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If anyone knows of a source for fresh frozen Grass Fed Beef (Cow) or Pork (Pig) Brains, please let me know. From what I have ascertained, Beef Brains are not available here in the USA due to Mad Cow Disease (BSE). This is the reason that is given by government sources. The current dominating offering for Pork Brains is from one vendor, and it is a Corporate Farm. In doing some research, it seems clear that that the reputation of this Corporate Farm is best described as Farm Factory. I must state that I have not personally visited any of their facilities. Again, there is plenty of easily accessible information about how this source of Pork Products operates. It looks like they they have a powerful lobbying presence in Washington, DC.

This source of Pork Products satisfies a huge demand for Pork from an audience of people that range from those who do not understand what Corporate Farming means and how they operate, those who do not want to know, and those who are so addicted to certain Animal Products that it might not matter to them. Then there are those, like myself, who are looking for a specialty item for medicinal reasons (Pig Brains), and presently have no other choices.


The use of  words such as meat, pot roast, brisket, hamburger, hot dog, venison, pork, beef, steak, spam, salami, ham, head cheese, etcetera help keep people in the dark as to what they are actually eating. Commercials and packaging do not inform people of the conditions under which these animals are raised and slaughtered. Most notably is that Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Rabbit, Fish are marketed by their actual names. Why? I have some ideas, but I am not exactly sure. Would love to hear from anyone who has their own theory.


Why am I asking for Cow or Pig Brains? Well, there is a medicinal reason for eating some of these gross meats. First of all, I think that all meats are gross. What supermarket has a Meat Counter called “Dead Animal Flesh Department”? Also, I can remember the last time I saw a storefront with the word “BUTCHER” blasted across it. The closest I have observed is CARNICERIA in  communities with a large Spanish Speaking population. But back why eat the brains of a pig? Well, the description for Beef Brain Formula by Ancestral Supplements sums it up, “like supports like”.  I think that statement is pretty self explanatory. Consider this, the consumption of of these Dead Animal Products (I am going to call them what they are) for regaining health (Medicinal Reasons) is way less wasteful than the gross / mindless consumption of meat on a daily basis. For most individuals, this unconscious eating happens 7 days a week, sometimes three times a day at McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, Jack in the Box, diners, most restaurants, at home cooking. The list is long, and for the most part goes completely unquestioned.


Part of the overwhelming amounts of non –  biodegradable “stuff”  that is dumped in our landfills is Adult Diapers. This is a very telling, and if thought about, a very telling comment on the health of adults of all ages, and our landfills. Yes, diapers are increasingly in use for adults, and not just for those who are incontinent, and the seriously ill of all ages. Check out the advertisements (here in the USA), and you will see that people in the commercials are from the very active to the elderly. I recently saw a commercial with a young male firefighter (late 20’s to 30’s, maybe an actor?) confirming the marketing of diapers to people of all ages, and walks of life. Okay, I understand that there are some emergency and medical situations where diapers are necessary. However, commercials are only produced if there is a potential, or existing audience. Sigh. I am truly  not interested in shaming people for wearing diapers, but normalizing the wearing of diapers in these commercials? What a manipulation of consumers everywhere.


The bottomline, or close to it, is that consuming small quantities of these Organ Meats (for Medicinal Reasons) from animals has the potential to keep people of all ages in better mental and physical health.  If people were actually eating for their health, there would be less gross consumption of meat on a daily basis. Are there other things people need to do to regain and maintain their health besides eating the organs of animals? ABSOLUTELY! Cleansing and rebuilding the body, which I cover in many of the 300 plus posts that I have written here.


Desiccated Beef Brain is an option and is marketed by Ancestral Supplements. There is so little information about eating Beef or Pork Brain on the internet. I am sure anyone who is looking for either must know about Ancestral Supplements, and the Pork Brains available on the internet. The next option, that I have only begun to explore, is contacting ranchers independently on EAT WILD and asking if they ‘harvest’ (the irony of this word does not escape me) Brains from the animals they raise. Contacting each rancher one by one is somewhat laborious, but fortunately made possible by the internet.


