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There is a deep biological connection between the health of the Liver, our overall health and feelings of Depression. For some people that may not be anything new, but for many it is a revelation. Of course, all our organs impact how we feel, which is not common knowledge to people from all walks of life. Also rarely discussed, is that the Liver acts as a filter to protect our overall health. Anti-depression Medications put more pressure on the filtering system of the Liver, and ultimately all our organs. In present times, the Liver is often overwhelmed and struggling. Some examples of how this can be seen is when a  person regularly feels defensive, depressed, numb, fumingly angry, frustrated, easily antagonized, hopeless, and has thoughts of suicide.


My own experience with Liver, Colon and Cellular Cleansing, has been decades long and a major part of my program to rebuild my health.  What has changed is that I now know what it is like to feel melancholically depressed. Depression became more persistently evident when I could not do some of the activities that distracted me from how I was actually feeling. From my own day to day observations, I now know that the emotions I feel and observe are greatly impacted by the health of all my organs. This is not something that I read in a book. This is my direct experience. I have days when the same set of frustrating circumstances that surround my healing process do not define me, and other days, now more moments in a day, when I feel frustrated. There are times when these feelings border on hopelessness, but they pass. This experiential understanding of the biology connected to these feelings has helped me to be more at peace with my situation while I heal. I recognized depression as a symptom of the Chemicals, Molds, Mercury, and who knows what else, that my body is carrying and  letting go of. I am hoping what I write here will be of some help to anyone who may feel confused about what they are experiencing while going through the process of regaining their health.


A number of years ago a person told me, unabashedly, that they looked down upon people who were depressed. This person said that earlier in their own life they suffered from depression. I felt empathy for them and realized that they, like many people, myself included, were very concerned about their image in the eyes of others. Determining our self worth based on the opinion of society has no happy ending. I can understand this because I have allowed myself to be manipulated by these same values. Metaphorically speaking, I remember realizing that I would never really know someone if all I was seeing, in their eyes, was my own reflection. What an empty way of going through life.


The essence of the Liver is as complex and as simple as how it is spelled. Live – and just add that r. Without a healthy Liver, or one that has been pushed beyond its capacity to filter our blood, along with the kidneys, it is hard to live a happy life. I did a engine search to see what other information there might be about the Liver and Depression, and the content was not that broad. What I read reinforced that the kind of Anti -Depression medication that is prescribed by the Medical World might be okay short term to rescue someone from a tragic event. If you are reading this, maybe you are a person that  feels that Antidepression Medications saved your life. I know most certainly that long term use of these meds causes more problems for the Liver and other organs, both exocrine and endocrine.

In Traditional Asian Medicine, Ayurveda and other forms of healing the Liver is defined by words such as growth, expansion, moving forward, up and out. When the Liver is overworked people feel frustrated and angry, and maybe sometimes numb with spurts of anger and frustration. How to handle a situation like this is a formidable conundrum. Why is that? Well, because the variety of environmental and other toxins that we are all exposed to is enormous and has different effects on each of us. The reason for that is as complex as the number of people that reside on this planet. There is no generalizing on this subject. Individuals need to take personal action. Finding ways to detoxify and rebuild daily, before a major health crisis arises, is the best advice. Looking for answers about how to improve Liver health after a health crisis is usually how most of us begin our search.


In the mainstream of society Depression is still considered shameful. At the same time the number of  people taking their own lives is rising and Depression is spoken about as something that no one should be ashamed of. These are just words and not the day to day reality that gets mirrored back to us. The long term answer to feeling better does not exist in a drug, but lifestyle changes that have the potential to upend the addictive lifestyles of the person who is depressed, along with their friends and family. It is unpopular and initially inconvenient to face the level of addiction that we are all living with today. What do I mean by that? Well, it is hard to do what is uncomfortable. Many people would rather have their depressed loved ones take Medications than do an overhaul on their own lifestyles, as well. These lifestyle changes impact everyone within the close circle of the depressed person. These kind of changes and self reflection ask everyone to dig deep, and that is not what keeps this consumer society rocking and rolling.


