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Both my parents were open minded and curious people. Of course, everything in life is relative. When it came to health they were both very cautious about taking pharmaceuticals, questioning and extremely hesitant about  the treatment protocols of Traditional Allopathic Medicine. So, when I got introduced to Preventive Medicine and more Holistic approaches to healing, at about age 17, both my Mom and Dad were interested.

Fast forward decades, I asked my Dad, now a widower, to go see a colon therapist and do a cleansing program that the therapist would supervise. Not unfamiliar with colonics and other things of this nature, he got onboard and immediately felt better. After about two weeks I started to notice a some big positive changes in his behavior. A person who would not call me often and have much to say, I started getting more regular phone calls. His demeanor was one of the father I had always wanted him to be, more communicative and engaged. I immediately connected it to the cleansing program he was involved with, and he agreed. I can remember being so elated about our relationship changing, and then it stopped…


What changed? I stopped hearing from him. I called him and found out that he had stopped the cleansing program. When I asked him why, he had a whole bunch of excuses. Basically, he said he did not feel he needed to do it anymore. I don’t remember exactly how I reacted, but I am sure I got really mad and disgusted with him and his decision. Behind that anger was hurt and disappointment. My desire was to control him in the most positive sense. I had been this route with him before with other things that helped make him feel better. Actions he would start and then stop not long after he had begun feeling the benefits.

Other than my father I had seen this pattern before with myself and others. As years went by I began to hypothesize that very often people want to do what is best for themselves but can not stay the course. One major reason is that change is uncomfortable. Feeling better is a change that may not feel quite right after years of feeling to the contrary. It can, and most likely will, interfere with the relationships we already have with our spouses, friends, people at work, our job choices, religious beliefs, food, health, and so much more.

What are you so f’ing happy about? This is a question people and even ourselves may be asking. What do I do with these new feelings? All the years, behaviors spent doing things that did not serve us. Feeling better in the present brings up questions about the past and future. Who am I now? Okay, these questions may not be conscious, I am pretty sure they were not conscious for my father, but they were unconsciously directing his decisions concerning his health on every level.


In most recent posts I mentioned Faster EFT (Faster Emotional Freedom Technique) as a path to better self understanding in making lifestyle, behavior, and all kinds of changes. The videos that are available on youtube are free. The founder of Faster EFT, Robert  Gene Smith, has generously made thousands of videos and lays out how to do Faster EFT on our own. Faster EFT Therapists are available, but the work done on ourselves is the key to staying the course in doing things that are good for ourselves. Things that often feel very unfamiliar. Yes, feeling good can feel extremely unfamiliar and the fear that arises can stop us from finding any sense of peace.


Effective Parasite Cleansing support is available from a number of people. No one path is right for any one person. I am a patient of Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD.  Do some research on the subject and find out what is right for you.



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How do people become hosts to parasites? There are many ways. Parasites are similar to house guests that overstay their invitation, or seemingly just show up and don’t want to leave? Well, there are many scenarios. Here is one:

Living in a home where there is consistent emotional stress combined with exposure to environmental toxins is not strengthening to any immune system. This is a situation that I can attest to. I grew up in a family where there was a birth of a child, my brother, who had Down Syndrome. My brother lived to be two years of age. Our parents stayed together during his life and after his death, but their marriage was greatly damaged. It was damaged by their not getting counseling, the issues they showed up with to their marriage, and strongly by the shame of that era around Down Syndrome. Also, the interpretation that people seem to garner from a religious standpoint. The self flagellating idea that a child with Down Syndrome, or any life altering illness, is a punishment from God. Something to be ashamed of. What did we do “wrong”? With time and education some of this superstition masquerading as spirituality has been chipped away at. Sadly, within this and many other situations, it is still present and painfully damaging.