Preparing, and cooking the Brains of Dead Pigs is very difficult for me. I am thrilled about doing this, but eating them has undeniably helped me in a short period of time. How? More mental acuity, stabile energy, optimism, less pain while healing arthritic hip joints. Eating these Dead Animal Brains (that is what they are) is something I am doing to regain my health and heal on a deeper level. Being foggy minded, arthritic, and depressed does not have to be part of life for a person of any age. The normalization and acceptance of dementia, and other similar conditions is on the rise. Most depressingly, the poor state of health of our fellow citizens is job security for a large segment of the working population here in the USA. The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry and related businesses are some of the largest, if not the largest, employers here in North America. This is probably true in many developed countries around the world.


As I have written in previous posts, the elders of society were once considered the wise ones. There are still some examples of this in our world, but for the most part the elders of our community can be found, and I am not saying this disrespectfully, drooling on themselves in an easy chair, or in hospital bed. A darker scenario is the growing aging  homeless population that is dying on the streets. Dying on the streets in a country that professes to be the wealthiest. What does that say about society, each one of us, at our deepest core?


In summing up, the condition of  the health of our aging population I would like to use a word often heard come out of the the mouth of the current, 72 year old, President of the USA, and that is “SAD”. Pun intended.


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When it is “them” it is Karma, and when it is “us” it is conveniently not. How ironic is that?  Look, I want to be clear  that the amount of pesticides and other chemical and toxic waste we are ALL exposed to makes every form of life on this planet extremely vulnerable to illness. It is truly a game changer, maybe like no other. It makes the chance of having chronic sickness befall us, and everyone in our inner circle, a potent reality. These facts are hard to face, especially for people who do not want to interrupt their lifestyles, or face the greater changes that need to be made, or needed to have been made decades ago. Is there still time? For some issues the answer is no. Hard thing to say and harder to face.

Having money to be advised by Jennifer Daniels, MD, or other practitioners, purchase organic food, and do the myriad of other things to help make it less likely to become a Cancer {or other illness) statistic is not any guarantee of dodging a bullet, especially today. Money can not buy a person elegance or, in this case, an absolute ticket to health. Who wants to live that way in the first place? I don’t.

Plastic waste is washing up in droves on the shoreline of the remote body of land called Easter Island, located off the coast of Chile. What more tangible proof do we all need about this one, of many, deeply serious problem and how pervasive it is? Well, for those who do not want to know, there may never be enough proof. What is even more frightening is that this kind of denial effects us all. It supports corporations and other entities that hide behind making government and some very necessary regulations the mean enforcer and disciplinary parent.

The word Karma, when used to separate ourselves from “them”, leaves us alienated from others in the worst sense. It also keeps us in a state of denial about the greater life threatening  problems that exist in our world today. Seeing how we all are connected only makes problems more solvable and life better. It puts a match under our collective asses to take action.

At times I struggle to help myself, and a few others, but I do my best to reach out  on a greater level in any way I can. I hope to do more as my health improves. Please join me in any way you can to improve your own health, and the heath of our planet. At some point we will all feel the bite of Global Warming in a more direct way, if we have not already.


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An integral part of Natural Healing is finding the source of sickness and a solution that does no further harm. In my view, a Natural Healing protocol is achieved without the use of Prescribed Medications, Surgeries and Injections. I truly understand that sometimes these invasive medical interventions are necessary, and most people have had Traditional Medical procedures in their lifetimes. Depending on the situation, these steps can save a life. Recognizing that reality, it is my experience that Traditional Western Medicine most often treats symptoms without getting to the origin and  cause of the malaise. Many times Traditional Western Medicine inadvertently inflicts more harm, sometimes irreversible harm, to the patient. It is important to note that Allopathic Doctors take a pledge to do no harm. My personal experience is that criticizing Western Medicine often offends people and elicits a defensive response, sometimes bordering on belligerence. On the other hand, when it fits people, criticizing and suing Allopathic Doctors and Hospitals is very, very common. We live in a world of convenient  hypocrisy.


