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Think about this: You can have an extremely unhealthy GI Tract your whole life, and for most every person their kidneys and bladder still function reasonably well. You can be highly “allergic”, asthmatic, strongly prone to respiratory illness and your bladder and kidneys still keep on keepin’ on. You can have cancer, HIV, neurological illnesses and the kidneys and bladder do their job, maybe not as efficiently as they might without these complications, but they work. So, when the kidneys are cleansing, we are talking major cleanse. Our kidneys have been filtering out, to the best of their capability, the toxins in the blood and other body fluids, that the other organs of excretion could not process. The Liver- Kidneys and Bladder take a whippin’ and keep on with the good fight, until they can not anymore…..

On a personal note, despite feeling constipated as a adolescent or teen the one other uncomfortable feeling I distinctly remember about my body was feeling like I had water retention. The bloat. As a dancer and athlete, at about 15 years of age or so, I noticed the sensitivity to salt. Bingo!


If you are on a cleansing and rebuilding health program you may be a perfect candidate to notice the sensitivities that your body goes through with each season. Every person has these cleansing symptoms, but they are interpreted and often treated as something to suppress. As a participant in The Unique Healing Program and many others in prior years, I am very familiar with the symptoms and different expressions of each season and the  different organ systems of the body. In the winter the organs that are most actively “stressed” are the kidneys and bladder.

So, if you are on The UHP or a health conscious person looking for answers to healing, the kidneys and bladder are two organs to more fully understand. Know where your kidneys are located. The kidneys and bladder are major organs of filtering and excretion of toxins. Increased regular pressure is put on them, especially if the colon is backed up, breathing is shallow, and a myriad of other reasons from daily exposure to environmental toxins, dietary habits, family health history. The list is long and does involve daily emotional stress.

Zoning in on one important point, the kidneys and bladder take a whole lot of abuse and can function under great stress. Maybe a  blind eye is turned to daily annoying symptoms? Many people do not know seem to want to understand there is a problem until it becomes more than VERY inconvenient. Urinary tract infections of people of all ages is more and more common, middle age people wearing adult diapers. The bar is pretty low on what we think is acceptable. Expectations are being lowered for us by medical practitioners, pharmaceutical companies via TV commercials, and other media. So, just know that especially at the end of fall and during the winter your kidneys and bladder will have an extra burden put upon them. This is a concept of Traditional Asian Medicine and one I have personally witnessed as a Bodyworker, Shiatsu Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Colon Therapist. Palpating the Hara/ Gut/ Belly of many people has taught me a whole lot. Listening, watching season after season, for 25 years or more, the patterns are undeniable in myself and many others. Palpating the kidneys is also very revealing.


When the kidneys and bladder fail, often known as renal failure, it means dialysis. You are then  pretty much screwed or saved by modern medicine, depending on how you see things. So just know that the kidneys are pretty much the last to completely heal when on The Unique Healing Program, or any cleansing- health rebuilding program. One major reason being that our body is mostly water and these two organs, Kidneys and Bladder, are most stressed in the Winter. When the Kidneys and Bladder are out of balance the emotional pattern moves toward fearful thinking and behavior / or complete recklessness. The odor of urine when they are cleansing, stressed, sick, or out of balance can be a rather putrid one.

The Kidneys are where Jing Essence is stored, with focus on the left one. The Adrenal Glands located right above these mighty organs are deeply connected to them. Understanding more about that location can be empowering and help with comprehending the healing process while on The UHP. Patience, here I go again, is the key. Not easy, but the healthier we get the more things seem to flow like a river [water]. The more relaxed we can genuinely be. When life feels like it is flowing the kidneys are in good shape. This is an important thing to observe and look forward to as health improves. When life feels like it is constantly stopping and starting, out of whack, it may be, or it may be our perception of it. Something to observe and give hope about the future and the positive change that is coming. I know it does not always feel that way!

To learn more about all the organs of the body and the seasons that effect them I would suggest reading Between Heaven and Earth by Beinfield and Korngold. This is one book I own and want to refer to more often. You will easily find some info, with an engine search, on this subject of Seasonal Changes and the Organ Systems of the Body. This is a Chinese Medical, Traditional Medicine concept that can be traced back to ancient societies all over the globe.