Along with the stress of the shame, the remorse and guilt my parents felt, we also lived in a house that had  toxic black mold. Back in the 60’s I don’t think exposure to mold was understood or spoken about as it is today. For years much of the mold was hidden and passed through the ventilation system of the house. A metaphor for the unspoken emotional ills. The mold plus the directly unspoken sadness around my brother, and so much more, added up to a stressful equation for emotional and physical health.

Although I have good memories of my childhood there was much between my parents that went unspoken. It did not go unnoticed by me as a child. I think most children have emotional radar that they do not have the skills to fully understand. Children can often feel that everything, in the negative sense, is about them and that they are at fault. The emotional situation in my home, combined with daily life challenges was not empowering. It made us all more vulnerable to the mold. It made daily life covertly, and not so covertly, stressful. With these factors comes acting out, by children and adults. Wide emotional swings such as crying, bickering, brooding combined with constant exposure to any environmental toxin weakens the immune system even more deeply. I would imagine that dead silence and deep depression would be equally as destructive.

There are people that grow up exposed to serious environmental contaminants and it does not damage their Immune Systems. However, if there is the type of consistent emotional stress, similar to what I just described, an angry divorce, drug or alcohol abuse, physical abuse, etcetera without being addressed by some counseling the door to a weakened immune system is wide open. People in these situations often bury their feelings in addictive behaviors. Over eating, shopping, tv watching, gambling, sex, alcohol and drug use, exercise, cleaning, perfectionism. I think any activity done in excess to avoid emotions will in some way come back and bite.


The emotional component of ongoing stress combined with exposure to environmental toxins weakens the immune system. Gone unaddressed these factors can lay out the welcome mat for Biological Parasites / Endoparasites. The combination of these factors, needed for deep healing to occur, are best not overlooked.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD is a doctor who understands the world of Traditional Medicine. She is brave enough to actively speak out about her views on this subject . Dr. Daniels effectively practices her own unique form of Holistic Medicine. She is able to do this because she understands the healing ability of the human body. She lives that truth and helps her patients, if they are willing. understand that if given the right tools the human body is capable of  healing and overcoming some daunting obstacles.


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I find the Faster EFT videos on Youtube to be very helpful when addressing Physical Pain.  Here is a video that simply explains Faster EFT that is under 10 minutes. Robert Smith is the originator of Faster EFT and speaker in the video.

Here is another link to  Faster EFT  video that is under 10 minutes that may be helpful.


Before finding Faster EFT Emotional Freedom Technique  / EFT has been especially helpful to me for dealing with sadness after the death of loved ones, and other emotionally charged situations. So, when I hear people speaking of their complete healing from physical pain doing Faster EFT I feel encouraged. I also feel frustrated because I have not had my physical pain deeply impacted by Faster EFT or EFT of any kind. I have had deep insights into my pain and the emotional situations that contributed to it. This kind of help has been invaluable to me and has directly impacted my long term healing.


Here is a more recent video that has some testimony from two medical professionals. The man is a Scientist and researcher. The woman is a Radiologist.  They speak about  their recommendation of Faster EFT. I want to point out that they are both proponents of Traditional Medical Treatment. What these Medical Professionals have to say may be helpful and reassuring to some people. Despite the insistence on Western Medical Care from both these people, I am encouraged by their own personal and clinical experiences with Faster EFT.

For those of us that are not currently using traditional medical treatment, Faster EFT and other EFT modalities can be confusing.  I know it is for me. Why? Well, often there is a disclaimer that EFT does not take the place of medical treatment. What about Holistic Treatment? However, people do report having major changes in their pain and other issues using Faster EFT. From my own experience with Faster EFT, I am sure it can be a very helpful tool for staying the course on programs like Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD and others.

I am open to all the possibilities of using Faster EFT for healing. It is one  powerful way to gain some immediate relief from the toll not feeling well carries. Faster EFT can be a window into the root causes of how emotional stress, not confronted, beats us down. Over a period of time emotions gone unaddressed weakens our immune systems. The willingness to recognize the emotional component in healing is the most important step in healing on every level of health.