation of self healing. These are 2 that have helped me.


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I have used Health Force  Intestinal Drawing Formula at times over the past 12 or more years. Until working with Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD I found it clogging. I also used Sodium Bentonite Clay while doing The Unique Healing Program. I can not compare the use of Clay with The Health Force Intestinal Drawing Formula. Also the use of Dr. Daniels Vitality Capsules are very effective and, for me, better working than The Unique Healing Herbal Bowel Formula. The Drawing Formula has many ingredients that are specifically designed to heal digestion and elimination.

If you have been making your own Powder Formula for absorption of toxins, candida, parasites, etcetera the Health Force Intestinal Drawing Formula could be a good back up, or replacement. It is worth giving it a try.


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As I have written about in other posts, I have done many Liver Gallbladder Flushes to help alleviate Auto Immune Weakness Symptoms. Dr. David Jubb, PHD and Andreas Moritz are two of the leaders in that type of Flush Protocol. Well, after doing Flushes, for close to 20 years, I would often notice that my teeth would be whiter. Unfortunately, they would not stay that way for long. However, over the years, and for many, I had little to no plaque on my teeth. The lack of plaque remained consistent, but the teeth being whiter was up and down. The connection between cardiovascular health and teeth is one that is acknowledged by Western Medicine, but not something talked about very often. The market to treat topically is very profitable.


It is really strange to me to see people with bright white teeth and very sallow complexions and other signs of poor health. We are all being brainwashed into having teeth that are the same color as white facial tissues.


Since working with Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD I have noticed that my teeth have gone through some similar ups and downs, but whiter teeth been more consistent. Yellow is the color that the teeth seem to lean towards, and the color of a Jaundice  / Liver condition is yellow. I always intuitively felt / deducted the deep connection between the amount of bile  entering the bloodstream (Liver – Gallbladder) and the color of my teeth, and those of others.

People with overburdened Livers and Gallbladders abound in our society, and all around Industrial Societies. Again, the money that is made by teeth whitening kits, and the commercials that abound everywhere tells it all. While not in any way wishing poor health on anyone, it is quite obvious what is going on with the health many, many people. The level of toxins is high and it is hard on all body systems. This is quite evident by watching television, noticing the ads on the web, and those in print about teeth whitening. Also, the pushing of electric tooth brushes, dental implants, and some of the other usual suspects.

It is easier to bleach teeth, but the damage that does down the line, even if you are told by everyone that is not the case, is something that I would encourage to seriously question. There are other things to do, such as oil pulling, but the deep cleaning internally is what has a long term effect.

Yellowing teeth, at the gum line and above are a message that should not be ignored. Not to panic, but to give some thought and address it on a deeper level. If you run this information  by someone who is an ardent teeth bleacher, don’t be surprised if they blow off this whole idea. It is not a convenient solution, but it is a long term one that opens the door for a deeper health transformation.