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For a few years I lived in the desert of Southern California where there is a store called Dining and Stools. I thought the name was unattractive and weirdly funny. Dining and Stools, hmmm… Well, it may be a fitting name considering the desert has a large population of senior residents. Oy! Another weirdly amusing stool reference was when my aunt and uncle traveled with my cousin and her family to the east coast. They needed to bring a stool along so my aunt and uncle could more easily get out of the van they had rented. Something about the word stool and my aunt and uncle’s “condition” got big laughs from everyone. At the time, I did laugh, but the joke had a somber reverberation on my consciousness. Look, it’s just who l am.


It is clear to me from my conversations with numerous people over the years that there is not much of an understanding about inflammation. Most people do not know how inflammation leaves the body, that it can leave the body, or most importantly, if long term relief can be had without surgery. That is assuming that long term relief can be found through surgery. It may be the answer for some. As a society, we are constantly told that pain can be numbed by drugs of all kinds until the drugs just do not work anymore. Injections, such as cortisone, are the next step in the Western Medical World and then there is, as I previously mentioned, surgery. Surgery is a very drastic step, and the lack of understanding most of us have as to what exactly causes pain is astounding. It is financially advantageous for Pharmaceutical Companies and Hospital Corporations to keep people ignorant and many of us are knowingly, and unknowingly, compliant. When a person is in pain they often do things that may not be in their best long term interest.


Commercials for drugs like Humira give big clues as to how inflammation builds. What do I mean? Well, if you listen closely, it is expressed by the conditions these drugs are marketed for, specifically inflamed skin conditions, bowel inflammation and joint pain. Whatever is not contained in the gut is often felt in other parts of the body. Many people have eczema, psoriasis, etcetera along with gut and joint problems. The normalization of these poor health conditions, mostly by how they are characterized in advertisements and commercials, dim the depth of their seriousness. Our need to work, fit in, our addictions to food, lifestyle, etcetera keep people ignorant in many ways. For some this is a conscious choice, but for others, I think most, it is unconscious. It is just what you do. Doesn’t everyone? Remember, mom’s don’t take the day off, they take NyQuil.


Pain is experienced as inflammation and it can be contained for only so long. For some, living a sedentary life without pushing the boundaries of what their body can do, along with medications, keeps inflammation contained until it just can not be contained any longer. However, when inflammation / toxins are not excreted naturally and begin building up the body starts screaming bloody murder. The other thing that happens is that the body contains the inflammation in others ways such as tumors, cysts, or expresses itself in neurological disorders. At this point in time we have all been exposed to so many different kinds of environmental contaminants, medications and chemicals it is hard to pinpoint specifically what causes what. So, what does that mean? Well, this wide and constant exposure to toxic substances makes it difficult, if not impossible, to write a playbook as to what is doing what, when or where it will show up.


Before you flush do you look? Examining or acknowledging  what comes out, or does not come out, in the toilet is not an inviting task. It is important to take note while we are able. Sadly, many aging adults end up in a nursing, or employing a underpaid health aid to pick shit out of our asses, or change our diapers. I DO NOT believe all aging adults need to have this outcome in later years. Pour me another one, so I don’t have to think about it is not a solution, it is a distraction.


What comes out through the anus, or what does not, says everything about what is going on in our bodies. The pain and agony that many people sustain each day around defecation is encapsulated in an astounding silence. The silence is broken on television and other media commercials that sell products to makes us go, or slow it down. These advertisements are a telling comment on the state of health in the Western World. The focus on the booty is often sexualized, but it is where the poop comes out. What an irony.


If pooping is a problem there are other things brewing within our bodies that need to be addressed. No shit, right? Well. for some this is a revelation. You may not be one of these  people, but you assuredly knowingly or unknowingly are acquainted with many in this category. Many, many people are living in uncomfortable silence and embarrassed ignorance.


Take action while you can. Taking care of ourselves is not always convenient. Who we marry, live with, have sex with, has a great impact on our lives. Being healthy for those we love, mostly ourselves, is so deeply important, and something we do have some control over.

