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One of the most confusing aspects of The Unique Healing Program, for many participants, is whether the Body Bentonite Clay and Bowel Strength are causing symptoms. The answer from me, and others I am in contact on The Unique Healing Program, is an ambiguous no. And you know what Donna Pessin says, “NO!!!!!!!”  And put a clap of thunder behind it.


I really do not  “know – know” an answer to appease everyone here. What I can tell you is that the Body Bentonite [Sodium Bentonite Clay] and Bowel Strength act on what is already going on inside our bodies and what comes to the surface is not their fault. How is that one? The clay and herbs are our allies and here to help.

Next, no one loves feeling uncomfortable, but many, many people do. Hello, drugs to the rescue. Some of those uncomfortable people seek out or stumble upon The Unique Healing Program. No one I know wakes up feeling great and then decides to get on board to drink 3 to 24 tablespoons of clay a day, take herbs, and the whole other nine yards of this protocol for a year or more. Emphasis on the “or more” part. If a year seems long, how about feeling sick the rest of your life? Okay, it helps if you believe that The Unique Healing Program works. If people are willing to believe that the poisons of Chemo and Radiation heal… I hope you get my  point here.


Here is another ambiguous answer. Yes and no. For some people it really does work to take large doses. Maybe especially for those who tend to be on the loose stool side. For those who are more blocked and tend toward constipation, I think finding the right dose is the key. If you have a medical diagnosis it is really, really important to seek the guidance of Donna Pessin. Often what definitively works on The Unique Healing Program is counter intuitive to what we already know. More clay can create more regular bowels for the constipated, more clay can help end constipation. More clay is often the answer. If you have any doubts about that while on The Unique Healing Program, don’t be afraid to lessen the amount or stop for a day or two to see what happens. How else are we going to learn?


Some people read about Berberine and some of the other ingredients in Bowel Strength and get worried that taking it for long periods is dangerous. I think people need to have concern about are all the toxic substances embedded in organs, tissues, and bone that are festering. A quantum amount of those toxic substances festering in our bodies can lead to a fearful mindset that keeps many from taking action. I have seen this over and over again, people  paralyzed in a state of “managed sickness’. Not doing anything except focusing on what is wrong with the air, water , soil, food, government, western medical world, health – sickness insurance. This is a dead end that leads directly to  the place where all that lives, the hospital. Next stop assisted living and the dreaded  nursing home. You know I was going to mention the nursing home.


No, what we just ate is probably acting as a catalyst to trigger all the existing acidic build up from the past festering inside us. One more straw on the camel’s back. All that matter just recycling due to not being absorbed and escorted out in a timely with  Sodium Bentonite Clay . Like me, you may probably continue to ask yourself this same question over and over again. So, don’t eat crappy on The Unique Healing Program if you want to feel your best, whatever that means. Eating high carb, refined foods, etcetera will, especially in the first year, not be such a good idea for most everyone. Understatement. We each have our levels of tolerance and those levels are different for each one of us.


Do I, you, we really feel worse than we did before starting The UHP? Or is it all just coming to a head as “it” exits? The difference here is between managed sickness and facing what is going on and taking action on The Unique Healing Program. This build up and feeling unwell occurs because over our lifetimes we have not had a healthy enough gut to process the amount of toxins we have been exposed to. Read The Unique Healing Books and watch the videos. It really is all there.


The latest video Donna Pessin released uses the word effortless in her presentation. If you listen closely she is saying that when you are well things will be effortless. Seriously, watch it once again, even if you have already seen it.

Bottom line: If you feel really crappy at times while on The Unique Healing Program you need to make some adjustments. Lessening or increasing different crutches on The UHP is the answer. That takes time to learn. Also, you may be going through a more difficult period that some people call a healing crisis. Donna Pessin does not like the expression “die off”. Leave that one up to you all, and say that I DO understand her objection to the phrase. Why? Because it can keep some people cleansing forever. I have experienced this first hand with other cleansing protocols. Many other long and short term programs  are missing something to absorb the toxic matter. People end up  basically cellular bathing in their own waste. This is dangerous. Colonics are not the answer, because they do not heal the gut. They DO alleviate the toxic load. Colonics, enemas and colema’s are not the long term solution. They are crutches.

As far as I can see so far, The Unique Healing Program is a solution that leads to better health. Mine is greatly improved and I started about 16 months ago. You need to try it for yourself. Read The Unique Healing books, watch the videos and come to your own conclusions. Oh yeah, and  that thing called patience. You will inadvertently learn patience on this program in order to stay the course. Some hair pulling may come and go in between, and hopefully, it will be your own. : )





If you have just begun The Unique Healing Program, or  are on it for any period of time AND feel really good, then you, from what I can tell, are NOT the norm.  A less polite way of saying  that  you are a freak of nature, that I am jealous, and please let me know what “drugs” you are doing to feel so good.

