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As a follow up, I have found that a two (at most 5) minute cold shower coupled with, or on alternate days, cold foot and hand baths are very helpful for reducing inflammation and excessive heated conditions. I feel that the breath work that Wim Hof recommends can be the most helpful part of his program. Why do I say that? Breathing is the foremost way the body detoxifies. Why conscious breathing is overlooked, played down, and avoided by people is a whole other subject. I have written blog post, here on this site, about my own reluctance to do conscious breathing. This was way before I found Wim Hof. It is highly notable that the focus of the Wim Hof Program, in the press, seems to be immersion of the body into  ice water / cold showers.


Well, it is part of the solution. Why is breathing avoided by so many people? I feel it is because breathing can bring up emotions that are unpleasant. Emotions linked to events that have been repressed. Maybe we are unconsciously protecting ourselves against the poor air quality many of us are living in each day. If that is something you can relate to then buy an air purifier for your home and breathe deeply with more confidence. Sun Pure is the air purifier and cleaner I have owned for the past 15 or more years with no problems.

Dietary recommendations that Jennifer Daniels, MD has provided me with are an essential part of my healing from inflammation. There are a good number of  people giving dietary advice that would help masses of people simply by upgrading their present diets. A modified Raw Food Diet, Macrobiotic Diet, intermittent fasting, Liver / Gallbladder Flushes and understanding the eating of certain kinds of animal products to rebuild the body. Knowing when and how to implement the use of all these components is vital for success in healing. Getting the right guidance along with having patience is essential. Patience, not so easy for some of us. I put myself at the top of that list.

Anyway, here is a link to a guided Wim Hof inspired breathing video that I find very helpful. I sometimes repeat the entire video three times in a row more than once a day. Give it a try!