What I write here in these blog posts are my opinion based on personal experience. Observation of myself and others has shown me over and over again that people, most understandably, want to be in control. I know I do, even though I have been forced to learn some painful lessons in this regard. I now recognize  that what I can control is my response to what happens, and in many (most) situations not what happens. That seems like a no brainer, but it was not always that way for me. That false sense of control is a big part of Traditional Western Medicine. Why? Well, because Western Medicine gives people the unrealistic impression that what doctors and pharmaceuticals have to offer is a straight line solution. What does that mean? Well, if you follow Protocol A, the end result will be more certain than the actual known Medical studies show. This is also known as coddling people, also known as telling people what they want to hear, telling people what they want to hear. If this depiction of Western Medicine and doctors offends or angers you, please take a moment and examine why beyond your knee jerk response.


Medicine, Politics and Religion have a great deal in common. What I mean by that is they are similar to insurance policies that promise more than they can deliver when”pay day” arrives. Home Insurance in these days of Global Warming, is one example of promises laced with loopholes that are often in the fine print, misleading, or just go unread. When people are overwhelmed with daily life, or not in good health these oversights can easily happen. Corporations are counting on people not having the time or energy to be thorough. It is important to remember that, for the most part, hospitals are corporations that need to turn a profit. Religious institutions rely on the donations of members. The Catholic Church is a wealthy landlord of real estate holdings in many parts of the world.

My personal and clinical experience with seeking solutions for healing chronic illness is that it can be very complex due to the exposure of all living things to toxic elements that we, as inhabitants of this planet, very often can not see, taste or feel. These chemicals and environmental toxins are in our water, air, soil, childhood and adult medications, vaccines, dental compounds and so much more. This is exhibited in the pain and suffering that is experienced and documented each day all around the world. If you don’t know what I am talking about then we just have a different take on things. Consider giving what I say some consideration.


Recently I saw an interview with a family that had two very young children, both of whom had the same type of brain cancer. Not once during the interview did anyone, neither the producer of the segment or family, mention the possibility of exposure to environmental toxins, medications, etcetera as part of this very troubling outcome. What was pinpointed as the possible cause was genetic. I was left incredulous as to how puzzled both mother and father were that there was no history of this type of cancer in the family. To me their response was as dumbfounding as people asking if Climate Change is real, or dare I say Global Warming. Both these terms have become frowned upon at a time when the Arctic Ice Caps are melting at record speed. Yes, it is happening. It is scary and I understand the fear that drives the denial, but it is paramount that we all wake up and take some kind of action.


Many people seem to be okay with things the way they are as long as they and their family have the money and accessibility to someone like Jennifer Daniels, MD, organic food, and can move if things get out of control where they are living. These are selfish non – solution solutions to a myriad of overwhelming  situations that we are universally living in and helping to create by, in some situations, by our choices. So, no matter where you live or how much money you have the quality of air, water and soil is effecting all of us. Complaining is not enough, in fact it makes things worse. The level of selfishness involved in not actively doing something to help, on any level, is painfully hard for me to understand.


The world is getting smaller and, in these extremely pivotal times, not in a good sense. People are in need of safer places to live, not just due to criminal / terrorist activity that makes living in their countries unsafe. What am I talking about? The warming of our planet is increasingly going to make earning a living impossible for some due to flooding, drought, fires, overpopulation  and so much more. One example would be the condition of our oceans (one example here in the USA is Florida) due to plastics, overwhelming growth of sea plankton that is effecting the fishing and vacation industries, restaurants. Most importantly, these “inconveniences” may be the only way to get the attention of people. The question is will it be too late?


We all need to stop putting our heads in the sand (no pun intended) and pay attention to our use of plastics, how we dispose of plastics and all things, what we buy, who we vote for, charities we donate to. These are simple coach potato solutions. Until I am healthier cleaning up beaches, highways, etcetera are not things I can partake in, but I can continue to do the things I mentioned above. Also, I practice being compassionate for the people who are living on automatic and in denial about what is going on. Mass denial is getting us nowhere.


