I recently saw a documentary about Rachel Carson and her uncovering of the destructive use and impact of DDT. The story is told through the life of Ms. Carson, who publicly took the use of this toxic pesticide to task. The very beginning of this documentary is filled with important historical information about the use of DDT before it was banned in 1972. If you don’t have the time to watch the entire 2 hours, the first half hour alone is very informative.

The presentation of this information gives a window into the mindset behind the decision to use DDT. The documentary exposes the thinking involved in the use of DDT, and is helpful in having a better insight as to why something so very toxic to our environment was widely implemented. There are seemingly practical reasons that directed the use of DDT. Unfortunately, decisions are often made out of fear, arrogance and greed, and the impact from these decisions, in this particular case, are profound. The harmful use of DDT is experienced to this day. Travesties against nature are often rationalized and given the go ahead under the guise of science.

The documentary about Rachel Carson (author of Silent Spring, 1962) is a PBS presentation on An American Experience.  Thanks to YouTube for the link.

Is DDT still being used on any level? As I said earlier in this post, DDT was banned in 1972. From what I have read the answer is still no, but DDT is very much present in our environment. The poisonous, decades long impact of DDT is well documented.

My hope is that people who read this post will take the time to watch all, or part of this  film about Rachel Carson and her contribution to our world.



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I know someone in their mid 70’a who has, over the years, become reclusive. He does not return most phone calls, no longer uses email, and does not reach out to people, except a necessary few. Others, who also know this person, have gone from feeling somewhat perplexed and rejected to surrendering acceptance. Well, most of the time anyway. I am not surprised at his behavior, and am sure that years of joint inflammation after a recovery from a pretty serious vascular illness, more than 10 years ago, has taken a huge toll. Still, none of these other people seem to fully understand why he has disappeared. Some, I can tell, still feel hurt and rejected. I am not a sage, but I am certain that the level of inflammation this man experiences is very high and is greatly due to his vascular illness many years ago. There is severe damage and inflammation to his entire body and that includes his brain. Hibernating is often an act of self preservation.


I have been on a quest to heal my gut for decades. I knew that any pain I was having with my hips had to be addressed through rectifying my digestive/gatrointestinal woes. That I am not alone is validated everyday by the strong presence of Pharmaceutical Company advertisements. Drugs such as Humira are advertised and prescribed for joint pain, gut inflammation, and skin problems. Medications / Drugs are not the route I have chosen to take because I know this is not a long term plan. There are serious consequences that are listed in the commercials as they show people doing all the things they have immense pain doing while crippled with inflammation, miserable with irritable bowels, or embarrassed by eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. One thing I am sure of is that the people who create the commercials for Humira (and drugs of all kinds ) know the mindset of pain very, very well.

My personal experience with pain has changed my understanding of other people, and their behavior. My empathy for others has increased immensely. I dd not understand the word inflammation until I personally had joint pain. Toxic, sluggish gut was more what I was feeling. Uncomfortable, annoyed and frustrated by an unhealthy gut eventually turned into joint pain. What was an injury that would not heal for many reasons, turned into chronic pain. This cataloging of the sequence of my own inflammation, both gut and joint, has been a circuitous root that has moved to some solid conclusions. Without these experiences I would have only understood inflammation and pain in theory.


I am experiencing a deep recovery from inflammation. It is not an simple sequence of personal events to write about. Much of what comes out of me through my bowel is pretty gross in nature. Sometimes it is hard to put into words, recollect and catalogue. The reason for some of this difficulty is due to the myriad of contaminants I have been exposed to over these many years, choices I have made, choices that were made for me. The voracity of the quality of dehydrated residue of contaminants that has been stored in tissues, organs, etcetera all over my body. The list of these substances are beyond my memory, or understanding. I am coming to the conclusion, that in the end, that most of the details are not that important. Finding a way to heal while being more functional as I live through this process is one of my main focuses.


Getting back to the person I wrote about in the beginning, I understand his unspoken need to disassociate from people. I have had to do this to some extent. I have needed every bit of energy to heal. That need is something I would not have understood if it were not for my own situation. It takes a great deal of energy to explain to people what is going on with me physically and emotionally. Many people, in trying to help, challenge my decisions, or add their opinion as to what they think I should do. It can be exhausting. It is hard for most people to understand that discomfort may be part of healing. The Western Medical paradigm is based, in theory, of doing no harm. It is documented that this is often not the outcome. I am not saying that is the intention. Treating pain in Western Medicine usually means masking it. This is a major problem today in the USA with opiate addiction, and death from opiate overdose being so prevalent. These rampant addictions speak strongly about the level of inflammation people are suffering from and their need to find relief. Empathy is not the answer, but it is a good start. I truly feel empathy for these people.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD has her own unique approach to healing. I have written a good number of posts explaining my experience with her. Here is a link to her website.





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What does it say about us, or more importantly what are we saying about ourselves, if our money is invested through a 401K, or in any other way, in companies that are not in line with our ethical, social, spiritual/religious beliefs? Do we have the right to complain about what is happening to our health, the health of our environment, our society, our government while invested in GMO based food manufactures, Big Pharma, Monsanto, farm factory meat industry, porn, violent video games, racist publications and anything else that is not inline with our core values? To me, it feels terribly hypocritical.

I personally know that it is not easy to divest from a 401k. If you have one, maybe you have never thought about where the money in your 401K / Investment Portfolio is directed. It may be possible that by my writing this post someone reading will start thinking about their investments differently. Hopefully, one may start questioning the criticism that is so easy to spew. Judgments about other people, their decisions, our government, governments of other countries, corporations and how determinations are made each day in all countries, homes and in the minds of individual human beings.


Living in the USA, I am divested from our stock market. Right before the last crash I was wanting to make a change. I was not comfortable with how Wall Street was operating and saw the crash handwriting on the wall. Tired of complaining about companies that I came to realize my portfolio was invested in, I decided to divest. I have never regretted removing my funds. I did pay a penalty. I was not an employee of a corporation, etcetera. I can say that if I was, at the very least, I would be putting pressure on that institution to look at whom they are invested in. There are Green Portfolios. At some point they will be competitive with the traditionally invested ones, maybe some are at this point. If you want to stay in the market and make some changes it is worth doing the research about Green Investments / Portfolios.


Do our investments impact our health? Whether we realize it or not, they most definitely do. Even if you feel you can not divest, what I say here may cause you to find out exactly where your money is invested, and if it jives with your beliefs. It is not an easy thing to face. Finding out may help you to feel more empathetic towards others and the decisions they make each day. That is how scrutinizing where my money was invested changed me for the better.

Nothing is black and white in this world. Whether we realize it or not, we vote each day with our dollar. It is effective.