In past blog posts I have chronicled people and products that have helped me. I am presently a patient of Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD. I do see this relationship continuing because Dr. Daniels is an active participant in her own healing, and that of her patients. In my experience, a doctor/health practitioner like Jennifer Daniels is highly unusual and inspiring. I have learned a great deal from Dr. Daniels. Her insights and practical advice are invaluable. There are other practitioners out there that you may resonate with, some of whom I have written about in past posts.






I have been on The Unique Healing Program for two years. During that time I have had  personal one on one directions from Donna Pessin via phone sessions [for my first several months]. I have consulted her Unique Healing books and videos regularly. With all that and more, I feel her program is critically incomplete. So, for me and the numbers of people I am in touch with, UHP  has become more of a concept than a complete program. Why? One MAJOR reason is that UHP protocol is lacking a potent, and affordable anti viral/ anti fungal substance. This becomes increasingly true, over time, for the dozens of people I have met on UHP. People that I have come in contact through this blog site and the popular social media site where a [The] UHP Support Group lives. Also, presently there is no one at the helm of this program to give advice. Books, videos and emails are not enough for people who are looking for answers and solutions to serious health concerns. A good number of people who are on or interested in UHP are often a hair away from giving into medical intervention, or fleeing from those kinds of drug based therapies and protocols. Many of these people, as in the beginning myself, need personal guidance from the creator of The Unique Healing Program. Some of us need it throughout the program, and rightfully so.


From the beginning of The UHP I needed to use “other means” to avoid becoming impacted or just plain looney while using Body Bentonite and Bowel Strength. The use of Colloidal Silver to prevent the growth of pathogens, or reliably keep them in check while healing, did not work for me. The use of The Unique Healing Program’s Bowel Strength as a long term alternative may have validity for some, but in terms of making an emergency momentary impact? No. I eventually turned to making Colloidal Silver, which was not strong enough for slowing down some of the agitating symptoms that go with bacterial and fungal infections. I began and now use Chlorine Dioxide, also known as MMS. More on that later.


First off, by letting those of us with these “irritating” symptoms know that the “majority” of her clients, have toxicity issues and are not fungal. Her clients who do not have fungal infections, etc. do not have these annoying [to her] problems. She thinks she is annoyed!  And I am sure it is annoying to her. Annoying to have someone complain all the time about something Donna Pessin says does not exist on her program. And what is that? Die Off. Basically, if you have a problem that does not have a “by the book” UHP solution you are in trouble. Why? Becauase there is no resolution according to Donna Pessin. Why? Because your problem with DIE OFF DOES NOT EXIST while on her program. That alone is plain crazy making. Adding further to the craziness, Donna Pessin is no longer doing any consults. In my observation from direct and indirect experience, Donna Pessin does not have an answer in her present war chest of products, books or videos to make a big enough dent in the parasite, viral or bacterial population of her clients. More clay is not the answer for solving a deep seated fungal / parasite infection for anyone I have heard from, or myself!

P.S. All the people I have met on The UHP have symptoms of fungal and bacterial infections. They are very confused as to why they are having the symptoms that Donna Pessin firmly states do not exist while doing her program. They often can not afford her expensive “solution” of a bottle or  [ often a day or every two] of Colloidal Silver that are recommended. Sometimes more. Quite a frustrating conundrum.


So, with all this said the next step is to find the next step. Well, that is what has slowly been happening for many of us on The UHP.  I have been making additions and subtraction to The UHP {link above} from very early on. As I have said in other posts, the bones of UHP have some potent validity. It certainly helped me to have a more functioning bowel. What has been sorely lacking from Unique Healing comes directly from Donna Pessin. It sounds something like this: What some of us are experiencing does not happen on The Unique Healing Program. Hello, it is happening. An insult from Donna Pessin to those who are suffering while paying for her time [back when that was an option] and products.

I have recently found, through others on The Unique Healing Program, a book by Kerrie Rivera about the use of MMS / Chlorine Dioxide. Her book involves a user friendly way of introducing Chorine Dioxide into the body. I am long familiar with Chlorine Dioxide, but my knowledge of different uses and ways of dosing is still rather limited. I highly suggest looking at the Kerrie Rivera book and focusing on the Chapter about CD. I would focus on the oral baby bottle method, baths and enemas using CD.

