BUT you can still meet her in her online videos and books. You can get a clearer impression of Donna Pessin and her program if you are able to look for answers concerning your health from a less needy place. You may then be more likely to take in a realistic picture of Donna Pessin and her program. In order to better understand what she is talking about it may be necessary for you to take the plunge and buy her products. How else are you going to fully experience what she is offering? Through a personal consultation? Unfortunately for some, Donna Pessin is not presently doing any consultations. In her mass emails she is indicating she may not return to doing personal consults in the near or distant future. Hey, no problem. Why? Because all you need to know is in her videos and books, right? That is what Donna Pessin is telling everyone now. But wait, all her videos, before her leave of absence, ended in a pitch for having a one on one consult with her, if you got stuck. Stuck is definitely what can happen while on The Unique Healing Program. In all fairness, on any program, but this according to Donna Pessin is not like any other program. This is very true in more ways than one…


Stuck means not moving forward on The Unique Healing Program due to infectious material that is not being “knocked off ” by the Colloidal Silver and Berberine Herbs [Bowel Strength] that Donna Pessin advocates. The UHP Colloidal Silver, that Ms. Pessin says will do the trick. Stuck means not moving out enough of the toxic waste in a timely way with the Sodium Bentonite Clay [Body Bentonite] that she sells. Being stuck seems to be the case for all the people I am in touch with who are participants of The Unique Healing Program for over one year or more. Why is that happening? Well, one reason is that The Unique Healing Colloidal Silver is especially expensive to take in the dosages Donna Pessin currently recommends. The amount Donna Pessins says one needs to keep battling the infection that is stored throughout the body of many people on and off The UHP.


Donna Pessin does not, in her books or videos, recommend the use of MMS / CDH or CDS. This is the substance I have used on and off throughout my two years on The UHP. I also made Colloidal Silver, and continue to. I do this with a Sota Instruments Silver Pulser. I advocate Sota and The SilverGen.


ONE of the other reasons people get stuck is that Donna Pessin does not advocate the use of Colonics and Enemas to help detoxify the body during her detox program. I could feel my body reabsorbing toxins and knew that I had to continue to incorporate Colonics or Enemas into my practice of The Unique Healing Program from the very beginning. Why? I could feel I was reabsorbing toxins that I could not get out quickly enough on my own. I felt rather low grade miserable. I tried not doing colonics and felt more and more bloated. Some other symptoms worsened. I have written other posts recounting my symptoms. Easy to find on this blog site search.


Why does Donna Pessin NOT advocate the use of MMS? I asked her about using MMS and she did not deter me. As I said earlier, MMS is not recommended in any of her videos, books or emails. Why? Probably because she has not used MMS/ CD or CDS and does not understand it firsthand. I think this is a big mistake on her part. It will end up being a problem for her program, an already developing one as we speak, soon down the line. Also, MMS is very inexpensive. Unique Healing Program Colloidal Silver is 15.95  per bottle, last time I checked. Donna Pessin recently made it clear that to have an effective outcome one bottle is a portion for two days. Long term that could be very stressful on many levels.


If you are thinking of starting The Unique Healing Program please be notified: Many of the people I know, and others that write me through this blog, are in need of an anti fungal anti bacterial on an ongoing basis. More help than one receives from taking The UHP Bowel Strength.  It is not affordable for anyone that I know to take as much Unique Healing Colloidal Silver as Ms. Pessin recommends for ongoing infections. Even if money is not an issue it eventually becomes an annoyance. How long is this going to go on for? This is the question I asked myself. Also, is Colloidal Silver effective when being ingested daily on an ongoing basis? One thing David Wolfe makes clear in his 2009 Longevity Now Program [Immune System Bolstering Protocol],  is to keep changing things up. Make sure your ” unwanted guests” do not become immune to your chosen anti fungal / anti bactierial. Could this also be the case with MMS? I don’t know.  MMS may be a much more potent and a specific healing agent for many who are suffering from immune system related illnesses. Isn’t that at the root of all sickness? Me think it is.

Is all the info you need about Donna Pessin  in her videos and books?  I think the answer is yes. Listen to your instincts. I listened to mine and am very glad I started The Unique Healing Program.  Have been at it, my way, for two years. As I have said in other posts, I have had to tweak The Unique Healing Program repeatedly. It will take you as far as you can go with it.  Is there enough information in The UHP books and videos to set you on a path to healing without directly consulting with Donna Pessin? Maybe, and maybe not.

