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Here is one way to down “that clay”

I place about one liter / quart of  purified water in a blender. I add stevia to taste 5-10 drops and begin the blender on a low setting. I have a Vitamix. Have had the same one for 14 years and highly recommend it. Any blender will do. With the blender running I add the clay one tablespoon at a time. For me four tbs per liter is not too thick. I am using the Unique Healing Body Bentonite Clay. For clays from other distributors I can not say, but I think this would work.

As a postscript 5/2014: I have come to learn three tablespoons is better for me. I have days where I ease up on the amount of clay I take. This is after one year on The Unique Healing Program. This is all so very individual a process. Sounds cliche, but true.

In the beginning of The Unique Healing Program I tried to get as much clay down as possible in one jar. Six tablespoons per liter and it was not good. Not enough water and it can be cause bowels to be sluggish. More water and liquids help during the day to move things along. All this depends on how much clay you are taking.

I do not believe there is a recipe for how to mix the SBC BB in The Unique Healing books, but other questions are answered about clay there and in the videos.

Some days, weeks the clay seems so gross and then it doesn’t and then it does. You may love it all the time. Love, may be a bit strong of a word when it comes to ingesting clay.

As a Postscript 4/2014: I am trying one tablespoon of clay per 16 ounces of water and that seems to be helping me feel less bloated and toxic at the end of the day. Not getting enough water will most likely cause an imbalanced cleansing of the body. Clay may get lodged / stuck due to not enough hydration. There are a few areas in the colon and GI tract where there are twists and turns. Areas where the body has to work against gravity to move waste out. Not enough water can minimize the effects of the clay. This is a waste of time and money. Saving money and time, motivating forces for getting more hydration.


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After hearing about The Unique Healing Program, I took in the website, watched the videos and ordered one of two books. I then tried doing my own version of Donna Pessin’s protocol. I had zeolite clay, antiparasitic herbs, grapefruit seed extract, progesterone cream, B12 and some of the other things she recommends. I got some results and instinctively knew, after a couple of weeks, that I would get much more with the Unique Healing Products and Donna Pessin’s personal help. BTW, it is not a must to have personal consultations with Donna, but it does help in the beginning.

As a colon therapist I have treated many people and was at times bewildered. Bewildered by what I heard clients tell me, and  what I saw come out of them. Sometimes I thought I had a theory going and then someone would blow the lid right off of it. A very brief list of what I experienced goes like this:

A person has approximately three bowel movements a day for 35 – 50 years, does not overeat and has a huge gut. They do not drink alcohol and they have a very unhealthy seeming liver. Male and female. You can have cirrhosis without being a heavy drinker, that usually surfaces much later on in life

Rail [social x-ray] thin individual, eats all the time, pretty much whatever they want. Is chronically constipated with a very, very flat stomach. No, they are not eating and purging.  Have known several of these people. Where is it going? Mostly female. Crazy to me at the time that hardly anything came out during the colonic. Dangerous situation and confusing to everyone involved. I am sure parasites were a big player in these situtations. Try telling someone of that description that they have parasites! Would not go over well.

Eats no yellow or orange foods and everything is coming out orange and yellow. I mostly connected that to a pancreatic, liver, gallbladder, bile restraint issue.

Eats no green superfoods, many vegetables. Fecal matter is very dark green or black. M/F.

Eats lots of beets and nothing is red. Mostly females.

Eats a very small amount of beets and when they do everything is red and remains so for a few days after… Not blood.

Eats a raw food – vegan diet, they say low in sugar [probably not]. Their system is so acidic it is hard to insert the speculum. This made more sense to me then the others. Punched some holes in eating a mostly raw food diet. Why? Without absorbing all the acids from this cleansing diet the toxins do not get eliminated and are reabsorbed. Very dangerous and a widespread situation that is not just among raw food eaters, both M / F.

This group eats fish, chicken, eggs, sometimes cheese and or a bit of red meat. Lots and lots of salads and vegetables, no carbs, no junk food. With all that they are very constipated. They take probiotics, exercise, drink water. Okay, so they are just wound up so tight they can not poop. That is a dismissive and sarcastic diagnosis. Most people who eat that way for some very specific reasons. Number one, because if they eat carbs they gain weight. Secondly, they have better energy. Thirdly, they can think clearly. Whatever you feel about people eating animal meat, this diet should not yield constipation, yet it often does.