Well, that’s my experience and what I have heard from some others.  What is yours?



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When I found The Unique Healing Program and read the chapter on constipation, one of my first thoughts was questioning if the author and creator of UHP, Donna Pessin, healed her body with her own program. To this day I am still not clear as to what elements of her current program she used herself. The main reason I have asked  this is  her advice to people about  constipation while healing on her program. Here is what got me analyzing and reformulating her information for myself and others:

Donna Pessin says in her books and video not to – in her words -“freak out over constipation”. I think what she should be saying is: “Don’t freak out over the idea or possibility of constipation”. I have to admit that the idea of taking 3-24 tbs of clay a day originally sounded like a recipe for constipation to me. However, if you FEEL constipated, backed up, annoyed, ready to explode with anger and frustration due to your gut not moving for a day or more, that is a very different situation than the fear of constipation. On the other hand, questioning whether UHP is working on a regular basis when things don’t go as you would like from the get go is a recipe for not being able to stay on UHP or any healing program. Believe me, if you are willing to do The Unique Healing Program things have not been going well with your gut and health for quite awhile. Sorry, but I am pretty, pretty sure this is true.


There is a difference between dealing with an over the top worrying, ruminating mind and someone who feels they are on the verge of road rage while in the confines of their own home due to their bowels not moving. One description of feelings that may arise when constipated. Ms. Pessin does have some go to helpers for constipation that include Magnesium Citrate, more clay [not helpful for some], etcetera. Read the books and watch the videos for more of what she says or doesn’t say. Which brings me to another point….

My general observation about The Unique Healing Program comes  from the following: Being in contact with other people on UHP, several sessions with Donna Pessin and my own 20 month journey on The Unique Healing Program [still on it]. I also have 30 years of searching for a solution for better health personally and professionally. I have written extensively about my experiences on this blog site. To get to the point, The Unique Healing Program, like any program, needs personal tweaking. Also, Donna Pessin, like anyone else, does not have all the answers. So what does that mean? Well, if more clay is not working don’t be afraid to take less for awhile despite what Donna Pessin says. Give her advice time and some patience, but for many there is no one stop shopping with any program. The Unique Healing Program is not all inclusive for healing for everyone, long or short term. It can be. or come close for some. The UHP can give a person their ” legs” back to explore compliments to The Unique Healing Program.

If you are creating Donna Pessin, or anyone else into a doctor / guru role you will eventually be disappointed due to variety of reasons. Disappointment, in this case, comes from believing that any one program works for everyone, forever. The Unique Healing Program is not the only game in town, but it does have some components that are very healing. Is it healing for you? I don’t know, but believing that your body can heal is the most important component for healing. Without that belief it is almost impossible to stay with anything long enough to find out if it works or not. If The UHP rings true for you, then make the commitment to trust yourself and the author.


The Unique Healing Program is a long term commitment of one to five or more years. No, I am not kidding. Resolving feeling blocked up and the feelings of  frustration from being blocked up  is an absolute necessity for remaining on this program and not going bonkers. What Donna Pessin says in her video and book on constipation may be true. I personally think it can be, but so what! If the clinking of a spoon on a plate or bowel has you considering murder or a divorce of the “offender”…. Let’s face it, you, I, they are loosing it. Who gives a blank why? Let’s get things moving and find some relief!


You may get constipated while on The UHP because you need a break from the clay. This is after increasing the amount of clay, when all the crutches have not worked. There are so many variables to consider. Emotions, eating habits, lack of ability to relax. Are you diluting the clay enough? Tying to get it down as quickly as possible without enough water is a problem. What kind  and brand of clay are you using? Are you using GABA and Mag Citrate to help things move along? How much of these supplements are you taking?  When are you taking them? You need to experiment and not be afraid to “fail” or make, what we sadly often continue to call, a “mistake”. Gut massage and a hot water bottle on the belly along with deep breathing can help a gut move along. Does it always work? No, but repeated practice and use can resolve this issue. We are all creating a new way of dealing with health problems Not even Donna Pessin can be relied upon as head health problem solver. Dump the western medical paradigm that can be transferred to any healing program of any kind. We all need to begin to trust ourselves. If you are not ready for that right now, keep it in mind. It has empowered me in every area of my life. Still working on it.