Traditional Western Medicine, Religion and Politics (Government) very often help infantilize people. They do this  by encouraging all of us, consumers / citizens, to not be responsible for our actions. How? By not wanting to offend people and loose their vote, business and donations. They do this by encouraging us all to be unconscious, obedient and addicted to things of all kinds that give momentary relief from what is staring us all in the face. Pollution, Prescription drug addiction and Global Warming  – Climate Change are part of a  destructive path that is taking us all down fast. If your answer is that these things are not happening where I live, then you are missing the point. We are all connected and it is ever more apparent in 2018, in the most painful way.



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I recently saw a segment on the PBS Newshour about veterans suffering from exposure to toxic substances (mostly airborne) during active service, primarily in the Middle East and other combat zones. Now, I am not an expert on Constrictive Bronchiolitis, but I do know some basic tenants of healing and the relationship between the Skin, Lungs and Large Intestines. I have had respiratory congestion earlier in my life that I was able to heal with improving my diet, taking herbs, and doing whatever I knew at the time to improve bowel function. This basic information is not understood by most people because it is not taught to us, acknowledged, or understood by Western Medicine.

From my understanding the Skin is the largest organ in the body, and it is an organ of respiration. When the Lungs and Large Intestines are not functioning efficiently the Skin steps in to help release whatever those two organs can not process. My personal experience is that the Skin takes on the burden when organs of excretion are bogged down and can not do their job efficiently. What would cause these organs to be unable to preform their much needed functions, such as clean the Blood, Urine and let go of Carbon Dioxide and other impurities? There are many things, but exposure to  Environmental Toxins in our Air, Water and Soil is one major reason. Other causes would be a diet lacking enough water (paper hydration), fiber and vegetables. Two examples of  extreme exposure to environmental toxins would be the ongoing crisis in Flint, Michigan, and  serving in the military in Vietnam, the Middle East, or military bases where men and women are exposed to explosives, armaments and other potentially toxic materials and situations.

I hope you will take the time to look at the PBS Newshour segment I posted above. One thing that I found most upsetting was that the Veterans Administration does not acknowledge Constrictive Bronchiolitis. What that means is that the government run Veterans Hospital Administration does not treat Constrictive Bronchiolitis. They are basically telling Vets that what they are experiencing does not exist. On the surface that sounds like a negative, but is it really? In my view, the treatment that the VA would provide would most likely not be a long term solution. Why? Most Traditional Medical Treatment for illness exposes patients to more toxic substances, and does not get to the root of the problem. Again, this is my opinion and direct experience as a a patient and as a practioner with drug based protocols.


Drink more water. Make sure that the water you are drinking does not come from a plastic bottle. Water needs to be properly filtered. A Reverse Osmosis Water Filtering System is something to investigate and invest in.

Stop eating refined foods, dairy products and drinking alcohol. Begin by cutting down on these foods and replacing with healthier alternatives. Wine is alcohol, and grapes are heavily sprayed with pesticides. Water is your best option for a beverage. Coffee is extremely dehydrating.  These foods and beverages can be very difficult to give up. It is no accident that our highly trafficked roads and highways are populated with  Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and other Fast Food restaurant / drive thru’s.

Gentle movement, walking, yoga and breathing exercises are something to start, if you are able. Difficulty in breathing hampers all our activities and needs to be addressed carefully.

If you smoke, or vape start by cutting back and switch to American Spirit Cigarettes (or some other organic tobacco cigarette). Stopping all together is the ultimate goal. Acupuncture may be helpful for stopping smoking as opposed to patches and other prescription medications.

Simple changes are important and will most likely not be understood or acknowledged by medical doctors, although obvious ones like stopping smoking and drinking water are universal common knowledge guidelines, I would hope.

There are many posts at this site that I have written which may be helpful for people looking for ideas to regain their health.



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As a follow up, I have found that a two (at most 5) minute cold shower coupled with, or on alternate days, cold foot and hand baths are very helpful for reducing inflammation and excessive heated conditions. I feel that the breath work that Wim Hof recommends can be the most helpful part of his program. Why do I say that? Breathing is the foremost way the body detoxifies. Why conscious breathing is overlooked, played down, and avoided by people is a whole other subject. I have written blog post, here on this site, about my own reluctance to do conscious breathing. This was way before I found Wim Hof. It is highly notable that the focus of the Wim Hof Program, in the press, seems to be immersion of the body into  ice water / cold showers.