If you are on The Unique Healing Program you will probably become, if you are not already, your own personal health and body detective. Donna Pessin has amassed a whole lot of information in her books to help guide people through The Unique Healing Program. It can only help people on The UHP to have other tools to better understand what is going on that maybe no one can really explain. If you have ever been to a doctor you know they usually do not have all the answers. What they often have is a way to make the symptoms go away. For awhile. Sometimes.


Depending on our gut health, spring can be a wonderful time or one of great physical stress. For instance, increased allergic reactions are an indication that the Lung and Large Intestines are not in good shape. The organs most strongly associated and active in the  Spring are the Liver and Gallbladder. If the Liver and Gallbladder are burdened with acids they will put more pressure on the Lungs and Large Intestines. Why? Because the Lung and Large Intestines are organs of elimination, if those two organs are already sluggish the spring cleaning effect from the Liver, Gallbladder and other organs can cause symptoms that range from minor discomfort to grave illness.


The skin is the largest organ of respiration and will take a hit for what the Lungs and Large Intestines can not handle. The Lungs are responsible for the exchange of gases and the Large Intestines is also. Everything from itching, cracking skin, acne, psoriasis, ecsema, and anything else is a sign that these two organs are backed up.

Here are some basic guides that may help add some clarity as to what and why things happen seasonally whether you are part of The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin or just checking it out:

I have not read this book in years, but I think it is definitely worth checking out: Staying Healthy With the Seasons, by Dr. Elson Hass. It has remained a strong staple in the Holistic Health Movement. I think it has some timeless information.

The Face Never Lies by Michio Kuchi and Your Body Never Lies by the same author. These two books are usually available at Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, and most definitely online.

Between Heaven and Earth by Beinfield and Korngold may be too much information for some, but it is well written and something to take a closer look at if the description interests you.

I found a website that may give some help to those with skin eruptions to better understand The Lymphatic System from a practical point of view.

I have some other ideas that I can add to this list, but for now this is it. If you have somethings to recommend please email me. There are many good resources out there.



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What is it?

Vocal Fry is a groaning type sound that has recently been noticed by the medical/ speech therapy community. It may be the consequence of a real burn out within the physical body that is manifesting itself in the voice of some young women. Sure, not everyone has this vocal tendency that is experiencing  stress, but not all people manifest imbalance in the same way. Anyway, their is medical research around this vocal tendency, so if science is important to giving something validity… Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC medical correspondent [link here].

The vocal quality, recently deemed as Voice Fry, has a groaning texture. Here is another [link] to the seemingly silly story that held specific meaning to me [Huffington Post]. The diagnosis of patients with the practitioners five senses is one facet of Traditional Asian Medicine, Ayurveda, Tibetan Medicine and all other forms of healing.

The vocal diagnosis that I learned observes that groaning sound as a kidney/ adrenal/ bladder imbalance. Voice Fry, according to the story I saw, seems to be showing up in the voices of late teens, college age women and those in their twenties. In other words, in people who are showing signs of being burned out at a very early age.

A story that the majority of western medicine scoffs at made sense to me. This is due to my training and observation of many clients.  Hearing the other specific vocal tendencies that connect to the other organs in the body help diagnose a persons strengths and weaknesses. I presently do no not have a link for this information, but the book “Between Heaven and Earth” [Beinfield /Korngold] is one resource for insights into Traditional Asian diagnosis.

Some knowledge of Traditional Asian Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine would help make some of what I am saying much more plausible. Also, research into the general health or lack of health of our, in this case female, youth. Depression, reproductive organ problems, the general weakening of the immune system, eating disorders are some of the common ills that plague young women.

Television commercials for over the counter and prescribed medicine can give many insights into the minds and bodies of our population. I think it is really important to question what is called “normal” today. Medical “normal”, in my opinion,  is not vibrant health. Any medical diagnosis, whether symptomatic or more serious, needs to lead to further research on the part of  the patient. This is especially true when a diagnosis is called normal.