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My first hand experience is that most of us do not fully understand the great significance of a healthy, or unhealthy bowel. How it effects our all over health is not something we are guided to question. Also, there is a deep lack of understanding of the depths of what our bodies need to eliminate in order to avoid chronic illness. My personal understanding of my own body, in this very specific way, has impacted my life greatly. Lessons learned that have left me changed both physically and emotionally. Just to be clear, I am not only talking about the relief most every person feels after a “good dump”. DUMP, another grubby sounding word that has four letters. Just the sound of it says it all.


One evening, several years ago, I was watching a late night television show that was followed by repeats of a USA sitcom called Two and a Half Men. I had never seen the show before and was surprised at how it got me to laugh out loud. Laughing is something I love to do and I don’t do enough of it. I was surprised how funny a major  network show could be. I just connect most mainstream / network TV with laugh tracks. Anyway, when something makes me laugh I don’t care what the source is. Finding Two and a Half Men was a good thing on many levels. Over the next few months, I recorded and watched the series. At that point the show had been on the air for about 9 years. it ran for 12.


During my obsession with Two and a Half Men I saw a segment where the child on the show (Jake), who is usually an energetic spitfire, becomes sluggish and aloof. The adults can not figure out what is wrong. Why is Jake so down? Is it a school problem, neglect of his divorced mom and dad, his naughty Uncle Charlie’s influence? His mom and dad take him to a shrink. and the shrink seems to need more help than Jake does. Here is an excerpt.


In the end the wise and dry witted housekeeper slips the kid a good dose of prune juice before bedtime. The next morning Jake’s spirits are lifted and the kid is propelling himself around the house like a rocket ship. The prune juice worked wonders. Just one good dump, maybe two, and the kid had a new lease on life.


Well, I have needed more than prune juice to feel better, but I resonated with the  shows message. I have found such deep and high lows with the removal of some nasty, old things coming out of my body over the past decades. It has become more profound while following the directions of  Jennifer Daniels, MD. Dr. Daniels approach is a unique construct of her personal experience and with patients. Her knowledge has most definitely furthered my understanding of cleansing and rebuilding my body. It is truly a balancing act. Her knowledge has helped me get to necrotic material that I was not able  to with decades of intermittent fasting, liver/gallbladder flushes, cleansing programs, colonics, etcetera. Working with Dr. Daniels has been a deep education. As I have learned from her, I also am learning from my own self observation. The emotional highs and lows, that occur as waste is dredged up and escorted out of my body. has become less and less, and shorter lived.  I can most definitely correlate emotional ups and downs with what comes out in “the bowl”, or what doesn’t.

Prune juice may be a rather simplistic solution to depression and constipation, but there is truth in the message. Of major importance is that laughing is important medicine. Laughter is an extremely necessary and valuable companion to have when healing the body, mind and soul. The good news is that things do get easier. Stay the course.





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Healing can be messy. Toxins leave our bodies through our bowels, urine, breath and skin. If this does not happen health is disrupted and illnesses arise. It is really that simple. I have come to realize that many people will do just about anything to not confront their shit, both physically and emotionally. When that is the case, Pharmaceutical Companies to the rescue. Why people choose drugs is something I can understand. Healing my own long term gut problem is, and has been, a great opportunity to develop empathy for others, and myself. To feel the reasons why people turn to pharmaceuticals for help. It takes conscious effort and sometimes sacrifice to heal without pharmaceuticals. Healing without meds has also taught me the depth of gut problems. Also, I have come to more fully understand why masking symptoms with drugs,  especially long term, only leads to much more serious health issues down the line.


Have you ever specifically noticed that “dirty” words such as shit and fuck are about body parts and actions below the waist? Functions we all learn to feel ashamed of, or uncomfortable with. I have known people who have told me they  never look in the toilet to see what comes out of themselves. That alone says volumes about the person, our society, and how confused and unhealthy people can be both physically and emotionally.

Today, here in the USA, there are numerous ads and commercials online and on television for meds like Humira. Humira  is a doctor prescribed pharmaceutical designed  to treat gut, skin and joint inflammation. Television commercials and ads online for Pharmaceuticals are abundant.  Commercial time on US networks is not cheap. There is obviously a deep need for these products. If these Anti-Inflammatory  products were not sought after the manufacturers would not be making them.

People spend most of their lives uncomfortable physically and emotionally around their waste matter. In our later years many of us end up wearing diapers, needing someone to help us to the toilet, or change a diaper. Taking charge of our digestive health before things get to that point is imperative. If this issue is not addressed the problems worsen as we age. Some of the lowest paid workers, aids in nursing homes and hospitals, deal with the bodily waste that other members of a patient’s family do not want to deal with. Digestive and bowel issues that, most often, the patient themselves did not deal with. These are daily issues that did not begin in the bathroom. Issues that began with food and lifestyle choices. There are environmental exposures to toxins and other situations that are sometimes out of our control, as in Flint, Michigan

If any of this resonates with you, as it has with me, there are actions you can take. Our choices in life are all very different, but with the internet there are many ways to find answers to how to improve our gut health and be independent throughout our entire lives.

So, if you find the thought of your fecal matter, poop, shit something you just want to ignore, but can not any longer, you probably have a good reason to feel that way. Sorry, but what we avoid all our lives is often the thing that haunts us until we may not be able to run, walk, limp, or shuffle away from any longer.

Some resources for improving overall, digestive, and gut health:

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD Vitality Capsules

Donna Gates Body Ecology Diet

Dr. Robert Morse, ND I have not done this program, but I have heard some good things about Dr. Morse from more than one person.