Well, it is part of the solution. Why is breathing avoided by so many people? I feel it is because breathing can bring up emotions that are unpleasant. Emotions linked to events that have been repressed. Maybe we are unconsciously protecting ourselves against the poor air quality many of us are living in each day. If that is something you can relate to then buy an air purifier for your home and breathe deeply with more confidence. Sun Pure is the air purifier and cleaner I have owned for the past 15 or more years with no problems.

Dietary recommendations that Jennifer Daniels, MD has provided me with are an essential part of my healing from inflammation. There are a good number of  people giving dietary advice that would help masses of people simply by upgrading their present diets. A modified Raw Food Diet, Macrobiotic Diet, intermittent fasting, Liver / Gallbladder Flushes and understanding the eating of certain kinds of animal products to rebuild the body. Knowing when and how to implement the use of all these components is vital for success in healing. Getting the right guidance along with having patience is essential. Patience, not so easy for some of us. I put myself at the top of that list.

Anyway, here is a link to a guided Wim Hof inspired breathing video that I find very helpful. I sometimes repeat the entire video three times in a row more than once a day. Give it a try!


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I have been practicing the Wim Hof breath and cold water immersion therapy for about three to four months, and am finding it helpful on many levels. I highly suggest this video  as a 10 minute guide for the basic breathing technique link here. My exposure to both Pranayama (breath work) and Cold Water Therapy began many years ago, but I was not able to do the Cold Water Therapy for any notable length of time. I was also resistant to doing conscious breathwork, but did it despite that resistance. Here is a little bit about my knowledge of, and somewhat limited experience with, Cold Water Therapy:


There is a woman named Victoria Boutenko who, in the past, has written about her and her family as they lived a Raw Food Lifestyle. I recently learned from this video that Victoria is no longer a Raw Food proponent, as an exclusionary diet.  I am sure she has received more flack, than the bit I have read, for changing her perspective, and I greatly respect her honesty. Anyway, many years ago Victoria touched my life by sharing her bathing in very cold water upon getting out of bed in the morning. If I remember correctly, she had a clawed foot tub on her porch that she would jump into. Victoria is originally from Russia. The  use of Cold Water Therapy is documented and celebrated here in the USA  by the Polar Bear Club of Rockaway Beach located in Brooklyn, New York. Rockaway Beach is a Russian Immigrant community of many years standing. Also, I have done saunas with cold water dips afterwards for a number of years while living in NYC. The Russian Baths are a place to look into if you live there.


Over the 20 years that I tried Cold Water Therapy I had no success in maintaining any consistency as a practice. I always felt better after a cold shower but that memory faded fast and the idea of cold water running over my body made me reach for the hot water knob first. I also was ambivalent about using cold water due to, what I felt was the misuse of it, by Sports Medicine doctors, trainers and physical therapists. Cold water therapy can enable athletes, dancers, and injured people in general, to re injure themselves by driving the inflammation deeper into the body. Cold can often give people a false sense of well being when used in this way. This is not the perspective from which the Wim Hof Method  of Cold Water Immersion is presented.


There is a Facebook support group for the Wim Hof Method that I have found helpful. My experience is that it took me a bit of time, about two months, to immerse my entire body in a body of cold water. I started with showers, as is recommended. I know it is important to go step by step with this process. A 10 week Wim Hof Course is available online. On a more critical note, I feel there is a hard core male driven force behind the Wim Hof Method. What do I mean by that? Well, there is a lack of a feminine voice and input. Yes, there are women sharing their experience, but the general presentation can have a competitive edge to it, and that is something to take into consideration when reviewing the material on youtube and Facebook. There are a  generous amount of free videos to watch. The Wim Hof community is, as far as I can tell, supportive and the basic desire is to help, get help, and share information.