All answers to better health are not in a bottle or something that goes into the mouth,  an injection, surgery, etcetera. The Unique Healing Program, by the book, is not a cure all for everyone or anyone. Consider the idea that everything nourishes us, not just food and drink. That includes what we watch, listen to, how we live, our beliefs, our words, friends, relationships, living space, air, water we bathe in, the list is long. Yes, the use of Sodium Bentonite Clay taken internally, with the other components of The Unique Healing Program or other healing protocols is, in my view, a way of creating personal control and stability in a seemingly unstable world. This is along term commitment. Get started on The Unique Healing Program by just reading what is available and watching the videos. Even if you decide not to do The Unique Healing Program you will be way better informed for other healing programs that are out there and in making a decision as to what is right for you.


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Around mid January of this year I started feeling an ambivalence toward eating that,from past experience on UHP, told me mild nausea may be in my future. I knew Spring might be tough for me and things were starting to come to the surface for spring. Spring Cleaning Post here.

So, I have a pretty unpredictable time since mid- January. I am not presently using UHP Colloidal Silver. I did in the beginning and have written about that in other posts.UHP CS is more potent in smaller doses than the home brewed CS.  I had some idea that if I was not using UHP CS, the stuff we made was a waste of time and I began to use MMS. I have some past posts on MMS and CS.  We do make our own Colloidal Silver and I am sorry I did not start drinking it sooner. But who knows? I feel like a 24 / 7 personal health detective most days. This has been going on for many, many years. Anyway, MMS is effective, but sometimes hard to tolerate.

To get to the point, I am finding some repeat of  symptoms from last spring[other springs] at this time, with many improvements. What is hard is that I so want to feel better. I want to have some kind of  daily pattern of feeling well that I can count on. What I have to remind myself is that before Donna Pessin and The Unique Healing Program I was searching for this pattern, for most of my life, and my gut was worse than it is now. Hard to believe and remember.

I am not good with feeling blocked up. I am learning as I go through this process that many people are just better at dealing with feeling bloated, stuck and trudging on.I am talking mostly about people not on UHP. Prior to UHP I had to eat a very simple diet and rely on other tricks to feel able to be in the world. I knew I just could not cope any longer with the way things were. This was an epiphany I came to  way more than a decade ago, but never found anything that healed my gut. I do write about The Body Ecology Diet in many other posts. BED was one of my hopes to work before finding The UHP. I did BED for three years and it did not heal my gut. Still some good info on The BED site.

It is easy to feel fed up doing The Unique Healing Program. I feel that way and have to give myself a reality check. I felt fed up before The UHP. Why else would I be doing it?  I moved from NYC and stopped at the town of Patagonia, Az.- Tree of Life Center thinking that would be a real helpful jumpstart for my health. I hoped to find a health balance that I could not reach living in NYC my entire life. My path is very, very long and circuitous [decades]. It lead me to The Unique Healing Program and Donna Pessin. I just have to learn to be more patient and that is truly not my strong point.

I have thought I feel really worse at times, but I have to ask myself since when? I did not feel well before UHP. Complaining is not hard to do and I think as the bacteria, fungi, parasites, Candida get pushed out of their homes there is a whole lot of kicking and screaming going on. So, more complaining on my end due to the nasty symptoms. Just a supposition. Sure it is true.

Sick of hearing myself bitch, but understanding why I do. Looking to feel  more grateful. Not easy when I am in the middle of some icky symptoms. If you are reading this post you probably know what I am talking about, whether you are on The UHP or just scoping it out.


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In my experience, in the past 30 or more years, of researching ways to heal digestive inconsistencies [feeling lousy] I have observed many things. It is not easy for me to generalize, but after these years of clinical and personal experience, I can stand behind my words here.

What I am about to write is my whittling down the choices people with daily digestive complaints make in order to feel well enough to function in the world. What do I mean by digestive complaints? Acid reflux, burping, gas, bloating, constipation, loose bowels, bad smelling feces, IBS, candida overgrowth, out of control appetite to very little. This is the short list.