To get to the point here, who even considers drinking copious amounts of clay for an indefinite period of time unless they do not feel well in the first place? Nobody I know. If you are on this Unique Healing Program and feel really crappy you are not alone. And hey, guess what? You felt crappy before! Come on, you know you did.

Okay, there are ways to feel better [the crutches], but some days you may not be able to navigate to that point of feeling better with them. On those days  you will feel just like what is inside of you. That acknowledgment is what sobers me up and keeps me going forward on The UHP.

This is a hard one, but no one feels lousy while on this program from ingesting clay and herbs [BTW, it DOES GET BETTER!] It is what is on the inside that is causing the TASS problem. The way I feel informs me of what is lurking inside. I don’t care about other people and their blanking ways of managed sickness. I do not wish them any ill will, but at some point my consistent observation is that “things” will break down. The nursing home and assisted living business is booming, baby!

I have had very, very long moments in time where I say – I don’t know about THIS BLANKING  UNIQUE HEALING PROGRAM. How could I tell anyone I know to do this bloody thing? And this is coming from someone who has weathered a whooooole lot of waiting for other healing programs to kick in. So, please know just one thing, if you are even considering doing The Unique Healing Program you are pretty damn smart for seeing its value. I wish I had a an easier route for all of us. Believe me, it would make Donna Pessin’s life much, much easier if her program was an initial and long term breeze.


When I started The UHP I told Donna that I needed to do colonics to remain on the program to lessen my symptoms. Donna told me to remember that colonics were a crutch. She told me large amounts of clay with the use of Magnesium Citrate was the same thing. In my experience Mag Cit and more clay is not the same as a good colonic. If you do NOT want to have colonics or buy  a home unit and do them yourself, the Mag Cit with the clay is probably the next best thing. Does not give me the same result as a colonic. Probably can, and has worked for many others out there.

Please write me here and I can tell you my experience with colonics in a private email, if that is better for you.

The Unique Healing Program can work and part of what makes it work is knowing the difference between these two things: what you do not WANT to do and what your instincts are telling you is the right thing for you to do. It is very,very easy on The Unique Healing Program to confuse what you do not want to do, what makes you uncomfortable, and what is simply not working for you at this time. Think about it and don’t dump the whole UHP over too high a dosage of clay, Bowel Strength or something else. You may at some point need to go with your own advice in order not to jump The UHP ship and heal. What do I mean? Think about it.  This is an emotionally complicated subject, but one that needs addressing for those on this program. My opinion, obviously.

I believe The Unique Healing Program can work, does work and it is worth the effort at whatever level you are able to do it. You are not better at it if you are ingesting more clay, etcetera than someone else. We are not machines, we are human beings with different needs. Really important thing to understand and sit with. It makes no sense to bring in Traditional Medical- one size fits all ways-  into a completely holistic approach like The Unique Healing Program. The take two and call me in the morning mentality has failed many.

Most importantly, to observe is that as much a some people  say they dislike Western Medicine, it  effects us deeply on many levels. Western Medicine, unknowingly  to the greater audience, shapes our perception of  our progress on The Unique Healing Program and all other non-medically based healing programs. In order to succeed in healing, this is a daily undoing.

We are not machines. We are gardens that need tending. A metaphor I read in a Chinese Medical text years ago. Healing on The Unique Healing Program is not a one size fits all type of deal. I do wish it was that simple.


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According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD, the body eliminates  a very large percentage of heavy metals through the colon. If you are not having two or three large bowel movements a day it is not possible to excrete all that the body is acquiring daily. What about all the toxic substances loosened up with cleansing diets, juicing, herbs, superfoods, etc. Some kind of extra help is needed. This is true no matter how many times a day an individuals bowels move, especially when detoxing.

What can we ingest that will help absorb all the toxins that we are exposed to in this world? Sodium bentonite clay and Zeolite clay are two ideas.

As a postscript 11/2013: I have provided a link at the end of this post to a program I highly recommend checking out that utilizes sodium bentonite clay brilliantly.

To read more about Dr. Mercola on Mercury and  Heavy Metal Detox Protocol click here. I chose a  link Dr. Mercola because many people  need a doctors opinion as a green light that something is safe. That simple.

Colonics click here to find some information on colon hydrotherapy and how to find a Colon therapist.

Colon therapist in New York City: Janice Zwail 212-727-1012. She is also an experienced Shamanic Healer [click here].

Home colonic units click here. Ilana Kopaz is a Colon Therapist in Palm Springs, Ca. She gives colonics and sells and ships home colonic units

For an Enema Protocol that is very thorough click here. Great resource for buying enema equipment.

As a postscript 11/2013: Since first writing this poste, I have discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. The use of sodium bentonite clay, in varying doses, is one of the main ingredients of this program. Healing our gut is the only way to achieve immune strength and the best of health. [link].