The UHP is not for everyone, but what is? Zippo. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired and presently on The Unique Healing Program? Then it is time for some reassessing. N’est ce pas? Me think so.






Solutions work best, not problem finding and complaining, but honest talk with good intentions is my aim in this post. The Unique Healing Program has way more positives than negatives. However, one weakness of The Unique Healing Program is the long term need and cost of a strong Anti fungal agent such as The UHP Colloidal Silver. A strong Anti fungal seems, and most often is, a must have for many people who embark on The UHP. Also, the information that is in  The UHP books and videos greatly imply that one can eliminate a fungal, bacterial infection quickly by “bombing” it with The Unique Healing Program Colloidal Silver. My information disagrees with that as a colon therapist and body worker, person who is on The UHP for 21 months, speaks with others on The UHP. My information says that Colloidal Silver needs long term usage in often large doses. Why? Due to the need to clear up FUNGAL OVERLOAD as it is released from organs and tissues incrementally while healing.This seems to be the case, for many, long and short term. So,”bombing” as a long or moderate term action is most usually NOT a slam dunk solution. A very long term usage of Colloidal Silver is the reality for most.

Donna Pessin, in my one on one phone and skype sessions with her, encouraged the use of her Colloidal Silver for me, my husband and two dogs. The amounts were large and could cost up to 1,000 dollars a month for all four of us. This could be a low estimate for many. How long we would need to do this was not determined. The dogs? Yes, they needed to be treated, or we would be reinfected by them. I know, you have a bridge in Brooklyn you would like to sell me. Made sense to me at the time, but in retrospect – Don’t leave the house was as equally practical. BTW, I do have my two dogs taking Sodium Bentonite Clay, Probiotic and Colloidal Silver [homemade]. All good for them and us.

Anyway, if you do a search on this blog site , or click here you will come across some posts I have written that talk about making your own Colloidal Silver, and using MMS. The potency of The Unique Healing Program Colloidal Silver is not what it was two years ago, but it is strong and seems to help people get some relief. How much and how often you will need it is trial and error, even if you are in touch with Donna Pessin, which is not so easy to be these days.

I have learned, that for me, The UHP Bowel Strength Herbs are one very long term solution for healing the gut. body and mind. They are Anti fungal, Antibacterial, but are not for emergency situations. Emergency situations need Colloidal Silver, MMS, and some other solutions I am not aware of, other than Antibiotics. If you know of anything else, please let me know.



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If you are following The Unique Healing Program and working on better digestive and overall health on any level, taking digestive aids can be very helpful. When I started The UHP I spoke with Donna Pessin and asked her about continuing  taking Hydrochloric Acid with Pepsin. She concurred that this would be a good idea. I have always benefitted from HCL and would have continued taking it no matter what Donna Pessin had said.

Why take HCL with Pepsin or any Digestive Enzyme? A weak digestive system creates more acidity for parasites, candida, and other bacteria to grow and flourish in our bodies. Indigestion, undigested food sitting in the stomach and gut equals gas and bloating. This is a breeding ground for poor health that expresses itself as lethargy or irritation, mental confusion, unpleasant attitude, skin conditions, headaches, constipation, and ALL other health imbalances, cleansing reactions, and down the line serious medical diagnosis.

I am not sure why Donna Pessin does not include taking HCL and other digestive aids in her books and videos. I am beyond sure that if you have a sluggish gut your digestion can use all the help it can get. Just the other day I read that Ms. Pessin had recommended to one person that they use Digestive Enzymes and Beano as an adjunct to The Unique Healing Program. Digestion takes a long time to heal and will be in flux for all people healing. Digestive Enzymes can only make that healing easier. Taking them a few minutes before meals greatly helps the enzymes be more effective. I also find drinking a cup of boiled water can help indigestion that occurs at any time during the day. Chewing a little bit of  ginger, cardamon, clove fennel has helped me. Just one of these can help alleviate indigestion. Good to chew on an empty stomach or between meals.

