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I recently saw a segment on the PBS Newshour about veterans suffering from exposure to toxic substances (mostly airborne) during active service, primarily in the Middle East and other combat zones. Now, I am not an expert on Constrictive Bronchiolitis, but I do know some basic tenants of healing and the relationship between the Skin, Lungs and Large Intestines. I have had respiratory congestion earlier in my life that I was able to heal with improving my diet, taking herbs, and doing whatever I knew at the time to improve bowel function. This basic information is not understood by most people because it is not taught to us, acknowledged, or understood by Western Medicine.

From my understanding the Skin is the largest organ in the body, and it is an organ of respiration. When the Lungs and Large Intestines are not functioning efficiently the Skin steps in to help release whatever those two organs can not process. My personal experience is that the Skin takes on the burden when organs of excretion are bogged down and can not do their job efficiently. What would cause these organs to be unable to preform their much needed functions, such as clean the Blood, Urine and let go of Carbon Dioxide and other impurities? There are many things, but exposure to  Environmental Toxins in our Air, Water and Soil is one major reason. Other causes would be a diet lacking enough water (paper hydration), fiber and vegetables. Two examples of  extreme exposure to environmental toxins would be the ongoing crisis in Flint, Michigan, and  serving in the military in Vietnam, the Middle East, or military bases where men and women are exposed to explosives, armaments and other potentially toxic materials and situations.

I hope you will take the time to look at the PBS Newshour segment I posted above. One thing that I found most upsetting was that the Veterans Administration does not acknowledge Constrictive Bronchiolitis. What that means is that the government run Veterans Hospital Administration does not treat Constrictive Bronchiolitis. They are basically telling Vets that what they are experiencing does not exist. On the surface that sounds like a negative, but is it really? In my view, the treatment that the VA would provide would most likely not be a long term solution. Why? Most Traditional Medical Treatment for illness exposes patients to more toxic substances, and does not get to the root of the problem. Again, this is my opinion and direct experience as a a patient and as a practioner with drug based protocols.


Drink more water. Make sure that the water you are drinking does not come from a plastic bottle. Water needs to be properly filtered. A Reverse Osmosis Water Filtering System is something to investigate and invest in.

Stop eating refined foods, dairy products and drinking alcohol. Begin by cutting down on these foods and replacing with healthier alternatives. Wine is alcohol, and grapes are heavily sprayed with pesticides. Water is your best option for a beverage. Coffee is extremely dehydrating.  These foods and beverages can be very difficult to give up. It is no accident that our highly trafficked roads and highways are populated with  Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and other Fast Food restaurant / drive thru’s.

Gentle movement, walking, yoga and breathing exercises are something to start, if you are able. Difficulty in breathing hampers all our activities and needs to be addressed carefully.

If you smoke, or vape start by cutting back and switch to American Spirit Cigarettes (or some other organic tobacco cigarette). Stopping all together is the ultimate goal. Acupuncture may be helpful for stopping smoking as opposed to patches and other prescription medications.

Simple changes are important and will most likely not be understood or acknowledged by medical doctors, although obvious ones like stopping smoking and drinking water are universal common knowledge guidelines, I would hope.

There are many posts at this site that I have written which may be helpful for people looking for ideas to regain their health.