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I met Peace Arnold [link here] while investigating some questions that I had surrounding my own gestation and birth. My intuition and subsequent research was revealing that some aspects of that time were haunting me. The stressful emotional state my mother was in during her pregnancy,  and her cesarean surgery are two prime examples.

To get to the point, I felt I was constantly battling myself, often feeling unable to move forward. The idea that life as a fetus and birth, a time that most of us know very little about, sets a template  for how we perceive life and live, made complete sense. I wanted to know more. Sessions with Peace, in person and via Skype, jump started a process of loving kindness toward myself and the world around me. Rebirthing, which leads to more daily conscious breathing, is an ongoing process. Each person can eventually practice this healing breath on their own and continue the process.

Peace Arnold has more fully embraced life by her own healing through Rebirthing, and further investigation of  many different types of breath work. A student and colleague of Leonard Orr [the developer of rebirthing], Peace runs regular Rebirthing Training Programs in Virginia and New York City. Through her kindness, sense of humor, and great patience Peace helps many people heal themselves through the Rebirthing process.

If you are sick and tired of talking about what is wrong with your life and want to learn some tools to create grass roots change, then Rebirthing is something to check out.

As a postscript 11/2013: Peace hosts breath workshops with Dan Brule  in New York City. His newsletters are worth checking out. She also has a one year, one day a month Rebirthing Training Program. If I was still in NYC I would be there in a flash.