Tip of the iceberg. The above list is not at all complete. My mind was always full of ideas and question marks as to why these people were so contradictory to me. Why I was so contradictory to me! Candida, dehydration, pancreatic disease / diabetes approaching, obviously poor digestion, hormone imbalances, heavy metal overwhelm, some very sluggish livers, parasite infestation, etcetera. An occasional colonic was not going to solve their problems, nor were dietary adjustments or even a complete dietary overhaul.

If you have read any of my other blog posts you will understand the many cleansing and healing modalities I am personally familiar with. My experience lead me, toward the end of my time giving colonics, to encourage some clients to buy their own home colonic unit. I really did not know what else to tell them. Eating a very cleansing diet, juicing, juice feasting, fasting on any level was, in my opinion and experience, dredges up way more toxins than their already very overwhelmed organs of elimination could deal with. All their organs.

Donna Pessin The Unique Healing Program. Do the research and see if it resonates with you. The body needs something, lots of something, to sop up the huge amounts of environmental toxins we are all exposed to. Not to mention the other chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides. There are many circulating in our air, water and earth. Sodium Bentonite Clay is that element of absorption and ONE essential part of The Unique Healing Program.

The Unique Healing Program is not a magic bullet. It does take time, effort, patience and a sense of determination. It is not a lifetime program or way of life, but the results can be life changing.


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In order to get well it is helpful, maybe necessary, to have an open mind. For people who are currently under the care of a physician, but want other support, there are options that can be of great help. The first step is to be willing to consider – believe the idea that real help exists outside the medical paradigm. The second is to be confident in your choice by doing thorough research. Did you do that kind of research with your current western medical treatment? That may be something you did or did not do. Often people feel they have no choices. Getting a second opinion within the medical world is part of that equation. Something to seriously reflect upon.

Western medicine can be supported by treatment that exists outside of their everyday experience. A doctor that is not willing to do any research on supplemental help, I believe, should be considered suspect. Do not be afraid of authority. This is a hard one for most people.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is something to THOROUGHLY research if you are looking for healing while under the care of a physician. Having an appointment with Donna Pessin is an absolute necessity in this situation. Taking sodium bentonite clay with allopathic drugs and treatments is something that people do. It needs to be specifically addressed, in this case, by Donna Pessin.

If you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired The Unique Healing Program can be a great healing force. It renews the GI tract and draws out long time toxic elements that reside within our cells and tissues. IT IS NOT A QUICK FIX. The Unique Healing Program, when broken down and and analyzed, is just plain common sense.

Healing involves soul searching. For me it has brought up sadness for all the years that  I “wasted”. Of course that is not really true, but it is  how I feel at times. I do know there is hope and healing is possible.

There are people who are part of The Unique Healing Program that take prescribed medications. It is really imperative to consult with Donna Pessin if you want to begin The Unique Healing Program and are under the care of a physician. She has vast experience with people of all ages and health concerns.


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As a colon therapist, I was not originally in favor of ingesting large doses of sodium bentonite clay. I was wrong.I found that out through taking large doses of the clay myself. I am grateful that I was open minded enough to actually ingest the clay under the advice of Donna Pessin The Unique Healing Program. I have written posts about her program and reedited past posts [dating back to 2011]  mentioning her website and information when applicable.


If you are interested in healing your GI tract and entire body, my personal experience, and that of my husband, is telling me that this is one very viable way to go. I started with one to three tablespoons of Body Bentonite Clay [a Unique Healing Product]. I then went to six and have gone way beyond that number. To understand why, I highly recommend looking at the website for The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. There you can read the first chapter of The Unique Healing Program and watch 70+ videos [also on youtube]. Each person has different needs and therapeutic doses will vary.

As a postscript: I have now been on UHP for one year and am seeing results. I have to share that this has not been an easy ride for me. I think that how The Unique Healing Program plays out for each person is very hard to predict. This is due to the quality of our water, air, soil where we live, ancestral health and so much more. I think the other blog posts I have written about The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin can be of help and support to people who are interested in finding better physical and mental health.


