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When it is “them” it is Karma, and when it is “us” it is conveniently not. How ironic is that?  Look, I want to be clear  that the amount of pesticides and other chemical and toxic waste we are ALL exposed to makes every form of life on this planet extremely vulnerable to illness. It is truly a game changer, maybe like no other. It makes the chance of having chronic sickness befall us, and everyone in our inner circle, a potent reality. These facts are hard to face, especially for people who do not want to interrupt their lifestyles, or face the greater changes that need to be made, or needed to have been made decades ago. Is there still time? For some issues the answer is no. Hard thing to say and harder to face.

Having money to be advised by Jennifer Daniels, MD, or other practitioners, purchase organic food, and do the myriad of other things to help make it less likely to become a Cancer {or other illness) statistic is not any guarantee of dodging a bullet, especially today. Money can not buy a person elegance or, in this case, an absolute ticket to health. Who wants to live that way in the first place? I don’t.

Plastic waste is washing up in droves on the shoreline of the remote body of land called Easter Island, located off the coast of Chile. What more tangible proof do we all need about this one, of many, deeply serious problem and how pervasive it is? Well, for those who do not want to know, there may never be enough proof. What is even more frightening is that this kind of denial effects us all. It supports corporations and other entities that hide behind making government and some very necessary regulations the mean enforcer and disciplinary parent.

The word Karma, when used to separate ourselves from “them”, leaves us alienated from others in the worst sense. It also keeps us in a state of denial about the greater life threatening  problems that exist in our world today. Seeing how we all are connected only makes problems more solvable and life better. It puts a match under our collective asses to take action.

At times I struggle to help myself, and a few others, but I do my best to reach out  on a greater level in any way I can. I hope to do more as my health improves. Please join me in any way you can to improve your own health, and the heath of our planet. At some point we will all feel the bite of Global Warming in a more direct way, if we have not already.


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An integral part of Natural Healing is finding the source of sickness and a solution that does no further harm. In my view, a Natural Healing protocol is achieved without the use of Prescribed Medications, Surgeries and Injections. I truly understand that sometimes these invasive medical interventions are necessary, and most people have had Traditional Medical procedures in their lifetimes. Depending on the situation, these steps can save a life. Recognizing that reality, it is my experience that Traditional Western Medicine most often treats symptoms without getting to the origin and  cause of the malaise. Many times Traditional Western Medicine inadvertently inflicts more harm, sometimes irreversible harm, to the patient. It is important to note that Allopathic Doctors take a pledge to do no harm. My personal experience is that criticizing Western Medicine often offends people and elicits a defensive response, sometimes bordering on belligerence. On the other hand, when it fits people, criticizing and suing Allopathic Doctors and Hospitals is very, very common. We live in a world of convenient  hypocrisy.


What I write here in these blog posts are my opinion based on personal experience. Observation of myself and others has shown me over and over again that people, most understandably, want to be in control. I know I do, even though I have been forced to learn some painful lessons in this regard. I now recognize  that what I can control is my response to what happens, and in many (most) situations not what happens. That seems like a no brainer, but it was not always that way for me. That false sense of control is a big part of Traditional Western Medicine. Why? Well, because Western Medicine gives people the unrealistic impression that what doctors and pharmaceuticals have to offer is a straight line solution. What does that mean? Well, if you follow Protocol A, the end result will be more certain than the actual known Medical studies show. This is also known as coddling people, also known as telling people what they want to hear, telling people what they want to hear. If this depiction of Western Medicine and doctors offends or angers you, please take a moment and examine why beyond your knee jerk response.


Medicine, Politics and Religion have a great deal in common. What I mean by that is they are similar to insurance policies that promise more than they can deliver when”pay day” arrives. Home Insurance in these days of Global Warming, is one example of promises laced with loopholes that are often in the fine print, misleading, or just go unread. When people are overwhelmed with daily life, or not in good health these oversights can easily happen. Corporations are counting on people not having the time or energy to be thorough. It is important to remember that, for the most part, hospitals are corporations that need to turn a profit. Religious institutions rely on the donations of members. The Catholic Church is a wealthy landlord of real estate holdings in many parts of the world.

My personal and clinical experience with seeking solutions for healing chronic illness is that it can be very complex due to the exposure of all living things to toxic elements that we, as inhabitants of this planet, very often can not see, taste or feel. These chemicals and environmental toxins are in our water, air, soil, childhood and adult medications, vaccines, dental compounds and so much more. This is exhibited in the pain and suffering that is experienced and documented each day all around the world. If you don’t know what I am talking about then we just have a different take on things. Consider giving what I say some consideration.


Recently I saw an interview with a family that had two very young children, both of whom had the same type of brain cancer. Not once during the interview did anyone, neither the producer of the segment or family, mention the possibility of exposure to environmental toxins, medications, etcetera as part of this very troubling outcome. What was pinpointed as the possible cause was genetic. I was left incredulous as to how puzzled both mother and father were that there was no history of this type of cancer in the family. To me their response was as dumbfounding as people asking if Climate Change is real, or dare I say Global Warming. Both these terms have become frowned upon at a time when the Arctic Ice Caps are melting at record speed. Yes, it is happening. It is scary and I understand the fear that drives the denial, but it is paramount that we all wake up and take some kind of action.


Many people seem to be okay with things the way they are as long as they and their family have the money and accessibility to someone like Jennifer Daniels, MD, organic food, and can move if things get out of control where they are living. These are selfish non – solution solutions to a myriad of overwhelming  situations that we are universally living in and helping to create by, in some situations, by our choices. So, no matter where you live or how much money you have the quality of air, water and soil is effecting all of us. Complaining is not enough, in fact it makes things worse. The level of selfishness involved in not actively doing something to help, on any level, is painfully hard for me to understand.


The world is getting smaller and, in these extremely pivotal times, not in a good sense. People are in need of safer places to live, not just due to criminal / terrorist activity that makes living in their countries unsafe. What am I talking about? The warming of our planet is increasingly going to make earning a living impossible for some due to flooding, drought, fires, overpopulation  and so much more. One example would be the condition of our oceans (one example here in the USA is Florida) due to plastics, overwhelming growth of sea plankton that is effecting the fishing and vacation industries, restaurants. Most importantly, these “inconveniences” may be the only way to get the attention of people. The question is will it be too late?


We all need to stop putting our heads in the sand (no pun intended) and pay attention to our use of plastics, how we dispose of plastics and all things, what we buy, who we vote for, charities we donate to. These are simple coach potato solutions. Until I am healthier cleaning up beaches, highways, etcetera are not things I can partake in, but I can continue to do the things I mentioned above. Also, I practice being compassionate for the people who are living on automatic and in denial about what is going on. Mass denial is getting us nowhere.


Traditional Western Medicine, Religion and Politics (Government) very often help infantilize people. They do this  by encouraging all of us, consumers / citizens, to not be responsible for our actions. How? By not wanting to offend people and loose their vote, business and donations. They do this by encouraging us all to be unconscious, obedient and addicted to things of all kinds that give momentary relief from what is staring us all in the face. Pollution, Prescription drug addiction and Global Warming  – Climate Change are part of a  destructive path that is taking us all down fast. If your answer is that these things are not happening where I live, then you are missing the point. We are all connected and it is ever more apparent in 2018, in the most painful way.