I have found that it is very important to take things at my own pace. To not get wrapped up in the competitiveness that often comes from an athletic competitive base of members. Also, my lessening of inflammation from the Wim Hof process is not going to be the same as others. People often find protocols and talk about them as though they are the be all and end all. One step at a time. I think watching and listening to the videos available on youtube will help anyone reading this come to their own conclusions about how to proceed.

Here are two more videos that I like. This video is 3 minutes and change in length. It is beautifully spoken by Wim Hof about his discovery of Cold Water Immersion combined with Breathwork. I do want to say that Wim Hof is a disarmingly, in the best sense, communicator of his vision. Listening to his interviews and talks on youtube are very helpful. This second video is a breathing guide with no instructions, so it is for those who are more familiar with the breathing technique. The voice of Wim Hof is used as a guide for the timing of the breathing.

There is a great deal to benefit from practicing The Wim Hof Method. Again, at your own pace, and one step at a time.


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I recently wrote a post (link here) about my newbie experience with Cannabis. As of right now, it has been about four months that I have been smoking Cannabis for better sleep. I am able to buy Cannabis legally because I live in California, and  have a Medical prescription through HelloMD. I receive my order from Highway1 Organics (home delivery service) located here on the Central Coast. I had done very little research about Cannabis before making an appointment with HelloMD. I trusted my instincts as I listened to the accounts I heard from others that have found help from Cannabis for sleep, pain, and other ailments. The people I listened to stem from their mid 30’s to their mid 80’s. All these people consumed Cannabis in every way it is available. They are using Cannabis in tincture, edible and Pre roll – Joint form. So far, this is what I can share about my experience…

While smoking Cannabis I discovered that it took time for my body to adapt to the strain and level of THC that I was exposing myself to. I have discovered that I am best off keeping the THC level no higher than 13. Higher than that is too strong for me. What does that mean? Well, I feel more groggy than relaxed. So far, I have found that the best results  I have with Cannabis is for better sleep and not so much for pain, or better appetite. Also. one full inhalation does the trick. If I inhale deeply Cannabis has an immediate result of my being able to fall asleep immediately. A deep inhale sometimes irritates my throat a bit, but the does not happen often. The Pre rolls have a filter on them, and all materials are organic. I use a match to ignite hemp string to light the joint. Hemp string is available on Amazon. Yes, I know you can use a bong, or use the vape form.


I have chosen to smoke Cannabis instead of taking the tincture or eating edibles because it seems to be the most direct and efficient way to reap the benefits. I have also chosen to not use a bong or vape form because my use is very limited, more stuff I do not need. On nights where I feel like I may not sleep I take a hit before getting into bed. If I need to, I take another hit in the middle of the night. As my health improves I have been needing it less often. Times around the New and Full Moon I often do not sleep as well and I am grateful to the Cannabis for helping me get the rest I need. It gives me peace of mind knowing that it is there.

Over the past few years I have come to understand why people take meds for pain, sleep, and depression. In my lifetime I have not taken medications, either prescribed or over the counter, for sleep, pain, depression, etcetera. I am very aware that my dosage, and THC strength of Cannabis will be different than some other people looking for help. I do not feel hung over or groggy from smoking Cannabis when I wake up in the morning. Again, the THC level of the Weed I am using is not above 13 and the volume is low. Even if I take an inhalation at 2 am and get up at 5 am I am alert and do not feel out of it.

My sense is that offering Cannabis in other forms, other than smoking it, may legitimize it for some people.  I am talking about tinctures and edible forms. Smoking Cannabis may feel too much like a party “drug” to some and that stigma, if it keeps them from trying to smoke it, might be their loss. I have a strong sense that smoking Cannabis and taking it as a tincture might be more economical than the packaged edibles. Eating Cannabis in  chocolate, or in other food forms might be more expensive because it is easier to over consume.

In summary, Cannabis has enabled me to get better rest and heal. I am not using it as a way of avoiding eating well, or following the program I am complying with under the advice of  Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD. Knowing that I can pretty much be assured of a more sound and restful sleep gives me a greater sense of ease on a daily basis.

Each person has a unique health situation and biology. Each person will have a need for a different dose, form, stronger or weaker THC level than I have. What I have written here is my experience and I hope it may help you, or someone you know. Thanks for reading.