There is no simple answer, but part of the solution is based in basic everyday decisions that we make. The problem is that we are often not in charge of our own decisions. That may sound like bullshit to some, but I think that people are becoming more and more aware that willpower is not easily attainable. Long term changes are harder to maintain, and there is something deeper brewing within us all that makes lifting ourselves up by our boot straps close to impossible. That something can be better understood by having a better understanding of our Liver. The functioning of the Large and Small Intestines needs to be better understood by all of us. One function of the Large Intestine is to usher out the waste that sits like a toxic septic tank inside many people. This a gross image. For many it is a rather gross situation. Waste  primarily leaves the body through urine, fecal matter, our breath and our skin. Think of your city or town with spotty to no garbage pick up for weeks, months,or years…


Most any person who has worked in a Hospice situation, or taken care of a person who is at the end of their lives, understands the lack of will to go on. Once the Liver can not take anymore the rest of the body, already feeling this strain, takes on more of the burden. This is when the breakdown of our health becomes more evident. Back again to the word Live – r. Our lack of understanding of our Liver and our overall health, makes us pawns in a chess game. This often creates emotions of helplessness, overwhelm, frustration, and anger. Carrying this heavy biological burden makes it more difficult to shoulder the duties of everyday life. Without a healthy Liver the ability to find joy in daily activities becomes a struggle.


This post is not a tutorial about what specifically do to heal the Liver, and overall health. Again, I am writing this as a signpost to let people know that Medications are not the only option. This is not common knowledge to many people. If you are a person who is feeling hopeless, that life is not worth living, that you are pushing up against a ceiling and unable to breakthrough, you are not alone. This is a condition that has biological roots and can be remedied without doing more damage to your Liver and other Organs. Healing our body, our Liver is going to be different for each one of us. What we eat, drink, breathe, watch, and listen to impacts us in ways that we may not understand until we make small changes. Start somewhere. No change is insignificant. Taking medications for Depression is not shameful, and understanding how they effect our overall health is only empowering.

There are several blog posts that I have written about Liver / Gallbladder Flushes. The person who advises me, Jennifer Daniels, MD, has information on cleansing the Liver and Gallbladder that differs in some ways from other Flushes. If you do a search concerning the work of Dr. Daniels and Liver / GB Flushes you will find nformation on this subject. One avenue to begin would be a clean and simple diet with herbs such as Milk Thistle and Barberry.

Again, please know that you are not alone. Take action and you will  begin to feel empowered.






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If anyone knows of a source for fresh frozen Grass Fed Beef (Cow) or Pork (Pig) Brains, please let me know. From what I have ascertained, Beef Brains are not available here in the USA due to Mad Cow Disease (BSE). This is the reason that is given by government sources. The current dominating offering for Pork Brains is from one vendor, and it is a Corporate Farm. In doing some research, it seems clear that that the reputation of this Corporate Farm is best described as Farm Factory. I must state that I have not personally visited any of their facilities. Again, there is plenty of easily accessible information about how this source of Pork Products operates. It looks like they they have a powerful lobbying presence in Washington, DC.

This source of Pork Products satisfies a huge demand for Pork from an audience of people that range from those who do not understand what Corporate Farming means and how they operate, those who do not want to know, and those who are so addicted to certain Animal Products that it might not matter to them. Then there are those, like myself, who are looking for a specialty item for medicinal reasons (Pig Brains), and presently have no other choices.


The use of  words such as meat, pot roast, brisket, hamburger, hot dog, venison, pork, beef, steak, spam, salami, ham, head cheese, etcetera help keep people in the dark as to what they are actually eating. Commercials and packaging do not inform people of the conditions under which these animals are raised and slaughtered. Most notably is that Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Rabbit, Fish are marketed by their actual names. Why? I have some ideas, but I am not exactly sure. Would love to hear from anyone who has their own theory.