There are two basic camps: Those who take meds to eat what they like and the people who eliminate one food after another to seek relief. The extreme cases that are becoming more and more common. The latter group most very often ends up having a short list of foods they can ingest without triggering symptoms. They often have many rules about when, where, and how to eat. I am not commenting, in this post, on the “cast iron stomachs of this world” or moderate eaters with or without strong digestive health.

If you are able and willing to recognize that there is a possibility that the body can heal,  you are many steps ahead of most people. Digestive problems are the beginning of way, way bigger health concerns. They are the often ignored red flag that much more serious problems are brewing. The imminent danger of these situations depends on the level of pain and location of the problem in the Alimentary Canal – GI Tract. Colon cancer is usually not diagnosed because the bar is so very, very low when determining gut health.


The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates is one book to research. This program stresses probiotics, kefirs, food choices and offers a perspective that needs to be heard. I did this program for three years and it did not resolve my constipation problem.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is the program that I highly recommend as a complete healing of digestive health. So much free information,videos about her program. She has two books that thoroughly explain how and why it works.

Pharmaceutical medications mask symptoms and allow people to continue to ingest the foods, chemicals and medications that cause these discomforts or what I prefer to call them, warning signs.  This is all done without healing the inflamed tissue in the digestive tract. This “protocol” eventually, without a doubt, creates some very, very, very serious illnesses throughout the body.

Ironically, and most hard to understand for many, dietary supplements, dietary changes and other natural approaches do not result in complete healing. Why? The absorption of acids and toxins and healing of the gut is not fully addressed. Please look at other posts that I have written that address this issue and check out Donna Pessin The Unique Healing Program.

Again, in order to get well a person has to be open to the idea that healing is possible. Healing and masking symptoms are not the same thing.


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I am following the Unique Healing Program and am finding it  highly transformative. How? Well, it is incrementally  healing my digestion and bowel function. I have spent most of my life dealing with my gut being uncomfortable, constipation, gas, etcetera. Unique Healing it is not an instant cure. As far as I know there is none. Instant cure for chronic conditions is a fantasy that does not exist. Some may think it exists because most people do not know what real bowel- digestive health is. The standard expectation for bowel health, health in general, is pretty low. Poor bowel health that has gone on for years or decades can not be healed during a weekend, week or month of colon cleansing or diet upgrades. One may find temporary relief, not complete healing.

Each of us are very different and the reason are endless. Much is due to what we inherited  from our parents, ancestral line. Those and many other factors determine how we heal and how we define health. What our nervous systems and general health  are able and willing to tolerate is completely subjective. I think we are all brainwashed into viewing our bodies like machines and comparing ourselves to others in the same way.


Is healthy the same as normal? Absolutely not. All answers depend on whom you speak with. When it comes to health that is very much the case. In the eyes of  allopathic physicians and drug companies the definition of health is tainted by expectations of sickness. I had one prominent GI doctor  [NYC] tell me that having one bowel movement every four days is normal for some people. Okay, so here are some other things that are “normal”:

1) Fecal matter smells and that is a nice word for stinks, and that  is normal. Is it healthy? No. Even according to the mainstream medical establishment it is normal because it is what most people experience.

2) It is healthy if your bowels are loose, as long as your bowels are moving. This is not true. Lack of form indicates the  lack of amount of healthy bacteria in your gut. If normal is loose it is not a good sign.

3) The color of your  bowels has to do with the color of the food you eat. Green food = green poop. If you eat beets they are red, etcetera. No, that just indicates that your digestion is weak and that you may have a bacterial infection.

4) Your diet will heal your bowels. This is something I believed to be true and it only brought me  many, many years of frustration and feelings of failure. For most, if not all people this is not the case. Better diet will suppress symptoms, but it will not help the GI tract  repopulate the microflora it needs. It will not heal leaky guts. I am still grappling with this, but I have experienced that it is true.

5) Colonics and bowel cleansing can heal your digestive woes. While they are helpful in eliminating toxins, they do not get to the heart of the problem. Again, diet does not either. If your digestion is wrecked by eating one “bad” food, then something is wrong on a deeper level. You will most definitely have to eat carefully [ specific for each person ] to not have symptoms triggered, until you do heal, while on The Unique Healing Program.