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Most people giving health advice do not understand how to deeply heal the digestive system.  In my experience, that is an understatement.  Much of the advice that is given is very simplistic. Drinking green juices, taking herbs and proper food combining is on the high end of information. This is not going to give the vast majority of people, seeking better health, what they need for a complete healing. Complete healing, as I have come to understand it, could take 1 to 5 years. It is possible. For most, it is not an easy path, but one well worth the walk.

During my time as a colon therapist in NYC some of my clients were part of the Raw Food Community. Most of them had inflammation that made it uncomfortable to insert the speculum. After awhile, I began to think that these raw food eaters could not be adhering to the raw food diet and have such symptoms. If their diets were not made up of acid forming foods, why would they be having this problem? Inflammation was something I would see with people eating high carb, refined food diets. Eating a raw food diet without any fruit in it is usually very difficult for people. A raw diet that does not encourage candida [yeast] overgrowth is very challenging. I know, I did this for years.

Looking back, I realize I was not making a truly informed assessment of these raw food clients. I knew that any diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, which is highly cleansing, is going to help unload a huge amount of acidic waste and toxins. Toxins that are stored in the lymph system, organs and every cell of our bodies.  These people were not taking in enough, or anything, to absorb the amount of toxins [aka acids] that were being released into their bowels from their organs,etcetera. Substances like zeolite clay, sodium bentonite and maybe some other kind of clay, that I am not familiar with, is what I am referring to as agents of absorption. Something to capture the toxic matter and escort it out of the body.


If you are a person who has been eating a largely to completely organic raw food, vegan, vegetarian or macro diet and your digestion is still below par, you may want to consider the following:

If gas, bloating and fowl smelling bowels are something you are constantly experiencing you need something to help you absorb these toxins. Colonics and enemas are helpful, but do not get to the upper GI tract. Herbs, probiotics and other ways to manage infectious situations are something else to consider.

Cleansing symptoms that do not clear up are not a good sign. They can come and go and there are so many different reasons why people have these body reactions. Just putting up with them for years, in hopes that they will clear, is not the answer. Bad digestion because of consuming a “cleansing”  organic raw food, vegan, vegetarian, macro diet, is not a sufficient long term plan. Cleansing can happen and not be an obvious distraction. It may take time to get to that place. A healthy digestive system operates without constant monitoring and futzing with.

Our diets will not heal us. Often people feel much better after including more simple -cleanly prepared foods, but long term results are more limited. “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food” was written  before the Industrial Revolution. BTW, I am not saying that has no merit. However, diet alone will not heal  deep seated illnesses for the majority of people in this present world.

The toxins, pollutants, heavy metals in our water, air and earth, ancestral health, drugs given in childhood, where we lived growing up and SO  many more factors determine our health. How long symptoms of poor digestion linger is a red flag. Diet can help alleviate these symptoms, but for many it will not cure and heal their inner terrain.


Donna Pessin Unique Healing  [click here]. This is a very comprehensive plan for healing the gut. 70+ videos on youtube and an informative website. You do not have to spend a dime to get the gist of what she is saying. I am currently on this program.

Donna Gates Body Ecology Diet [click here] has valuable information about gut health and healing. She is specifically known for her understanding of Candida overgrowth.  Her protocol  is based on diet, kefirs, and fermented vegetables. Important information. I complied with this program for three years and it did not heal my gut. It may heal yours.


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Mother Earth is truly remarkable. This may sound, to some, like  tree hugger talk. Not the case. In fact, many of the ingredients in Big Pharma drugs are derived from plants. What I am talking about is sodium bentonite clay. Sodium bentonite clay has the ability to absorb acids and toxins from the body and is very forgiving to the bodies tissues. What do I mean by that? Well, it can absorb things that would normally just fester and create more serious degenerative conditions. I see our planet in a very, very similar way. Our earth responds so positively to the healing efforts of our population and sodium bentonite has a similar response in the body when ingested.

The Unique Healing Program was something I initially rejected. Why? Well, because of the amount of clay that was being recommended by the author, Donna Pessin. As a colon therapist, I could not understand how this clay would move from the system in a timely way. I had used colon cleansing products that included some clay and found them to be constipating. What I have come to experience and understand is that it is the psyllium and other binders, types of clay, and some other ingredients in these cleanses can create back up. Maybe, and quite ironically, not enough of the right type of  clay is the problem.

