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I wear a partial denture and I wold rather not need to but it is my best option at this time. I am grateful for the technology that exists that makes these implements possible. Do I feel good about wearing a denture? In all honesty the answer is no. For me there has been a feeling of remorse and personal loss around wearing a partial denture that is decreasing with time and personal effort. There is also a certain level of shame, which I do not like to admit to feeling. How are those feelings diminishing?  It is a conscious choice and an acknowledgement that I can not let wearing a partial denture define me, or dictate how I feel about myself. Similar to missing a limb, or breast, testicle, ovaries, maybe any body part. Would I rather not be in this situation? Yes, however, I do recognize that all obstacles will either strengthen my character, or break me. I choose the former. I can say unequivocally that this is a choice that has not come easy, it is a decision and not a rationalization.


There are several reasons and one of the primary ones is that approximately 25 years ago I had a few root canals that in time became infected. I did take daily action to treat those infections on a topical and deeper level. I was advised not to have root canals by some Alternative Health Practitioners and friends. What happened next was that in doing research it became clear that my next option, that I was aware of, was to pull the teeth and wear flippers and a partial denture, or have missing teeth. In my mid- thirties at the time, none of those options seemed like a viable solution to me. I associated dentures with old age. The visual of no teeth truly freaked me out. I did not understand the implications of dental infections on my overall health. The drip drip drip of that infection into my Lymphatic System over years negatively impacted my Immune System. How could I not understand that? Well, in seeking solutions I was told by Alternative and Traditional Medical Practitioners that Dental Infections were an anomaly of sorts, and there was really not much more that I could do without the help of a dentist. In essence, just get the root canals done, or have missing teeth and an inadequate chewing surface.

Why did I go with root canals? Dental pain can be hard to alleviate without the use of pain killers, and I did not have access to the information I have now. Also, teeth are intrinsic to so much of our daily life, from eating to speaking. Teeth are an unavoidably obvious parts of our appearance. A message we learn from our earliest life is that appearance is important at all costs. Sadly, for the majority of people here in the Western World, what others think about us predominates many of our decisions, the success of Facebook is proof of that. The growing use of Botox Injections and Plastic Surgery are two examples of procedures that have documented negative impact on patients immediately, and later on down the line. Despite the known risks, it does not seem to stop a growing population of people from going under the needle, or knife. Botox and Plastic Surgery among men is growing.


25 years ago no one mentioned Dental Implants to me, but they have been around, as far as I can surmise, for about 40 years and change. In recent times Dental Implants are being given a hard sell in all forms of media. From the stories I have heard and my own experience, I know they are not a good idea for everyone. The feedback concerning Dental Implants runs the scale of raving about them to them failing. I have found that there is a by the book protocol in the Dental Community that may read something like this: after drill and fill, root canals, when they go south dental implants (if Titanium fails then Zirconium), antibiotics for infections. If all that does not work there are Dentures. Is this a known money making ploy, or a viable plan of action in the eyes of dentists? I am not sure.


Broken down into simple language, Dental School has a drill and fill mentality. People pay a great deal of money to go to learn dentistry and end up in a profession that has one of the highest suicide rates in the USA. Why is that? I am fairly sure it is not the meticulous nature of the profession. Dentists of all kinds, Technicians and Hygienists, are exposed to infectious material in the mouths of their patients along with the toxic materials they are dealing with each day. Consider this: Mercury is a highly toxic material that is still being being implanted in the mouths of people (you and me), including children. When Mercury is removed the off gassing has a great chance of  impacting the patient, the Dentist and the Dental assistants, Technicians.


In general, most people want to look their best, but to accomplish that at the risk of our overall health is operating from a place of fear and manipulation. Pharmaceutical Companies, Corporations and other money making institutions are at the helm of this highly profitable movement. When teeth are treated like a cosmetic body part and not an  indicator of our overall health we can easily fall ill from the repercussions of Dental Work. Why is that? Because we are not getting to the cause of why our teeth are failing. Understanding the underlying reasons why our gums and teeth are suffering is absolutely necessary, for many people, in recovering and maintaining our health. Dental work done without this understanding can easily become a reckless force in causing more harm than good. From my experience this is an understatement.

I wish I could say that finding a Biological Dentist is the answer, but it can help. Hal Huggins, DDS was a pioneer in the field of dentistry, and there is training and support for this kind of Dentistry. Weston Price was a visionary leader in understanding Dental Health and the steps needed to be taken to rebuild the health and well being of life on this planet. Jennifer Daniels, MD is singularly able to construct individualized plans to rebuild the health of people with a wide array of health issues.