6) It is normal to always feel addicted to food and have to fight cravings. This is not true. It is also not healthy to stand on a soapbox  making others wrong for what they do. I feel health is  living life and not making food the problem. To constantly be on a vigilant look out for what is wrong is a big drain on having fun and creating a better world.

7) Farting is normal and should be expected, depending on what you eat. Yes, for the “normal” average person this may be true, but it is not a healthy normal. Most people would not agree with me on this. The level of gut health that most people experience is pretty low and  so deeply uninspired.

I could go on and on about all of this. Some of the conclusions I have come to are still  very painful for me to face. If any of this peaks your interest please read:

Unique Healing by Donna Pessin click here. Also, look at the 70+ videos that she has on youtube. You can read the first chapter of her first book online at her website.

Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates click here. A different approach, but one that is worth checking out. I did not find this approach to heal my digestive issues, but the information in the book is very informative and may work for you.

Books by Bernard Jensen click here  are worth looking into. I can not recommend one first hand. It has been years since I have read his materials. Good information.

These people  are not saying diet will  ultimately heal you, but that healing your GI tract allowing it to repopulate itself with healthy bacterial will. Dietary changes will assist in that happening. Eating better will be an easy choice. Things that were normally not edible without repercussions will, eventually, not upset your digestive terrain. This is a long term goal and one that is worth aspiring to. Take action!




I originally heard about Donna Pessin in December of 2012 through a friend, who is a colon therapist in NYC. I began looking at the Unique Healing website and  videos on youtube. I read the first chapter of the Unique Healing book, which is free and available online. I was, at first, an unwilling student of this material, but the source who sent it to me is someone I respect. I did  have an immediate interest in the subject matter. I recognized it could potentially fill in a gap for me in my own search for bowel health.


The missing link for me has always been how to harness the toxins that are being loosened up in our bodies.  When eating more raw fruits, vegetables, herbs, superfoods, whole grains, fresh juices, etcetera most people immediately feel better. For however long that goes on, eventually there is  time when the amount of waste that is dredged up can often not exit quickly enough and symptoms result. Symptoms can be skin rashes, weight gain or loss, headaches, acne, joint discomfort, body odor, itching and the list goes on. Past diet, lifestyle, age, ethnicity, sex play a big role in all situations. Making generalizations to answer the how and why of all this truly goes out the window. There is no one answer. It is unique as each of us are.

The other part of this is how to do The Unique Healing Program without  depending on the use of colonics and enemas. I emphasize the use of the word depending since I do feel there is  place for colonics in healing. As a postscript 2/20014: I do think this program can be done without the use of colonics and enemas. The use of higher amounts of clay and magnesium citrate is part of that answer and is featured in The Unique Healing Books.


Bentonite clay is one of the major parts of the Unique Healing program. It is the ingredient that helps to “soak up” the toxins that have collected and are causing the uncomfortable symptoms that can be described in many ways, inflammation is one of them.

My first reaction upon reading about the bentonite clay was not positive. I had used Sonne, Ejuva, Rise and Shine, Health Force cleansing systems and did not have good results. They did not come out easily and I just ended up feeling blocked and bloated. I realize now that this was due to other ingredients, psyllium being one, and not the clay. Even with the aid of colonics, I did not feel they were helpful to me. I have known other people who had good experiences with colon cleanses, my husband being one of the them. However, these programs did not heal his digestive wows long term, even with his sugar – refined food free- 90% raw food-low fruit diet, and colon hydrotherapy. He was pretty diligent.

The Unique Healing System utilizes Sodium Bentonite Clay in a completely different way to heal over a much longer period of time. Combined with other separate ingredients, that do not involve laxatives and psyllium. These ingredients help to improve digestion, encourage the repopulation of healthy bacteria in the colon. The results, for me have been quite different. However, this is not a one, two , three month commitment. The Unique Healing Program can take many months, a year and for some much longer. It is a commitment to health and well being that, I believe, can result in the healing of the GI tract and a lifetime of better digestive and whole body health.

Check out Unique Healing by Donna Pessin here.

For best results this program requires reading the Unique Healing books, watching the videos and most likely having some consultations with Donna Pessin. Her fees are fair and available to check out on her website.