I am going to wind this one up for now by saying that if the amounts of clay are one reason you are hesitant to do this program I can understand that. I tried using Edible Earth, Zeolites, Calcium Bentonite [Sonne]. For me, they were not effective as the Sodium Bentonite Donna Pessin has found. I did about three months of experimenting before buying the Unique Healing products.  I used one to three tablespoons as opposed to the 10 or more I am using today. These amounts are under the guidance of Donna Pessin.

Link here for more information about The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin.

Open your heart, open your mind and healing will take place.


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I am following the Unique Healing Program and am finding it  highly transformative. How? Well, it is incrementally  healing my digestion and bowel function. I have spent most of my life dealing with my gut being uncomfortable, constipation, gas, etcetera. Unique Healing it is not an instant cure. As far as I know there is none. Instant cure for chronic conditions is a fantasy that does not exist. Some may think it exists because most people do not know what real bowel- digestive health is. The standard expectation for bowel health, health in general, is pretty low. Poor bowel health that has gone on for years or decades can not be healed during a weekend, week or month of colon cleansing or diet upgrades. One may find temporary relief, not complete healing.

Each of us are very different and the reason are endless. Much is due to what we inherited  from our parents, ancestral line. Those and many other factors determine how we heal and how we define health. What our nervous systems and general health  are able and willing to tolerate is completely subjective. I think we are all brainwashed into viewing our bodies like machines and comparing ourselves to others in the same way.


Is healthy the same as normal? Absolutely not. All answers depend on whom you speak with. When it comes to health that is very much the case. In the eyes of  allopathic physicians and drug companies the definition of health is tainted by expectations of sickness. I had one prominent GI doctor  [NYC] tell me that having one bowel movement every four days is normal for some people. Okay, so here are some other things that are “normal”:

1) Fecal matter smells and that is a nice word for stinks, and that  is normal. Is it healthy? No. Even according to the mainstream medical establishment it is normal because it is what most people experience.

2) It is healthy if your bowels are loose, as long as your bowels are moving. This is not true. Lack of form indicates the  lack of amount of healthy bacteria in your gut. If normal is loose it is not a good sign.

3) The color of your  bowels has to do with the color of the food you eat. Green food = green poop. If you eat beets they are red, etcetera. No, that just indicates that your digestion is weak and that you may have a bacterial infection.

4) Your diet will heal your bowels. This is something I believed to be true and it only brought me  many, many years of frustration and feelings of failure. For most, if not all people this is not the case. Better diet will suppress symptoms, but it will not help the GI tract  repopulate the microflora it needs. It will not heal leaky guts. I am still grappling with this, but I have experienced that it is true.

5) Colonics and bowel cleansing can heal your digestive woes. While they are helpful in eliminating toxins, they do not get to the heart of the problem. Again, diet does not either. If your digestion is wrecked by eating one “bad” food, then something is wrong on a deeper level. You will most definitely have to eat carefully [ specific for each person ] to not have symptoms triggered, until you do heal, while on The Unique Healing Program.

6) It is normal to always feel addicted to food and have to fight cravings. This is not true. It is also not healthy to stand on a soapbox  making others wrong for what they do. I feel health is  living life and not making food the problem. To constantly be on a vigilant look out for what is wrong is a big drain on having fun and creating a better world.

7) Farting is normal and should be expected, depending on what you eat. Yes, for the “normal” average person this may be true, but it is not a healthy normal. Most people would not agree with me on this. The level of gut health that most people experience is pretty low and  so deeply uninspired.

I could go on and on about all of this. Some of the conclusions I have come to are still  very painful for me to face. If any of this peaks your interest please read:

Unique Healing by Donna Pessin click here. Also, look at the 70+ videos that she has on youtube. You can read the first chapter of her first book online at her website.

Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates click here. A different approach, but one that is worth checking out. I did not find this approach to heal my digestive issues, but the information in the book is very informative and may work for you.

Books by Bernard Jensen click here  are worth looking into. I can not recommend one first hand. It has been years since I have read his materials. Good information.

These people  are not saying diet will  ultimately heal you, but that healing your GI tract allowing it to repopulate itself with healthy bacterial will. Dietary changes will assist in that happening. Eating better will be an easy choice. Things that were normally not edible without repercussions will, eventually, not upset your digestive terrain. This is a long term goal and one that is worth aspiring to. Take action!