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For the most part water is only destructive when the vessel it is contained in, or is effecting has been greatly compromised, and or tampered with. What do I mean by that? Well, in the human body one of the telling signs of potential declining health is Urinary Tract Infections, or symptoms related to UTI’s.  Why is that? Well, Peeing and Breathing are two of the primary and least physically stressful ways the body eliminates waste. A diet that is low in water, low or devoid of fruits and vegetables and minerals, a diet high in refined foods, unconscious consumption of animal flesh, chemicals, alcohol, prescriptive medications, pesticides, environmental pollutants, etcetera will take a toll on all organs of  the body. This may be a no brainer for some of us but these are concepts, ideas and facts that are not understood by many people today.


In terms of the Kidneys and Bladder, increasing use and the public acceptance of Adult Diapers and Dialysis is, in my mind, proof of the pressure on these organs and a general decline in the physical of the general public health.The focus here is on the Bladder and Kidneys but all organs are impacted. Sluggish and loose bowels, inflammation of all kinds, acne, allergies, menstrual cramps, impotence, infertility, depression, addictions are all responses to toxic build up. Again, the list is long and, I have no doubt has an impact on all bodily functions.


The growing decline in the mobility in people of all ages, especially over 50, is demonstrated and connected to the Bladder and Kidneys. What indicates this? Well, the Acupuncture Meridians of the Kidneys and Bladder are located in areas of the spine and legs, major areas of mobility. The theory behind Acupuncture is more complex than this, but what I write here is part of the basic idea. Generally speaking, people who have walkers often are wearing adult diapers. The reason for so many people wearing diapers is more complicated than not just being able to get to the toilet in time to pee.  Location of these Meridians and some other Information  that may help understand this may be found here. 


To me this seems like a no brainer. Do we all have to be hit by floods and fires to get it? In Traditional Medicine of all cultures there is a deep acknowledgment of the importance of the flow of water within the body and the flexibility of all areas of the body. This includes movement, thinking, organ function and the ability to see and feel the connection between ourselves and our environment. The inability to see this connection has led to the demise of our personal health / inner terrain, and planetary health and terrain. We are all a microcosm (each human being) of a macrocosm (this planet Earth, this Universe). This should not be a revolutionary thought, or an idea that is diminished as a Hippie Philosophy. Inconvenient Truth is more like it, and not inline with making money at the expense of the health of ourselves and others.


What I am talking about can be seen in nature on the daily newsfeed. Here in the USA this has been demonstrated in housing being constructed on or near wetlands and flood plains. These areas have no been properly vetted for long or short term habitation. The devastating flooding in Houston, Texas and Florida (2017) are a prime example of decisions made by greedy developers and, to be fair, some misguided local governments. These are documented reasons for the destruction of communities in these areas due to flooding. It is hard to fault the residents because many were there before the wetlands and other areas were exploited by people who got voted in, or bought their way into government and power. Despite the denial of so many people, Global Warming is undoubtedly the major component of the overwhelming impact of water, especially the destruction witnessed in our coastal areas. Fear and greed blind many and we are all suffering.


So, my point here is that what may seem to be minor physical health problems with Bladder Leakage and Sluggish Bowels are often serious warning signs that need to be heeded. The same with all the environmental warnings that have been ignored over these recent decades that have led to recent and increasing catastrophic events. Connect these dots. Everything impacts everything else. What goes around comes around. Every reaction has a reaction. What goes up must come down. Life becomes increasingly complicated (and worse) when people act out of fear, greed and desperation, three words that are greatly synonymous with one another.


Water and flexibility are inseparable. Most people have a build up of waste in their bodies that is not able to leave in  a timely way through their gut and other organs of excretion due to all the reasons that I previously mentioned in the first paragraph of this post. The list is lengthy. What does not leave through Breathing, Peeing, Pooping, and Skin (the largest organ of the body) puts tremendous pressure on the Liver and all other organs, and vice versa. Again, for some people this not broadcast news, but for many it is a revelation.


Keeping our bodies flexible and in motion as long as we are here on this Earth is deeply linked to the quality of  health of all our organs and the health of our planet. The Bladder and Kidneys is one immediate place to take notice. Why? Well, as I mentioned before problems with the Bladder and Kidneys begin with many people at an early age and are easily discounted. Why are they discounted? One reason is the the normalization of poor health in children and people of all ages. I believe it is important to consider the idea that the suffering of so many people today is due to a learned level of disrespect of our own bodies and that of nature. Water is a very destructive element when out of control, and that is true in and outside of the body. Embracing this connection is an essential step in healing ourselves, and this beautiful planet where we live.