Here is one page I found that gives a personal experience explanation of the need for digestive enzymes, low stomach acid and the autoimmune connection. It is a blog written by an person who is currently exploring healing through a Paleo type diet. I am not endorsing the Paleo Diet, but do understand why people choose it when suffering from Candida overgrowth and other digestive and GI tract disturbances. I think Paleo done with lots of vegetables small portions of organic fish and other animal proteins, green  supefoods and other low glycemic grains, fruits and some nut butters is a diet worth trying out. We become our own best advisors the longer we are on the healing path, learning new things and trying them out.

I use Solaray HCL with Pepsin. I have also used thousands of dollars worth of digestive and systemic enzymes from Dr. Fred Bisci and other purchased from Matt Monarch at The Raw Food World. The use of Systemic Enzymes while using Sodium Bentonite Clay may or may not be helpful for you. I have not found enzymes other than HCL with Pepsin necessary. Systemic enzymes used therapeutically break down toxic material in the body. At the time I was not using Sodium Bentonite Clay. I did not have a healthy enough digestive system to sponge up the acids that resulted in taking the Systemic Enzymes. I was not able to escort these acids out of my body in a timely way. I was using Zeolite powder and doing colonics. Because of these things, systemic enzymes created more cleansing symptoms for me than help. My experience.

HCL with Pepsin or another Digestive Enzyme of your choice can help make your gut, in the long or short one, a less welcome place for those “unwanted guests”. Heard that phrase from David Wolfe…



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Think about this: You can have an extremely unhealthy GI Tract your whole life, and for most every person their kidneys and bladder still function reasonably well. You can be highly “allergic”, asthmatic, strongly prone to respiratory illness and your bladder and kidneys still keep on keepin’ on. You can have cancer, HIV, neurological illnesses and the kidneys and bladder do their job, maybe not as efficiently as they might without these complications, but they work. So, when the kidneys are cleansing, we are talking major cleanse. Our kidneys have been filtering out, to the best of their capability, the toxins in the blood and other body fluids, that the other organs of excretion could not process. The Liver- Kidneys and Bladder take a whippin’ and keep on with the good fight, until they can not anymore…..

On a personal note, despite feeling constipated as a adolescent or teen the one other uncomfortable feeling I distinctly remember about my body was feeling like I had water retention. The bloat. As a dancer and athlete, at about 15 years of age or so, I noticed the sensitivity to salt. Bingo!


If you are on a cleansing and rebuilding health program you may be a perfect candidate to notice the sensitivities that your body goes through with each season. Every person has these cleansing symptoms, but they are interpreted and often treated as something to suppress. As a participant in The Unique Healing Program and many others in prior years, I am very familiar with the symptoms and different expressions of each season and the  different organ systems of the body. In the winter the organs that are most actively “stressed” are the kidneys and bladder.

So, if you are on The UHP or a health conscious person looking for answers to healing, the kidneys and bladder are two organs to more fully understand. Know where your kidneys are located. The kidneys and bladder are major organs of filtering and excretion of toxins. Increased regular pressure is put on them, especially if the colon is backed up, breathing is shallow, and a myriad of other reasons from daily exposure to environmental toxins, dietary habits, family health history. The list is long and does involve daily emotional stress.

Zoning in on one important point, the kidneys and bladder take a whole lot of abuse and can function under great stress. Maybe a  blind eye is turned to daily annoying symptoms? Many people do not know seem to want to understand there is a problem until it becomes more than VERY inconvenient. Urinary tract infections of people of all ages is more and more common, middle age people wearing adult diapers. The bar is pretty low on what we think is acceptable. Expectations are being lowered for us by medical practitioners, pharmaceutical companies via TV commercials, and other media. So, just know that especially at the end of fall and during the winter your kidneys and bladder will have an extra burden put upon them. This is a concept of Traditional Asian Medicine and one I have personally witnessed as a Bodyworker, Shiatsu Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Colon Therapist. Palpating the Hara/ Gut/ Belly of many people has taught me a whole lot. Listening, watching season after season, for 25 years or more, the patterns are undeniable in myself and many others. Palpating the kidneys is also very revealing.


When the kidneys and bladder fail, often known as renal failure, it means dialysis. You are then  pretty much screwed or saved by modern medicine, depending on how you see things. So just know that the kidneys are pretty much the last to completely heal when on The Unique Healing Program, or any cleansing- health rebuilding program. One major reason being that our body is mostly water and these two organs, Kidneys and Bladder, are most stressed in the Winter. When the Kidneys and Bladder are out of balance the emotional pattern moves toward fearful thinking and behavior / or complete recklessness. The odor of urine when they are cleansing, stressed, sick, or out of balance can be a rather putrid one.