Why am I asking for Cow or Pig Brains? Well, there is a medicinal reason for eating some of these gross meats. First of all, I think that all meats are gross. What supermarket has a Meat Counter called “Dead Animal Flesh Department”? Also, I can remember the last time I saw a storefront with the word “BUTCHER” blasted across it. The closest I have observed is CARNICERIA in  communities with a large Spanish Speaking population. But back why eat the brains of a pig? Well, the description for Beef Brain Formula by Ancestral Supplements sums it up, “like supports like”.  I think that statement is pretty self explanatory. Consider this, the consumption of of these Dead Animal Products (I am going to call them what they are) for regaining health (Medicinal Reasons) is way less wasteful than the gross / mindless consumption of meat on a daily basis. For most individuals, this unconscious eating happens 7 days a week, sometimes three times a day at McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, Jack in the Box, diners, most restaurants, at home cooking. The list is long, and for the most part goes completely unquestioned.


Part of the overwhelming amounts of non –  biodegradable “stuff”  that is dumped in our landfills is Adult Diapers. This is a very telling, and if thought about, a very telling comment on the health of adults of all ages, and our landfills. Yes, diapers are increasingly in use for adults, and not just for those who are incontinent, and the seriously ill of all ages. Check out the advertisements (here in the USA), and you will see that people in the commercials are from the very active to the elderly. I recently saw a commercial with a young male firefighter (late 20’s to 30’s, maybe an actor?) confirming the marketing of diapers to people of all ages, and walks of life. Okay, I understand that there are some emergency and medical situations where diapers are necessary. However, commercials are only produced if there is a potential, or existing audience. Sigh. I am truly  not interested in shaming people for wearing diapers, but normalizing the wearing of diapers in these commercials? What a manipulation of consumers everywhere.


The bottomline, or close to it, is that consuming small quantities of these Organ Meats (for Medicinal Reasons) from animals has the potential to keep people of all ages in better mental and physical health.  If people were actually eating for their health, there would be less gross consumption of meat on a daily basis. Are there other things people need to do to regain and maintain their health besides eating the organs of animals? ABSOLUTELY! Cleansing and rebuilding the body, which I cover in many of the 300 plus posts that I have written here.


Desiccated Beef Brain is an option and is marketed by Ancestral Supplements. There is so little information about eating Beef or Pork Brain on the internet. I am sure anyone who is looking for either must know about Ancestral Supplements, and the Pork Brains available on the internet. The next option, that I have only begun to explore, is contacting ranchers independently on EAT WILD and asking if they ‘harvest’ (the irony of this word does not escape me) Brains from the animals they raise. Contacting each rancher one by one is somewhat laborious, but fortunately made possible by the internet.


Preparing, and cooking the Brains of Dead Pigs is very difficult for me. I am thrilled about doing this, but eating them has undeniably helped me in a short period of time. How? More mental acuity, stabile energy, optimism, less pain while healing arthritic hip joints. Eating these Dead Animal Brains (that is what they are) is something I am doing to regain my health and heal on a deeper level. Being foggy minded, arthritic, and depressed does not have to be part of life for a person of any age. The normalization and acceptance of dementia, and other similar conditions is on the rise. Most depressingly, the poor state of health of our fellow citizens is job security for a large segment of the working population here in the USA. The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry and related businesses are some of the largest, if not the largest, employers here in North America. This is probably true in many developed countries around the world.


As I have written in previous posts, the elders of society were once considered the wise ones. There are still some examples of this in our world, but for the most part the elders of our community can be found, and I am not saying this disrespectfully, drooling on themselves in an easy chair, or in hospital bed. A darker scenario is the growing aging  homeless population that is dying on the streets. Dying on the streets in a country that professes to be the wealthiest. What does that say about society, each one of us, at our deepest core?


In summing up, the condition of  the health of our aging population I would like to use a word often heard come out of the the mouth of the current, 72 year old, President of the USA, and that is “SAD”. Pun intended.