The Kidneys are where Jing Essence is stored, with focus on the left one. The Adrenal Glands located right above these mighty organs are deeply connected to them. Understanding more about that location can be empowering and help with comprehending the healing process while on The UHP. Patience, here I go again, is the key. Not easy, but the healthier we get the more things seem to flow like a river [water]. The more relaxed we can genuinely be. When life feels like it is flowing the kidneys are in good shape. This is an important thing to observe and look forward to as health improves. When life feels like it is constantly stopping and starting, out of whack, it may be, or it may be our perception of it. Something to observe and give hope about the future and the positive change that is coming. I know it does not always feel that way!

To learn more about all the organs of the body and the seasons that effect them I would suggest reading Between Heaven and Earth by Beinfield and Korngold. This is one book I own and want to refer to more often. You will easily find some info, with an engine search, on this subject of Seasonal Changes and the Organ Systems of the Body. This is a Chinese Medical, Traditional Medicine concept that can be traced back to ancient societies all over the globe.


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Urine and blood testing for steroids or recreational drugs, or any substance does not begin to tell the complete story of these and other chemicals in our body. Drugs and medications, as examples, enter our blood stream and that blood goes through our entire body. All organs, organs of filtration such as the kidneys, liver and lungs are continuously exposed. So, when we take prescribed medications, over the counter drugs, recreational drugs, are exposed to heavy metals, pollutants, antibiotics through farm factory meat consumption, these substances become a part of us. These substances leave a huge stain on the personal ecosystem we call our body. All that Motrin, Advil, Bayer aspirin, ectetera, taken often or daily, does not wash out with each use.


What we ingest, breathe in, and absorb through our skin makes up the quality of our cells, our blood. The blood that goes through the rest of our body goes through our brain and effects how we perceive the world around us.  These drugs and other substances leave their mark, a residue. That is the minimum of effect. Some might say damage. All that we consume consciously or unconsciously leaves an imprint.  This is surprising to many people for a variety of reason. Water is the substance that we are told washes everything out of our body, but how can that be?  On a very simplistic level of explanation, laundry needs detergent or some kind of solvent to clean. Why?  Because many substances we encounter are not water soluable. Petroleum, as an example, is not washed out of the body or anywhere else with water alone. We barely want to discuss urinating toxins out of our bodies. Any other form of exit is deemed disgusting. The gut, bowel, intestines, mucus discharge, menses, skin rashes, are not widely discussed or even mentioned between friends, family and spouses. Prescribed, over the counter and recreational drugs are the same in many respects. This is why heroine addicts, smokers, alcoholics, food addicts, sugar addicts, takers of pain killers and other medications have withdrawal. People who drink coffee or use sugar have withdrawal. Maybe you are one of these people? Maybe you are and just don’t realize it. I am damn sure that we have all been, or are addicts to one of these categories of chemicals.

So, if you take drugs/medications, any addictive substance that has any mood altering effects, if you eat, drink or breathe you are creating a template of toxins within your body. These toxins have an indeterminable shelf life of sorts. Give this some thought when you are considering what to do about healing your body. Consider this if you are part of a healing protocol such as The Unique Healing Program. Consider all the layers of toxins collecting for years. Mull this one over when The Unique Healing Program seems to not be helping your healing fast enough. The Sodium Bentonite Clay [Body Bentonite] and Berberine based herbs [Bowel Strength] are absorbing toxins and nullifying bacteria that would otherwise be recirculating. The SBC and herbs heal in stages as toxins are absorbed and released. These toxins or acids, without the clay and herbs, will continue to be harnessed by our body in organs, by creating tumors, cysts, etcetera to protect us. The body is designed to keep going. We are programed for survival. The survival instinct along with modern medical technology can keep an unconscious individual alive for a very long time. One can hang on at a level of life that is not creative, or at all attractive in any way to most anyone I know.

Healing takes time because it took time and concentration of toxic materials to get us to where we are. It is sort of that simple. There is more involved, but those issues are as individual as there are stars in the sky. Pretty daunting, right? So start somewhere. The body, while you are still able to make your own decisions, is the primary place to begin.